What Do Cars Mean In Your Dreams?

Depending on where you live, cars are one of the most common dream symbols, as they are a part of everyday life, regardless of whether you drive or not. 

They are also part of our identity and self-image in dreams. If you take a look at how a car’s appearance or brand has certain ideas associated with it, this makes sense. 

For some people, there are certain cars they wouldn’t be caught dead in, and others that they will spend a lifetime dreaming about owning.

These tickets of freedom and choice often appear in dreams, but they have vastly different meanings depending on the context of the dream.

Let’s take a look.

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Cars?

Cars in your dream tie into how you control your life, how much power you feel you have in changing your circumstances and life for the better, and how out of control you may feel.

Some car dreams can be very positive, denoting how you feel you have a handle on things right now, while others emphasize your lack of control or agency when it comes to waking life and its problems. 

But what dictates a positive interpretation of a car dream, and what makes it a negative one? Well, the easiest way to determine this is to look at the emotions in your dream, and see if you can match them up to your waking life, and the circumstances you’re currently in.

It also depends on the dream scenario itself. For instance, seeing many cars in your dream refers to overwhelming worries, while one car signifies how well you feel your life is going, and how much control you have over it.

If you dream of a pleasant drive, life is going well, or things are about to get much better. A dream where a car crashes or slides from your control reflects chaos and despair in waking life.

At A Glance: Why Cars Appear In Dreams

While cars in dreams are generally interpreted to focus on your identity, there are many aspects of your identity that your dream might reference.

There are different ways cars might appear in your dreams, and these dream circumstances can  greatly affect the interpretation of your dream.

It’s also worth considering what kind of car you see in your dream, as a camper van has a vastly different dream meaning to a luxury sports car, for instance. 

The sports car may reference your desire for material wealth and denote how you will become successful, while a camper van denotes how you aim to gather a wealth of experience, or how you long to travel.

It’s also important to pay attention to the condition of the car in your dream, as this can change the meaning. 

A dream where you drive a car that is covered in rust, or has a large dent in it refers to how your confidence has taken a huge hit by misfortune in your waking life, but as long as the car is moving forward in your dream, this is a good omen of your great resilience. 

If you dream of driving around in an old but barely running car, this can refer to how you struggle with money or the expectations that you feel society has placed on you. 

Dreaming of driving a classic or vintage car that is in perfect condition implies that you may have a somewhat old-fashioned view of the world or approach to life, but it serves you very well.

Consider also where you are headed in this car dream, and if you make it. If you dream of crashing a car, this may denote how doubt is crippling you in some aspect of your waking life.

Dreaming of driving along the wrong side of the road is your subconscious urging you to change your approach in life before disaster strikes. 

If you dream that a child or even a toddler is in the driving seat, and you are a passenger, you are having trouble with your family, or how others perceive you and your choices.

Here are just a few examples of how a car dream scenario can affect the meaning, giving you a starting point on how to interpret your dream. 

  • Seeing a car in your dream: determination in life
  • Driving a car: thinking about control
  • Being a passenger: someone else makes your decisions
  • Run over by a car: reckless behavior
  • Car accident: problems and misfortune
  • Losing control of a car: mistakes that will affect others
  • Sat in a stationary car: give others advice soon
  • Using a car to visit someone: you haven’t learned a lesson from your past
  • Driving into something: something in your life is off-kilter
  • A car fire: future annoyance and frustration
  • A crushed car: a bad situation will change the direction of your life for the better
  • A car split into two: a crossroads in life
  • Dreaming of a previous car you owned: uptick in your finances
  • Driving during a dream when you can’t in waking life: positive things are coming
  • An electric car: others coming to you for help
  • Driving up a mountain: challenging yourself
  • A car crashing into water: emotional turmoil
  • A car driving off a cliff: spiritual change

The Car Dream Symbol

While there are some pleasant car dreams to be had, most occur when you have hit your fair share of problems in waking life. They may reflect how things have gone wrong, things that are out of your control, and may even provide you with a solution you’ve been searching for.

