The Mysterious Spiritual Meaning of Ringing In Your Ears

When you embark on your spiritual journey, it’s worth knowing that many unexpected things pop up along the way, which you would have never imagined.

Ringing in your ears is one of them. It’s a physical reaction to something, and it’s always worth diving a bit deeper to figure out the reason behind it.

Spiritually speaking, your ears ringing can be a signal of some sort – you’re picking up on energies or the change in energy around you.

This means that you are sensitive to them, and this sensitivity is sure to come in handy during your spiritual journey.

So what does ringing in your ears mean spiritually? Let’s find out!

Before You Do Anything: Get Tinnitus Checked With A Medical Professional

There are many reasons why your ears might start ringing, and before you explore the spiritual reasons why, it’s important to rule out any medical causes.

Tinnitus in your ears can be a mild annoyance or just something you notice now and then, or it could seriously affect your quality of life. 

However it impacts you, it can be a sign that you need to pay attention to your health, and get any concerns checked out.

There are a myriad of things which can cause tinnitus physically, such as a prolonged exposure to sound levels that are too high, hearing loss, aging, ear infections, heart disease, high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid, blocked arteries around your ear, or even a tumor.

It’s essential that you get tinnitus checked by your doctor, as while there are many spiritual reasons why you might have tinnitus, rule out anything which can be treated scientifically, and this is one less thing in life that you need to worry about.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all got enough to worry about without adding unnecessary extra weight to the list!

Once you’ve visited your doctor and ruled out any medical issues, go around your home and just make sure that the ringing in your ears isn’t to do with specific locations.

Being close to electrical wires, plugs or pipes (even when there is a wall between you) can cause your ears to ring! 

Very quiet spaces can also be a cause of tinnitus. It’s common to hear quiet ringing or buzzing in a silent room, and this is because your brain is always searching for something to register. 

Another reason why your ears might ring is that a neighboring building has a plug-in mouse deterrent, and your hearing is sensitive enough to pick up on it. 

Once you’ve ruled situational factors out, it’s time to think about the spiritual causes of tinnitus, and exactly what you might be picking up on.

How Can You Tell If The Ringing In Your Ears Is A Spiritual Matter?

Once your doctor has given you the all-clear, and there’s nothing in your home or around it causing you any issues, it’s time to have a look at the ringing from a spiritual point of view.

If the ringing in your ears only starts occasionally and then stops, there may be a spiritual cause lurking underneath. 

This is especially true if you feel no discomfort or pain when your ears ring, as you may be picking up on something.

It’s interesting to note that we may pay less attention to things when they only affect us for a short amount of time, and this is when we miss out on what the universe may be telling us. 

It’s worth pointing out that people have varying degrees of sensitivity, both to what’s happening around us, and things we cannot explain.

For those who are particularly sensitive to energy, there’s a term for this: a highly sensitive person, also known as an empath, picking up on the emotions and energies of those around them.

If this sounds like you, there’s something you should keep in mind. Like any form of sensitivity, whether that’s physical or spiritual, it requires some management.

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everything going on around you, so it’s important to learn how to manage your sensitivities.

As you learn to control your energy and interpret spiritual signs, you will come to know that nonmedical tinnitus can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • A warning: an accumulation of negative energy, a hostile presence, sending your energy levels into chaos and sending your thought patterns into a path they would never normally go down.
  • Change: your energy levels or alignment shifting, and the vibrations adjusting accordingly.
  • Emotion: picking up on the emotion and energies of those around you, using energetic cords.
  • A message: this may be from a spirit guide, someone dear to you who has died, or something else entirely.

Any of these underlying reasons can be positive or negative, and it’s worth remembering that by association, the ringing in your ears is a sign of changing energy.

It is neither good nor bad, but a message that you need to pay attention to.

So let’s take a closer look at what the ringing in your ears may be telling you. 

Ringing Only In One Ear

Ringing only occurring in one ear is unusual, and which ear you hear it in is more significant than you think.

What Does Ringing In The Left Ear Mean?

Hearing a ringing noise in your left ear is less common than hearing it in your right ear, and it’s all to do with internal energy.

Ringing in your left ear suggests that you’re picking up on changes within your energy field.

This can be a message from your inner instinct, wisdom, or a complete shift in your vibrations.

To figure out exactly what’s going on with your internal energy, focus on the sound that you’re hearing, as this can offer some clues.

