Ring Dream Meaning

What do a piece of jewelry worn on the finger and the sound alarm make have in common? They’re both called “ring.” This word has a lot of homonyms, and as dream symbols, they mean different things. In this article, we’ll go over possible ways a ring can appear in a dream, and how to interpret that. 

What Does A Ring Mean In Your Dream?

A ring, as a piece of jewelry, represents a valuable possession. Throughout different cultures, this object is a symbol of relationship, bond and even power. Remember Lord of the rings? When placed in the wrong hands, this beautiful object can cause devastation. 

In the book, it’s clear that the ring symbolizes power. But on another note, we can also say that it represented the commitment to the journey. Even though each member of the fellowship was tempted in different ways, they remained devoted to their purpose. Gathered around a single object, they fought together against the evil that threatened to destroy their world.

The ring is an inevitable part of every wedding. The bride and the groom exchange them as a symbol of love and commitment one to another. This tradition dates way back to ancient Egypt. Egyptian men gave rings to their women as a symbol of eternal love. After all, they believed in life after death.

We use the word “ring” when referring to a circular band we carry on a finger. But, that word also means the sound a phone makes when receiving a call, as well as a place where boxing or wrestling matches are held.  

In This Dream You May Have

  • A diamond ring
  • A wedding ring
  • A lost ring
  • A broken ring
  • A ring with different gemstones
  • A ring of fire
  • A circus ring
  • A boxing ring
  • A ring-shaped door knocker
  • A drawn ring
  • Ring earrings
  • A phone ring
  • An alarm ring

Positive Changes Are Afoot If

  • You’re wearing a wedding ring or proposing your significant other with one
  • You’re winning a match in a boxing ring

Let’s see what different homonyms of the word “ring” mean as a dream symbol. We’ll start with probably the first thing most of us think of – a piece of jewelry. 

If you dream of wearing a diamond ring, that means your goals and wishes will be fulfilled. On the other hand, if someone else’s wearing that ring, and not you, then it’s possible you don’t have much luck in love. According to Freud, if you dream about offering a ring to someone, that means that subconsciously, you want to get your relationship on a more serious level.

A wedding ring in a dream represents devotion to someone in waking life. Your relationship is based on mutual understanding and support, and that’s a rarity. Your subconscious is reminding you to hold onto that person, because what you have might be for a lifetime.

However, if you dream about losing a wedding ring, that might be a warning that you’ll face difficulties in the near future. Think twice before you act. A relentless mistake can cause you big problems.

Generally, dreams about losing a ring can also signify you’re missing out on something. You have your head in the clouds and you’re unable to see that the things you need are around you the whole time. 

Gemstone colors are also important when interpreting the dream. An emerald ring can be a sign that your love is finally going to be reciprocated. A ruby ring, on the other hand, symbolizes disappointment. 

A ring made of ivory signifies your connection to the nature and understanding of your role in it. 

A dream in which you see a broken ring usually means that someone around you isn’t being honest. You’re aware of that on a subconscious level, but the truth is haunting you in your dreams. 

A ring of fire (see also Dreaming Of Fire Meaning) in the woods is usually an occultist symbol. If you see it in your dreams, that’s a reminder that you should be more careful when meditating. While becoming aware of previously suppressed emotions can be a healing experience, if you’re not ready for it, it will just end up as a trauma. This dream is a warning to not push yourself too hard.

Let’s see other possible dream meanings of a “ring” as a type of space. A circus ring symbolizes fear from commitment. This dream might be about you, or it can be related to someone close to you that’s dealing with this problem in life. 

Boxing or a wrestling ring has different meanings depending on what you’re doing in that dream.  Dreaming about watching a boxing match represents your desires. Your subconscious is telling you to stop fantasizing and start working on achieving them. 

If you’re the one boxing, then this dream relates to certain battles you’re currently fighting in real life. If you’re winning the match in a dream, then your struggles will end in a triumph. However, if you’re losing, that means you’re on the wrong path in your life.

If you’re fighting an animal in a ring, then that’s a sign to turn your head and go the other way. A certain situation in your life is taking up too much of your energy without any advancement in sight. It’s time to let go and focus on other things instead.

To see a large ring-shaped door knocker in a dream indicates that you’re forgetting what it means to be happy. You’re too serious and focused on work, and you’re forgetting to take a break and relax. Do some things that make you happy. Work can wait. 

Drawing a ring shape is a symbol of anxiety. The line represents your worries about a certain situation you’re currently facing. As you’re enclosing the full circle, you’re gathering the energy to deal with it once for all. 

Hoop earrings can also appear as a ring symbol. If you dream about someone wearing this type of earrings, that might be a reminder to listen more to other people. When talking to others, you tend to come off as a know-it-all, which can be quite irritating. You need to show other people that you see conversation as a two-way street.

Finally, you might dream about a ringing sound. If your phone rings in a dream, that’s a symbol of a message from a spiritual world. It’s coded, and to understand it, you should meditate upon it. 

Dreams about ringing alarms (see also Ringing In Your Ears Meaning) are also related to your spirituality. The ringing is a wake-up call to focus more on yourself. Treat yourself to some relaxation time, whether it’s a nice bath or a whole spa day. Only when you’re physically satisfied can you also be mentally content.

This Dream Is In Association With The Following Scenarios In Your Life

  • Seeking happiness in life
  • Taking your relationship to the next level
  • Connecting with your spiritual self

Feelings That You May Have Encountered During A Dream Of The Ring

  • Happiness
  • Worriedness
  • Successfulness
  • Self-awareness

Hopefully, this article has helped you gain a better understanding behind the meaning of your dream. Messages our subconscious is sending us are intended to enlighten us, and should never be neglected.


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