What Does A City Bus Mean In Your Dreams?

Buses are a big part of city life, and remain a fairly cheap way of getting around. 

When you dream of a bus, while it might reflect your experiences in waking life, it usually has something more significant to tell you.

A bus may appear in your dreams when you are thinking about money, the future, and how the two connect, but there are a few other messages your dream might have for you.

Let’s take a look at what a dream of a city bus may mean.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A City Bus?

It’s worth looking into what a city means in a dream, as well as the dream symbol of a bus to get the full picture of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

People move to cities for better paid opportunities more than anything, so in dreams, cities represent your money goals, as well as any ambitions you are currently working towards.

As a bus is usually filled with strangers, and you are not the one driving, a dream of a city bus implies that you don’t have the freedom to choose when it comes to money. 

It can mean that you need to network better and improve your existing relationships and skills in order to get what you want in terms of your life ambitions, or to earn more money and live a more comfortable life.

But these are very general interpretations, and depend on the context of the dream.

The Detailed Interpretation Behind Your Bus Dream

If you dream of being a passenger on a city bus, this reflects how you feel you’re not the one making the decisions when it comes to your career path, and money in general. 

You’re not in the driving seat in this instance, which means that someone or something else is calling the shots. 

Maybe you’re turning up to a very boring job day after day, or you feel your efforts aren’t being recognized, or you feel you have to make certain decisions based on your bank balance.

As many people take the bus because they can’t afford a car, or it is just less messy to do so, this dream may suggest that you need to stick with your professional situation for a while longer, in order to get where you want to be.

Consider where the bus is going in your dream. The destination may point to an aspect of your life that needs some greater freedom, some breathing room to express yourself positively.

If you dream of taking the wrong bus, or the bus never comes, this means that you are stagnating in waking life. You’re not moving forward, or you’ve made a decision that hasn’t felt like a choice at all.

It could be that you’re cut off from others, or you’ve made a decision based on what other people want and expect from you, rather than what you want or expect for yourself.

Alternatively, this dream may mean that you are refusing to see the state of your finances, and things are going wrong. You may be making things worse by being so stubborn.

A dream where you run after a bus, but it keeps going means that you’ve missed an opportunity that was perfect for you, and now you need to explore other choices. You won’t make the same mistake twice.

If you dream of taking a bus and sitting next to someone who seems dodgy, or they annoy the hell out of you, this implies that you’re not asserting yourself enough in your work life. 

It may be time to look for something new, or explore ways that you can move up in your job in order to get to a more financially stable position in life.

If you dream of riding on a bus that is filthy, this suggests that you feel far from satisfied with your job. You don’t like the way other people make assumptions about it, or you feel you have no power to change to a different career.

Dreaming of being invisible while taking a bus to the city can suggest you feel overlooked by other people, and you’re frustrated at not being taken seriously. 

Or, if you feel free during this particular dream, this means that keeping your head down is a good idea right now. It will avoid several sources of stress and conflict.

A dream where you take the bus and find you are naked implies that something in waking life is making you feel exposed or vulnerable. You feel others are alienating you.

On a more positive note, if you dream of driving the city bus, this reflects how you feel things are in your control right now, and you’re making progress towards your financial goals.

If you dream of taking a luxury bus, this means that the professional relationships you currently have will help you get ahead in life.

A dream where you sing along or dance on the bus with other people refers to how you want to be noticed. Y

Your City Bus Dream Is Positive, If:

  • You drive the bus
  • You get on a clean bus 
  • You have a peaceful journey
  • You sit on your own and enjoy it
  • You sit next to someone you love
  • You sit next to a stranger who becomes a friend
  • You take the right bus

Final Thoughts

A dream of taking a city bus refers to your money goals, ambitions, and the relationships that will help you get where you want to be in life.

Consider any other details you see in your dream, as they can often provide you with a solution you wouldn’t expect for a problem in your waking life, especially if your dream refers to a current obstacle.

Your subconscious will often form the answers to your problems or goals in the form of a dream, giving you a concrete way of consciously recognizing them when you wake.


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