Planet And Space Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Since humans have been on earth, we’ve looked at the sky and the stars, and later the planets, wondering what they could tell us. 

For the longest time, we’ve wondered what these planets could tell us, what secrets they may unlock, and how we might come to understand the universe and our own existence better. 

This is also true of our dreams. We long for meaning, for new ways of making sense of the world we inhabit and the space (see also galaxy dream symbol meaning) beyond. But what if you could combine the two?

What do planets and space tell us in our dreams?

Common Dreams of Space, Planets, and Their Meanings

When it comes to dreams of space, this relates to your potential, and moving away from what is certain and familiar, into brand-new territory. Planet dreams (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A Galaxy?) often refer to your quest for greater insight. 

Planets Aligning in Your Dream

If you dream of planets aligning, this refers to the sense of balance in your life, and the control you feel you have over every aspect of your life.

Feeling good at the sight of these planets lining up within your dream points to a new chapter in your life, and a wealth of success and luck, so make sure you do as many things as you can while you have this period.

If you feel nervous watching the planets move in your dream, this suggests that you are skeptical that any change will be better than what you have now. You value what you’ve got, and you’re afraid to lose it.

If you dream of planets colliding, this dream is drawing your attention to your spiritual fulfillment, which is lacking. This may be due to a sense of low self-esteem or self-worth, and limiting yourself will only cause you stress in the future.

Dreaming of a Strange Planet

Dreaming of a strange or unfamiliar planet, whether you are on it or looking at it from a distance, points to viewpoints, ideals, or situations which are completely alien to you.

It may take some time to adjust your views and broaden your perspective, but doing so will allow a period of growth.

Dreaming Of Alien Life

Dreaming of life on another planet reflects how you are considering ideas, projects, or opinions you would have completely dismissed in the past. 

You know there’s a lot of potential out there, and if you don’t limit yourself, your potential could be just as boundless.

Dreaming of Spacewalking

Dreaming of floating through space or spacewalking points to your wealth of capabilities, and how your first reaction to a situation is to try and adapt, rather than to try and fight unfamiliar circumstances.

Dreaming of a Black Hole

A black hole appearing in your dreams symbolizes something which you feel you cannot conquer. 

It lurks at the back of your mind, and you’re afraid to acknowledge it, or your fear or weakness regarding it.

The black hole embodies something which has the potential to destroy your life, or depression, uncertainty, your shadow aspect, or hopelessness.

Dreaming of being sucked into a black hole points to a lack of self-worth, perceived ability, or feeling a great imbalance within your life. You are much more capable than you think.

Watching the Death of a Star

A star (see also galaxy dream symbol meaning) dying in your dream suggests that something significant in your life is about to come to an end. This may be a relationship, a career, or part of your life which you have outgrown. 

This dream is nothing to fear, however. The end will make way for a new beginning, if you let it.

Dreaming of the Moon

The moon appearing in your dream represents the emotions hidden in your subconscious, or parts of yourself which you are not consciously aware of. 

Within this dream, you are exploring these facets of yourself in order to better understand yourself, making waking life a little easier.

Dreaming of the Sun

The sun appearing in your dream represents energy, freedom, and prosperity. It also draws your attention to keep your focus on the positive things in your life, to practice gratitude where you can.

This dream is telling you that good things are near, and you’ll have a lot of opportunities coming your way soon. The difficulty will be in deciding between them.

A Planet Exploding in Your Dream

While a planet exploding within your dream can seem like a bad sign, it is the opposite. It suggests that any pressure you’re currently under will soon dissipate, and any worries weighing you down will soon be irrelevant. 

A planet exploding within your dream also points to a new journey in the future, a fresh start somewhere within your life, which also may hold some responsibility.

What do Dreams Involving Planets Have to Tell Us?

Dreams involving planets can be extremely vivid, but the meaning can easily escape us. As dream symbols go, planets represent the journey and desire for deeper meaning, insight, and knowledge. 

What Planets Can Symbolize in Dreams

You Haven’t Set Your Sights Far Enough

Dreaming of planets can indicate that you’ve accidentally trapped yourself into limits which you don’t need. 

You’ve set your own goals or expectations too low, or you’re afraid of pushing yourself into the unknown, uncertain that things might be better if you do.

It might be time to reach for your biggest dreams, rather than the smaller ones you know you’ll most likely get to. What’s the harm in trying?

There’s Something You’re Missing

Planets in your dream imply that you need to look at things from a different angle. Your current perspective is too limited, or you’re not paying enough attention to details which could make or break a broken, or decide the outcome of a drawn-out situation.

