Candle Dream Meaning

As symbols, candles have deep roots in every religion and sacred practice around the world. There’s something so symbolic in the way candles create a flickering flame and the warm aura around it. They are a burning representation of romance, safety, hope, mystery and spirituality, to name just a few. The flame it creates is inspiring, enlightening and comforting. 

In this article, we’ll discuss different ways candles can appear as a symbol in our dreams, as well as what they mean.

An In-depth Candle Dream Interpretation

Candles are typically used in different religious ceremonies. So, when you see one in a dream, it could be pointing out your own spirituality or showing you that you may require spiritual guidance in your life right now. Figure out what your dream may be trying to tell you about your spiritual life. You’re constantly on a spiritual journey, and this might be the guidance you need to get through some touch times.

A lit candle in your dream indicates you’re on a path to enlightenment. The act of lighting a candle represents undertaking a mission to reach a higher state of mind. You know where you are spiritually, as well as where you’d want to be. And the candle will enlighten your path to spirituality.

However, if the candle in your dream isn’t lit, that means you’re struggling with your spiritual quest. The best way to solve that is to discover what are the things in life that you’ve been missing, and what can replace them. Filling that gap won’t be easy, but you need to do itin order to get your life back on track. 

Surprisingly, birthday cakes in dreams aren’t always a good omen (see also What Do Birthdays Mean In Dreams?). If you dream about lit candles on a cake, that’s actually a warning from your subconscious. You’ve been going off course for far too long now, and you just realized it might be too late to get back on your spiritual track. But as it often goes, that’s an irrational fear. Faith is one of the things that will always be there for you, whenever you need it. 

If there’s a really dark road ahead in your dream, and you’ve lit a candle to see where you’re going, this scenario is a positive omen. It means you’ve managed to get through an exceptionally difficult situation, with or without the help of a spiritual guide. Sometimes, we’re not aware of our own capabilities, until we’re forced to apply them in a specific situation.

Dreaming about lighting a candle when it’s already light and visible outside, on the other hand, is not usually a good sign. This dream means that you’re relying too much on other people to advise and guide you. In other words, you want them to make all the choices for you. This dream is a clear sign you should be more independent and take the courage to stand up for yourself. No one can live your life for you. And when things get tough, you can only 100% rely on yourself.

As a symbol of the eternal spirit, candles appear in our dreams to show our connection to the spiritual world. Take this dream scenario for example – a lit candle is shinning in an otherwise pitch dark surrounding.

This dream means you’re battling the darkness inside your soul, and the candle represents hope. As you can see, things aren’t completely grim, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, if you dream of plentiful lit candles, that’s a sign of celebrations or other festive events coming up in the near future.

Another common dream scenario regarding candles is to see one burning down. This dream signifies the passing of time. It’s a reminder that our lives are short, and nothing lasts forever. There’s not much we can do about it, except using the time we have left in the best way possible.

Candles in dreams don’t just symbolize the ending of life, but certain phases, too. Maybe you’ve decided to switch your career or move on from a painful relationship. In any case, this dream represents turning the page, starting a new chapter in your life.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Blowing Out Birthday Candles?

Blowing out candles on a birthday cake is a worldwide known tradition. And before you do, you’re supposed to make a wish. So when you dream about doing that in your dream, it clearly means you’re wishing for your deepest wish to finally be fulfilled. 

On another note, dreaming about blowing out candles can also mean you’re afraid of the things you wish for not happening. While understandable, your fears are unfounded. Everything will soon fall into place. 

If someone else blows candles on your birthday cake in a dream, then it’s a sign someone’s trying to manipulate the decisions you’re making. Don’t allow them to hold the strings, confront them and take back control of your life.

Meaning Behind Yellow Candles In A Dream

Candles in our dreams represent different things, from mortality and short-liveness to the eternity of our souls. One of the factors that influence the interpretation of your specific dream is the color of the candle. In dreams, yellow is a color that can have both positive and negative meanings. As a positive symbol, it represents innocence, hope and happiness. In that case, a yellow candle signifies life harmony and search for good fortune and fulfillment. On the other hand, yellow color in a negative context usually is a sign of indecision and cowardice. A dream featuring a yellow candle probably indicates you’re hoping for a guiding hand to help you get through tough times.

What Does It Mean To See A White Candle In A Dream?

As a color, white is usually associated with purity, peace and brightness. In a dream, a white candle usually represents a path to enlightenment. Considering this color is usually a good omen, this dream indicates your journey will be successful. It also reminds us that it’s not the final goal that matters as much as the road towards it. On our way to spiritual enlightenment, we learn things that allow us to grow spiritually.

What Does A Dream About A Black Candle Mean?

White and black are opposite colors. White is pure light and black is the absence of it. It is often associated with sadness, emptiness and depression. It can also represent the unknown, hate and fear. However, a black candle means the exact opposite of that. It represents protection from evil and the destruction of negative feelings. As you blow out a black candle, you’re getting rid of all the bad things that are restraining you in waking life. 

Meaning Behind Wax In A Dream

In dreams, candle wax represents tough times in life. Maybe you’re struggling at work or your friendship has fallen apart. But, seeing candle wax is actually a good omen. It shows you that no matter what, everything will work out in the end. 

Why Did I Dream About A Candle Dripping?

Similar to the previous dream scenario, wax dripping is related to difficult situations in life. But don’t worry, good things are ahead. Everything will turn in your favor, and the outcome will be what you hoped for. On another note, dripping wax also represents your hidden emotions. You’re passionate and heartful, but you can’t keep that inside. Sooner or later, your feelings will become obvious to people around you. 

What Does Melting Wax In A Dream Signify?