In older dream interpretation, cars are associated with self-image and reputation.

In most cases, a car dream will happen when you feel a loss of control or security in waking life. If you dream of something nightmarish like a car accident, this refers to a crippling level of self-doubt, relating to losing something vital.

Perhaps a sense of purpose that has driven you for so long no longer gets you out of bed, or a relationship has taken a nosedive, or your confidence in your abilities doesn’t match your level of abilities right now.

A dream where a car is driven dangerously is a warning from your subconscious, encouraging you to stay away from harmful habits or decisions that will have lasting consequences.

There is also another interpretation of general car dreams worth mentioning. A negative dream involving a car can suggest that you’re avoiding responsibility or admitting any mistakes you’ve made in waking life.

If you dream of a car having a mechanical failure, this represents something that is stopping you from moving forward in life. 

If you dream that something visible in the car is broken, this may suggest that while you love a job or career you see the flaws in it, and the cracks in your motivation are starting to show.

Car dreams are also associated with your motivations and your ‘drive’ to do well in life. Driving a car well or even perfectly denotes how your motivation is steering you through tough times, and you need to do no more than carry on how you are.

If you dream of buying a new car, this suggests that something that has motivated you up until now will do so no longer. You need to find a new reason or purpose. 

But a dream like this also denotes a completely different direction in life, so be prepared for things to change. 

Consider Where You Are Sitting In Your Car Dream

What might seem like a trivial detail in your dreams can completely alter the meaning of your dream scenario. One of these aspects to look out for is where you’re sitting within a car dream, as these carry different meanings.

Being in the driver’s seat is a very good sign – no matter if the car is moving or not – as it stresses how you are the one moving you forward on your journey through life.

Sitting in the passenger seat suggests that you feel some aspect of your life is not in your control, when it really should be you behind the wheel.

If you are sitting in the back seat in your car dream, this denotes that you feel dependent on others when it comes to decision-making. You don’t trust yourself on some level, and this won’t serve you.

Dreaming that you’re in the trunk is a very unfortunate dream. You feel completely out of control in waking life, as if you cannot decide your present or your future, and everything that comes to you is an unwelcome surprise.

A dream like this calls on you to find a way back to the version of yourself that remembers you are in control of your own life. No one else gets to decide how you live, not when it comes down to it.

Dreaming Of Being A Passenger In A Car

A dream where you are the passenger in a car can suggest that you’re unclear of where you should be in life, or what path you should take next.

Maybe there are too many possibilities to choose from, and you’re not sure which should be the right one. 

It also denotes a lack of control somewhere in your life, where you feel your existence is dictated by other people’s choices or the circumstances life hands to you. 

If you dream that the car is involved in an accident while you are in the passenger seat, this denotes how you feel a loss of security, you feel vulnerable somewhere in waking life.

Consider The Car Journey In Your Dream

Another thing to think about when considering the meaning behind your car dream is to consider the journey itself. Was it a pleasant one? Did you enjoy it? Were you terrified?

Did the car jolt at any point? Crash, or roll to a stop? Did it carry on smoothly? Was the road ahead clear, or was it full of obstacles? 

A smooth, pleasant journey is a very good sign, and reflects how you are in a great place right now. It may be time to go after what you want with everything you have, while luck is on your side.

A rough, jolting, or sickness-inducing journey in a car in your dream refers to problems, complications, and feeling as though you are in a rut. 

Things just don’t seem to be going your way right now, and perhaps it’s time you did something to change things as best you can, or maybe it’s better to just weather the storm.

Dreaming Of Being In A Car With Someone You Know

A dream where you are in the car with someone you know can imply that you should focus some of your energy and time into this relationship. 

It may also denote the good things that this connection gives you, helping you along your spiritual path, especially if you see someone that you’re close to. They give you a lot of support, and the courage to go after things you want with everything you have.

A dream like this may also pick certain people to have in the car with you as a way to find a way to move forward. Maybe you need to adopt certain traits that these people embody, such as being more assertive, stronger courage, or more compassion.

