Driving Dream Meaning

Dreaming of driving a car is not uncommon, even for nondrivers. In fact, you don’t need to know one thing about driving, and yet you could dream about yourself speeding through a red light or doing PIT maneuvers. These dreams have different meanings and, in this article, we’ll help you interpret your dream. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Driving A Car?

Dreaming of driving a car, in general, has something to do with the feeling of control. It makes sense in a way – a vehicle takes us down the road and towards our goal – but only if we’re in control of it. When you’re a driver, you decide where you’re heading, and the dream of driving a vehicle means just the same. To see yourself driving a car in a dream means that you’re in control over certain things in your life. 

In dreams like this, you need to take into consideration the context of the dream. There are other elements in your dream, such as location or passengers, and all of them can be important for interpretation. Plus, you might not even dream about yourself being the driver. Here are a few possible dream scenarios and their interpretations. 

Common Dreams About Driving Interpreted

Dreaming Of Someone Else Driving: If you dream about someone else controlling the wheel, then the car in your dream is a representation of your life – maybe you feel like someone else is “pulling the strings” and you’re not fully in control over important things in life. 

However, the interpretation depends on who the person behind the wheel is. It’s possible that the person driving is, in fact, an aspect of yourself. In such a case, the dream might be showing you that, for instance, your emotions are responsible for your decisions. 

Dreaming Of A Taxi Or Ride For Hire: If you dream about yourself as a taxi or Uber driver, it might mean that you feel like you’re too overwhelmed with responsibilities. You have too much on your plate already, but you signed up for even more of that in the future.

On the other hand, if you dream about hiring a taxi or Uber, it could mean that you’re trying to rely on others to solve your problems or assist you with your responsibilities. In any case, don’t expect other people to want to deal with the stuff you’re avoiding.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Understand This Dream

Here are the four most important questions you should ask yourself when trying to figure out the meaning behind the dream. If you keep a dream journal, answering these questions will be easy. In case you don’t, we strongly suggest you start writing down your dreams on a regular basis. This habit helps you remember your dreams more often, and you’ll get better at interpreting them.

How Did You Feel In The Dream? There’s a thin line between a dream and reality, and that’s especially noticeable when it comes to feelings. Emotions you’ve felt in the dreams can be related to how you’re currently feeling in waking life. Think about how what you’ve felt relates to things you’re currently facing in your life.

Where Were You Going? Were you driving on a crowded highway or on an unsurfaced road in the middle of nowhere? Were you heading towards a destination or cruising around without a clue where to go? Maybe you were lost? Dream interpretation depends on the context – and in this case, the scenery is a crucial element. 

What Type Of Car Was In The Dream? The type of vehicle is also important. Dreaming about driving a heavy truck can symbolize the feeling of having power over something in your life. Driving a bus, on the other hand, is related to craving connection with other people. Dreams about a fast sports car and an old, barely-working vehicle have different meanings, so it’s important to remember what kind of car it was.

Did You See Any Type Of Signs Or Numbers In The Dream? Fingerposts and other road signs can also be dream symbols. Sometimes, we can take them literally. For instance, a slow down sign can mean precisely that – you’re rushing with certain things in your life, and you should hold off with your actions. 

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