The size of the planet in this case can relate to the depth of the detail you might realize, or how a single element can change a whole situation. You need to look deeper in order for things to become clearer..

Feeling like an Outsider

Dreams involving planets can occur when you feel as though you don’t belong. 

You’re longing to try your luck somewhere else in order to find the people you will instantly click with, and so your subconscious is taking this a little literally, by throwing you at a different planet.

This feeling may not relate to your life as a whole, but it usually manifests itself due to one situation or awkward encounter that you’re still cringing at.

Let Go of Control

There’s wisdom in recognizing that you cannot control everything, and trying is a stressful and fruitless process. 

Dreaming of planets can indicate that you should leave some things to chance, or to wait until the ‘planets align’, when there will be a better time to adjust things, or be more proactive.

Sometimes the best decision to make is no decision at all. Things can become clearer, or you might find a third option which hasn’t presented itself just yet.

The Symbolism Surrounding Different Planets

While sometimes it can be difficult to understand what planet you’re looking at within your dream, it’s worth trying to understand, as this can help inform the meaning behind your planet dream. 

If you see a fictional planet within your dream that you recognize anyway, this can point to your desire of wanting a kind of wisdom that comes from a fairly niche place, such as a rare art form or an unusual topic.

In planet dreams, your subconscious will usually draw on what’s more familiar to you, and this will often include those planets in our solar system, rather than an ambiguous or fictional one.

Which planet your subconscious focuses on changes the meaning of your dream, and the symbolism behind it. So let’s take a look.


Dreaming of Mercury signifies a restlessness in your day-to-day life. It suggests that you need to be the change you want.

You’ve outgrown your routine, or you’re crying out for something new and exciting to happen, something that will take you out of the days you keep repeating week after week.

As Mercury moves the fastest around the sun, thanks to its much closer proximity, your subconscious is telling you that you need to focus. If you’ve got any projects outstanding, now is the time to get them ticked off.


Dreaming of the planet Venus suggests that you’ll soon enjoy a period of renewed energy, and this may lead to luck, renewed connections, a deeper respect for someone or something, and love. 

Venus can also signify that you base your life on trying to be as nurturing or as understanding as possible when it comes to other people. You get a lot out of making profound connections with others.


If you dream of Earth, this implies that you’re worried about the future. This may be about the future of the Earth itself, a situation turning out less than ideal, or about how your relationships may change in the future.

You may be worried about growing apart from those you are close to, or not recognizing yourself or remembering values that you hold close to you now. Remember that growth cannot happen without change.


The appearance of Mars in your dream indicates that you haven’t exactly been calm lately. You may have been acting rash, aggressively, or less than sympathetic toward others, and this will hold you back in the long run. 

Or, Mars in your dream means that you’ll soon encounter a large conflict in waking life. 

This may be an internal conflict, between your head and your heart, between wanting to do what you wish and knowing that you shouldn’t. Or, it may be an external conflict, between you and someone else.


Dreaming of Jupiter is largely a positive dream symbol. This large planet indicates that you’ll soon enjoy a period in life where you will want for absolutely nothing, because you’ll already have it.

Jupiter can also represent a period of growth, expanding your perception and your talents to go further.


Saturn appearing in your dream points to current and future happiness. You’ll overcome anything currently in your way, and things will be clear and peaceful for a prolonged period. 

Saturn also represents something maturing within your life. That may be an outlook, a project taking shape, or a facet of your personality growing with experience.


Dreaming of Uranus suggests that things are slowly shifting under you. There is a subtle change in part of your life that will come to define you. 

This may be in your personality, your perception, or something more outward, a fresh opportunity or a new relationship.

If you dream of being on Uranus, you long for fewer rules and things that feel constraining. You want to be free.


Neptune appearing within your dream indicates that while a problem you’re facing in waking life isn’t giving you any room, you haven’t been thinking big enough. 

You need to be more creative in your attempts to resolve it. Even the slightest improvisation might shift things enough to tip it in your favor. 


Okay, yes, Pluto is not technically a planet anymore, but that doesn’t mean its appearance is any less significant than the planets in our solar system when we dream.

Despite Pluto’s much smaller size, it’s often regarded as a dream symbol that you should not ignore. Unfortunately, dreaming of Pluto isn’t a positive sign.

Pluto appearing in your dream indicates that you need to be cautious, especially in your relationships and who you trust. You may encounter betrayal or loss, soon. 

Alternatively, dreaming of Pluto highlights a discord within your social life. You may believe that people only speak to you when they want something from you, rather than to interact. 

Or, it can be drawing your attention to the importance of not always being in the’s often worth gaining a different perspective where and when you can, as this helps keep your life in balance.


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