Tree Dream Meaning And Interpretation

One dream symbol that is universally interpreted as a good sign in nearly all dream scenarios is the tree. 

Even when they appear as negative signs, which is not very often, they manifest as a helpful sign warning of danger to come or things that you need to adjust now to swerve any potential disasters. 

Trees in dreams refer to personal growth, spirituality, grounding, wisdom, and hopes for the future. But there are many ways a tree may appear in your dreams, and the details affect the interpretation more than you might think.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Trees?

Trees may appear in your dreams as a sign of good luck, wisdom, instinct, prosperity, emotional well being, intelligence, and empathy. 

Trees also appear as a reminder that everything is connected, from events that don’t seem to mean anything to emotions you feel but can’t explain, as trees are habitats for many creatures. 

In some cultures, they connect the earth and the sky and can be a call to reconnect to reality, nature, or your spiritual path in life. 

It may also be urging you to think about the ties you have with others, where you might be drifting apart from those you love, or a relationship is deteriorating suddenly.

Trees in dreams also appear as a protective element, as well as signifying resilience, stability, and a firm foundation that resides in the deepest part of your mind, and you’re able to call upon this when times get very difficult.

They also represent different cycles of life. To see a sparse amount of trees may suggest something is coming to a close, and to see many can suggest that you’re willing to open yourself up to new possibilities. 

You may see a whole forest of trees when you’re making a lot of progress in life, and gaining a lot of knowledge and experience that will help you in the future. 

It may also be a call to rely on your support system when things get tough. There’s no need to try to do everything alone.

However, to dream of a falling tree reflects how waking life is causing you some uncertainty right now. You’re doubting that things will turn out the way you hope, and this is affecting your judgment. 

A tree may also represent the past, present, and future. The roots in your dream refer to the past and your upbringing, the trunk your present, and the branches reaching towards the sky represent your hopes for the future. 

Consider The Type Of Tree In Your Dream

One thing to consider when you dream of a tree is the species you’re dreaming of. If your dream goes into this much detail, then it’s something you should pay attention to, as each species can mean entirely different things, and change the interpretation behind your dream.

Oak Tree Dream Meaning

Oak trees are emblems of long life, wisdom, courage, and strength. To see a healthy oak tree is a very positive omen, and implies that you should try to help others where you can, and this will come back to you.

To see more than one oak tree in your dream refers to how you’re about to enjoy an extended run of good luck. If you’ve been thinking about putting a plan into action, now is the time to do it.

Elm Tree Dream Meaning

In Celtic myth, elm trees are associated with the underworld, the dead, and spirits. An elm tree appearing in your dreams suggests that both love and pain will feature in your life soon, as an equal balance.

Maybe you’ll meet someone that will bring a lot of meaning into your life, but they will also cause you some problems, too. 

It may mean that you’re currently going through a rough patch in life, but it is also a sign that you’ll soon bring things back to an equilibrium. 

But this might not be about you, either. Maybe someone in your family is about to find love.

Chestnut Tree Dream Meaning

Seeing a chestnut tree in your dream is a representation of something familiar and comforting. It also represents resilience and prosperity, so after a dream like this it’s worth going after what you want with everything you have.

Hawthorn Tree Dream Meaning

To see a hawthorn tree implies that an element of magic or mystery is about to come into your life. It also represents love, security, and renewal.

Sequoia Tree Dream Meaning

A sequoia tree in your dream is a very good sign, as it represents longevity, wisdom, and safety with its long life and giant form.

Pine Tree Dream Meaning

A dream where you see a pine tree represents resilience, immortality, and your ability to adapt to difficult situations. 

It’s a reassuring sign, as it means that things will soon improve for you, especially if you’ve been trying to deal with a lot of problems lately.

Willow Tree Meaning

A willow tree appearing in your dream reveals progress in one or more of your goals, and prosperity will soon be on your side.

If you see a willow tree near water in your dream, this is a call to stay connected to your emotions, as they may guide you through a situation where your instincts will fail you.

Dreaming Of A Tree In A Building

This is an interesting one. If you dream of a tree inside a building it wasn’t built for, though the tree looks perfectly healthy, this represents how something unexpected will give your life a lot of joy and meaning.

If you dream that a tree struggles to grow inside a building, this can mean that you are struggling to find a sense of belonging in waking life, or you feel you’re not in the right place. Is it possible that you’re trying to be something you’re not?

Seeing Tree Roots In Your Dream

A dream that focuses on the roots of a tree can imply that you’re well grounded in life, and you trust your intuition to lead the way. 

Gnarled and old but healthy roots are a good sign, suggesting that you’re in a great place and short of a disaster, nothing is going to make you doubt your abilities or your place in life.

