Apricot Dream Symbol Meaning

Today, we talk about the meaning of apricots in dreams. Fruit, in general, is one of the most ancient symbols that appear in our dreams. It is an archetype image as old as humanity. But, specific fruits have specific meanings (see also Bananas In Dreams), and apricot symbolism is actually very beautiful. So what does it mean when you dream about apricots? Let’s get started! 

Apricot Dream Symbol Meaning

As it is often the case with various objects and beings appearing in dreams, there are different ways to interpret apricots in your dreams. But don’t worry, the meaning of an apricot is positive in the majority of cases! Below, we go over some of the most common meanings connected with apricots dreams. 


First and foremost, apricots are connected with optimism and a positive outlook on life. The word ‘apricot’ most likely comes from Latin and has a meaning of “early-ripening fruit”. In warmer countries, apricots are indeed among the first fruits to ripen in the season. Combine this with the divine taste of apricots, and it’s not hard to imagine why a tasty apricot is considered a good omen for the entire season. 

If you are working on something in waking life, or have started some project, dreaming about ripe, tasty apricot fruits forebodes good outcomes. Whether as a result of your own efforts, or by pure chance or luck, your endeavours should work out for the best. 

If you dream of apricots that are unripe, bitter, and green, you are dealing with an ambiguous sign. His could mean that the fruit of your labour might not come out as you expect it. 

Female Aspect and Fertility

Especially in Eastern traditions, an apricot is connected with the femnine aspect. Large apricot kernels are said to represent the eyes of a beautiful woman. The sensual taste and color of the fruit also evoque feminine associations. For this reason, apricots in a dream can represent your feminine sign, or some important women in your life. 

Moreover, there is another important meaning of apricots in dreams connected with the feminine aspect: apricots symbolize fertility. In fact, it is often said that for a woman to dream of an apricot fruit means she will have a child in the near future. So, if you are trying to conceive, take this as a good sign!

Otherwise, the fertility part doesn’t have to be interpreted in the literal sense. It might not be an actual baby that is being born, but maybe the product of your creative efforts, if you are an artist, for example. 

Wisdom and Health 

In ancient Chinese medicine, the apricot kernel was a respected ingredient used to treat various problems and promote health. On a similar note, the apricot is also connected with wisdom and education. There is an old story telling how Confucius used to teach his student surrounded by apricot trees. This can also be the meaning of apricot in dreams. Not only apricots, but fruits in general could be interpreted as fruits of wisdom. In addition to that, we usually think of fruits as healthy. Yet another positive forbearance from apricots! 

Apricot Blossoms

When you dream about apricot blossoms, it is said that you dream will bring money in the near future. It means you have a chance to increase our fortune. This is also said about dreams where you dream of plucking apricots from a tree. According to some traditions, the apricot fruit represents a rich woman. 

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, the meanings connected with apricots are overwhelmingly positive. However, it is rare to have such dreams where you can interpret an apricot outside of context. Think about the overall scene in the deram. What other symbols did you notice? Was there something that caught your eye (see also Eye Dream Meaning), something you find especially significant in the dream besides apricots? Were you eating the fruit of an apricot, or just admiring it? Or was it someone else eating the apricots? If you’ve had any dreams about apricots feel free to share with us! In what context did it appear for you? Do you think the meaning of the dream was positive or negative? 


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