Dreams About Eyes

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “eyes are the windows to the soul”, and this phrase has been well-known since the mid-1500s, if not before then. What seems to be the most likely source of this phrase came from Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, a French poet, who said eyes are “these lovely lamps, these windows of the soul.” In dreams, eyes represent your soul, and your subconscious is calling on you to truly understand something which you may have missed in waking life. 

In life, we rely heavily on our eyes to interpret, but we really lean the most on our outlook, and our assumptions. If you dream of having problems with your eyes or someone else suffers with theirs, this indicates that your outlook is wrong in some way, and it will make you stray from the path you need to be on. If you dream of your own eyes, this suggests you appreciate what you have, and your life is full of love and people you care for. If you dream of eyes which belong to a stranger, this can suggest that you need to look for your purpose in life, and find meaning beyond the everyday. Spiritually speaking, eyes in dreams represent nature, power, and a journey of self-discovery. The third eye in dreams has a strong tie to spirituality and knowledge, and what we know to be truth. In older dream interpretation, eyes symbolize awareness, observation, and judgment. 

There are many ways eyes (see also Eyes Dream Symbolism) in dreams can manifest. You may dream of your eyes, unknown eyes, or eyes that are injured or something is unsettling about them, like an unusual color or a strong emotion in them. Keep reading to find the meaning of your dream.

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What does a Dream About Eyes Signify?

Eyes in dreams are an interesting image, one which can leave an impression on the rest of your day. This dream broadly calls you to view current situations you or someone else is in, without judging them. You need to be objective about something. Dreaming of eyes suggests you need to listen to the whole truth of something, not just the parts you want to hear. 

Eyes in dreams signify a time in your life where you’ve realized something, and this is a turning point for your present and your future. This dream can occur when you’ve been putting something off for so long, but you’re in a place now where you feel you can conquer it. Or, you haven’t come to that conclusion yet, but you’re in the best position to sort out any long-standing issues, or situations with loved ones that you haven’t otherwise been able to fix. You’ve not yet realized something in waking life which will allow you to move forward and embrace what the future might hold, but your subconscious is trying to “fast-track” that realization, where you’ll “open your eyes”. 

Dreams about eyes being damaged in some way can suggest you’ve lost perspective. You may have been misinterpreting people’s actions or intentions, and this has resulted in conflict. You might have lost your sense of purpose, or outgrown the person who you thought you were. Having a vivid dream about a pair of eyes points to needing a new outlook, from a different perspective. If you dream of a beautiful person staring at you, you’ll benefit from other people’s advice soon, and something you’ve invested time and energy into will flourish.

What does it Mean to Dream of Bleeding Eyes?

While interesting symbolically, this dream can be distressing. Bleeding eyes in dreams reflects inner pain that you’re suffering from. This is probably emotional turmoil from a troubling situation that has no answer, or a dilemma that’s pulling you in different directions. You don’t have the answers people are looking for. Eyes in dreams also embody wisdom, knowledge, and protection, and bleeding eyes suggests you need to work on grounding yourself into the present moment. 

Older dream interpretation indicates that bleeding eyes in a dream suggests you’re not living your life with love, faith, or a purpose in mind. You feel as though you’re just going through the motions instead of “really living”, whatever that means to you.  Blood in dreams suggest something in your spirit is feeling “wrong”, you’re suffering from a long-standing issue from your past, or you hold onto every negative thing that comes into your life, or you simply don’t recognize the positivity in your life. You need to work on your outlook, as your perspective is small, one-sided, or otherwise flawed. 

If you believe in a higher power, bleeding eyes can embody a divine presence in dreams. There are claims that religious statues have wept for humanity throughout history, such as Our Lady of Akita in Yuzawadai, Japan, in 1973. Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa’s hearing improved after an apparition of the Virgin Mary, and footage of the statue weeping was broadcasted on the national news. There are records of apparitions of the Virgin Mary and other religious figures as far back as 40 AD. This first recorded appearance was at Our Lady of the Pillar, in a church in Zaragoza, Spain. While the original basilica burned in 1434, people started to build the present church on the site in 1681, completing it in 1711. Virgin Mary appeared to Apostle James the Great while he was praying, and she commanded him to build a small chapel, and multiple famous artworks of this apparition have appeared throughout the centuries. Regardless of whether you believe, eyes as a dream symbol embody spirituality and a journey of self-discovery, and bleeding eyes indicate inner pain, and struggle.