If you dream of being in a car with an ex, this is a reminder that you will get through any tough times that you’re currently facing. You have faced awful situations before, and come through the other side. 

Dreaming Of Having Sex In A Car

A dream where you have sex in a car is an interesting one, and the meaning depends on whether you enjoyed yourself in this dream, or if you were bored or annoyed.

Positive emotions during this dream denotes satisfaction in your relationships in waking life, not just those that are sexual.

If the dream unsettles you, or you don’t feel good during it, this suggests that you feel somewhat powerless in waking life. You long for more control or influence, and you’re not sure how to get it.

It’s worth noting that sex dreams usually signify underlying needs or desires you are ignoring or not even aware of. Maybe it’s time to do some soul searching, and discover what you really want from life, if anything at all is possible.

Dreaming Of Your Own Car Meaning

As cars in dreams reference your control in life, dreaming of your own car represents your level of self-confidence, spiritual path, and identity in waking life, which all influence how much or how little you feel in control.

You may have a dream of your own car when you feel very little is possible, in which case the car may break down in your dream, or you might not be the one driving at all. 

This dream also represents how your self-image ties into what you think is possible for you to achieve. 

If you don’t have a healthy self-image or level of self-confidence, you may have a dream of your own car as a way of your subconscious mind telling you to work on this. 

A dream where you drive your own car is a very positive dream image. It suggests that you will overcome any obstacles in your way. That’s not to say that things will be easy, far from it, but you will get there eventually.

A dream of driving your car is a call to keep going in life, no matter how difficult things may seem at the minute, or how events might not unfold the way you want them to.

If you dream of seeing yourself drive from a third-person perspective, this suggests that the approach you’ve decided to take is the right one, and will give you the best possible outcome.

As this is your own car in your dream, this also references how your independence serves you well through life. You know when you should call on others for help, and when you should handle things yourself. 

Your Car Not Starting In A Dream

A dream where your car fails to start implies that something is wrong in waking life, and it’s affecting every aspect of your life. 

You may be working too hard for too long, in which case you’re on the path to burnout, or you’re focusing on the wrong thing, and this will not help you in the future.

If you dream there is a problem with the car battery and the engine doesn’t start, or worse, the car rolls to a stop mirrors how you feel drained or empty in waking life. 

You may be trying to do too much all at once, where every little gain almost feels like a step backward in how much time it takes, as well as its own mountain to climb. 

If you keep dreaming that your car breaks down, this is a call to adjust areas of your life so that they are not sapping so much of your energy that you feel you can’t function. 

A car failing to start in your dream may also refer to events around the corner that you cannot predict, and these will change the course of your life, for better or worse. 

A car battery may also reflect your relationships, and how much energy you are spending on others, or how you might be on the verge of burnout. Be honest with yourself, and others, and take time out when you need it.

Dreaming Of Your Car Breaking Down

A dream where your car breaks down is a call to take some time out. Step back and take a few moments to consider what you want out of life, and if this is it, or if there’s something that would serve you better.

It may be that you need to adjust your course entirely, and go after a different dream or goal.

A dream where you can’t start your car at all implies that you are at a spiritual crossroads in life, and you’re not sure what path to take. This uncertainty is made worse by your lack of control in waking life, where you are doubting your ability to change your life, but dare to dream of what you really want, and you might just get there.

Losing Your Car In A Dream

While it’s easy enough to lose your keys, your card, or your wallet or purse, it’s another thing altogether to lose your car! 

A dream where you lose your car implies that you need to turn your attention towards what ‘drives’ you through life. Perhaps something that has motivated you up until now no longer sparks that fire in you anymore, and you need to fill this with something else.

It is a call to adjust what isn’t serving you in life, even if that’s letting go of something completely in order to make room for things that will. 

Maybe you’re thinking about how a long-term goal needs you to be more knowledgeable or more resilient, and you’re trying to figure out how to get there.

