Plane Crash Dream Meaning

Dreams about plane crashes are very common, and also very scary. In waking life, planes are a fast and safe way of transportation. Within hours, you can get from one continent to another. Yet, plane crashes are, although highly unlikely, usually fatal. For that reason, some people are scared of flying. But what does it mean to dream about planes crashing? In this article, we’ll cover different dream scenarios involving a plane crash and their meanings. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of An Airplane Crashing?

Let’s say you were dreaming about traveling on an airplane. At some point, the plane starts losing control of its course. In that case, this dream is connected to a certain plan or goal in your life that is about to go wrong. In this dream scenario, the plane is a symbol of your success. 

Often, airplanes in dreams represent a spiritual journey. We all have feelings that are deeply buried in our subconscious. And while we might have forgotten about them, they’ve never truly left. They’re hidden, waiting for the moment to emerge on the surface. In a way, we can say they have a long way ahead before they reach our conscious mind. That’s why a dream about flying on a plane signifies you’ll become wiser on this journey. 

If you dream about the plane you’re on is getting hijacked, that’s a sign of an underlying problem you need to solve as soon as possible. It slows you down and prevents you from progressing in life, and it’s important to deal with it in a timely manner. 

Generally, dreams that involve means of aerial transport, like planes, balloons and spaceships symbolize your wish for improvement in different areas of your life. When you see an airplane crashing in a dream, it usually means you’re set on reaching further in your life. If you’re dreaming about being on a plane that’s crashing, that indicates your fear of failure. On the other hand, if you dream about being the pilot of the aircraft, that means you need to share your problems and issues with people close to you. 

What’s The Meaning Behind Witnessing An Airplane Crash In A Dream?

As we already mentioned, dreams of planes crashing are related to your goals and desires. Often, when you see a plane crash in a dream, it indicates you’ve set your goals too high. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve them, but you’ve bitten off more than you can chew at this moment. What you should do is analyze your goals and ambitions. Think about all the obstacles that might appear on the road and figure out how you would deal with them. Don’t wait until such things happen. Instead, act proactively. Preparedness gives you a solid foundation to build your dreams. 

If you dream about watching a plane crash into houses or buildings, it usually means you need to work harder to make your wishes come true. Nothing in life comes easily, and sometimes we have to work even harder to get to where we want to be in life. 

If you dream that someone you love is in a plane that’s about to crash, that’s not a bad omen. It’s not a prediction of something bad happening to that person. Instead, it means you want to feel free in life. Maybe you don’t find the time to express yourself through dance, singing or drawing – whatever your passion is. Or, maybe you feel like the people around you don’t understand your true wishes. In these cases, plane crashes are the way your subconscious tries to deal with these things that make you anxious and restrained. These things trouble you on a daily basis so much that you have to deal with them in your sleep, too. 

Plane Crashing As Soon As It Takes Off In A Dream

If you dream about being on a plane that crashes once it takes off, that symbolizes your need for freedom and autonomy. This dream is possibly a sign that you should work towards achieving more independence in your life. 

The meaning behind this dream scenario is influenced by the way the plane flies in that dream. For instance, if it flies in a horizontal direction, that means that you can expect some positive things in the near future. Similarly, a plane flying upwards symbolizes improvement in some aspects of your waking life. On the other hand, if you dream about a plane flying vertically, that means you don’t feel like you’re getting the most of your current life situation. You deserve way more than how you’ve been treated, and you want these things to change. 

What Does It Mean When A Plane Crashes On Landing?

To see a plane crash when landing in a dream is usually a symbol of issues regarding your plans and goals. Maybe you haven’t thought it all out before you started working on them. While some things happen in life without prior planning, we all have to work hard for most things in life. And that requires careful preparation. So sit down and think about different ways you can achieve your dreams. Then, narrow them down according to your abilities. 

An In-Depth Plane Crash Dream Interpretation

Dreams about plane crashes are not uncommon. Plane crashes in waking life, luckily, are. With the advancement of technology, planes are one of the safest means of transport these days. We might be skeptical about this fact, because after all, they’re up there in the sky, while trains and cars and safely on the ground. Yes, stats prove that planes are way safer than all other means of transport combined.