What does a Dream of Losing an Eye Mean?

What a horrible dream! While eyes in dreams resemble perspective and wisdom, losing an eye indicates a refusal of a fresh perspective, or “losing sight” of something. You’re refusing to see things a certain way, or you’re blind to your own emotional state or that of others. You feel lost, without purpose, and you need to look at what you really want or need out of life in order to continue. Present problems or conflicts has meant that you’ve lost your sense of self, your positivity, or your faith in other people, and can demonstrate a loss of control or power. Your subconscious is calling you to remember your own power in every situation you go through. You can change things. 

What does a Dream of an Eye Injury Signify?

Dreaming of your eye or someone else’s being injured signifies your expectations are too rigid, or they’re impossibly high for the present moment. If you dream of something poking your eye, you’ve lost balance somewhere, or you’re about to go through a period of transformation spiritually. You have forgotten that you can change things, and you can start to change them any time you want to. If someone else caused your eye injury, this can indicate you’ll adapt to change quickly in the future. 

Eyes are delicate and very sophisticated organs, and how they were damaged in your dream informs the meaning. If they were bloodshot rather than injured more severely, this suggests you make your decisions with your heart, and in times ahead, you’ll need to decide with your head instead, a small adjustment which will make a huge difference. If you dream of being blinded, this reflects how you’ve “lost sight” of things in your waking life. You’ve lost something that you thought defined you, you’re no longer sure what makes anything worth it, and you feel empty. You’ll need to find something else to fill that void with meaning, and it may take a long time, but it will be worth it.

What does Eye Contact Signify in a Dream?

Eye contact is interesting both in dreams and waking life. Dreaming of making eye contact indicates that your wisdom will help guide you in the future, and that someone in waking life is watching out for you. They have your back, no matter what comes. If you dream of making eye contact with someone of a different gender, this suggests you enjoy a wealth of love in your life, and you’re happy with where things are. If eye contact feels dangerous in this dream, this indicates that you’ll be swept up in the middle of a tough situation. 

What does it Mean to Dream of White Light?

While not a very common dream, blinding white light is interesting. Dreaming of a blinding white light suggests that you’re a very spiritual person, and you feel protected from great misfortune and trouble by a higher power. You feel things could always be worse, but the worse things never seem to enter your life. What a reassuring dream to have!

What does it Mean to Have One Eye in a Dream?

Dreaming of only having one eye but not how you lost one indicates your perspective is extremely limited. You’re only seeing things from your point of view, and negatively at that. However, this dream also suggests that you’ll enjoy a period of love and contentment, but you may not be able to fully appreciate it without changing your perspective. Your appreciation may only come with hindsight. 

What does Dreaming about Your Eyes Signify?

A dream involving your own eyes suggests that you need to realize something vital. Waking life has a lesson for you, and if you recognize it, this will help you in the future. Refusing to realize it may hinder your future progress. This dream can also signify that your perspective is changing for the better. You need to be open to letting go of other people’s mistakes in the future, to prevent any negativity from clouding your judgment. Yes, they were wrong, they may have hurt you, themselves, or someone else, but letting go will cost you less energy in the long run.

What does Dreaming of Other People’s Eyes Signify?

Dreaming of other people’s eyes indicate you feel judged, watched, or your nerves are getting the better of you. This may just be a manifestation of overthinking, or straying from your goals when you know you should keep reaching for them. Try not to pay attention to other people’s words right now, as you need to focus on yourself. If you dream of many eyes watching you, you’ve been living your life under a false impression or an outlook which won’t see you through the future. It can indicate that you need to keep sight of the love in your life, and use it to propel you forward in the future. Alternatively, people will look to you for advice soon. 

If you dream of someone’s eyes and feel only positive emotion, it suggests you’re becoming deeply connected with someone in waking life, and this is a reflection of the effect they have on you. It also symbolizes how you’ve become more empathetic towards others after they’ve helped you through a tough time, and you’re ready to help them at a moment’s notice. 

