Planets And Space Dream Meaning

Dreaming of space and celestial objects can be interpreted in many ways. Different planets have their own dream meanings and the context of the dream is critical when trying to understand the message behind it. In this article, we’ll share what it means to dream about planets and space. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Planets?

Generally, planets in dreams symbolize the appetite for greater wisdom. Maybe you’re searching for deeper meanings in life or simply want to know why certain things happen. What’s true to all dreams regarding space is that they’re a sign to gain more self-awareness.

Here Are Some Common Themes We Can Associate With Seeing Planets In Our Dreams:

Looking At The Bigger Picture: The dream might be telling you to change your perspective. Usually, seeing the bigger picture causes us to refocus our attention on things that are our true priorities. From this perspective, you’re able to see things crystal clear for what they are – something that’s not always obvious when you’re focusing on tiny details.

Exploring Possibilities: Seeing the ever-expanding universe and everything that it consists of in your dream can symbolize your longing to explore your possibilities – this can be related to your career, love life or just about anything in your waking life that might require you to make a choice. 

Cosmic Connection: It’s not uncommon hearing someone say they’ll “let the Universe decide.” We can argue about the possibility of some force writing our destinies, but we can all safely say that some things in life simply feel like they happened for a reason. Dreams about space and planets can be related to your cosmic connection to your spiritual realm. Maybe you’ve felt like something that happened recently simply was “meant to be.” That means you felt the cosmic connection to something or someone.

Being Out Of This World: We’ve seen a fair share of extraterrestrial creatures in movies and pictures. While some show aliens like little green men, a franchise like Star Trek shows a bunch of different looking extraterrestrial creatures. The one thing they all have in common is that they look like outsiders. Your dream about planets and space can signify you’re feeling like an alien – you feel like you don’t belong. This can be related to your work or private life, a situation in which you felt like an outsider.

Of Enormous Importance: Being humongous as they are, planets in dreams can symbolize things that are of great importance to you. However, it’s not always so clear what things the dream refers to. Meditation and other self-awareness practices can help you with dream interpretation.

Common Planets And Their Dream Meanings

When you’re dreaming of space and planets, sometimes it’s not clear which planets appear in the dream. You could be dreaming about fictional planets appearing in books and movies, like Tatooine from Star Wars or Gallifrey from Doctor Who. In such cases, it’s likely you’ve seen these planets in your dream because you recently watched those movies. However, we often dream about real planets, and the majority of the time, these planets are from our solar system. If you’re an astronomer by any case, you might dream about a planet from another galaxy, but for us that aren’t astrophysicists, celestial objects commonly appearing in our dreams are the nine most known planets. 

Each planet appearing in your dream has its own symbols, and here we’ll address what usually means when you dream about a specific one.


This planet represents wisdom and understanding. As a symbol in dreams, it signifies your growth as a person and your search for a deeper comprehension of things. It reminds you to set certain big long-term goals, and to go for them, no matter what. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in our galaxy – it’s 318 times bigger than Earth. As the largest planet, it’s also a sign of abundance and success. Dreaming about it can be your “lucky charm” or it simply signifies you’re going to be successful in your career.


This planet is named after the Roman god of war, which is also what it symbolizes in dreams. But we don’t mean it’s a sign of military-style warfare – it represents raw human survival instinct. It’s that inner drive that wakes up your competitive side. That’s a great motivation booster, when used properly. However, things can easily get out of control, and your productivity might come off as impulsiveness and even aggression. 

Mars can also be a symbol of desire and passion. This planet is all about that animal instinct, and in this case, it’s physical attraction. Dreams about Mars can signify it’s time you give in to your desires and be active – not reactive – when it comes to your romantic attractions.  


In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of gods. When it comes to dreams, this planet is a symbol of communication, intellect and reason. If you’ve seen Mercury in your dreams, that might be a reminder to reflect upon your life decisions. However, that doesn’t mean you should blindly follow the logical route. Sometimes it’s better you listen to your heart when making big choices.


The Roman goddess Venus gained her fair share of popularity during the Renaissance period. As the goddess of love and sexuality, she’s been a subject of many different paintings and sculptures. As a dream sign, Venus can also be associated with honest and healthy communication. Often, dreaming about Venus doesn’t have to be regarding a love affair – it can refer to your friend, a colleague or anyone else you’re struggling to connect with. Think about that relationship. Do you believe that both sides put equal efforts into it?


While the planets above were mostly encouraging you to let your emotions lead the way, Saturn is quite the opposite. This planet is a symbol of discipline, boundaries and responsibility. While that might seem gloomy at a first glance, Saturn reminds us that self-control and dedication are keys to success. Seeing Saturn in your dream might signify you’ve let loose and forgot that limits are your guideline, not your confinement when it comes to achieving your goals.