The world’s largest plane ever built weighs 710 tons and has a wingspan of 290 feet. To keep that thing flying up in the sky requires some serious mechanical skill. Planes work like a system, and all the parts need to work properly to keep the whole thing going. So, when you dream about a plane crash, that means some parts of the mechanism didn’t work as intended. 

If we try to make a parallel to your goals in waking life, it’s clear that something’s holding you back. For instance, maybe you’ve worked overtime for over a month now, trying to prove yourself and earn a raise. But the lack of sleep caused by overworking has taken a toll on you. As we all know, things we do while tired aren’t always proven to be our best decisions. Our brains need sleep and rest in order to function properly, and when that lacks, everything starts falling apart. So, remember to take care of your system as a whole. 

Dreams about plane crashes can also be a symbol of fear. Maybe you’re scared about not being able to achieve your goals. Or, you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to get one step closer to accomplishing your plans. Alternatively, the dream about a plane crash could signify that things can easily get out of your control. 

If you dream about getting airline tickets for a last-minute flight, that means you have faith in your talents and are ready to use them to achieve your goals. To lose these tickets in a dream means you’re going to have a hard time in the near future, and you’ll struggle to accept an offer from someone close to you. Finally, if you dream about oxygen masks dropping on an airplane, it’s a sign of a surprise happening in the near future.

Why Do Recurring Dreams About Plane Crashes Happen?

Generally, recurring dreams happen when there’s an unresolved conflict in your waking life. They could be either pleasant or come out as nightmares. In the case of plane crashes, this type of dream is clearly considered a nightmare. But why do you dream of planes crashing? And more importantly, why is that dream recurring? The answer might lie in your anxieties. 

The thing with dreams is that these are all the things already existing in our mind, whether we are aware of them or not. And sometimes, our mind decides they’re too much for us to bear on an everyday basis, and it suppresses them, leaving out future selves to deal with those issues later on. But, this doesn’t solve any issue. If anything, it only burdens you more both in your sleep and in the future. That’s why you should deal with these things and get rid of recurring nightmares once and for all. 

Think about how repetitive your dreams of plane crashes are. Do you see the entire scenario happening over and over again? Or do these crashes happen all the time, but in different locations? What about other symbols appearing in a dream? Noticing a pattern is the easiest way of understanding the meaning behind this dream. 

Why Are Dreams About Plane Crashes Considered To Be Nightmares?

As if a plane crash isn’t scary enough by itself, sometimes our dreams can be a little extra. For instance, you might dream about a bomb exploding on a plane, or a crash scene with dead passengers and a pool of blood around them. The more your dream appears vivid and creepy, the more you need to understand what’s behind it. Nightmares happen for a reason, and it’s important to get to the bottom of their underlying cause as soon as possible. 

What Do Different Plane Types Mean In A Dream?

To fully interpret a dream, you need to take details into consideration. This includes what kind of plane appeared in your dream. Was it a military aircraft, concord, airbus or maybe a private jet? Generally, fighter planes indicate you can expect an argument or a disagreement soon to happen. It could also mean that things between you and someone close to you will be tense in the near future. This could be related to your family members, friends or a significant other. 

If you see an airplane with propellers in your dream, that’s a sign that a certain relationship will soon end. You’ve been drifting apart from that person for a while now, and this is the natural course of action. If you dream about a crash happening at the airport, that means you have a lot of things to decide on in a short amount of time. However, if the airport in your dream is busy and crowded with people, that means you have a lot of friends to rely on. They will prove to be good listeners and advice-givers. Finally, if you see yourself falling out of the aircraft in a dream, that’s a clear sign that a certain situation must be dealt with in a timely manner. 

Commercial planes, on the other hand, generally symbolize favorable outcomes regarding life goals and dreams. When something in your life changes, it’s not unusual to dream about airplanes. Often, you can also see yourself jumping out of it in a dream. In that case, that’s a sign you’re moving towards something good in your life. Another possible dream scenario regarding commercial planes is being chased by one. In that dream, you could be either in a different plane or even flying by yourself. In any case, this dream symbolizes the ending of your current situation and the start of a new chapter in your life.

