Dreams About Broken Glass

As you might imagine, a dream of broken glass isn’t usually interpreted as a good sign. Just take the age-old cautionary tale about breaking a mirror, for example. We all want to avoid seven years of bad luck!

But that doesn’t mean that a dream of broken glass is a guarantee of misfortune. Far from it. As dream symbols go, broken glass has quite a nuanced meaning.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Glass?

Before we look at the meanings behind dreaming of broken glass, it makes sense to look at why glass might appear in your dream.

Your subconscious might choose glass as a large detail in your dream to represent your kind nature or a vulnerable aspect of your personality (see also What Does Eating Glass In A Dream Mean?). 

A dream of glass also implies that you are protected or guarded in ways you don’t know. The worst of life won’t come to you. Just as in some lights, glass is invisible, and so are these forces.

When you dream of peering through glass, this denotes how you see past what people want you to see, all the way to the truth, and any concealed motivations they might have. People find it difficult to manipulate you or to change your mind once you’ve made a decision.

If you look at the properties of glass in the physical world, this can add some insight into your dream. For instance, glass is one material that is easily recycled, which relates to renewal, rebirth, and change when you see it in your dream. 

Dirty or scratched glass can imply that you’re looking through a ‘lens’ of past trauma, so you are mistakenly assuming that everything is a threat, or people are out to harm you. 

The Dream Symbol Of Broken Glass

In dreams, broken glass has a lot to tell you. Depending on the context, it may be interpreted as a positive or negative omen. The most common interpretations usually lean towards the latter. It’s worth looking at a few others, as no dream is one-size-fits-all.

For some people, dreaming of broken glass represents positive change and a period of personal or spiritual growth.

Broken glass dreams can also signify how you will break the ‘barriers’ of your perspective. 

This includes problems that are stopping you from seeing things objectively. You’ll gain a better insight into the way you should move forward.

On a more spiritual level, broken glass in a dream signals how you will remove negative forces from your life. There’s also an element of being protected by forces you cannot sense, too.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Broken Glass?

Broken glass in your dreams may refer to things you’ve taken as a constant falling apart, as well as limitations or expectations being broken, much like the glass in your dream.

This might not be as bad as it first sounds. For example, if you’ve been feeling trapped in part of waking life, where your responsibilities are getting too much, or you don’t see a way out of a bad situation, the way will soon clear. 

A dream of broken glass can be a signal that you’re letting your emotions control you. Your objectivity is ‘shattered’ as a result, and you cannot see through the ‘glass’ clearly for all the cracks. Is it time to unpack what you’ve been carrying?

However, if you dream of breaking glass that is already damaged in order to clear your way, this denotes that you will push past any difficult emotions and any problems to see things from a better perspective. 

Consider What You Were Doing With The Broken Glass In Your Dream

This is one of the most important elements in trying to interpret a dream of broken glass. 

If you only discover the broken glass when it injures you, this represents how difficult circumstances will uncover where you are the most vulnerable, or how these events will instill a great fear of them repeating in the future. 

Smashing glass in your dream can refer to bad habits, relationships, or hopes that will let you down. 

However, it can also point to how you will transcend barriers you thought you’d never overcome, and this will widen your perception of everything you know. This is especially true if you feel relieved once the glass breaks.

If you smash the glass out of anger, the dream mirrors your feelings in waking life. Nothing seems to be going your way, and you don’t feel there is anything you can do about it. 

However, if you clean up the broken glass in your dream, and you don’t get injured during the process, this is a very good sign. It suggests that life will have a lot to teach you, but it won’t damage you in the process. 

Dreaming Of Finding Broken Glass In Your Skin

This is probably the most likely dream scenario when it comes to broken glass. 

The good news is that a dream like this is associated with driving out negativity or evil forces from your life, even if it seemed like a bad dream at first.

If you dream of glass slicing your skin and there are still some shards in there, you feel somewhat exposed or vulnerable in waking life, or that you should cultivate more manageable expectations when it comes to your own standards and in your relationships.

Dreaming of picking out broken glass from your skin suggests that you have enough experience so that many problems hardly faze you now. 

You know what you’re capable of, and how to push past your limits to something better. 

A Dream Where There’s Broken Glass In Your Hand

Ouch! Such an uncomfortable dream has something to tell you. Finding broken glass in your hand can have several meanings.

If you look at the general meaning of dreaming of your own hands, they refer to your focus on your dreams, your productivity, and how the two can come together.

So a dream of finding broken glass in your hands usually refers to how you fear you don’t have what it takes to achieve a certain goal or dream, but you’re going to try anyway. 

The injury in your dream suggests that you will let this doubt take over for a while, and it will halt your progress. 

