Artist and Art Dream Symbol Meaning

Dreaming about art is quite common, and also quite interesting! Dreaming about art in all forms has to do with creativity. If you dream of paintings, music, sculptures, or anything else that could be created by an artist, what you are really dreaming about is the power of every human to create. In fact, this is one thing that makes us different from all other forms of life – we can purposefully create works of art! And these works of art are always symbols of something. In order words, a work of art always says some kind of a message. 

Dreaming about art and artists can have many meanings. The meaning of such dreams doesn’t have to be literally about creativity and creating something beautiful – but it is always about creation. The message of such dreams can sometimes be about our ability to create opportunities for ourselves in life, or about spiritual power to create good (or bad) energy. 

Finally, if you are an artist in real life, you are more likely to see yourself as one in dreams too, or dream about other artists and works of art. After all, we are what we surround ourselves with. If this is you, all we can say is – dream on artist! These dreams can be really beautiful and meaningful. 

But, in any case, there are many ways to interpret dreams about art. This article is here to help you find the right interpretation for your dream. 

Possible Dream Interpretation Meanings for Dreaming of an Artist and Artwork

To find out the true meaning of your dream, it is important to examine your personal attitudes towards art first. Do you see yourself as an artist? Or do you prefer to enjoy art? Maybe you are an aspiring artist, but have doubts about whether you are good enough? Is your attitude towards art active or passive? Thinking about all of these things is important, as well as the specific type of art that appeared in your dream. In any case, below you’ll find some common tropes that appear in dreams involving arts as well as some guidelines on how to interpret them. 

Expressing Your Creativity

When you make art yourself, it is always about expressing your inner thoughts. It’s about putting a part of yourself outside for the world to see. For some people, this comes naturally, but for others it can be very difficult! When you are making art in your dream, in any form, it’s always about forms of expression. Maybe there is something that you want to say but haven’t found a way to express it yet. The same goes for other people who might be making art in your dreams. 

Releasing Emotions & Feelings

Have you ever heard about art therapy? It is well known that art can be very therapeutic. Making art can allow you to create a space without judgement and express our emotions without fear. Dreaming about making art can mean there are feelings you have been repressing which are ready to come out to the surface. 

Becoming Empowered

Creating art is all about power. The power to say what you want. The power to create what you want, without anyone stopping you. If you dream about making art yourself, this could mean you are feeling empowered in real life. It doesn’t need to be about art, but it could mean you are standing up for yourself in any aspect of life. 

To Dream That You Are an Artist

If you are dreaming that you are an artist, it could be interpreted in two ways, essentially. On one hand, it could mean that you are feeling free to express yourself, to put your ideas into action and to carve out your own path in life. This kind of dream could mean the process of setting yourself free has already begun, but there might be some limitations you are dragging with you from the past that you need to let go of. 

On the other hand, these kinds of dreams could have the opposite meaning. Could it be that being an artist in your dream is actually expressing what you want to do in real life, but are not doing it? Maybe you are afraid that your own ideas are not good enough? Or maybe you are too shy to put your own opinion out there? If this is the case, reaming you are an artist could be releasing those tensions. 

Dreaming of a Famous Artist

Did your dream involve a famous artist? What happened in the dream?Did you meet the artist? If you did, what did you two talk about? What kind of situation was it? Was there some specific piece of art involved? Was it a real piece of art you know of, or was it imaginary?

In any case, when you dream such dreams, you’ll need to think about what this specific artist represents to you. Do you like his or her art? Do you feel you understand it? Do you aspire to be like this person? Or maybe you don’t like them very much? In any case, think about what exactly it is about the artist or the art involved that makes it interesting to you, personally. 

When we dream of other people, no matter if they are famous or our friends, it is often the case that they actually represent some part of ourselves. Think about what characteristics do you ascribe to this person, and how does that reflect on you? 

Dreaming of An Unknown Artist

If you are dreaming about an artist that is unknown – to you or the public, this artist probably represents the generalized other that we all embody in ourselves. The way the world sees us always plays a role in how we see ourselves, and this world could be represented by an unknown artist in a dream. If there is something that you are working on, this unknown artist might be there to show you the way or the potential of what you could do. 

When it comes to such dreams, there is a good chance that actually the art, and what’s depicted, will have more meaning than the person who is the artist. 

A Starving Artist Dream Interpretation

If you are dreaming of an artist who is starving, unable to make enough money from artwork, or maybe not appreciated, this cut symbolizes a creative impulse that has been suffocated before it could blossom. Do you feel like there is something blocking you from expressing your creativity? Think about this, and dig deep, cause we can often be unaware of limitations we are putting on our own creativity. 

Understanding Types of Art in Our Dreams

Dreams about artists can sometimes tell us a lot about ourselves, our creative side, or different aspects of our personality. However, art itself can also tell rich stories when we dream about it. When we dream about art, more often than not, this art is a product of our imagination. The next section should help you better understand the meaning of art in your dreams 

Paint and Painting

Did you dream about the act of painting a picture, or any form of visual art? This usually means one of two things. On one hand, it can mean you are looking for the means to express your inner feelings. On the other hand, painting can also be associated with painting over something. Is there something you are trying to conceal? Have you been painting a facade? 

The technique you (or someone else) are using to paint in the dream could also be significant. For example, if it’s watercolor, this means that the dream is definitely telling you something connected to emotions. Water in dreams always points to our emotional side. 

Additionally, you should always try to remember in as much detail as possible what was in the actual painting. If some prominent symbols appear in the picture, this could tell you a lot about the meaning of your dream. Also pay attention to the colors, as each color has its own meaning.  

Sculpture, Ceramics, and Pottery

Sculpture and pottery are always about giving shape to things. Making a sculpture, or a piece of pottery is also a very physical act. When we dream about sculpting something, it could represent connecting with our bodily energies and really feeling the connection to the universe. Making sculptures or pottery in dreams could also mean you are trying to create things you are missing in life by yourself. 

Just like with paintings, it might also be useful to consider what it is that you are sculpting. Is it a sculpture that is only meant to look beautiful, or are you making something practical, like a piece of pottery? 

A Museum or Gallery of Art

Dreams that involve galleries, museums, or collections of art in general can be very interesting to interpret. At the same time, the interpretation will depend a lot on the overall context of the dream and the emotions you were feeling. A collection of a great number of paintings, for example, might mean your brain is overflowing with ideas. Sometimes, it can be hard to handle them all. However, if you are dreaming that you are setting up a display at a gallery, it could mean you are ready to take stock and create order in your own mind.

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