Eyes Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreaming of eyes, or your dream focusing heavily on someone’s eyes, can be a very vivid dream, but it’s not always clear what this dream is trying to tell you. 

Take eye color, for example. The color of the eyes appearing in your dream dictates the meaning. Brown eyes represent a need to be more grounded, or being deceived. 

Yellow eyes can suggest impending problems or danger, or listening to your intuition. 

Blue eyes point to achievement in your professional life, and green eyes can point to prosperity, jealousy, or healing.

What Dreams of Eyes Mean

Usually, when we think about eyes, we think about them reflecting a person’s soul, or what sets them apart from everyone else. Maybe you need to look at someone’s motives or actions closer than you have, or you need to do some self-reflection.

It could be that you’re missing the point of something, or you’re unable to find the truth in a situation.

What Eyes in Your Dream Represent

Dreaming of a Third Eye

Dreaming of having a third eye suggests that you have been ignoring your innermost gut instinct. Maybe you want things to turn out differently from how you suspect they might, and you’re ignoring your better judgment.

This dream can also be a warning. You may need to attend to your spiritual needs, as a lack of fulfillment may lead to some mistakes.

If you dream of someone else having a third eye, this person represents wisdom which you are either not consciously aware of, or you have dismissed it as being wrong. 

This person in your dream can also represent a desire for a new purpose or sense of direction in life.

Holding Eye Contact in a Dream

Dreaming of holding eye contact with someone suggests you long for an understanding between you and someone else. 

Maybe you feel misunderstood in waking life, or you want someone to explain something to you, as you’re too close to the situation to be able to see things clearly.

Dreaming of eye contact can imply that you need to actively get to know yourself better. You may have a latent talent or truth which is going to waste. 

Or, you’re thinking of abandoning a hobby, ideal, or truth which is vital to you. It may not seem important right now, but you may regret it later.

Bleeding Eyes in Your Dream

Dreaming of your eyes bleeding suggests that something is clouding your judgment, or part of your soul feels challenged to the core by a troubling and emotional situation in waking life.

You are not thinking clearly, or you’re unable to see something or someone for what they really are. Hope, bias, or distrust is coloring your vision and your assumptions.

If you dream of someone else bleeding from the eyes, this suggests that nothing will be fixed until you stop ignoring a problem which has been bothering you for a while. 

Going Blind in a Dream

Dreaming of going blind may reflect a fear of losing your eyesight. Or, a dream where you go blind suggests that all your hard work will come to nothing in a particular situation. 

You need to work on where you direct your energy, how much attention and energy you give to others, and how much you divide up for yourself. 

There is an imbalance somewhere, or you’re not listening to your instincts, which are telling you that a situation won’t  turn out for the better.

Animal Eyes

Dreaming of animal eyes points to a need to listen to your instincts. If you let them, they will help guide the path ahead.


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