What Does It Mean To Buy Clothes In Your Dream?

One of the first things you might notice about someone, after how they carry themselves, is the clothes they wear. After all, clothes can tell us a lot about someone, from how they want to be seen, what they prioritize, and even how much money they have.

How you dress is a direct reflection of how you want to be seen by others, but what does it mean to dream of buying clothes?

Typically, a dream where you buy clothes is a reflection of any worries currently on your mind, and how you want things to change because you are anxious about something. 

Let’s take a look.

The Detailed Meaning Behind A Dream Of Buying Clothes

A dream where you buy clothes reflects your efforts to try everything you can to make sure you belong to a certain crowd in waking life. 

You may be dissatisfied with the way things are going right now, so you’re looking for a way to break free of anything holding you back, and to change your image that others judge you on, as well as your opinion of yourself.

A dream of buying clothes may happen when you feel that someone has a better lot in life, where their life seems much easier compared to yours, and you wonder why you don’t ‘deserve’ what they have.

This dream tells you that you can achieve anything you want to, as long as you work for it. It’s also important to remember that what you see on the surface when it comes to other people’s lives is only a snapshot of what they are living, and it’s always much more complicated than it looks.

You may also dream of buying new clothes when you are adapting to a new lifestyle, a change in your career, or you’re in a new relationship or taking on more responsibility. 

It refers to how you’re adapting to change, and how well you think things will go. For instance, a dream of buying clothes that don’t fit you can refer to a struggle adapting to a new lifestyle, fitting in with new people, or doubting that a big decision was the right choice.

Altering the clothes yourself is a very good sign, as it reflects how you can make nearly anything work for you.

Being unable to find something that fits you at all, where things don’t go over your head or your legs implies that there is something in waking life that doesn’t ‘fit’ you or your lifestyle, no matter how hard you try to wedge it in there.

Finding clothes that are the perfect fit for your dream is a positive omen, and reflects your confidence in yourself as well as the situation you’re currently in. You feel you are in a good place, and you know what you want and how to get it.

It also means that any decisions you’ve made lately will lead you to the path you are meant to be on, and the people who will mean a lot to you going forward.

Consider also the state of the clothes. Buying crisp and clean clothes refers to a positive outlook on life, whereas dirty garments imply that you need to work on bringing about inner change.

If you dream of returning clothes, this can mirror your willingness to stand up for yourself or to admit when things aren’t working, and allow yourself to be finished with things that don’t serve you in life.

A Dream Of Buying Clothes Is A Positive Sign, If:

  • The clothes fit you
  • You find something that you love
  • You alter anything that doesn’t fit
  • You buy clean and perfect clothes

Final Thoughts

A dream of buying clothes is a mixed sign, depending on what happens in the dream. It may be a positive sign, where things are going well, you feel you belong, and you’re happy in who you are.

Equally, a dream of buying clothes can be negative, if you dream of buying dirty clothes, or they don’t fit you, where you feel you haven’t found what you want in life, you’re unhappy with who you are or how others see you, suggesting you have some work to do.


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