Abrupt And Loud Ringing In Your Left Ear

A sudden ringing coming from your left ear is a warning from your higher or innermost self, telling you to pay attention

White Noise Or Buzzing In Your Left Ear

If you hear a low buzz or white noise in your left ear, this suggests a new connection between you and your innermost or higher sense of self is forming. 

You may feel in harmony with all parts of yourself, and you’ve learned to trust the path that life is leading you on.

It can also indicate that you’re becoming more in tune with your instincts, and you’re moving further along your spiritual path. 

As you continue to develop your intuition, this ringing should fade over time.

Low Pitched Ringing In Your Left Ear

If you pick up on low pitched ringing which you only hear in your left ear, this is a sign that your energy is off kilter.

External factors such as stress, abrupt changes, and holding onto tension is causing your vibrational energy to be much lower than usual, and this is where the noise is coming from.

High Pitched Ringing In Your Left Ear

If you hear high pitched ringing only in your left ear, this is your internal energy going through a positive change.

You are going through a transitional period in your life, and your spiritual energy is shifting to adapt, causing your left ear to ring.

What Does Ringing In The Right Ear Mean?

Ringing in your right ear is you picking up on external energy.

If you hear ringing in your right ear, this suggests that a being is trying to get your attention. 

This might be a spiritual guide you’ve always had with you, an angel, or someone more tangible in your life, a friend, a romantic partner, even a pet.

To figure out why the ringing is happening, pay attention to the sound, as each one will be different.

Abrupt and Loud Ringing In The Right Ear

A very loud ringing which stops suddenly is a clamor to get you to pay attention. Your spirit guide or something influential in your life is either giving you a warning, or they are excited, telling you that you are on the right path.

White Noise Or Buzzing In The Right Ear

Hearing a buzzing noise or static is a reflection of your connection to a living being, which may be your partner, a friend, a pet, or a parent.

When you’re connected to someone, you will inevitably pick up on their energy, and you’ll notice that you hear a buzz or white noise.

In fact, if you have a strong bond with another living being, you may not even realize that you’re hearing them when you hear the static or buzzing. 

High Pitched Ringing In The Right Ear

Ringing that is high pitched indicates that a spiritual being is near, causing your spiritual center or crown chakra to react.

While this might sound alarming, this is usually a good thing rather than a bad one, as a higher pitch tends to point to a spirit guide, or an angel (see also Angel Number 2222 Symbolism).

Low Pitched Ringing In The Right Ear

A low pitched ringing coming from your right ear is to do with your lower chakras.

Tension or anxiety is causing your survival centers to be out of balance, and this energy is attracting lower vibrational beings. 

Ringing In Your Ears: Is Someone Talking About You?

You may have heard the old wives’ proverb that if you feel your ears are burning, someone is talking about you.

But what does it mean if your ears are ringing? Can there be a similar connection?

Well, sort of. No, because the ringing in your ears is not caused directly by them talking about you. 

Yes, because when someone talks or thinks about you, they are sending you their own energy, and this forms an energetic cord between you.

Energy cords establish a connection between you and another person, affecting your vibrations, which often creates mutual understanding, and you feel supported and understood.

However, this connection isn’t always so positive.

You can also be in tune with their insecurities, depression, or other issues which can impact your energies, and mean that you don’t have enough energy to fulfill yourself and others.

You may try to heal this person yourself, but while your help will be invaluable, it’s important to remember that the hardest work is reserved for them, and you can’t walk that path for them. 

It’s vital that you keep this in mind, otherwise you risk harming your own energies in trying to help them.

If there is a constant ringing in your ears, and you find your thoughts returning to one person over and over, this is you tuning into the energy cord that links you together.

How To Sever Energetic Cords To Quieten The Ringing In Your Ears

Some people that deal in energy suggest that you should cut energy cords by visualizing them.

While this does work, it’s like putting a sticking plaster over a leak. It won’t last for long.

Energetic cords And Matching Pictures

Part of the reason why energetic cords form between two people is that at least part of your energy matches part of theirs. You are resonating.

This is also known as matching pictures. In the world of energetic fields, energy that resonates equally forms a connection between the two of you.

Your matching energy may stem from shared experiences, resonating beliefs or similar bad situations that you’ve been through.

Whatever connects you, energy seeks similar energy in order to keep moving. This is known as the law of attraction.

It’s similar to what you tell yourself: what you believe is true for you. If you believe that you are capable of something, you are.

If you think that in your heart of hearts, you are not up to a task, you will set yourself up for failure over and over until you change this narrative.

In order to get rid of energy cords that no longer serve you, you need to be clear of what energy connects you. 