Dreaming of losing a car may also be a call to be more assertive in life. Don’t let things pass you by for the sake of it.

Alternatively, losing a car in your dream can indicate that you have lost your motivation, or you’re not sure what direction you should take in life. Things may not be going badly, but there is a certain disquiet that’s stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest.

A dream where you are unable to find your car implies that your perception in waking life is clouded. Perhaps you’ve distanced yourself from the truth, or you can’t recognize it right now. 

Consider also the manner in which you lose the car. If you watch the car sink into mud (see also Mud Dream Meaning) or water, this implies that you are being held back by very strong denial. 

Your innermost self knows the truth, but not acknowledging it in your waking hours will not serve you, and may even make things much more difficult than they need to be. 

A dream like this calls on you to recognize the truth, and accept it for what it is, not deny what you cannot change, or what you don’t want to be true. 

Losing your car in a dream is a call to find a way forward, even if that’s not quite in the way you expect to go.

If you dream of leaving your car somewhere and then being unable to find it, this suggests that you feel powerless in some aspect of your life. 

It may be that someone you were relying on can no longer make things work, in which case this dream is a call to be more assertive, and see what you can solve yourself.

Dreaming Of A Stolen Car

A dream where your car is stolen from you implies that you don’t have all the facts in waking life, and most likely, this is deliberate on someone else’s part. This dream is a call to find out what you’re missing, and why someone might try to hide it from you.

Alternatively, a dream of a stolen car suggests that you are plagued by doubts in your own self-confidence or your abilities. Your dream urges you to work on these, so that you may move forward a little easier. 

Losing Your Car Keys In Your Dream

A dream where you lose your car keys refers to an element of waking life where you feel you 

have lost something important, something vital that you’ve always relied upon in tough times to get you through, but it’s a part of your everyday life just like your car keys.

A dream of losing your car keys also refers to how you need to be brave mentally, make sure you are being honest with yourself, and go after what really matters to you in life. 

It may be that you’ve been settling for less than what you want. Perhaps you’re afraid of asking the universe for more, but if you don’t dare to try, you’ll always wonder. 

Driving A Car In Your Dreams

A dream where you actually drive the car relates to how you move through life, and what your plans for the future might be, and how well you think they may go. 

Think about how well you are driving the car in this dream, and what kind of road you are on. A bumpy road full of potholes suggests that the future isn’t going to be easy, and how well you navigate it in your dreams reveals how well you will get through these issues in waking life.

Another take on a dream like this is that you’re sexually frustrated, or you’re carrying around a lot of tension that you really don’t need to. Find a way to put it down.

A perfectly smooth, straight road that seems to be the same for miles and miles denotes good luck. However, if you feel bored during this journey, it may denote stagnation and frustration in waking life, where you feel you’re getting nowhere no matter how much effort you put in.

If you dream of being unable to control the car, or someone hits you, this can suggest a fear of failure, or that things are happening too fast in your waking hours for you to process them. You may even feel blind-sided, unsure what your next steps should be.

Dreaming Of Driving Through Fog Or Mud

A dream where you are struggling to make it through fog or mud implies that you know you should stick to your guns, though someone you love is opposed to it. 

Maybe they are trying to get you to do something you don’t agree with, or control your life in some aspect, and you want to make sure your decisions are your own.

Or, it may suggest that you feel the need to go against an authority or have something to pit yourself against in order to motivate you.

Dreaming of driving through fog implies that you are facing an internal conflict of sorts. You know you need to push through and find a way through a difficult period or situation, but you’re struggling just to acknowledge it, or ignore how you feel to think more objectively.

As fog obscures your vision, so do difficult circumstances, so take care of yourself, and don’t rush into big decisions when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. Take some time to recuperate, and figure out what you want. 

A dream like this may suggest that what has ‘driven’ you up until now no longer does anything for you, and you need to find a different motivation in order to carry on. 

Mud in your dreams relates to the idea that you need to ground yourself, and work on any spiritual goals or aspirations you have. Perhaps you haven’t learned a lesson from your past, and doing so would really help you in the future.

