Car Dream Symbols

The car in your dream mirrors what “drives” you through the course of your life, and the condition of the car in your dream and what happens to it reflects how well you are moving forward, or how much you’re looking back. It can also suggest you’re focusing too much on where other people are in their lives, and not devoting enough attention to yourself and your own path. Where your dream car takes you can symbolize your ambitions, and dreaming about a specific part of the car can change the whole dream’s meaning. Essentially, car dreams (see also Motorcycle Dream Interpretation) are your subconscious’s way of reviewing where you are and how you are doing. For your peace of mind, it may help to check your car after a dream like this. It can’t hurt, right?


Dreaming of the accelerator indicates that any goals you achieve will be by your efforts alone. This may also be a warning dream, where your subconscious is warning you to take it easy. You may like depending on yourself, but be careful you don’t needlessly push others away. You may act too stubborn, and it could cost you one of the relationships in your life as a result. 

Dreaming of the accelerator being broken reflects a similar ‘jam’ in your waking life. This dream is indicating an imbalance in your life. Something is preventing you from moving forward, or you may be trying to do things too fast.


No one wants to be in an accident, in a dream or in waking life. Just the same as no one wants to punish themselves for something, but they do so anyway, and that’s what this dream represents. The good news is that the guilt is a sign you’ve grown since then, and you’re a better person than you were. Dreams involving accidents can also replay a physical accident that you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been in, or your fears of getting into one. This may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you’re more nervous about driving because of this dream, and your nerves lead to making unwise decisions when you’re behind the wheel. Relax. Trust yourself (and no one else). 

Dreaming about car accidents (see also Dreaming Of A Car Accident Meaning) can also reflect your emotions, where you may be pushing yourself too hard, or you feel like something’s broken. 

Dreaming of someone you love being in an accident is a testament to how much you care about them, and you want them to remain happy and whole. Perhaps they’ve been there for you when you were most in need, and while you hope the situation won’t arise, because you don’t want them to suffer, you’ll do the same for them.

If you dream of dying in a car accident, your subconscious is letting you know that you’ve been too reckless lately. In particular, if you see the reactions of those you hold dear, this indicates that your questionable decisions will also affect them. Take a good look at the thoughts you’ve been listening to, and the choices you’ve made. Are they reflections of who you are, or reflections of you under stress?

Air Conditioner 

Dreaming of the air conditioning being broken in your car suggests that in some way, you’re holding your breath. You’re anxious, and can’t enjoy the moment right now. This isn’t a nice place to be in – obviously – but if there’s no clear reason for your anxiety, try to focus on something else. Lift some of that weight, you’re carrying double what you should.

Seeing or feeling the air conditioning working in your dream is a signal of relief. Your dream is giving you a respite from waking problems. This dream also suggests you’re past the hard part of your journey, and you can breathe freely again.


Dreaming of the airbag being activated in a car is a warning dream. If you carry on the same as you have done, you’ll encounter a major problem. The only way to figure out what this is, is to slow down. Take your time, and things will be clearer. Maybe you’ve been ignoring a relationship to the point where it will be hard to repair soon. Have you been ignoring your body lately? Hassles at work? Take time to see to it now. Airbags can also symbolize the people in your life who support you through tough times, and the wealth of support they bring you.


Dreaming of antifreeze suggests you’ve cut yourself off from your own emotions, and this will only alienate you from yourself and other people. It may also stop new connections from forming, and you might not be able to relate to other people, or you’ll brush their problems off. Alternatively, this dream can indicate a form of social isolation, you might feel you have no time or patience for other people, but this will change eventually.


Dreaming of an axle suggests that you need to keep your focus, your drive. Don’t stop now or lose sight of the goal. You’re at the part where the journey is about to become the most difficult, and stopping now will only mean you’ll have to start again.

Dreaming of a broken axle indicates there’s something stopping you from living your best life. Take some time to reflect. Only you can know what that is. 


