What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Car Falling Into Water?

Dreams of car accidents can be unsettling at the best of times, but a dream where a car plunges into water is one that might raise more than a few questions.

If you’ve not been watching an action movie where this happens, you might wonder what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. 

In dreams, cars represent your ability to navigate your way through life, and to see one fall into water implies that your emotions are derailing your current path.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Car Falling Into Water?

In dreams, cars refer to your identity, how well you think life is going, how much power you have to change or influence your life, your relationships, job, and well being.

It can also represent your life’s path, and to deviate from a road (in this case, falling into water) signifies how life may throw you a curveball soon. This dream can come as a warning to expect complications on your path to success. An elaborate plan may not work out in the way you hope.

Water in dreams represents your emotions, spanning anything from the surface reactions you feel in waking life to the deeper, repressed emotions that still affect your behavior now.

So to see a car hit water in your dream represents how you feel a loss of control, or part of your life is suffering thanks to some emotionally charged situation or problem.

Dreaming of being in the car while it falls and then plunges into water suggests that there are a lot of obstacles ahead of you, and you might already be in the middle of them. 

As a car can represent your ‘drive’ in a dream, and it leaves the road in this particular scenario, this can suggest that your outlook or current approach is causing you all the hassle you’re currently facing.

It could be that you’re limiting yourself by not taking opportunities when they come to you, thinking they are coming at the wrong time, you have too much on your plate already, or you don’t think that you have what it takes to make it work.

Another thing to think about is the car itself. Is it a car you know in waking life? Yours, or maybe it belongs to someone you know? 

Dreaming that your own car falls into water represents your current state in waking life, while dreaming of someone else’s may represent your relationship with them, or something in your life that you need to pay attention to.

Consider Where You Are When The Car Falls Into Water

The assumption is that you’re in the driving seat during this dream, your stomach lurching in the fall, and maybe you wake up when the car hits the water. 

This is the most common version of this type of dream, but it’s not the only possibility.

You might dream of someone else driving the car, which suggests that you feel someone else, or the universe is making your decisions for you, and there’s only one obvious choice when it comes to choosing your future, you don’t feel you have any other options, though you would like them.

If you are in the backseat in the car when it falls, this can suggest that you aren’t seeing things  clearly. It may be time to distance yourself from a situation or a relationship for a little while, so that you can gain some clarity and return to it with fresh eyes.

Dreaming of being in the passenger seat when the car falls into water implies that you might need to take a step back from a situation that you’re trying to control. 

Not everything will be in your power to change. It also denotes an anxiety of not being able to control where your life is headed.

Maybe you didn’t dream of being in the car at all, and you are watching it fall into water from afar. This can reflect waking life, where you are watching a bad situation unfold, but you can’t do anything about it. 

Or, it suggests that you feel like a bystander in your own life, and it’s time to do something to feel in control again. 

Do You Survive The Fall?

This is another important element to consider when it comes to a disaster or accident dream scenario, as it dictates the message behind the dream.

If the car fills with water in your dream, and you eventually drown, this represents how you feel overwhelmed in your waking hours. 

Things are getting too much, or you’re trying to do too much at once, and this dream calls on you to reduce what’s on your plate, whether that’s taking a break or scaling back your expectations.

A dream where you escape the sinking car and drag yourself to safety refers to how things are tough right now, but you know that your ability to adapt to changing circumstances along with your resilience will get you through anything.

Dreaming Of Being Trapped In A Car And Falling Into Water 

This dream is all about feeling trapped or overwhelmed. If you are trying to shut the windows to stop or slow the water coming into the car, this refers to how you feel you are under pressure in waking life. 

Being up to your neck in water refers to an incredible amount of stress, and you’re not sure if you will be able to cope. 

Watching A Car Sink Into Water In Your Dream

If your dream carries on after the car hits the water, this can suggest that you need to take some time to sort through your emotions, before they overwhelm you completely.

However, there is a more positive interpretation of this dream. Spiritually speaking, water represents how you can adapt to changing circumstances, as well as transformation and a period of healing. 

The crash itself can refer to a terrible situation, but the water suggests that you will regain your equilibrium.

Final Thoughts

While a dream of a car falling into water can be stressful, it may also suggest that a period of calm or healing is on its way after a stressful event in your life.

Consider also the water itself. If it is murky, or it’s very rough, this refers to the amount of stress you’re currently experiencing, and how it renders you unable to see things for what they are.

If the water is clear and calm, this refers to overcoming obstacles, success, and preventing problems before they start. 


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