If you dream of thick mud which prevents the car from moving entirely, this implies that some level of confusion is about to halt your progress in waking life.

A dream where your car is stuck in mud and others do not come to your aid refers to your fear that no one will help you when you need it most, or you’ll need to do something for someone at the time when everything else is piling onto your plate.

Driving A Car Off The Road In Your Dream

A dream where you drive a car off the road suggests that you have made the wrong decision somewhere in life, or one of your most vital needs is still being unmet despite your best efforts.

This has led you away from your spiritual path, and you need to do some work to get back on track. The sooner you figure out a way to do this, the easier things will be for you.

However, this dream isn’t all doom and gloom. It can denote that you are focused in life, and you try to prepare for chaos and disruption so that you can move past it a little easier.

A dream like this may come as a warning to be better prepared, and trust both your logic and your intuition to see yourself through any difficulty.

A nightmare where you find yourself driving a car into a ditch implies that while you are being completely honest with someone, and you’re making yourself quite vulnerable, you’re unsure if the other person will do the same, or if they are being genuine in return.

This may denote a complete imbalance in your relationship, to the point where you may question if it is worth trying to keep this connection, or if you should ditch it entirely. 

If you dream of driving off a road and off a cliff, this may imply that you are presuming too much in waking life. It’s good to trust yourself, but you have to remember that you’re not always right.

Driving Into A Wall In A Dream

A dream where you drive into a wall denotes a large obstacle in life that you cannot ignore. 

Maybe you’re closing yourself off from others, and this will have lasting impacts on your relationships if you don’t do something about this soon. 

It could be that a situation in waking life has you reeling, and you don’t have the emotional energy to connect with others right now. 

It may be worth reaching out to someone anyway, just to touch base, otherwise your relationships may suffer. Not everyone will be able to see what you’re going through unless you tell them, but make sure you are there for them too when they need you. 

A wall in this scenario in your dream can suggest that your fears and doubts are becoming a  major problem in life, and you’re limiting your potential and possibilities for the future even though you don’t need to. 

The message of this dream is that you may be your own worst enemy, and you need to do some work to unravel this, and find a way to move forward positively. 

Racing A Car In A Dream

Dreaming of racing a car is all about how your fears and hopes change the ‘speed’ of your life. It might be that you’ve found a new purpose or hobby that’s giving you a renewed motivation in life, or fear is holding you back from everything you want in life.

Racing a car in your dream is usually considered a positive omen, where you will achieve your goals despite any setbacks. If you dream of cars racing past you, this denotes happiness in your personal or professional life, and new relationships that will come to mean a lot to you. 

If you are a racecar driver in your dream, this refers to how your determination will get you far in life, and carry you to unexpected destinations.

Seeing A Fast Car In Your Dreams

A dream where you see a fast car reflects waking life, where things are hectic, and you don’t have a minute to think. 

However, as fast cars are associated with luxury and success, this busy period in your life will be a good thing, perhaps giving you something that you’ve always wanted. As long as you keep your head, and do your best, good things will manifest in this busy time.

If you dream of a fast car spinning out of control while on the road, this reflects your fears that you won’t get everything done, or you won’t be able to think straight during this period, but it does not denote your ability to cope.

Alternatively, a fast car appearing in your dream suggests that you are impatient when it comes to getting what you want. You live off the satisfaction that success brings you, and perhaps a goal you’ve set your sights on isn’t as easy as you first thought.

A dream like this urges you to stick to your guns, and you will eventually get there, even if you have to use a different approach. 

Dreaming Of A Luxury Car

A luxury car in your dreams denotes your recent successes, and the satisfaction you get from all your hard work. 

It also refers to material success, and how this boosts your confidence when you have visual evidence of where your hard work and determination can get you in life. 

A dream of a luxury car may urge you to take a look at how well you’ve achieved at something, and see if you can apply this success to somewhere else in your life. 