Dreaming of sitting in the backseat indicates that you’ve lost control of your life in some aspect. Is someone else making your decisions for you? Did you let them do it once, and they’ve assumed they need to do it again? You might have to have a conversation with this person. Maybe it’s a one-time decision that someone else needed to make, and your subconscious is letting you know you’re uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Dreaming of someone else sitting in your backseat draws your attention to your own power. For better or worse, you’re responsible for this person. You’re helping them through a tough time, or you have before, and they’ve come to see you as someone they can turn to in need. Take care of yourself in order to keep your perception clear, and you’ll be ready and able to help them when they most need it. 


Dreaming of using the car blinkers or indicators suggests you want someone’s approval or some reassurance right now. Seeking positive reinforcement can come about as a result of being lonely. If the blinkers are faulty, you’re hesitant of the direction you’re headed in, or you aren’t sure the choice you made was the right one. Sometimes your perception of a situation gets skewed, and you need a second pair of eyes to help you out.

* See Also Turn Signal Light

Booster Cables

Dreaming of using booster cables is your subconscious telling you to stop stagnating. You need to do something different. You’ve become too rigid in your ways, in your routine, or your ideas. When change comes, you’ll try to fight it to keep the familiar, but this will also prevent you from seizing new opportunities that would be perfect for you. 


Dreaming of using the brakes can indicate you need to take things in your personal life slower. You may have been acting too rash, or reacting to things the instant they happen before you’ve had a chance to think and process. It can also indicate you need a rest from something. Something’s weighing on your mind, or someone is stressing you out. If you feel yourself protesting about the idea of a break, you need it more than you think.

Dreaming of brakes that don’t work is a warning dream. A part of your life is spinning out beyond your control, and you need to adjust things accordingly. It wouldn’t hurt to check your actual car brakes, while you’re at it. 


Dreaming of looking at a damaged bumper is reflective of life’s problems. Things rarely turn out the way you expect them to, and there’s usually more bumps in the road than you see when you start. It can also suggest the destructive power people possess, or you’re worried about affecting other people’s lives negatively.

Bumper Sticker

Dreaming of a bumper sticker suggests you have something that needs to be said. Do you remember what it was, or the feeling behind it? Have you held back on telling someone your opinion, or some advice you think may be taken negatively? This dream suggests you need to say it anyway.


Dreaming of a Cadillac suggests your ambition will lead you to success, and further than you thought. You’ve pushed past enough problems that aspects of the future won’t faze you, and your experience will serve you well in the future. 


Dreaming of driving a car reflects your current life journey, as well as your ambition and your motivation to move from goal to goal. How was the journey in your dream? It can denote how well or how badly your life is going right now. If you see yourself in the passenger seat, you may have given up an element of your control over your life, or you feel someone else is more qualified to make a decision for you. 

Dreaming of driving your car through or into a body of water signifies you’re in for an emotional journey of sorts. You may overcome a bad habit or a self-esteem issue that’s been plaguing you for years. Dreaming of a car being underwater (see also A Car Falling Into Water In Your Dream) reflects a long-held ambition that you’ve abandoned. Maybe it’s not who you are anymore.

Dreaming of the car flipping onto its roof suggests something is preventing you from achieving your dreams. You may have put your goals on hold for the sake of your responsibilities. Someone in your life might be trying to talk you out of your goal, or they’re hindering your progress in some way. They may have misguided intentions. 

Dreaming of the car being crushed suggests life has some disappointments in store for you. You may not achieve a goal, or a relationship in your life will unexpectedly end. Fill your life with good things and people right now, because you’ll need to lean on them soon.

Dreaming of a car unable to start suggests there’s a situation that’s made you feel powerless. It’s one that you don’t know how to fix – or you can’t fix – one of life’s nastier curveballs. In the end, you’ll come out stronger.

Dreaming of being unable to find your car or forgetting where you’ve parked indicates an unhappiness with where your life is headed. Something you were really hoping for hasn’t worked out, but that doesn’t mean something better isn’t around the corner. Dreaming of your car being stolen suggests that you’ve lost sight of who you are, in the midst of a crisis. Perhaps a defining relationship or career has collapsed, and you need to figure out who you are without it. It’s not the end, but the beginning of something new.