If wax dripping gets out of hand, and the candle melts in a dream, that means you’ll experience a loss. Usually, this is related to your financial situation. It’s a warning to try and avoid unnecessary transactions of large amounts of money.

Dreams of a melting wax candle can also be related to your career too. You’ll receive an offer that you should think through before blindly accepting. Risks can be rewarding, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. In certain situations, it’s just not worth it.

Finally, a melting wax can also mean you’re too soft. You succumb to pressure, and people constantly make use of that. If you don’t put an end to it and harden, you’re going to be melt just like the wax in your dream. 

What Does It Mean To Light A Candle In A Dream?

Lighting a candle in a dream usually relates to relationships in your life. This could be related to your family, friends and romantic interest. What you have with that person is strong and reliable, and you know you can count on them for anything. Such a relationship is rare, so appreciate and protect it. 

To understand this dream better, take into consideration the color of a candle you’re lighting.

  • Yellow – this dream is about a family member with whom you have a strong bond.
  • White – your love is honest and pure, and can last a lifetime.
  • Red – you’ve just started a really passionate relationship with the person you met recently. Luck is on your side, and this might be the person you end up spending the rest of your life with.
  • Blue – you’re in harmony with people around you. You have a close group of friends that you can count on.
  • Black – You don’t want to feel lonely anymore, and are ready to let others know the real you.

Depending On What Happened To Wax In The Dream

  • Hardened wax – relationship with your lover is strong and reliable, possible marriage in the future.
  • Create figures with wax – people talk behind your back, and the things they are saying about you aren’t real.
  • Melt wax – this can be a sign of a serious illness, both physical and mental. 
  • Buying wax – you’re about to experience some misunderstanding in business.
  • Selling wax – you will experience a financial loss in the near future.

Dream Meaning Behind An Unlit Candle

Unlit candles usually aren’t a positive omen in a dream. They represent going astray from your life path and feeling lost. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed for eternity. Getting back on track is difficult, and the only person that can help you achieve that is you. To do that, first, analyze your past actions. Did you make the wrong choice? Is that what’s keeping you from feeling content? Your subconscious is trying to tell you that that’s wrong. Everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of what they did in the past. Try again. Everyone should have a second chance in making things right. So light that candle and ponder on how to amend yourself. 

What Does It Mean To See A Candle Flame In A Dream?

A candle flame appearing in your dream is usually a sign that you’re getting to know yourself better. With meditation, you’ve come to know some things about your own self that you didn’t know before. You now understand that the key to mindfulness is analyzing your own thoughts, wishes and actions. And as you get to know yourself better, you are more able to stand up for what you want and get that.

Dreaming About A Room Full Of Candles

If you dream about a room full of lit candles, that represents a safe place from evil spirits. What this dream means is that there’s someone in your life who makes you feel safe, and has your back. This could be your friend, family member or your significant other.

Another meaning regarding a room filled with candles is related to a romantic situation in a near future. Maybe your spouse’s birthday is coming up, or you’re planning on proposing. If you’re single, then this dream could indicate you’re about to meet the person that will change your life. Or, that person might be in front of you the whole time, and you still haven’t realized that!

What Does It Mean To See A Single Candle In A Dream?

Seeing only one candle in a dream represents your determination. You know what you want in life and you’re ready to work hard for it. You know you might get tired along the way, as well as encounter obstacles, but getting past that is the key to reaching your goals. You know you’re not the person that gives up halfway. Especially when it means starting a new chapter in life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Two Candles?

Seeing two lit candles in a dream means there are things you’re hiding from yourself. One candle represents your secrets and the other one represents your mind. This dream indicates you should come to terms with the things you’ve suppressed. They won’t go away, so you need to deal with them, sooner or later. 

On another hand, this dream could also spirit and perseverance. You’re set on your goals, and nothing can hold you down. You’re well aware of what you can do, without anyone’s help.

Dreaming About Three Candles

Throughout history, the number three was perceived as a magical number. According to Pythagoras, it’s the number of time, representing past, present and future. It also symbolizes birth, life and death. In dreams, three candles are a positive omen. They symbolize your greatest wishes that are about to come true. Although people didn’t believe in you in the past, you’re showing them wrong, and their opinion of you will surely change in the future. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Candle?

A candle is a dream symbol with different spiritual meanings, like hope, good fortune, calmness and belief. The candle can also symbolize a spark in your eyes, the tingling flame that gets you going. Furthermore, a candle can be related to your romantic side, too. It can signify your current relationship is the one, your eternal love.

If you dream of a candle in a church, that’s a prediction of your wishes coming true. If there’s a ritual performing in your dream, that signifies you’re a person of habit. You enjoy having daily rituals and a fixed schedule. Yet, in order to achieve enlightenment, you need to break a pattern and become a person of adventure. Only that way, you can keep that spark in your eyes shining.

In A Dream, You Might Have 

  • Have found a candle.
  • Made a candle from scratch.
  • Have lit a candle.
  • Saw a cake with lit candles.
  • Have blown out candles.
  • Grabbed a candle and used it to light another candle.
  • Held a candle to enlighten your path.
  • Used a candle as a guide even though it’s light outside.

Positive changes are Ahead if

  • The candle was lit.
  • The candle showed you the path.
  • The room was full of lit candles.

The Dream Of Candles Can Be Associated With These Situations In Your Waking Life

  • Mindfulness and spiritual path.
  • Struggles regarding romantic relationships.
  • Ambition and career-related goals.

Emotions You Might Have Felt During The Dream Of Candles

  • Guidance
  • Safety
  • Satisfaction
  • Exploration
  • Joy
  • Love

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