Neptune is associated with imagination, creativity, dreaming and intuition. Your dream starring this planet can simply mean that recently you’ve been very inspired and wildly creative. However, that’s a rather superficial interpretation, and it’s more likely that something is troubling you. Neptune in your dream can be your reminder to snap out of the illusion you’ve been living in lately and stop running away from your problems. 


In astrology, this planet is known as “the Awakener,” meaning its transits bring sudden changes and shocks. Dream symbolism of Uranus is similar. It signifies transformation and rebellion. Dreams about Uranus can mean you’re searching for something “different” in your life – you’re bored with the ordinary stuff and you’re longing for unpredictable and adventurous things to happen to you. 

Uranus can also be a symbol of innovation. It can appear in a dream as a stimulus to use your creative side and make something cutting-edge. 


Throughout the years, Pluto has been through some tough times. First, it was considered a planet, then it wasn’t – recently they put it back into the “planet club,” although as a dwarven version. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that this planet is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, evolution and power. Seeing Pluto in your dreams be a sign that something’s about to drastically change, which can be for better or for worse. 

While it’s a symbol of power, dreaming about Pluto can also signify feeling powerless in a certain situation. You’re presented with certain challenges and you need to gather the strength to deal with them. Remember that the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to gather the energy to step up to the challenge.

The Moon

Often, planets are not the only celestial bodies that appear in dreams about space. Planets have their satellites, and the one belonging to Earth is the one we see on a regular basis in waking life, so it’s not uncommon for it to feature in a dream about space. As a symbol, the moon refers to emotions and cycles of life.

The moon affects the tides in the ocean – and it can affect our mood just as well. Surely you’ve heard someone before saying that a full moon affects their sleep. It might seem ridiculous, blaming a celestial body for our bad sleep cycle, but the science can back up the lunar influence theory. Some researches have proven that certain people have difficulty sleeping during the night of the full moon.

Seeing the moon in a dream can be a sign to become more aware of your current emotional state. It’s time to face your feelings and act upon them. 

The Sun

Even though this is not the planet but a star, all planets in the Milky way galaxy revolve around it. Therefore, the Sun will possibly appear in your celestial dream as well. This star is crucial for everything on our planet – without it, there wouldn’t be any form of life on Earth. When you see the Sun in your dream, it appears as a symbol of something that’s of great importance to you. 

The Sun is so close to the Earth, making it impossible for us to look at it directly – it’s blinding. As a dream symbol, Sun can also represent something in your waking life that’s blinding you to see the truth. 

Common Dreams & Dream Meanings For Planets And Space

Dreamings Of Life On Another Planet

For over 70 years, the possibility of extraterrestrial life has been a subject of many types of research. While it’s still hypothetical, since science hasn’t found proof yet, it’s quite possible that somewhere in space some form of life exists. The idea of living on another planet is often seen in popular culture, and it’s not uncommon to dream about it. These dreams usually represent exploring different opportunities in life. Maybe you’re planning a big change in life – whether it’s changing your career or place of residence, or even making a drastic haircut change. All of these can be related to your dream of living on another planet.

Floating Around Planets

Floating and flying dreams are quite common. If you see yourself floating around celestial objects in your dream, that can signify two things. First, it might mean you’re flowing through your life. You feel like you’re doing so well that even big changes can’t get you off your course.

The other possible meaning of floating is the feeling of being detached from things happening around you. Your head is so full of thoughts, it’s becoming difficult for you to focus and concentrate on things. You’re so caught up in daydreaming, people around you feel like you’re not “there.” In this case, it’s important to remember that these things can happen to anyone, but sometimes can be an indication of mental or physical issues, and if you’re worried that’s the case, it’s important you ask for a medical evaluation. 

Touching A Planet

Dreaming about stretching a hand to touch a planet can symbolize your feelings about reaching your goals. If you’re successful in this endeavor, it’s quite likely you’ll be as fortunate in achieving your life goals too. 

Do Planets Speak To Us?

This question might seem confusing at a first glance – how can celestial objects speak? But what we mean is that planets emanate some kind of energy that we can tune into. It’s what astrology does – it studies the movement of planets and stars and how they affect our lives. You’ve probably heard about how a retrograde Mercury causes miscommunication and how Venus can affect your love life. 

Keep in mind that astrology is a pseudoscience, and while it’s been practiced for thousands of years, in recent times it’s accompanied by a lot of controversies. Belief in astrology is a personal preference, but never rely exclusively on it for life guidance.

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