Dreaming of a car overheating suggests you’re on the path to a burnout, if you’re not careful. Have you been pushing yourself too hard at work? Socializing so much you have no time for down time? You need to take it easy, even if that’s only for a few moments. Listen to your body.

Dreaming of a parked car can signify that you need to divert your attention to something else, something you previously overlooked. It might help you on the way to achieving your goals. 

Dreaming of being run over or almost being in an accident can signify that you’re in conflict with someone. This may be as simple as you don’t like the other person. Your beliefs are incompatible, or you don’t agree with their choices or how they treat others. If you dream of being behind the wheel, and you hurt someone as a result, this suggests you have offended or affected someone negatively in order to move forward with your own life.

Dreaming of the car windows not working suggests that you’re unsure of a decision you’ve made, or you’re not sure where a current situation will lead you. Your perception of things is distorted in some way. Maybe you haven’t taken a break in a while. 

If you dream the car was haunted, or had a mind of its own, this reflects goals you wanted when you started, but you never reached them. Perhaps life got in the way, or you realized you no longer wanted it.

Dreaming of a car moving without a driver can suggest you’re having trouble owning your actions, or you’re not in control of your life. It can also indicate your sense of self has been distorted in some way, and you need to find your way back.

Dreaming of buying a car has associations with the decision to make some pretty big commitments in life.

Car Alarm

Dreaming of hearing a car alarm or setting one off suggests you’re on a path that wasn’t meant for you. You need to change direction or a recent decision in order to get where you need to be.

Car Battery

Dreaming of a car battery symbolizes your resilience. Like a car battery, it may run out if you don’t test it frequently enough.

Dreaming that the car battery is dead indicates you need a break. You’re overwhelmed, and trying to push on like this will only result in a burnout.

Car Dealership

Dreaming of being in a car dealership indicates you’re trying to figure out where your life is going, or where you want it to go.

Car Seat

To see a child’s seat in a car suggests someone else’s life is in your hands. You’re responsible for what happens to them. This dream can also indicate you’re starting an important journey.

Car Show

Dreaming of being at a car show suggests you desire the finer things in life, or a lifestyle which looks great from the outside, but it may not be a fulfilling one when you actually get there.

Dreaming of exhibiting a car at a car show indicates you need recognition for something you’ve done recently. You might feel no one has noticed.


Dreaming of a carburetor relates to the balance of emotions, the spirit, and the physical body. If it’s working correctly, this is a good dream!


Dreaming of being carjacked indicates circumstances have gotten in the way of achieving your goals. Is it time for a rethink?


Dreaming of being at a carwash suggests you need to work on your self-confidence for the tasks ahead.


Dreaming of being in a car crash suggests your beliefs, or lifestyle is getting in the way of achieving your goals, or you’re incompatible with someone. This dream can represent a painful experience, or something that will shake you to the core. It may also suggest that you need to be more careful when driving or walking near roads. 

Dreaming of a plane crash suggests the goals you’ve set yourself are too high, and you’ll burn out before you have a chance to reach them. It can also suggest your self-esteem is getting in the way of you living your best life.

Waking up before you crash doesn’t usually have a specific meaning. Your brain jolts you awake before you “die”, and this is a built-in protection mechanism, exactly the same as waking up before you hit the ground, when you dream of falling. 

Crash Test Dummy

Dreaming of a crash test dummy can reflect the power other people have in your life, and how they may affect your day positively or negatively.

Dead End

Dreaming of reaching a dead end suggests you’ve come to an impasse when trying to reach your goals. The only way is to find another route. It’s also possible that this dream is telling you that these goals aren’t possible, at least, right now.

Driver’s License

Dreaming of your driver’s license can suggest you’re on a path of self-discovery.