What do Brown Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Remembering the color of the eyes in your dream can further develop the meaning. Brown eyes can suggest you feel grounded and in touch with your instincts, but they also indicate someone will deceive you. This will most likely be a stranger rather than someone close betraying you, but be careful what you share with others. Being too open in this instance can risk missing out on an opportunity that could have easily been yours. The same goes for sharing your ideas right now – that’s what they are: ideas. Wait until you’ve realized them.

What do Gray Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Gray eyes in a dream are also a sign to be wary of others. Be mindful of what words you use and how your tone may be misinterpreted in the near future. If you can, avoid saying anything around someone you don’t fully trust, to prevent them using your own words or ideas against you. This dream points to being more wary in a workplace. Make sure that you’re not doing too much more of your fair share of the work, that someone isn’t getting you to do theirs for them without good reason. If you feel spiritually drained by an avoidable situation or by someone, take some time out. Your instincts are telling you to avoid them.

What do Blue Eyes Signify in a Dream?

Blue eyes in your dream indicate future success in your professional life. Spiritually speaking, blue represents a sense of calm, and it’s a sign of good luck in the near future. If you’re in the middle of a tough project or someone at work is causing you trouble, you’ll soon find a solution to your problems, once you’ve got enough information to inform your decision.

What do Green Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Depending on the shade of green you dreamed about, green eyes have several interpretations. Dark green eyes in a dream indicates you’re about to be too judgmental or selfish, and this will cause problems later. Light green eyes suggests you need to actively try to heal part of your life – perhaps you’ve been neglecting it, or you’ve been wondering how to improve your life, and this is a reflection of your waking feelings. Light green eyes also embody greed, jealousy, or being in tune with your instincts.

What do Red Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Red incites anger, aggression, and is typically a color used to warn. If you dream of an animal with red eyes, you’ll encounter a cluster of minor problems in the near future. Dreaming of someone with red eyes points to someone who has bad intentions, and in this case it’s usually work-related – a colleague may try to pass off your hard work as theirs, or they’ll give you the difficult tasks, and save the easy parts for themselves. Someone close to you may act strangely out of jealousy. Red is also the color of intense emotions, such as passion, worry, and fury, and you may be experiencing these currently in waking life. Dreaming of red eyes also indicates that you’re approaching things wrong. Your intentions won’t lead you along the right path, or you’ll struggle to see something through until the end. 

What do Black Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of someone with black eyes indicates problems in love in the near future. Things have been feeling off for a while, and you’ll experience an argument or an ongoing conflict with someone you love. Things will be either much better or much worse after this, so be careful of how you act after this dream, as you may be able to minimize the damage. Dreaming of black eyes, which belong to an animal or even an alien, suggests that your unconscious thoughts and feelings are coming to the surface in this dream. They could provide some much-needed insight into your waking life.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Woman or a Man with One Eye?

Dreaming of a man with an eyepatch or only one eye indicates future disappointment. Something you’ve been working hard for won’t come to pass, or, someone you trusted will let you down. If you witness someone having an eye operation, you’ll learn from a tough situation in the near future. Try to keep your gaze on what will serve you, and don’t fall into the trap of seeing everything as a negative. A woman with one eye appearing in your dream is symbolic of the nurturing side of your own personality, as well as neglected family life or relatives you should be paying more attention to. She indicates that there’s an imbalance between your work life and your family ties, and the sooner you sort it, the better you will feel. 

What does a Dream about Beautiful Eyes Mean?

While it can be a pleasant experience, dreaming about beautiful eyes, this dream is suggesting an underlying issue. Someone very close to you is going through a rough time, and you’ll need to help them through it. This dream stresses the importance of being there for them, in whatever way they need you. If you felt these eyes belonged to someone who was an enemy, this dream indicates you’ll need to find a common ground with them. Avoid acting on your negative feelings, or lashing out because they’ve hurt you in the past.

What does a Dreaming of Hurting Your Eye Mean?