Or, if you see tree roots that have been uprooted, this may be a call to change something in your waking hours. Maybe you’ve always done things one way, but this method no longer serves you, or you need to adjust your course to get where you want to be.

If you see a whole network of roots where a tree has fallen over, this suggests that you need to start over in a project or aspect of life. 

Dreaming Of A Huge Tree With Very Wide Branches

A dream where you see or stand beneath a huge tree with very wide branches refers to your kindness and generosity when it comes to others. 

You give freely, and more often than not, this comes back to you in ways you wouldn’t expect. People always remember how you make them feel over anything else. 

If you dream that this tree is leaning to one side, or it is unhealthy in some way, this can imply that you’re giving too much to others, and creating an imbalance in your life that will cause you a lot of problems later.

A Tree With Lots Of Dead Branches In Your Dream

A dream where you see a tree with lots of dead branches suggests that something you value is drawing to a close. This could be anything, from a relationship that has run its course, a job that is no longer viable, or a chapter in your life.

The Meaning Of Climbing A Tree In A Dream

Climbing a tree in your dream can refer to your efforts of moving past obstacles and further toward your goals. 

It may also urge you to step back and look at things from a different angle. Maybe you’re not distancing yourself enough from a situation to see what’s going on, and you need to look at the bigger picture. 

Consider how fast or slow you climb the tree in this dream. Taking your time while climbing a tree refers to your slow and considered method in moving towards your dreams and goals in waking life.

Scaling a tree very quickly refers to how close you are to achieving what you want, safe in the knowledge that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Falling From A Tree In Your Dream

If you dream of falling out of a tree, this suggests that part of your life is spinning out of control, or it’s off-kilter in some way. 

Your subconscious urges you to find a new equilibrium or even a new focus in life to move forward. Exactly how you choose to move forward will dictate the opportunities that lay ahead of you, so choose carefully.

Dreaming Of Cutting Tree Branches

A dream where you cut tree branches implies that you’re cutting ties with someone or something in waking life. This may be good or bad, intentional or even by accident.

Cutting Down A Tree In Your Dream Meaning

If you dream of cutting down a whole tree, this is not a good sign I’m afraid. It suggests that you’re pouring all of your energy and time into something that isn’t worth it and carrying on would be a mistake.

Consider what would add value to your life in the long run if you started now. 

Or, a dream of cutting down a tree suggests that you’re getting in your way in life. Fear, doubt, or regret is holding you back. Maybe you’re afraid of making the same mistakes, or you don’t want to move on from something. 

Seeing A Tree Falling In Your Dream

A tree falling over in your dream reflects waking life, where the universe has torn up your plans, and you have no idea what to do next. 

You feel very uncomfortable, and you’re not exactly sure what might happen next, and if this change will be a good thing in the long term.

Planting A Tree In Your Dream

A dream where you plant a tree suggests that all the hard work you’re putting in now is setting you up for the future, and laying the path ahead of you. 

Keep your focus on your current efforts – not how far you’ve come or the distance you’ve still got to go, and you’ll find that you will make better progress that way. 

A Young Tree In Your Dream

A dream where you see a sapling or a young tree suggests that you’re at the beginning of a long but fulfilling path or spiritual journey in your life. 

It may also suggest that an opportunity you’ve recently gone for will teach you a lot about yourself and the wisdom you’ll gain will be incredibly helpful for the times ahead of you.

Seeing A Dead Tree In Your Dream

A tree that is completely dead in your dream denotes despair, confusion, and sadness. It may be a call to reassess your priorities, and put aside any worries that are unlikely to come true but are adding to your stress levels.

A dream of a dead tree or a forest of dead trees implies that you are under a lot of stress to the point where you feel overwhelmed, and unable to deal with the pressure.

The Significance Of A Burning Tree In Your Dream

A tree that’s on fire in your dream is an interesting image, and it can stay with you long after the dream has finished.

If you are watching the tree burn and there is no one else in your dream, this is your subconscious telling you that you should consider what you want out of life. It costs you nothing to ask something of the universe, except a little courage.

It may be that you’re about to come to a spiritual crossroads in life, where a decision will affect the next phase of your life.

If you dream of watching a tree burn and there is someone beside you, this can imply that you need to take another look at your relationship, as it isn’t what it seems.

If you dream of a whole forest burning, this reveals that you long for great change in your life. You’re sick of the way things are.

Seeing A Tree Burned By Lightning

A dream where you see a tree that’s been blackened or scarred by lightning signifies that you’re carrying around past stress, negativity or trauma with you no matter where you go. 