Losing your driver’s license in your dream suggests you’ve lost your drive, or you don’t feel the need to carry on the way you did. You may have lost sight of who you are, or you’re trying to make yourself into something that doesn’t suit you.


Dreaming of driving is synonymous with how your life is going right now. If your vision of the road ahead isn’t clear, you’re unsure of where life is taking you. If you dream of driving at night, you may be experiencing more obstacles than you thought you would, and you’re not sure if the end goal is worth all the trouble you’ll go through.

If your view ahead is blocked by traffic or the weather, you’re anxious about the future, or something is clouding your judgment or perception of others. It can also suggest there’s danger or problems in the future which won’t become clear until they’re nearly upon you.

If you dream of driving a route which has a lot of curves or obstacles, you’ll need to adapt to coming changes when trying to achieve your dreams, or something will affect your motivation. 

Dreaming of someone else being in the driver’s seat speaks of your reliance on them, and how you defer to their point of view when you’re trying to decide something. You may be trying to achieve a goal that someone else has set for you. If you dream of driving from the passenger side, you’re trying to regain control of your life. If you dream of someone else driving from the passenger side while you’re in the driver’s seat, this suggests while you may think you’re in control, someone is deceiving you.

Dreaming of driving a bus or a taxi suggests that smaller problems or tasks are hindering your goals or your ability to move forward.

Dreaming of reversing a car suggests you’ve encountered quite a few problems, and there will be more before the end. If you dream of reversing into water, your emotions are having a detrimental effect on your life.

If you dream of drunk driving, this reflects how your life feels out of control. You may feel as though your actions don’t reflect the person you are inside.

Dreaming of driving off a road or a mountain path indicates that the closer you are to achieving your dreams, the harder things become. You may have to fight to keep your current progress where it is. You may feel you can’t meet other people’s expectations.

Dreaming of being a backseat driver indicates you have problems letting go of control. In some circumstances, it can be overrated.

Driving Test

Dreaming of being on a driving test suggests that you may be questioning your goals or original wants out of life, or a situation will soon call these into question. If you dream of a bad outcome, this may suggest that the goals you’ve held aren’t suited to you, or you’ll find something you want more. If you dream you pass your test, this indicates your ability and confidence in achieving your highest dreams.


Dreaming of an engine represents your heart, and the things you hold closest to it. If the engine in your dream stutters, something or someone is holding you back from achieving what you want. 

If you dream that the engine is completely broken, you might have reverted to bad habits or old coping mechanisms which won’t help you in the long run.


Dreaming of your fender being damaged reflects a person in your life who is detrimental to it. They may be determined to see you fail.

Dreaming of putting a dent in someone else’s fender suggests you need to hold back your criticism, and let others make their own choices.


Dreaming of being on a freeway suggests you feel you’re well on your way to getting what you want out of life, and you feel free to move toward your goals. If the freeway is jammed with traffic, something is holding you back.

Dreaming of a freeway being under construction suggests you need to adjust to a changing situation. You may experience additional problems on the way to where you need to be.


Dreaming of changing gear or putting your car into gear suggests a new direction that will be beneficial.

* See Transmission


Dreaming of car hubcaps indicates your life is too rigid. You’re repeating the past, or your habits are practically set in stone.

Dreaming of hubcaps falling off your tires suggests you’re exhausted. You may need to change tactics.


Driving a hummer or seeing one in your dream represents your big personality, and the energy you provide other people. Alternatively, you may feel a sense of entitlement your actions are unworthy of. It may also suggest you need to keep back some of your energy for yourself. 


Dreaming of turning the ignition suggests you’re ready for new experiences, or you’re on the start of a new adventure. If the ignition doesn’t start, this may suggest you’re unsure how to approach an issue, or you aren’t giving something enough attention in order to solve it. 


Dreaming of driving a Lamborghini suggests you’re trying to move too fast, or you’re being aggressive.

Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes Benz in your dream symbolizes coming wealth or good luck. It can also be a symbol of someone whose name is Mercedes.