This process is difficult, and can bring up a lot of things you’d rather let lie, which may mean that you should look into further training on this subject before you start.

There are some things, however, which you can do yourself in order to help release you from this energetic cord.

The easiest technique by far is to learn to forgive yourself, and the other person, too.

Completely forgive them, and the easiest way to do this is through meditation. 

While you send them well-wishes spiritually, ask for the energetic cords to fall away slowly. Let the energy within these cords return to their sources, at your own pace.

It’s important that your intention is clear. Make sure that you think about a slow and steady pace, which will help the healing process.

If you don’t, these problematic cords can fall away too quickly, getting you into trouble.

This will most likely take more than one meditation session to start the process, and the stronger the cords, the longer it may take.

You’ll know when it starts to work because you’ll feel lighter, happier, and less stressed out. The more you do it, the better you will feel.

Once you have released these energetic bonds, you can then focus on clearing any residual negative emotions these energetic cords may have left in their wake.

Eventually, these cords will not be able to reattach to the both of you, and the ringing in your ears will stop completely.

Don’t forget, when trying out new techniques, or trying to decide which one will work for you, always listen to your instincts to guide you.

What may work for one person might not do anything for another.

What Does It Mean When Your Ears Ring During Meditation?

Sometimes energetic cords don’t cause ringing in the ears at all.

If you notice that your ears ring during or after an extended meditation, this is a shift in your own energy field. Ringing in your ears is particularly common when you do meditation centered in Kundalini practice.

This ringing is your energy field adjusting to resonate with your inner wisdom and highest sense of self, and when your vibration frequency changes, your ears ring. 

The ringing in your ears should ease off completely once your energy has stabilized in its new frequency, as meditation acts as a method to shift the alignment of your energy by tapping into your innermost self.

If the ringing in your ears comes on abruptly, it is worth reducing your meditation sessions and increasing how frequently you do them.

You will see similar results to anything which you break down into more manageable sessions, such as running or learning a new skill.

Doing things in 30 minute increments every day is much better than doing things in exhausting long blocks, where you can’t always process everything correctly.

If you always hear ringing in your ears after or during meditation, you can help reduce this by using tuning forks or sound bowls to bring balance back to your energy field. 

This may sound odd, especially if you are sensitive to loud sounds or changing frequencies, but give it a go, and you may be surprised at how many things improve.

How To Manage The Spiritual Causes Of Ringing In Your Ears

The best thing you can do to limit the ringing in your ears is to sink time into looking after your energetic field and spiritual health.

This will improve how well you recognize the spiritual causes of ringing in your ears, and allow you to find better ways to react to them.

You may be surprised at how greatly this can impact other areas of your life, too, and you may find that you have a greater sense of balance across your life.

Once you know exactly what the ringing in your ears is telling you, you can adjust parts of your life accordingly in order to regain your equilibrium, and be true to the innermost part of yourself.

However, this will not happen overnight, and requires dedication, faith, and perseverance.

To help provide you with some relief from the spiritual causes that are making your ears ring, it’s worth having a few protective crystals nearby in order to off-set any negative vibrations.

Protective Crystals To Reduce Ringing In Your Ears


If you feel your life is dictated by screens, or you feel you cannot go a few minutes without checking something on a screen, shungite is a good choice to provide some protection.

Shungite is especially helpful in mitigating negative energy, and helps protect you against harmful electromagnetic fields, and the negative energy that electronics can cause.

This helpful crystal guards against too much negative energy being absorbed into your electrical field, and transforms it into neutral energy, which your chakras can easily let go of.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is also helpful in guarding against the ringing in your ears. 

This particular gemstone promotes healing, helps guard against environmental pollutants, and radiation.

It also acts as a block against vicious spirits (see also Dreaming Of Spirits Meaning) and negative energy, particularly that which causes a constant ringing in the right ear.

If you’re still unsure about the cause of your right ear ringing, you can use a black tourmaline to help you. 

This is called the tourmaline test, and you should try holding this gemstone near your neck, temples, ears, or eyes.

If the ringing stops, the problem is psychic energy wreaking havoc with your energetic field.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth mentioning that since every individual’s energetic field is unique to them, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to finding the spiritual cause behind your ears ringing.

Your best guide is your intuition, which will guide you along the right path. If something sounds right to you, delve deeper and see what you can find.

It is always worth meditating on different paths in order to find the right answer to help bring your energetic field and vibrations back into balance, ensuring that your chakras are clear.

One thing which is always helpful is to make sure you look after your energy field and spiritual health, which will help control or even stop the ringing altogether.


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