Shopping Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about shopping are quite common. It’s one of those things we do on a regular basis, so it’s no wonder sometimes we dream about doing it too. However, dreams about shopping usually have a deeper meaning. In this article, we’ll help you understand what dreams about shopping can signify.

Here are some of the common meanings of shopping in your dreams:

Choices And Options: Is there a lot of shopping options in your dream and you’re confused about what to pick? This might mean there’s something in your life requiring you to make a tough choice. For instance, your dream might be telling you it’s time to pick what career path you’ll take or if you need to decide, once for all, if the relationship you’re in is going somewhere.

Needs And Desires: Dreams of shopping can often be related to your own personal needs and wishes. Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you that you haven’t focused on the things you really need for some time now. It’s time you focus on yourself more and leave other people’s needs behind yours.

Shopping Cart: If shopping represents your personal needs, then a shopping cart is a symbol of accomplishment – if the cart is full, then it means you’re working on fulfilling your own needs. If it’s empty, then it can signify you’re being indecisive, or you’re simply not focusing enough on yourself.

Finances: Dreams about shopping can be a reflection of your financial situation. It makes sense – we’re using money to buy the things in stores. Your behavior in the dream reflects your attitude towards your current financial stability. Are you dreaming about being in a shopping frenzy or you’re double-checking every price tag before buying?

Seeking A Solution To A Problem: Shopping in dreams can also symbolize a search for a resolution. Are you strolling through the store unsuccessfully looking for something? Are the things you’re searching actually going to help you with the problem you’re trying to solve?

What Are You Shopping For?

We’ve mentioned above some of the most common meanings of dreams about shopping. But in order to gain a proper dream interpretation, you need to take into consideration different dream elements. For example, the type of store you’re shopping in can tell you a bit more about your dream.

Grocery Shopping: Buying groceries in your dream is a symbol of your need to provide and care for you and other people. Furthermore, it can also symbolize your need to feel alive. This meaning is somewhat logical, as we all need to eat every day. 

It’s important to clarify if you’re actually putting the groceries in your basket or if you’re aimlessly wandering through the aisles wondering what to get. Your indecision in a dream can be a reflection of your hesitance in waking life about certain things. 

Clothes Shopping: Dreaming about shopping for clothes can be related to your appearance (see also Buying Clothes Dream Symbolism). The clothes themselves are a symbol of identity, and the dream might signify your struggle to choose the way you want to present yourself to other people. 

This dream could be connected to your emotional state, too. Maybe you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not in order for people to like you. The clothes here are your “cover”.

Shopping At A Book Store: Books in dreams are often associated with information, wisdom, knowledge or communication. A dream about strolling through the bookstore might symbolize you’re looking for some info that will help you make a better decision. 

Shopping For A Home Or Home Improvement Items: To dream about buying a house signifies your choice to make a positive change in life. You’ve worked hard and the house is the fruit of your labor. Buying a new house can mean you’re in good health, but if the house you’re buying is old, it might mean you need medical treatment, or you simply need a healthier lifestyle.

Buying stuff for your house, especially furniture, can symbolize the need for comfort. On the other hand, buying a fridge, oddly enough, is a symbol of good traveling. 

When trying to understand what your shopping dream meant, it’s important to take into consideration the type of store you’re shopping in. As we’ve seen, dreaming about shopping for groceries and for books doesn’t mean the same thing. Go into details as much as you can – are you shopping in a small local store, or in a mall? 

Additional Questions To Ask Yourself About Shopping:

When trying to understand what it means to dream shopping, it’s important to know where you’re shopping and what you’re shopping for. But, in order to gain an in-depth dream interpretation, there are a few other questions you need to ask yourself.

What Are Your Feelings About Shopping? Would you consider yourself a shopping maniac? Or you’re the kind that doesn’t set foot inside the mall until your own clothes literally fall apart? For some people, shopping is therapy, and for others, it’s a living hell. The way you feel about it affects the meaning of the dream. 

What Is Going On In Your Life Currently? Think about some recent events and how they can be related to your shopping dream. 

Are You Facing Choices To Make Or Are You Searching For Something? As we mentioned above, dreams about shopping can be related to decision making and a search for a solution. In both cases, you’re faced with a challenging task.

Have You Ever Worked In Retail? This is also an important question when trying to get to the bottom of what it means to dream shopping. A doctor could dream about surgery for a different reason than a high school teacher would, for instance. The same goes for shopping – if you are working in retail, dreams about shopping can be related to your job. Are you satisfied with your current work situation? Do you want to work in retail in the future or you’re looking for a different career path?


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