Train and Railroad Dream Meaning

If we think about trains, we usually imagine that we are going on a journey. It could just be to work, or it could be somewhere more exotic such as a foreign country. So, what does it mean to dream about trains and railroads? You will find that both the dreams and the meanings are diverse, and in this article, we are going to take a look at some of them. 

What it Means to Dream About Trains

As with all dreams you need to compare the dream to your waking life and see if there are connections. Perhaps you are feeling insecure about some aspect of your life or maybe you are happy with the way everything is going. Have you any regrets or do you have a mission in life? Perhaps there are certain goals that you want to reach. How strong are you in your waking life and is your life stable? The movement and motion of trains can easily compare with your waking life. Trains move forward but are you also moving forward or has the train crashed? 

Your connection with trains can be extremely different. If you work on trains, or at a train station, you may have many dreams about trains as they are part of your daily life. If you go to work on a crowded train and feel uncomfortable, you may not have positive dreams about trains. However, if you live in the country and hear train whistles, it may fill you with a longing to travel. You may be frustrated with trains as you stand waiting in the cold for a late train or you may be excited to go on a train journey.

It is important to take every aspect of the dream into consideration and match it up with your waking life. Little things in your dream might not seem important, but they could have a big impact on the dream’s meaning.

Your Path in Life: Are you on the Right Track?

Because a train moves forward, the dream can mean that you are thinking about the path you are traveling in life. Are you getting anywhere near to your goals or is your life not moving forward? If the train keeps traveling ahead, it can mean that you are on the right path, but if it is derailed, perhaps your plans for the future have come apart. It is time to think about an alternative plan. 

We need to compare our dreams with what is happening in our waking life to get the full picture. If we are feeling insecure, a train can mean that your life is getting out of our control, but if you are feeling optimistic, it is likely that you are on the right path. 

Power and Strength

Trains are powerful and heavy. Each car can weigh around 200 tons and if you consider a full train, it can weigh around 5,000 tons. Because of this, if we dream about a train, it can often mean that our feelings are overpowering. Perhaps we have fallen head over heels in love or are desperate for that promotion. 

However, these dreams are not always positive. If you dream about a freight train which is heavier than a passenger train, it can indicate that you have problems and worries in your waking life. It can mean that you have no idea how to get out of the difficult situation you are in. All is not lost, however, as you just have to sit down and consider all the problems. Everything can be solved.
If the train is traveling too fast, it can mean that you may be forced to do something you don’t want to do but have no way of getting out of. Somebody could be manipulating you. The dream is telling you to stand up to this person.

Connection to Others and the World

Railroads connect us all over the world. Think of the Trans-Siberian railway and the Orient Express. There are trains that can take you all over the US. In addition, the individual cars are all connected so it isn’t surprising that dreams of trains can relate to your connection with someone or something. Perhaps there is someone we want to connect with or maybe you have lost touch with a friend and want to reconnect. Alternatively, you may want to connect with opportunities, such as a new job or an evening class. An alternative interpretation would be that you have a great desire to travel. This may feel simple, but it can often be the case that you want to explore and experience different cultures.

The History and the Past

Trains work to a timetable, all be it that they are not always on time. If you dream about a train being late, it can mean that you are too late for an opportunity that was offered to you, like a new job. Maybe you have missed a chance of meeting the person of your dreams.

Trains have a rich history. They have been used for the transportation of both goods and people for many years and you find trains in most parts of the world. If you dream about cargo trains, it could mean that you have strong feelings for the past and memories are flooding your mind. 

If you see an old-fashioned train in your dream, it can mean that people are going to ask you for favors and help. Perhaps you might meet people from your past who want something from you, or maybe they are just reconnecting with you.

Common Train & Railroad Dream Symbol Meanings

Now it’s time to have a look at symbols in your train dreams and work out what they mean. 

Train Crossing, Signals, and Signs

If you dream of a train crossing, it can have a literal meaning such as you are about to cross from one section of your life to another. If you see a stop sign, it could mean that it is time you stopped doing something which could be destructive, or maybe you just need to step back and think if you are doing the right thing.

