Dreaming About Cutting Hair

If you have a dream about cutting hair it is usually connected to change and power. If you remember that Samson lost all of his strength when Delilah cut off his hair. To dream about having your haircut is a message that you need to be stronger. 

Hair is featured heavily in our waking life. Think of the term’bad hair day’. Some days our hair just won’t go the way we want it to. Having it cut is a ritual we go through every six to eight weeks. Sometimes we are happy with the style we have, at others we want a completely new look.

Sometimes, if we are facing problems, we will have a dream about cutting hair. If you have a dream where you have lackluster hair, it can mean that you have some sort of a hormonal imbalance. If you see yourself using products on your hair like shampoo and conditioner, this can mean that you are in good health. Seeing a stylist is also a positive omen. Going to a hair salon in a dream indicates positive spiritual changes.

Dreaming of long hair (see also Hair Dream Symbolism) is connected to loss. Have you lost something or somebody close to you recently?  To see your long hair being cut in a dream can mean that you are trying to discover your own identity. Cutting hair, in general, can suggest a change, but you can be frightened of this.  

In this article, we will be looking at different dreams about cutting hair and their meanings.

Dreaming of Hair Scissors or Clippers

Scissors and clippers are ambiguous symbols and in some dreams, they indicate profit in life. This could be monetary or spiritual.

If you dream that you are cutting someone’s hair, it can be that there is going to be a union soon. Perhaps you or someone else is getting married. Cutting hair can also mean that we need to cut away any negative elements we have in our waking life.  If you dream about a hairstylist cutting someone’s hair, it can mean that your communication skills could be better. 

If you dream of using electric clippers to cut someone’s hair, perhaps you need to communicate better. Maybe people don’t quite get what you’re saying some of the time. 

If you see yourself clipping the hair of an animal, like a dog, means that you are going to have a problem with a friend. It could be a good idea to try to stop this before it happens. 

Ancient dream books indicate that if you dream that you are watching someone have their hair cut with scissors, it is unlucky.  

Dreaming of Different Hairstyles

You could dream of all sorts of hairstyles. It could be long or short, straight or curly, blonde or black, the list is endless. You might dream of a hairstyle you previously had which can mean that you are living in the past. 

In some cultures, hair is a sign of political or social standing. Some hairstyles signify events, for example, cutting hair as a sign of mourning. If you dream about this, it is likely that you are mourning the loss of something in your life. It could be your job or even a person. The person need not be dead. He or she could have cut ties with you. 

Dreaming About Drastic Hair Changes

If you dream that you are drastically changing your hairstyle, it can mean that you are changing your mind about certain important issues in your waking life. Perhaps you have decided to follow a different course at college. Maybe you want to end a relationship you are in. 

To dream that you yourself are shaving or cutting your hair suggests that you are losing strength. This could be physically or mentally. Alternatively, it could mean that somebody is putting you down and stopping you from speaking your mind. You need to try to be a stronger person and stand up for yourself.

Dreaming about hairstyles from different times can have their eanings. For example, an 80’s perm can indicate that you are going to celebrate something soon. Perhaps it is a promotion. A 90’s bob suggests that movement is predicted. Perhaps you are going to move house or maybe you are going on a long-distance vacation. The shorter the haircut, the more changes there are going to be in your waking life. 

Hair Symbolism

The main symbol of hair is strength and power, as well as a symbol of beauty. A good hairstyle can make or break your appearance. 

Over the years, there have been many figures who are reputed to hold their strength in their hair. We have already mentioned Samson, but there is also the Greek goddess, Medusa. Her hair was made up of snakes. If you have a dream in which you have snakes in your hair, you are going to experience problems in your waking life. The more snakes there are, the more problems you will have. 

Dreaming About Cutting Someone Else’s Hair

If it is you cutting someone else’s hair, it means that you like to control a person in your waking life. However, if you know the person in the dream, then you are having trouble controlling him or her. If you dream about cutting the hair of a member of your family, it can mean that you want them to change. This could be their opinion on something or it could be a trait of their personality. If you cut the hair of your romantic partner, it can mean that you are feeling frustrated. Maybe they’re not moving at the pace you want in the relationship. 

It is a very personal thing to cut hair. The person cutting the hair needs to be fully aware of what the person wants. If in the dream, you cut someone’s hair in the wrong style, it can mean that you want to get even with this person. They have wronged you and you want them to suffer. Perhaps you should think more of talking things through rather than getting even.  

You could have this dream when you are unhappy and want things to change. It is up to you to make the changes. You can’t rely on other people all the time.

Alternatively, dreaming about cutting someone’s hair could mean that you want control over your life. You feel that some people are holding you back in your ambitions. 

If you dream that you cut and shave off all the hair of someone, it can indicate that you are interfering too much in their life. Your intentions may be kind, but this person needs to make his or her own decisions. A discussion is alright, but don’t try totake control.

