Coin Dream Meaning

A coin is indeed a very interesting symbol. If coins have been featured prominently in your dreams, you are right to ask what it all means. 

So how can we understand coins in dreams? Well, first of all we might remember that coins are the object of exchange. This is why a con can often represent our relationships to others and any form of exchange that might be happening. 

On the other hand, in tarot the suite of coins (often called Pentacles) is connected with the Earth element. Coins here can represent abundance, they are real and tangible, they represent our efforts and what we make of ourselves and our surroundings. 

Coins in dreams can have varying meanings though which depend on the specific details of your dream. 

Coin Dream Interpretation Based On Type of Coin 

The interpretation of your dream might depend on the type of coin you were dreaming of: 

Gold Coins 

Gold as a symbol is traditionally connected with succes, power, and abundance. Gold coins in dreams generally predict success at work, increases in earnings, success in anything related to money (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Money?). However, gold also has a darker side, that is that humans can get drunk with the power it gives them. Wield your power and your blessing with humility and you’ll achieve great things. 

Silver Coins 

Silver is the symbol of the other world and of spiritual growth. This dream might be telling you you will reach new levels of spirituality. On the darker side, this spiritual growth could be caused by difficult experiences. 

Copper Coins 

You might know that copper has many health benefits. Copper coins in dreams often symbolize healing. This healing can be either of physical or mental and emotional nature. If you have been struggling with some sort of illness, this dream is probably a good sign. According to traditional interpretations, dreaming about copper coins means you are receiving help from the spiritual realm. 

Many Coins 

When you see many coins in a pile, perhaps looking like a pile of treasure or a treasure chest (see also Map Dream Meaning) full of all kinds of coins, this is a symbol of power. Your power will increase in some way, whether it’s monetary or physical power. As long as you are careful and use your power and authority to do good you will have luck in your endeavours. 

Fake Coin 

A fake coin is a symbol of adultery and disease. According to traditional interpretations, dreaming about a fake coin means you are suffering from an infection. 

Tossing A Coin 

Tossing a coin is an attempt to understand our destiny and predict the future. Was it heads or tails that you saw? Or was the outcome undetermined? In any case, the toss of a coin in dreams indicates our anxieties about the future. We might be craving to know where life will lead us, but that is not always possible. 

If you dream about throwing a coin into water (for example a river, fountain, or a wishing well) you should know this is often a symbol of making mistakes in life. However, it might just mean you are thinking about your past actions and contemplating whether you made a mistake or not. 

Detailed Dream Interpretation 

As you have seen, coins in general have a connection to wealth in every sense of the world. It might be actual wealth in terms of money, but it might also be our health (cause what is money worth if it cannot buy health?), as well as the feelings of wealth and abundance that arise from healthy relationships.

We have talked about common precious metals like gold and silver, but sometimes the coins in our dreams appear out of the ordinary. They might be made of wood (in that case, think of your connection to nature and how you contribute to your surroundings), or they might be made of any other material. Coins made of plastic, for example, might appear as toys and make us feel childish. 

If there is any particular motif on the coins that appear in your dreams, you should really think about what kind of personal meanings these symbols have for you. 


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