Waiting at a train intersection can be frustrating as it can take a long time for the train to come. If you feel that you are getting annoyed about the wait, it can mean that you are experiencing delays in your waking life. Perhaps it is time to be more patient. 

Dreaming of a Long Line of Train Cars

If you dream of a long line of train cars it can have different meanings. If we look at it as negative, it can mean that you have a lot of responsibilities and are finding it hard to cope. You may be feeling stressed knowing that you have a lot to contend with at work or at home. On a more positive note, a long line of train cars can mean that you are getting plenty of what you need. You could be in an incredibly happy marriage or have a rewarding job. You are feeling optimistic about the future and feel that nothing can go wrong. 

Steam or Diesel Engine?

Steam is more associated with the past so you could be thinking of what happened to you years ago. This could be either positive or negative. However, the dream could be more literal, indicating that you are blowing steam. You could be ranting or raving over something, but when you calm down, you might regret letting out all your pent-up energy. In the long run, this could cause you to lose friends.

Another interpretation of if you see smoke in your dream is that you are feeling confused. You’re not sure where you are going in life. It is time to think things through.

Diesel trains are more common than steam these days and are associated with fuel. If you see a diesel train in your dreams, it can mean that you need to think about your current energy levels. If they are low, you need to imagine how you can bring them up to normal. If they are energy levels are high, perhaps you need to calm down a little and stop rushing about everywhere. 

Trains Traveling with No Track

It’s not unusual to dream of a train traveling in the air or over the sea with no track. Perhaps it is gliding over a meadow or going down the highway. This dream can mean that you need some guidance, be it on one aspect of your life or the way you have run your whole life.

You could have a lot going on in your mind. Perhaps you don’t know whether or not to accept a new job offer. Maybe you are considering a proposal of marriage. On a simpler level, you may just be worried about upcoming events.

In these cases, it is a good idea to talk things over with a friend. If you know someone who has had the same experiences as you, all the better.

Dreaming of Objects Blocking the Track

Sometimes we might dream that there are obstacles on a train track and the train has to stop otherwise it will crash. The obstacle can mean that there is something in your way in your waking life. You need to take a moment when you wake up to think about what is obstructing you from going forward with your life. Perhaps there are challenges at work or maybe you have problems in your marriage.

If the objects are small and easy to remove, it can mean that you can easily overcome these challenges. You should be able to continue your path through life with little difficulty. However, if the objects are large and difficult to remove, for example, a fallen tree or a car stuck in the middle of the track, you are probably feeling stuck in a situation and feel unable to move on. The answer could be that you ask someone for help, even though you don’t want to. Alternatively, you need to think of a different solution to your problem. Perhaps you are following a career path that is difficult and you’re not enjoying it. It is time to let go and follow something that you are more suited to.

Another interpretation of this dream is that the obstacle represents someone you know. Perhaps this person is always around, trying to stop you from doing what you want to do. It could be a member of your family or a work colleague. Maybe you feel that you aren’t able to follow your dreams because of this person. It is time to stand up to them.

Passenger Trains: People Around You

If you dream that you are sitting in a train with lots of other people, this can have two totally opposite meanings. It can indicate that you want to have more friends, but it can also mean that you feel disconnected from others. You have to compare the dream with how you feel in your waking life. If you are feeling miserable you could feel as if nobody wants to be your friend. It is up to you to work on this and make friends. If you feel crowded in the dream, it could mean that you want people to put less pressure on you. On a happier note, the dream could mean that you are surrounded by friends. 

A completely different meaning of seeing passengers on a train is that your financial situation is excellent, and you should carry on the way you have been going.

Dreaming of Commuting to Work by Subway or Train

If you dream about going to work on a train and it is crowded perhaps it means that you are fed up with being boxed in a train car every day. On a more positive note, it can indicate that you are looking for new job opportunities. Perhaps if you never travel to work on a train it can indicate that a job offer where you have to use the train is suitable for you.