Mud Flaps

Dreaming of mud flaps (see also Mud Dream Symbolism) suggests you have the power to protect others, and you need to do so. Alternatively, your ambitions and drive are putting pressure on your relationships.


Dreaming of any car gauge indicates you’re looking at how far you’ve come, or you’re wondering how far you’ll go. This dream may be a call to redefine your goals. 

Parking Attendant

Dreaming of being a parking attendant suggests you’ve devoted too much time to helping others, and not enough for yourself.

Parking Lot

Dreaming of a parking lot may indicate you’re in need of a break, or you’re rushing toward a situation which will take a lot of your time.

Dreaming of a full car park suggests you may not have found your place in life, or what you thought it was no longer suits you. This dream can also indicate a life which is too busy.

Parking Meter

A parking meter in your dream suggests that a period of contentment and a life in the ‘slow lane’ is over, for now. You need to find some direction, or it will be decided for you, and that’s not something you want to lose control of. This dream may also suggest you need to be more positive when it comes to other people, or you may need to be more supportive. 

Parking Structure

Dreaming of being in a parking structure suggests you’ve lost your direction in life, or it wasn’t what you wanted. You may have lost sight of who you are, or who you want to be. If you can’t find your car, you feel you don’t know who you are, or you don’t like the decisions you’ve made recently.

Parking Ticket

Dreaming of being handed a parking ticket indicates you feel judged, or criticized for what you want out of life. Alternatively, you may not know what you want at all, and time feels like it’s running out. 


Dreaming of potholes suggests you’ll soon stumble or struggle with some problems. You may have to make some new expectations, or adjust your way of thinking in order to reach your goals. Something’s not going the way you hoped it would.

Race Car

Seeing a race car in your dream reflects your need to “win”, and how you may be comparing yourself to others too much, or basing your self-worth on how far ahead or behind you are when it comes to other people.  

Dreaming of driving a race car mirrors how you like your life to be full to the brim, and you’re trying to get the most out of it, at the cost of your health.


A racetrack appearing in your dream suggests life is currently moving very quickly, or it is going in circles. You may have a set attitude that will cause you problems in the future. 


Dreaming of a car radiator suggests your temper has been really short lately, and you need to calm yourself before it gets you into trouble.

Rear Ended

Dreaming of being tailgated or rear ended indicates that past feelings or an unpleasant situation is still affecting your present, and may have bearings on your future. Maybe you haven’t learned all that the past has to teach you.

Rearview Mirror

Dreaming of looking through the rearview mirror indicates your attention is too focused on the past. This may be focusing on people who are no longer in your life, or regrets, or “what ifs”, but they’re rarely useful when it comes to the future. Alternatively, this dream is telling you not to forget the lessons you’ve learned, as they may affect your future.

Road Rage

Dreaming of road rage or someone else cutting you off suggests frustration is ruling your life right now. You’re letting your emotions control your decisions, and this rarely ends well. 

Road Signs

Dreaming of road signs usually represents your subconscious having some advice for you. Perhaps you thought you’ve been unsure of something, but your subconscious had already made the decision, and you just haven’t recognized it. It may take a while for you to translate your dream into something sensible.

Road Trip

Dreaming of being on a road trip may suggest you need more adventure. It can also symbolize your life as a journey, and if the journey was smooth in your dream, so will your future be. If you encountered problems on your dream road trip, this indicates the same for your near future. 


Dreaming of a roadblock suggests you’ll shortly encounter issues in your professional life or in your domestic life, or both. You may just need to power through these, or they may set you back on the way to achieving your goals.


Dreaming of roadkill represents change you cannot avoid. It may suggest a symbolic or metaphoric death. Perhaps you’ll shed your present self or way of life, or it’s time to end habits or relationships that no longer fit with who you are and what you want. You may be fighting forms of change, but sooner or later, they will happen. Seeing roadkill in your dream can also indicate that your past is getting in the way of your future.

