What Does A Map Mean In Your Dream?

It isn’t all that common to see maps in your dream, but like many dream symbols that don’t appear often, they usually have something interesting to tell you. 

If you see a map in your dream, it usually points to a time filled with happiness and joy in the near future. Something will change for the better.

But that’s not all maps signify in dreams. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Map?

There are many reasons why you might dream of maps. 

Maps can feature heavily in your dreams when you’re not sure if you’ve made the right choices. You’re wondering if your decisions are actually leading you towards the life you want, or they are creating an entirely different path.

You might have started a new journey such as a new career, relationship, or moved to a new place in life, and you wonder how this will turn out. 

You want to see the events of your life ‘mapped out’, a clear path that shows you every route you may take, and where it would lead you. 

It also relates to positive change. Studying a map in your dream points to enjoying a change, connection with someone, your job, or anything else at all soon.

Maps in dreams have a lot of spiritual connotations worth considering, too. If you dream of trying to find your way using a map, this suggests that you’re at a spiritual crossroads. 

There is a great possibility that you’ll get everything you want, as long as you are able to recognize these chances when they come.

If you dream of being unable to read a map, and you remain lost, this reflects waking life causing you confusion and anxiety. If the markings are completely unreadable, this mirrors your lack of direction in waking life. 

Your dream urges you to develop a clear plan, even if that’s just something small for now. You can always build on it later.

Let’s take a look at the different ways maps can manifest in your dreams, as this can inform the meaning.

A Hand-Drawn Map In Your Dream

A hand-drawn map in your dream refers to a changeable path. The decisions you’re making now are not set in stone, and this could be good or bad. Consider the state of the map. 

If it is old, but it’s still perfectly readable and undamaged, this suggests that values you’ve had for years still work well in guiding you through life. 

A hand-drawn map which is completely unreadable implies that you need to change your approach or outlook in life. What you’re doing is not working. 

Dreaming Of A Treasure Map

Treasure maps suggest you need to set out by yourself, and carve your own adventure through life. 

You need to find a way to depend less on others, and develop a better sense of self-confidence. Treasure maps are also linked to your journey through life, and your wildest dreams. You may be forming a detailed plan to try and reach them. 

Looking At A World Map In Your Dream

World maps in dreams can suggest that you’re limiting yourself somewhere in life, perhaps without realizing it. 

It could be that you don’t know how to begin when a larger-than-life chance comes knocking on your door, and you find it easier or less stressful to just settle for things that are in your comfort zone. 

A world map appearing in your dreams implies that you have much more potential than you are consciously aware of. Is it time to explore new possibilities?

If you dream of a map globe, this implies that your perspective is a little limited. It’s stopping you from taking full advantage of the present. Maybe you need to gain more experience in something before you attempt a goal or dream.

Studying An Electronic Map Or GPS In Your Dream

Seeing an electronic map or GPS implies that you feel watched, especially if you dream that someone is following your progress in the dream. Someone is getting too involved in your life.

Satellite maps in your dream refers to life goals, and if you can read them without a problem in your dream, you will similarly navigate your path easily in life. 

Seeing A Subway Map In A Dream

Dreaming of a subway map implies that you’re at the beginning of a project, job, path, or relationship, and you’re wondering what might be the best course to take.

If you dream of getting lost, and you turn to a subway map, you will find your course in life pretty quickly, and you’re not afraid to ask for help when you need it. It can also denote a change of direction in life.

Reading A Weather Map In Your Dream

A weather map appearing in your dreams suggests that now is the time to go after everything you want in life, as you’re likely to make a lot of progress. 

You’ll probably make some mistakes along the way, but it will be just as valuable as if you succeed. 

Dreaming Of Star Maps

Seeing a map of the stars (see also What Does A Galaxy Mean In Your Dream) in your dreams refers to your spiritual path, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. 

Things are going fabulously well at the minute, and you’re wondering what else might be possible if you try hard enough. 

Final Thoughts

Maps in dreams can be a little complicated to interpret, but the more detail you remember from the dream, the more information you have to play with.

Pay attention to the type of map, as well as its condition. A very detailed map in your dream which is easy to read signals your control over your life, as well as the plans you have for the future. It may also point to great opportunities in the future.

Faint marks on the map, or being unable to read it reflects how you are questioning your confidence and what a situation will mean for you in the future.


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