Finding broken glass in your hand in a dream can also imply that you will discover a new vulnerability in yourself when you go after a certain dream. You’ll be confronted with a fear you haven’t planned for, and it will take some time for you to find a way around it. 

Eating Broken Glass In A Dream Meaning

You might question your sanity a little after a dream like this. After all, you wouldn’t choose to eat broken glass willingly. 

As the dream focuses on your mouth, and possibly injury, you feel there is something you should say, but you don’t have the right words.

The inability to be honest here is hurting you, just as the broken glass would. You want things to be easy, the right words to flow freely and the best outcome possible. Fear, understandably, is holding you back, but you can’t let it do so forever.

If you dream of someone else eating glass, this means that someone you are close to is struggling with being honest, or can’t find the words they need. 

You might be afraid they’ll admit to a worst-case scenario you’ve thought about, but don’t want to entertain too deeply.

Alternatively, a dream of eating glass mirrors how you regret something you said. You may not be able to apologize in waking life, but you do wish you hadn’t said anything. After a dream like this, it’s worth looking at how you might reconcile.

Breaking Glass In Your Dream

The act of breaking glass in a dream can refer to how you’re not following your dreams, or letting go enough to express how you feel. 

You may be suppressing your thoughts or feelings in order to deal with them later, and burying your innermost dreams so that you don’t have to consider how you haven’t made it any further with them.

Your dream suggests that it’s time you found a different way. 

Walking On Broken Glass In A Dream

This is an interesting image to take forward with you, if nothing else. Dreaming of walking on broken glass implies that you’re now ready to take a different path in life. 

You’ve tried other people’s ways of doing things, and now you want to set off on a different route, one that’s a little more uncharted.

Alternatively, a dream where you walk on broken glass reflects waking life, where things are more than a little unsteady right now. 

You’re going through a difficult period in your life, but there’s no way to stop, as you know. You just have to push through to get to the better times.

Seeing A Shattered Mirror In Your Dream

No prizes for this one. A shattered mirror appearing in your dream is a signpost to bad luck in your future. The good news is that it’s not seven years worth, but it has the potential to be pretty painful nevertheless. 

A broken mirror in your dream refers to a damaged self-image, or how you’ve created the wrong impression to someone. Pay attention to how people act around you, and make sure you’re listening to what they say.

Dreaming of a broken mirror can also imply that you’ve outgrown an aspect of your life, whether that is a hobby, a relationship, or a way of life. 

A mirror that breaks by accident in your dream means that you’ve been doing some introspection, and you realize you’re not happy with the way you are. Unfortunately, it also denotes that you don’t know where to start, or that you don’t want to change at all.

If you’re surrounded by broken mirrors in your dream, this is a mixed sign. While you will stumble into a tricky issue, you will make your way through it without too much trouble.

Dreaming Of Broken Glasses

Broken glasses which correct eyesight imply that you aren’t seeing things clearly, funnily enough. It’s also a negative sign for the future, where a relationship is headed for a complete breakdown.

This shift in your connection with someone will be no one’s fault, but it will come to a natural conclusion, if the glasses are already broken when you find them in your dream.

However, if you break the glasses, this implies that you have a chance to strengthen any relationships that might be suffering, and repair any damage before it has a chance to be permanent.

While broken glasses in a dream can be a bad sign, they denote that any misfortune coming your way will also provide you with a greater insight into your innermost self.

Seeing A Shattered Drinking Glass In Your Dream

If you dream of a damaged drinking glass that is somehow still full of water, this is a warning. You should watch where your money is going, and make sure you set some aside.

A broken glass which is also empty reflects money worries in your waking hours.

Dreaming of people shattering glasses is a good sign, denoting an uptick in your wealth or a stronger social circle.  

If you drink out of a glass, only to split your lip because it is broken, an assumption you’ve made will be proven wrong, or something you’ve taken for granted will fall apart.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind A Dream Of Broken Glass

Broken glass in dreams refers to how you are freeing yourself from negative energy, influences, and bad habits that have been harming you or holding you back.

Some believe that glass breaking in a dream represents how you are tearing yourself away from evil spirits. 

Others suggest that glass is an important material because it’s created using all four elements, and has the properties of being very tough, as well as how it’s possible to remold it into something new. 

This means that the broken glass – while it may represent misfortune in some cases – it also means that you have the potential to remake yourself into a better version than you ever thought possible.

Final Thoughts

A dream of broken glass can mean many things, so it is worth looking at every detail of your dream in order to find the meaning. 

For additional insight into your dream, consider the color of the glass, and whether you could see clearly through it or not, which will give you some more ideas to explore.


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