Dreaming of hurting your eyes points to refocusing on your goals instead of your responsibilities which have been getting in the way. Hurting your own eyes suggests problems will occur as a result of overlooking a situation, or misreading people’s intentions. Be cautious around people in the near future. Alternatively, a dream where you hurt your eyes suggests you’ve been too free with money lately, and if you don’t curb it, you’ll end up in some financial trouble. 

What does it Mean to Dream about Animal Eyes?

Dreaming of seeing animal eyes, the eyes of a predator, such as a wolf (see also: What Does A Wolf Mean In Your Dreams?), a snake, a lion, or a big cat, suggests a transformation is inevitable. In this dream, you may feel these eyes are awe-inspiring, or you may feel afraid. If you saw the rest of the animal and its whole body was pointed toward you, you need to work on replenishing your energy, or you need to improve on your resilience, or reconnect with your instincts. If you felt afraid, you need to look again at a problematic situation. Maybe you can solve more than you think. Animals in your dream can embody your own instincts and a grounded nature, as well as unconscious thoughts or truth making its way to the surface. Alternatively, a repressed part of you is resurfacing, and you’ll have to confront it.

What does it Mean to Dream of Losing Your Eyesight?

A frightening thought. Dreaming of losing your eyesight reflects how you’ll “lose sight” of something, your instincts will be wrong, or your logic will be flawed, and you’ll make a decision that will make things much more difficult than they needed to be. You may rely too much on your fears to in order to protect yourself, and you’ll start to stagnate in a routine that feels safe. This dream also reflects waking confusion, and a directionless attitude. You don’t know what you want, or something you want and don’t know how to get has left you going in circles.

What does a Dream of an Eye in the Sky Signify?

If you dream of an eye in the sky, this is a very spiritual dream which indicates the future will be full of problems, but you are protected from the worst of it, so you shouldn’t stress too much. Eventually, you’ll get through the other side of any issue you’ll face. You always have before.

What does a Dream of Many Eyes Looking at You Mean?

The feeling of someone staring at you in waking life is unsettling. The hairs on the back of your neck and your arms stand up, and you instinctively turn toward the person who is so interested in you. The stare itself makes you feel uncomfortable, and the feeling can last long after they’ve looked away. Similarly, dreaming of many eyes staring at you reflects how you feel vulnerable, or exposed. You may be going through a lot of judgment in waking life, perhaps work has given you a project and the results will be visible to everyone, or your professional life hinges on it going well. You feel as though there’s a proverbial spotlight overhead, pointing down at you, and this can suggest that you’re spending too much time on what you think other people’s opinions of you are, or you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Daydreaming or Keeping Your Eyes Open?

Dreaming of seeing yourself daydreaming is an interesting one. Seeing yourself stare off into space, or dreaming with your eyes open, indicates you’ve lost touch with your inner self. You need to spend some time reconnecting with your desires, your dreams, and how you feel in this very moment. 

What does it Mean to Roll Your Eyes in a Dream?

Rolling your eyes in a dream reflects the feeling behind the action in waking life – you’re irritated. Something has annoyed you, and you feel worse because you thought it only happened to other people, or you just weren’t expecting it. Alternatively, this dream reflects how you agree with people to keep the peace, but you keep your real opinions to yourself to have a quieter life.

What does it Mean to Dream of Closed Eyes?

If you dream of disembodied closed eyes, or someone else sleeping, you’re unsure of the decisions you’ll make in the future. You’ve been wrong presently, and it is costing you, and you’re reluctant to make the wrong decision again. It has knocked your sense of confidence and the security of being right, and now you’re in danger of leaning too much the other way, and making no decision at all to compensate. Dreaming of closed eyes can also indicate you need to do some introspection and keep your attention on bettering yourself right now. 

What does it Signify to Dream of Blurry Vision?

Dreaming of having blurry vision or discharge from your eyes indicates a situation is so emotionally charged or personal, you are incapable of being objective. Your emotions are clouding your judgment, and while someone has tried to reason with you, you feel you need to stick to your guns, and time will prove them right. Whatever the circumstances, you will not change your mind, and this clouded perception will lead to trouble. The person trying to guide you may even refrain from doing so again in the future. 

What does it Suggest to Dream about Being Unable to Open Your Eyes?

