What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Stolen Car?

Cars can be very important to us. I bet you remember the first set of keys in your hand and the freedom that came with that weight in your palm. You can go anywhere and do anything, so long as you’ve got some gas in the tank. 

If you’ve never had a car, I guarantee you’ve imagined human expressions in the shape of car headlights, or associated a certain car with a feeling or someone you know. It may even be a smell, that coveted new-shiny-car-smell, or your Gran’s favorite perfume when she came to pick you up, or the rumble of a vintage engine. 

Some people decorate their body with tattoos and piercings, change their hair (see also cutting hair dream meaning) for a new start, or work out to make their appearance match their personalities and we treat our cars in the same way. Maybe we don’t have the body vinyl wrapped in a new color or swap out tires, grills, or engines, but we give them personalities. We give them names and custom number-plates to tell other drivers who we are or how we want to be seen, influencing their first impressions of us. 

A stolen car in a dream is nearly as horrible as the real thing. As cars are part of your identity, they represent your personality, how you see yourself, how you want to be seen. A stolen car is a disruption in identity, in any or all of these things. Something has shaken your confidence or forced you to re-evaluate how you see yourself. 

Something will affect the trust others have placed in you, a relationship dynamic, fiscal concerns, employment worries, or failed negotiations. All the heavy stuff. But we are talking about a disrupted identity here, so the problem needs to be a big one to shake you to the core. 

In Your Dream

  • Someone stole your car (see also car dream symbols)
  • Someone else was driving it
  • You handed over your keys under threat
  • You returned to where you parked your car and it was missing
  • In your dream, someone sold your car on
  • A thief (See also See also dream of stealing of someone being a thief) gave your car away

The Deeper Meaning Behind a Stolen Car Dream

A car in your dream (see also Car Dream Interpretation) can be a representation of who you want to be, not who you are. A stolen car in this context is a lack of motivation or confidence, maybe the gap between who you are and who you want to be is too big right now. You fail to see how you can bridge it. That will come in time. Your subconscious can also be taking your car away from you to force you into action, to make you react, to get your ‘drive’ back.

If dream-you witnesses the car theft, this is a link to someone attacking you in real life. This doesn’t necessarily mean violence is in your future, it could be a heated row, some malicious gossip, or a lie told straight to your face.

If you had to hand over your keys (see also Key Dream Meaning) to this dream-villain, someone will take something away from you, like your job or your significant other. In less severe terms, it means you’ve lent something to someone and now it’s time to ask them to return it.

A smashed-up, stolen car in a dream warns you not to regress back to old habits that are detrimental to your wellbeing. You’ve grown more than past you, and it doesn’t pay to try and go back. It can also be a sign that something soon will knock your pride. It may be that something won’t turn out the way you hoped, despite your best efforts. It can also be that someone doesn’t value you in the way that you thought, in which case you need to re-think that relationship. 

If you interrupted a dream-car-thief in the act, this means you will recognize a problem and stop it in its tracks before it can get any worse. Take a big breath!

Dreaming of having your car stolen can be a sign of a conflict of interest. Your lifestyle doesn’t mesh with your professional life, or your beliefs clash wildly with someone you know and trust.

If you didn’t see the car at all and know it was stolen, this suggests any goals you’re currently striving towards won’t work out in the way you expect. 

If someone else was driving your car, this is a feeling of powerlessness. Maybe someone’s taken over a decision that should be yours, or they’re interfering with your business.

Why Dreaming of a Stolen Car isn’t All Bad News

While it can make you feel awful, a dream of a stolen car may not as bad as you think. It can indicate a shift in your priorities which will come to shape who you are. Maybe you’ve realized you can do without something in your life, perhaps it no longer gives you the satisfaction it once did. You’ll adjust to a new normal without it. 

It can also symbolize life changes, something as good as a new hobby you enjoy the hell out of, which you might turn into a career. This hobby might also really help someone else. You may also meet someone who will have a big impact on your life, drawing a line between the past you that didn’t know them, and the person who does.

Result of Seeing Your Car Stolen in a Dream

  • Job worries – it’s time to take a close look at what you spend a big chunk of your life doing. Are you happy with your job? Are you watching the clock until home time? Is there something you could be doing better, or something that would streamline your work performance? It may be time to look for something else.
  • Upcoming arguments – you’re about to have a problem with someone you know and love. Or maybe they’ve got one with you. Examine your latest choices to see what you might be able to do differently and stop a fissure forming between you. It may not be your fault at all.
  • Shaken identity – perhaps your identity is too tied to one thing or another, and what you base this identity on is about to be shaken up or let go. 
  • Losing something you care about – this directly links to the car imagery. We rely heavily on cars and hope to hell they won’t break down, leaving us waiting for a tow truck. Take time to think about what you value here, and how you might lose it. 
  • Beware! – A run of bad luck is in the cards for you. There’s nothing you can do about this, except carry on.
  • Big bills – is there a problem you’ve been ignoring? That tiny leak in your roof is about to be a waterfall (see also waterfall dream meaning). That odd squeak your car’s been making? Time to get it looked at, quick.

While dreaming of a stolen car is pretty horrible and can point to bad things in the future, it’s also a chance to edit your life and let go of anything that may not be serving you anymore. In any case, double-check you’ve locked the car. A steering lock wouldn’t hurt, either.


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