Axe Or Hatchet Dream Meaning

Axe and hatchet dreams can be stressful, terrifying, or bewildering. But what exactly does it mean to see one or both of these tools in your dream?

Axe Dream Symbolism

How an axe appears in your dreams depends on your own associations with the image of an axe, whether that involves memories of chopping wood, horror flicks of axes being used to cause terror, or freeing someone who is trapped. 

Strong Emotions

Your first thought of an axe might be a nervous one, if you don’t have any personal associations with using an axe. Dreaming of an axe relates to strong emotions which are influencing the choices you make, and how you view the actions of other people. 

Axes in dreams can be a warning that you’re not looking past your emotions enough to see things clearly. There is something important which you are in danger of overlooking. 

Maybe someone is manipulating you, or you’re not seeing the truth behind an emotionally-charged situation.

Dreaming of using an axe violently, or seeing one used to hurt someone, this implies that you’re holding onto a lot of anger, frustration, or jealousy. 

Whatever the source of the negativity, you need to learn to let it go. You’ll feel freer without it.

Reward and Abundance

Dreaming of an axe reflects the effort you put into your work and goals, directly relating to how much you get out of life itself. Exactly how much you achieve, is linked to how much you try.

If you dream of a large woodpile and an axe leaning against it, this points to your hard work paying off, and a period of time when you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Dreaming of an axe lying against a fallen tree (see also Tree Dream Interpretation) implies that you need to apply yourself more, or to have a clearer plan when it comes to trying to achieve your goals.

Common Axe or Hatchet Dreams, and What They Mean

Finding an Axe in Your Dream

If you find an axe in your dream, and it doesn’t seem to fit in with the surroundings, this can be your subconscious warning you. You may have subliminally picked up on warning signs that something in waking life isn’t quite right.

Suddenly coming across an axe in your dream refers to a situation which isn’t what it seems, or someone who cannot be trusted. You will need to take a second look at your assumptions, and adjust your choices accordingly.

Losing an axe in your dream implies there is a chance you may be too careless or arrogant in the future. You may need to tread carefully.

Throwing an Axe at Someone in Your Dream

If you dream of throwing an axe at someone, this mirrors built up aggression, frustration, or anger lying in your subconscious which you need to process.

Think about the unfortunate target in your dream. If it was a stranger, this anger is directed at yourself, and you need to learn to be less hard on yourself.

If you dream of throwing an axe at someone you know, try to think of why you are angry at them, and if you still need to expend so much energy on what should be in the past.

Being Attacked by an Axe Murderer in Your Dream

If you dream of being attacked by an axe murderer, this can simply be a manifestation of anxiety.

However, if you haven’t felt angry or worried lately, and you dream of an axe murderer, this dream can be a warning. You may need to take care of yourself better, as this dream can be a sign of potential illness heading your way.

Stealing an Axe in Your Dream

A dream of stealing an axe signifies future embarrassment or chagrin, despite your best efforts. We all blunder from time to time, and the only important thing here is how you recover from it.

Watching Someone Sharpen a Hatchet in Your Dream

Dreaming of someone sharpening a hatchet or an axe points to a good measure of self-confidence. You feel ready to deal with any obstacles that may come your way.

If you don’t know the person sharpening the axe, this implies that you are much more capable than you think you are, and you should set your sights a little higher than you normally would.

Dreaming of an Axe Covered in Blood 

If you dream of an axe covered in blood, but you don’t dream of anything else violent, this suggests you will argue with someone close to you. How you react to this axe within your dream represents how you will handle this conflict.

Seeing an Axe Leaning Against a Tree

An axe leaning against a healthy tree in your dream is a reminder not to forget how you started, or where you’ve come from. It stresses the importance of keeping grounded in order to move ahead with sure footing.


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