A dream of being unable to open your eyes indicates that you are limiting yourself to one point of view. A certain way of thinking has become a habit, and you won’t be able to recognize good chances to better yourself when they come along, because of your limited way of thinking. You refuse to see something in waking life – maybe you don’t want to commit to something, but time is running out to decide.

What does a Dream about Fish Eyes Mean?

Fish eyes in your dream – either attached to fish or disembodied – suggests that you’re not looking far enough ahead. Keep your gaze to the horizon and the future, as if you were driving. Don’t get caught up in the small problems now, as you could be working toward something fantastic, if you devoted your time to it. 

What does it Mean to Dream about Cat Eyes?

Dreaming of cat eyes suggests you’re in a rare place where you can use both your wisdom and your instincts to solve problems, and neither will lead you astray. Any problems you have right now will soon fade, and your positive attitude means that the negative parts of life sting less – you can change anything into a positive if you look hard enough. This is a perspective which will serve you well throughout your path.

What does a Dream involving Eyebrows Mean?

Eyebrows can reveal your expression just as much as your eyes can. Dreaming of eyebrows can suggest your inner emotions, where you feel surprised, doubtful, or amazed about something or someone in waking life. Or, you haven’t voiced your concerns or your doubts about someone’s situation and those feelings are surfacing in your dreams. If you dream of having no eyebrows, this suggests you’ll suffer a disconnection between you and your emotions. Everything will feel far away, and problems will seem harder. Take time out for yourself to reconnect. 

What does it Mean to Dream about a Third Eye?

A third eye appearing in your dream indicates you don’t listen to your instincts nearly as enough as you should. Perhaps they’ve led you wrong in the past, or you’ve confused your instincts with your suspicions. After this dream, try listening to your intuition. You may be surprised at how much easier some things seem, and how transparent some people become.

What does it Mean to Dream of Eyes Falling Out?

What a disturbing image! Dreaming of someone’s eyes falling out indicates you’ve lost your perception of reality – and this is your own doing. You’ve given your power away to someone else, maybe without realizing it, or because you didn’t know what else to do. Someone has a big influence over your life, and you need to regain your own voice and independence in order to feel free again, and to feel that your life is still your own.

What does a Dream of Bloodshot Eyes Mean?

Bloodshot eyes in dreams symbolize bad luck, or the need to maintain what balance you can during a crisis. You feel overwhelmed, but you still need to take care of yourself to prevent further harm and issues in the future. Worry will threaten to consume you, but try to remember that you have the power to make the decisions, and more often than not, things will work out okay.

What does a Dream about Someone With Crossed Eyes Mean?

Dreaming of someone with crossed eyes is a lucky dream, although you might have felt uncomfortable within the dream. Finish anything you’re in the middle of, and start something new, something you’ve always wanted to do, but you never got the chance in the past, or you didn’t feel lucky enough to try. If you’ve been unsuccessful in relationships, this dream can also be a sign that you’ll meet someone soon who will change your life for the better, and all the hardship up to now will be worth it in the end. 

What does a Dream about Big Eyes Mean?

Dreaming of large eyes is another good dream. It indicates that you’ve got the best perspective possible at the moment, and you’ll be able to solve minor problems before they turn into big ones, and you’ll spot opportunities for wealth a long while away. You’re able to see the positive in everything right now, and that will help you keep the energy you need in order to move forward.

What do Bright Eyes Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of bright eyes indicates that you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life who is always ready to give you wise advice, and this mentor adds a wealth of wisdom to your life. Alternatively, you feel protected by something you cannot explain, and you feel you’re shielded from the worst life has to offer.

What does it Signify to Dream about Your Eyes Being Turned Inside Your Head?

I’m sorry you had such a graphic dream. A dream of your eyes being turned to the inside of your head indicates that you need to look inside yourself for an answer. Trust your instincts, and devote some time for introspection. What do you really want? What do you really need? Do those things overlap, and can you achieve both?

What does it Mean to Dream that You Have Something in Your Eye?

Dreaming of having something in your eye suggests that you’re too critical of other people. Something is skewing your perception, and you’re focusing on the negatives because you recognize them in yourself. You may also be experiencing some unexpected problems in life which are getting in the way of achieving your goals, and the frustration is blinding you to good opportunities. If you dream of an eyelash being in your eye, this indicates how inaction frustrates you. You can’t just watch things happen, you need to be there in the middle of it. 