Dreaming of an animal which is in danger of becoming roadkill suggests you’ve lost control of your life’s direction, or you’re too indecisive. 


Dreaming of a seatbelt or taking the time to interrupt your dream to put on your seatbelt suggests you are a cautious and sensible person. It may suggest that you know you’re in for a rocky journey, and you’re taking steps to minimize damage. 

Dreaming of having trouble with your seatbelt is an anxiety dream. You’re worried about an aspect of the future.

Speed Bump

Dreaming of driving over a speed bump is your subconscious giving you a warning. You’re trying to move things too fast. A relationship is progressing too quickly, or you’re impatient for things to move forward. Speed bumps can also represent small issues which are nevertheless affecting your progress.


Dreaming of speeding suggests you have a great drive for success, but it’s getting in the way of the other parts of your life. Your relationships will suffer, if you don’t take care. This dream can also indicate you’re trying to hurry a situation along when it will take its own time. You need to learn to be more patient. 

Speeding Ticket

Similar to the parking ticket dream, the speeding ticket dream suggests you feel judged in some way. It can also suggest you’re rushing a relationship, or that trying to achieve your dreams as fast as possible is not as good an idea as it seems. Enjoy the journey.


Dreaming of a speedometer directly relates to the “pace” of your life. Do you feel you’re moving too quickly, or too slowly? Are you out of step with the people around you? These are all important questions, but they may distract you from the path ahead.

Sport Utility Vehicle

If you don’t drive a Sport Utility Vehicle (or SUV) in waking life, one appearing in your dream links to responsibilities that are present in your life, or weights you are carrying. An SUV in your dream can also suggest a shift in your life goals, or who you want to be.

Sports Car

A sports car appearing in your dream indicates power, or luxury. It can also suggest you like to show off in order to feel adequate, or you crave other people’s attention right now. Your subconscious may also be suggesting that you’re trying to rush through things.  

Station Wagon

Dreaming of a station wagon has links to family and ties to the important people in your life. If there was a problem with the station wagon, this indicates there will be a problem in your home life, if there isn’t already. If you dream of being unable to roll up the windows, you’re worried about protecting or providing for your family. Perhaps you’ve recently had a change in job, and you’re wondering how it will affect them.

Steering Wheel

Dreaming of a steering wheel or your hands on the wheel directly relates to the control you feel you have over your life and the direction it’s currently taking.

Stop Sign

No prizes for guessing what this one means. A stop sign appearing in your dream suggests you need to reflect before making a decision. Or, the path you’re currently on is not right for you, or it will come to an abrupt end. A stop sign in your dream can also signify incoming problems in your future.

Dreaming of running a stop sign indicates your reckless nature, or acting on impulse. 


Dreaming of a stoplight in your dream reflects obstacles which are preventing you from achieving your dreams, or things you feel that are in your way. It can also be your subconscious telling you that you need to overcome inner emotions in order to be able to progress with your life. You may feel that your life is outside your control, or a situation has left you with a smaller comfort zone than you had. 

Dreaming of a stoplight can also mirror the pressure of keeping up with other people or trying to outdo them, or risk being left behind. 

This dream can also suggest that the only person in the way of preventing you from achieving your dreams is yourself. Try to remember if the traffic light was a specific color in your dream and that will help inform the meaning. A green light suggests that you’re making good choices, and progressing well, while a red light indicates the opposite.


A street in your dream is symbolic of a visual of your life’s journey, and the state of the street reflects how well you think you’re doing, and how much control you feel you have. If the street in your dream had a name, that can also inform the meaning of your dream.

Dreaming of travelling (see also dreams about travelling) or running through side streets signifies that you need to consider other options, or a different lifestyle entirely.

Toll Booth

Dreaming of a toll booth links to both entitlement and gratitude you hold for your life and everything in it. If you pay a toll, this mirrors your appreciation for everything you have and have been given. If you drive past without paying, this suggests you expect things to turn out well without having to try, or you think some rules do not apply to you.