You’re so focused on what has been that you can’t see what is in front of you, and this dream encourages you to find a healthy way to let the past stay in the past.

The Meaning Of A Talking Tree In Your Dream

A dream where a tree talks to you can mean several things. 

The first possibility is that the universe is trying to tell you something through your dream. This could be something that you already know but refuse to acknowledge, or something that hasn’t reached your conscious mind just yet.

Or, a tree talking to you in a dream can be a call to ground yourself, and remember your original reasons for setting your sights on a particular goal or dream. It may be time to return to them.

Another interpretation of a dream like this is that you need to spend more time in the natural world. You feel cut off from everything, and you long to feel less detached, or less stressed.

Consider what the tree is saying to you in your dream. If it offers you advice, it’s worth considering. If it argues with you or scolds you, this reflects an internal conflict that you need to resolve in order to move on.

Seeing The Same Tree In Different Seasons In Your Dream

A dream where you see the same tree in different seasons can be your subconscious reminding you of your resilience. No matter what you’re going through, you will always get through to the other side.

Or, it might imply that you need to find a way to feel more grounded and present in your life. Maybe you feel detached from current circumstances or people, and it’s time to find your way back.

Dreaming Of A Tree With Lots Of Green Leaves

Seeing a tree with plenty of healthy green foliage implies that you have a lot going for you right now. Things are going great, and luck is on your side. You feel you’re making progress in nearly everything you work towards.

If, in the dream, you notice buds or new growth on the tree, this can denote how you will soon find your family is about to get bigger.

A Tree Filled With Blossoms In Your Dream

A tree covered in blossoms refers to joy, optimism, and productivity. It’s a very positive omen for the future, and also denotes how you will enjoy some time with the people you love the most.

If you are single, and you’ve been hoping to meet someone new, take this dream as encouragement to get out there. Luck is on your side.

Dreaming Of Eating Fruit From A Tree

Dreaming of eating fruit from a tree is a very positive sign, revealing that you’re about to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your hard work. All your effort is about to pay off, and you’ll be recognized for your hard work and determination.

Usually, a dream like this denotes success in your professional life, but it may also be that someone will recognize what you’re doing for others, too.

Dreaming Of Tree Leaves In Fall

If you dream of the beautiful colors of fall, this can suggest something in your life is coming to a close, or that you’re about to uncover an issue that will bring you a lot of emotional turmoil. 

Dreaming Of Dead Leaves Clinging To A Tree

A tree that’s covered in dead leaves implies that you are struggling with your spiritual, emotional, or physical energies. You feel drained, and mustering up the energy for anything feels like the biggest task in the world.

Maybe you’ve been ill lately, you haven’t been taking care of yourself, or things have been quite tough, and you haven’t recovered yet. It may be worth taking some time out now while you can.

Seeing A Single Leaf In A Tree In Your Dream

A tree that only has one leaf in your dream implies that whatever has motivated you up until this point won’t serve you in the future. Maybe you’ve achieved a goal, or something doesn’t quite drive you in the way it once did.

This dream suggests that it’s time to look for a new reason or something else to drive you forward. 

If you dream of picking the leaf from the tree, this denotes your desire to be done with the way things are. You long for change.

If you dream of picking the leaf and eating it, this is a warning not to work yourself into a downward spiral. You need rest, too.

Watching Leaves Fall From A Tree In Your Dream

A dream where you watch the leaves fall from a tree implies that you may need to stop and take a minute to notice what’s going on around you, in the natural world if you feel stressed, or in your life itself if there’s something you might be missing.

Sometimes, a dream where leaves fall from a tree can suggest that now is the wrong time to start anything long term, as you will find it difficult to keep going with them.

A Tree With No Leaves In Your Dream

A tree that has no leaves at all implies that you’re pouring all of your energy into something that won’t serve you. 

Or, it can suggest that life’s little problems have wiped out all of your energy and motivation. You may have just finished a difficult task or long-term project and find that you have no energy left for the things you dreamed you would do once you had finished.

A dream like this calls on you to be careful how you spend what energy you have in the next few days, and try to find some time to recharge instead. 

Dreaming of a tree with no leaves can reflect how worry is eating away at you, causing doubt to take ‘root’ within, and this will not help. Don’t allow worry to back you into a corner, and make sure you get enough rest.

Final Thoughts

Trees in dreams have many interpretations, depending on the context of the dream. 

Most dreams of trees are a good sign, and even those that aren’t are useful, as they can draw your attention to problems you’re otherwise unaware of, or help to avoid them entirely. 

They may even provide you with the solution you’ve been searching for, or act as reassurance that you’re on the right track in life.


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