What does a Dream of Washing Your Eyes Mean?

Dreaming of washing your eyes indicates that you need guidance right now. You feel you cannot see every aspect of a situation, and you need another pair of eyes to do so. After a dream like this, it may be worth seeking advice from someone you trust, as they may be able to provide the perspective you’re searching for. Washing your eyes with eyewash in a dream indicates that in spiritual terms, you’re shedding your worries, and the negativity they’ve caused you. 

What does it Suggest to Dream of Gouging Someone’s Eyes Out?

You’re overcome with frustration or anger. These emotions have been building up for a while now, but they’re only now finding an outlet within your dream, and your subconscious chose the most graphic thing it could to relieve some pressure. Alternatively, you fear someone’s opinion of you will completely change once they find out about your past, or the truth about you – whatever that might be. 

Dreaming of gouging someone’s eyes out can also point to frustration caused by an outside perspective – the answer to a problem a loved one is going through is obvious to you, because you’re not in the situation. They refuse to acknowledge your advice, and this is your way of letting go of the frustration you feel. This dream can also suggest that you are afraid of judging something wrong, or something clouding your judgment. You want to be right.

What does a Dream of Wearing Glasses Mean?

If you wear glasses in life, this is mainly symbolic of your waking life and probably doesn’t have a specific meaning. Sunglasses in your dream indicate a need to keep up appearances, or you’re shielding yourself from other people’s opinions. If you don’t wear glasses in waking life, this dream is drawing your attention to your somewhat limited perspective in the present. You’re viewing something wrong, and it will influence you to make the wrong decision, and this will lead to a string of problems that could have been avoided. 

Dreaming of broken glasses (see also Broken Glass Dream Symbolism) suggests that despite your best efforts, you won’t be able to judge a situation objectively.  

What does it Suggest to See Sad Eyes in Your Dream?

Dreaming of eyes which are full of tears indicates that you’re suffering in waking life. You’ve lost what you feel was your purpose, and you don’t know what drives you now. You’ve lost something that defined you, like an important relationship, a job, or a goal has become impossible to fulfill. You are disappointed about how something’s turned out, or someone else’s behavior. This is a common dream when you’ve encountered a run of bad luck, and everything seems to be against you. Your subconscious is telling you to carry on. Pick up the pieces, and try something else. 

What does Dreaming about Cruel and Angry Eyes Mean?

Dreaming about eyes which are angry or which have a cruel light indicates there is too much negative energy in your life. Before you look at other people, make sure you’re not the cause of your own negativity. You may have a terrible outlook, or you’ve been nasty to those around you without a real cause. Alternatively, you’ve been hurt by people in the past, and you struggle to look past your own experiences, though deep down, you know people aren’t always cruel.

What does it Mean to See Empty Eye Sockets in a Dream?

Dreaming of empty eye sockets suggests that while you’ve reached a goal, the reality of achieving it isn’t how you imagined, and the journey was more fulfilling than the end result. If this is the case, you should pick something new to pursue, and the drive of achievement will help. A dream of empty eye sockets can suggest you don’t trust someone, but your suspicions are holding you back. Forming a connection with that person will help you in the future, or will add a wealth to your life that you’ve overlooked. If you dream of a skeleton and its empty sockets, this indicates that you need to focus on yourself, and work toward making yourself into your “best self” that you can possibly be. If you dream of a living person having empty eye sockets (that’s unsettling), this suggests that you have trouble relating to others, or you’ll start a new chapter in your life.


Eyes in dreams are usually indicative of how you view yourself and waking life in the present. You are ignoring a truth, and this will hold you back from being the best person you could be. You may be going through a period of uncertainty, where you need to find a new purpose or something that will drive you onward. Eyes can also embody repressed issues, or signal an imminent period of self-discovery. Animal eyes appearing in your dream suggests an underlying issue will soon come to the forefront of your life. Dreaming of eyes can largely be a call to reconnect to your instincts and your inner wisdom, which will help guide your outlook and sharpen your decision-making skills for the future.


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