Toll Road

Dreaming of being on a toll road suggests you feel that current positive circumstances will have to balance out with something negative in the future. Enjoy the good things as they are.

Tow Truck

Dreaming of a tow truck reflects the responsibilities in your life, or weights you carry around with you. It may also suggest that it’s time you sought help from your support network. You may need help getting onto the right path, and there’s no shame in that.

Dreaming of driving a tow truck indicates you feel that other people are coming to you with every problem they have. They are dependent on you, and the responsibility is growing heavier. 


Dreaming of being in traffic directly reflects frustration or anger stemming from problems in your waking life. You feel as though you’re not getting anywhere, despite all your hard work to change that. 

Seeing traffic in your dream is your subconscious simply filling your dream with projections. It can also suggest that you’re being too passive in your life, and you need to make more active decisions.

Dreaming of directing traffic signifies that you have a say in how other people lead their lives, and you want to make sure you help them.

Traffic Cone

Dreaming of traffic cones can suggest that you need to change tactics when it comes to trying to reach your goals. Perhaps what you’ve been trying isn’t working well enough. This dream can also signify that you need to take things slower. You’ve been looking too far ahead, and you’ve lost sight of the present and where you are. Dreaming of traffic cones can also signify you’ll experience some setbacks soon, or an outcome will be different to what you expect, and will lead you onto a path you wouldn’t otherwise have taken.

Traffic Light

Dreaming of a traffic light may suggest frustration in trying to achieve your goals. You feel something is preventing you from realizing your dreams. Someone or a specific situation is having a direct effect on your progress. 

This dream can also suggest you’re concerned about being left behind if you fall behind. You’re comparing yourself right now to other people and their journey in life, and they may not tally up.

If you dream of a green traffic light, a decision you’ve been turning over and over in your head is the right one to think about, or you’ve come to the right choice. 


Dreaming of repairing a transmission indicates you’re not pacing yourself properly right now. You need to adjust to your situation, and your surroundings, instead of trying to push yourself where you think others are at. You are out of step somewhere, either progressing too fast, or too slowly.

Turn Signal Light

Dreaming of using the turn signal light suggests you’re seeking guidance from someone or something, that a decision was right or that you’re at the stage you should be at. If the turn signal doesn’t work – this does not suggest you’re in the wrong – it does suggest that you’re unsure of what you’re doing or whether you made the right choice.


Dreaming of making a u-turn suggests that you’re changing your life’s direction. You may have cast off your old dreams or life goals in favor of some completely different ones. 

This dream can also signify your anxiety of making the wrong choice, or being unable to take back your words or actions.

Dreaming of a No U-Turns sign suggests there’s no coming back from a decision you’ve made, or one you’re about to make. You might be unsure of the right choice, or of where this decision may lead you.


Dreaming of being a valet may suggest you’ve lost sight of your dreams or goals, while you were busy helping others. It’s important to find a balance between the two.

Dreaming of giving your car to a valet signifies you might be too dependent on other people, and need to practice some self-reliance. It may also suggest that you are putting the needs of others before your own, and this will cost you in the future.


Dreaming of looking through a windshield signifies you’re anxious to see what’s ahead of you, or you’re unsure of the choices you’ll make in the future. 

Dreaming of your windshield being broken suggests you cannot trust your outlook or perspective to guide you in things right now. In some way, it is skewed, and may lead you to make the wrong choices. It can also indicate that your approach to your long-held dreams isn’t the best.

Dreaming of your windshield being frosted over or fogged up reflects a disconnect between how you feel and how you express yourself. You’re not allowing yourself to feel the way that things are currently, and this will only lead to problems.

Dreaming of your windshield being dirty indicates you’re uncertain about the future, or you’re confused about an outcome. Perhaps you were expecting something different, or you hoped things would be.

Windshield Wipers

Dreaming of windshield wipers suggests you feel your current perspective isn’t serving you, or you’re missing something that you should really have noticed. You may be experiencing uncertainty in a situation, but this dream signifies you’re doing your best to see clearly. 


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