The Religious Symbol of Hair

Hair is a symbol of attraction, sensuality, and sexuality. In some cultures, a man who has thick hair is considered to be highly sexual and potent. 

In some religious groups, like the Catholic church, women are advised to wear a hat (see also hat dream symbol and meaning) to cover their hair. This is because the Bible says that angels are attracted to beautiful feminine hair. This made them experience lust and of course, angels (see angel dream symbols) are supposed to be holy. 

Hair is also a symbol of the human soul. It represents wisdom and liberty.  Many cultures and religions have their own specific hairstyles which many people follow.  Think of braids in the Caribbean and the bald heads of Buddhist monks. The less hair you have, like the monks, the more devout you are. Wise men and wizards (see also witches dream meaning), however, are often depicted with long hair which shows that they are powerful. Long hair which is grown freely, can be associated with an unwillingness to conform to rules and regulations. 

Some people believe that a woman with short hair is a symbol of power. If you think about it, many women who have joined a feminist movement have short hair. It is a sign of liberation. 

Dreaming About Cutting Your Own Hair

If you dream about cutting your hair, which is not an easy task, the dream could have several interpretations. It could denote a loss of strength. This could be physical strength as you get older. It could also be mental health. Perhaps you have started forgetting things recently. Maybe you don’t feel able to stand up to your boss anymore when he or she tries to put you down. 

Cutting your hair could also mean that something new has happened in your life. You are not sure that you want this, but the dream is giving you a chance to review your life. Perhaps this will change you and you aren’t sure if you want to be changed. Perhaps you are going to become the boss, but you don’t know if you want to lose the camaraderie you have with your co-workers. They are going to look at you differently if you are in charge. 

The dream could also mean that you have changed the way in which you view the world. Perhaps you have experienced a death in the family which has made you realize how short life is. Now you are going to enjoy every moment and not get bogged down by the little problems. Maybe you are going to experience something deeper and more meaningful. Whatever happens, you are going to be a new person. Anything could have triggered this dream; the ending of a long-term relationship, leaving your job or moving house.

Dreaming About Losing Your Hair

To have a dream about losing your hair, especially if you’re a woman, can almost be classed as a nightmare. The dream can mean that you are concerned about how you look. If you have lackluster hair in the dream, it can mean that you feel inferior to other people. Perhaps you are afraid of growing old when your hair may fall out. The dream is a sign that you don’t want to lose your youth. 

Alternatively, this dream can mean that you are feeling powerless and weak. Perhaps nobody at work is listening to your suggestions. Maybe you are feeling under the weather.

You could dream that someone is shaving your hair which can mean that you feel powerless. If your hair falls out without anyone cutting it, it can mean that there is a big change coming up which will affect your whole life. It could be from a personal point of view or it could be about your career.

Dreaming That You Are Cutting Long Hair

If you see yourself cutting someone else’s long hair, it can mean that you have a few different options in your waking life, and now is the time to decide which direction to take. You need to take time to make the decision as it will affect your future.

Dreaming About Cutting Short Hair

If you dream that you are cutting short hair, it can mean that you are thinking of how to spend your time better. Perhaps you are sitting in front of the TV too much and not doing anything productive. Maybe you should do something that matters, like charity work. Maybe you have been accused of being too lavish. Perhaps you should tone it down a bit. Don’t keep throwing your wealth in other peoples’ faces. 

If a man dreams that he is going to the barber’s to have his hair cut very short, it indicates a fresh start. Maybe now is the time to change jobs or move to a new house.

Dreaming About Cutting Hair

Cutting hair requires talent and training. If you dream that you are cutting your own hair and you are doing it well, it means that you have hidden artistic talents. Perhaps you can act or paint? Maybe you would be able to shine as a musician.

If, however, you dream of cutting your long hair when in reality it is short, you are going to feel pressured into making a decision. If your real-life hair is too short, the decision is connected to other people. Perhaps you want to move house, but others in the family aren’t sure. Maybe you are thinking about proposing, but you aren’t sure that the time is right. 

If you see yourself cutting your hair in front of a mirror, it means that you need to look at the creative side of your life.

Dreaming of Having Long Hair When You Have Short

This dream simply states that you need to raise the quality of your work. Perhaps you have been slacking at work.

Dreaming About Cutting Gray Hair

To dream that you are cutting gray hair is a positive omen. You are going to have a good time in the near future. Perhaps you will be able to go on a nice vacation. Alternatively, it means that someone older will take the reins and you will have to listen to what this person advises.

To conclude, hair is a symbol of power and strength. To dream that your hair is being cut can mean that you are losing power. However, if you cut the hair of a close friend or family member, it is a positive sign. You have the power. If you dream of cutting the hair of your child, it means that your inner child needs nurturing.


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