Eyes Dream Meaning

“Eyes are the windows to the soul” – we all heard this saying, but what does that actually mean? Well, in dreams, eyes can appear as the windows to our souls, quite literally. They are what connects us to deep and hidden aspects of our mind and our spirit. Still that doesn’t answer the question of how to interpret a dream eye, but hopefully the rest of this guide will. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About Eyes?

Dreaming about eyes usually means a connection in some way, to our subconscious and our spirit. Maybe you need to look within to find the answers you are looking for. Maybe you are trusting others more than yourself, but the dream eye is telling you the truth is within you. 

Below you’ll find some ways to interpret common situations in which eyes appear in dreams. 

Here are a few examples of what eye dreams may mean:

Seeing Your Own Eyes

Did you see your own eyes in your dream? This could happen when you dream of seeing yourself in a mirror, or maybe you have dreamt about yourself in third person. In any case, this signifies, in a sense, that you are becoming more aware of your own soul and spirituality. 

Seeing Someone Else’s Eyes

When you see someone else’s eyes in a dream, this can signify that you two have a deep spiritual connection. It might not be obvious on the surface level, but your souls are intertwined.  

Dreaming of Just One Eye

Eyes usually come in pairs, right? When you dream of just one eye, it often means you are not seeing the whole picture about something. There might be an important situation in your life where you are failing to see important aspects of the story. Your worldview could be narrow and this could be harming you. Alternatively, one eye could be the all-seeing, divine eye. 

Dreaming of Many Eyes

When you dream of many eyes, this is usually not about the connection to the soul. Dreaming of many eyes often gives us the feeling of being watched – and that is the right way to interpret this kind of dream. Think about your life, is there something you are afraid of sharing with the public? Are you afraid of being judged about something? 

Eyes in The Back of Your Head

“She has eyes in the back of her head” – you’ve probably heard this saying. It indicates that someone is aware of things that are going on behind their back. Are you? Additionally, dreaming of eyes in the back of your head might signify that you are undergoing changes, and coming to a new understanding of the world around you. 

Black Eye

Dreaming of a black eye could signify conflict with yourself. These are the kind of things we often tend to ignore, but think about it – is there something in your life you have been conflicted about? 

Dreaming that you have a 3rd eye

The 3rd eye signifies your own spirit and your intuition. Are you listening to yourself? Dreaming of the 3rd eye might be a warning that you are giving too much power away under the influence of others. You, and only you know what is right for you. Trust your intuition. 

Closed Eyes

Dreaming of closed eyes usually signifies avoidance. It means there is something in your life you have been doing your best to ignore – as if closing your eyes in order to not see. This could manifest in feelings of anxiety and restlessness. 

Eye Color

The color of the eyes you see in your dream could also be of important significance. Check the meaning of various colors in dreams to understand this better. 

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