If you dream about a commercial plane falling into the water, it’s a symbol of your own self-esteem. In this case, the plane is you, and the water represents how you see yourself. This kind of dream happens in a time when you’re concerned about how other people perceive you. It’s a sign that these things should not be troubling you, and instead, it only matters how you see yourself. Finally, if your dream features a parachute, whether used or not, it’s a sign that you need to slow down. Otherwise, you might lose something dear in your life.

What Does It Mean When A Plane Flies Too High In A Dream?

Average commercial planes fly at an altitude of 30,000 to 42,000 feet. If you dream about your plane going higher than that, it’s a sign your expectations are a bit too high. So when a plane tries to reach them, figuratively, it ends up causing a crash. This dream shows you that you need to lower your goals and adjust them to the current life situation. On another note, dreaming about a plane going upside down means you need to be precise with your goals. For instance, wanting to be happy is not a clear goal. It indicates how you want to feel, but doesn’t show the way how that will cause you to feel that way.

As already mentioned, different types of aircraft have different meanings. Let’s take red arrows for instance. These sport planes are actually aerobatic teams that leave red, white and blue trails in the sky. They’re insanely quick, just a tad slower than the speed of sound. In a dream, these planes symbolize your spiritual freedom and the will to improve your quality of life. Seeing an airplane dropping down from the sky is a sign that the next couple of months will be enriched with love and hope. 

Here’s one unlike, yet possible scenario. Dreaming about watching a movie about a plane crash while flying indicates that new things coming in the near future are going to bring improvement to your life. If you dream about taking a long flight across the globe, that means you will prove to be helpful to others, and you’ll enjoy doing that. Happiness is worthy only when shared, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Dreaming about coming to a country you haven’t visited before means you could become engaged in humanitarian events, be it in your own hometown or abroad. 

If you dream about being in a plane’s cockpit as it crashes, it indicates your fear of losing control regarding your career. Are you partaking in a new project? Or maybe you’ve been promoted and are still unsure what your new responsibilities are?

Dreaming about speaking to a person who’s on the same flight as you represents the guidance and advice you’re expecting others to give you. If that person is someone you don’t know in waking life, it means you’re searching for unbiased guidance from someone not directly involved in your issues. Finally, experiencing odd weather conditions during a flight is a sign that your beliefs and faith are as aligned as the smoothness of the flight in your dream. In other words, if you’re flying smoothly through the storm, it means your faith is strong. 

How Did Your Dream About A Plane Crash End?

When you dream about a plane crash, the way your dream ends matters when it comes to interpreting it. For example, if it ends badly, it means you’ve put your goals and wishes aside to please other people in life. But nothing good ever came out of such an action. Don’t hide yourself and your talents, and don’t allow yourself to be miserable for the sake of others. Their happiness is not any more important than yours. 

On the other hand, if your dream ends up in a plane getting back on track and continuing its journey, it means you’re just about to reach the things you’ve been aiming for. 

What Does It Mean When You See Wings Of The Plane In Your Dream About A Plane Crash?

Wings are an important part of the plane. It’s one of the things that keep it up in the air. So if they appear to be missing, it’s a sign that your plans or goals have a fallacy. Rethink them again and figure out what that is.

Possible Dream Scenarios Regarding A Plane Crash

  • An airplane has been following you
  • You’ve seen a plane crashing into the ground
  • The airplane was flying upside down
  • You have traveled by plane
  • You met a person on your flight
  • You’ve seen a plane fly over 42,000 feet in the air
  • You’ve seen an air hostess
  • You were in a plane crash
  • You’ve been watching a movie about a plane crash while on a flight
  • You were in a plane cockpit as it was crashing
  • Have awoken from a plane crash dream in a puddle of sweat

Positive Changes Are Ahead If

  • Your dream about a plane crash ended up on a positive note
  • You have witnessed a plane crash in a dream

The Dream About Plane Crash Can Be Related To Following Scenarios In Your Life

  • Wish to express yourself and your creative side
  • Gain control over your own fate

Emotions You Might Have Felt During A Dream Of An Aircraft

  • Scared
  • Insecure
  • Disoriented
  • Lonely
  • Baffled
  • In control
  • Open-minded
  • Self-aware

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