Toy Trains

Many people have miniature railroads at home which they enjoy as a hobby. Some can even be complicated with hills, multiple stations, and different types of trains. 

Sometimes dreaming of a model railroad in the fall can make us think about Christmas as it’s not uncommon to put a toy train set around the Christmas tree. 

Dreaming of a model train set can, however, have negative meanings. It can be associated with childhood and may indicate that you aren’t taking an important issue seriously. On the other hand, it can mean that you feel that other people, either in a work or personal situation, are not taking you seriously. Perhaps you feel like a child. Maybe you would like to have more control, but someone is trying to control you. It is time to stand up to that person and make your own decisions.

Waiting at a Train Station

If you dream that you are waiting at a train station, it could simply be that you are wanting to go somewhere for a vacation. However, it can have a more complicated meaning. It could be a symbol of transformation. You are waiting for your life to change radically and are excited about it. On the other hand, you might be a little uncertain about what the future is going to bring. You may have a job offer that you’re not sure about but feel that time is running out. You have to make a decision.

Dream Symbol of Cargo Trains

A cargo train is heavy and transports goods. If you dream about one, perhaps you are going to receive gifts. On a more complex level, it could represent something you are carrying with you, for example, thoughts, feelings, or memories. Perhaps it’s time to examine these more closely. Maybe a door needs to be shut on bad memories.

Double Meanings, Literal Sayings, Idioms, and Phrases

There are plenty of interpretations of the word train that we can relate to dreaming about a train. As an example, think of the word training. If we dream about a train, it can mean that we are thinking about training for a new career. Maybe we want to teach someone else new skills. Perhaps we want to simply train our dog to sit, heel, and fetch. 

If you are starting a new job, you might dream about trains because you will be learning new skills and moving forward. 

Gravy Train:

Gravy Train is the name of dog food, but this probably has nothing to do with your dream unless you are thinking about your dog. Gravy train means that you have been making a lot of money easily and for a long time.

If you dream that you are eating gravy or traveling on a train through a sea of gravy, it can mean that you want to increase your income with as little effort as possible. You want to find a secure revenue that is dependable and will sustain you for a long time.

Missed the Train

If you dream that you have missed a train, it can mean that you have missed opportunities. If you miss the train, you won’t be able to get to your desired goals. 

This expression is often used when we are late for something in either our personal or business life. You could have lost a lot of opportunities, not just one. You need to pay more attention to the chances that you are given. 

If you dream that you have missed a fast train, it is negative and means that you will never reach your goals if you carry on in the way you have been going. If you want success, there are a lot of things you must change. 

Train of Thought

Everybody has a train of thought. We start with one thing and then move to something else and then another thing. It links a lot of our thoughts together, but sometimes our thoughts can get muddled. Then we say that we have lost our train of thought. If we feel like this when we see a train in our dreams, it is time to sit back and work out what we are thinking about. It needs sorting out and everything in our minds (mind mapping dreams) needs to be considered one after the after. 

Lucid Dreaming with Trains

Have you ever thought about lucid dreaming? This is a dream in which the person is aware that they are dreaming but it is controlled to some aspect by the person dreaming. If you are interested in doing this, try out this exercise.

Lie down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to relax you. Once you feel calm, imagine a train. It can be in whatever setting you want. Perhaps you want to take a train close to snow-white mountains. Maybe you want to travel through beautiful meadows. Perhaps you like the city and would love to be traveling through the hubbub. 

As you sit down on the train, look around you. Do you want other passengers? Perhaps you want solitude or maybe you want to talk to other people. Look out of the window as you travel, even if you are talking to the other passengers. Perhaps discuss what you are seeing. Maybe stay quiet and enjoy the view. You are the dreamer and the person imagining what is going on around you. You get to see what you want. 

In dreams, physical boundaries don’t apply. You can be flying through the sky on your train. Perhaps you go right out to outer space. Maybe the train travels over the ocean. The possibilities are endless, and they are all up to you. You will also find that you drop off to sleep very easily as you fly through the sky.

This is an excellent way to practice your creative skills and you will feel as if you are half in a dream and half awake. 

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