Maybe you’ve always had a good approach to your work life, but when it comes to your personal life, you can never seem to stick to a dream you’ve always wanted to chase. It’s worth examining the reasons why this might be, and how you might change it.

If you dream of being behind the wheel of a luxury car, this may imply that an opportunity is about to come along that will change your life for the better if you manage to take it. 

A dream where you admire a beautiful car, but you don’t get to drive it denotes that you’re trying to make things perfect and this is an impossibility that may even hold you back in some way. 

Seeing Someone Drive Recklessly In Your Dream

A dream where you witness a reckless driver tear past you or crash into something or someone implies that you feel like a bystander in some part of your life. 

If you dream of driving dangerously, this suggests that you may be taking needless risks in waking life, and you should reconsider before you or someone else gets hurt. 

Alternatively, driving recklessly in your dream refers to how you’re ready to be honest with someone no matter what they might think of you. It’s time to tell them the truth. 

However, a dream like this also calls on you to consider other people’s perspectives and feelings when it comes to moving forward with your life.

If you drive recklessly and end up crashing the car in your dream, this implies that a situation you will struggle with will turn out to be for the best, prompting your life to go in a different direction entirely.

A Car Out Of Control In Your Dream

What a stressful dream. If you dream of seeing a car that is completely out of control, it suggests that something in waking life is coming to a natural end, and you need to search for a new purpose or motivation in order to attain a level of peace in your life.

The stress in your dream relates to the anxiety caused by upheaval and change, and how you are worried things won’t change for the better. Remember that this is doubt, not a promise of bad things to come. 

It could be that the thing that is ending has defined your life for so long that you don’t know who you are without it. This doesn’t mean you are any less of a person without it. It may be time to find out exactly who you might be without it, and what you might fill this time with.

A dream where a car’s brakes fail can suggest that no matter how hard you work, some things are just out of your control, and sometimes the universe has other plans for you.

A Car Hits Someone In Your Dream

What a nightmare. If you dream of a hit and run, or a car crashing into people in your dream, this denotes nervousness and anxiety that you might be about to fail someone. 

You fear success isn’t in your control, and you’re worried about going to this person with what will sound like excuses. You think it will reflect badly, as all they might see is failure, instead of your hard work and determination to try and help them.

If you dream of being run over yourself, this can suggest that something or someone will overtake you in some aspect of your professional life. Consider where this might happen, and how you might move to stop it, if it would be a bad thing.

A dream where a car hits an animal implies that there are obstacles in your spiritual path, and you will need to work through them in order to get where you should be. 

A Car Accident In Your Dream

A dream of a car accident suggests a drawn-out argument with someone you love, or a rift between you. 

Any damage in your dream reflects the chaos this problem is causing you in waking life, but also a lack of control, or an element of feeling powerless to heal the discord between you.

It may also denote something you’re desperately trying to avoid in waking life, in which case this dream is a warning. If you carry on ignoring this issue, things will only get worse, and it may even be that part of your life will derail completely. 

A dream like this is usually a way of giving your anxiety or stress an outlet, it just so happens that the ‘source’ of the stress in your dream is different from your waking hours.

This may come as a relief, as we are often tempted to assume that something as traumatic and realistic happening in our dream is a sign it will happen in waking life. 

A dream like this is usually a way of releasing or acknowledging your emotions, but it can also come as a warning. It’s a common dream when you feel you can change absolutely nothing about your situation in waking life, and you feel powerless to alter even yourself.

If you let this feeling creep into every area of your life, letting it become part of your expectations, you will suffer for it, and you’ll find things much harder than they need to be. Goals will seem completely out of your reach, no matter how skilled you are.

A dream like this may also warn you that your perspective in life is completely skewed, and you don’t have any objectivity right now to be making big decisions. 

Your subconscious mind urges you to find out the source of this error, and fix it before it can affect your life. Perhaps there is something in your past that’s still affecting your present, unconsciously dictating the direction of your decisions. 

Maybe it’s something in your present that you desperately hope isn’t true, something that has caused you to go into a deep denial. 

Or, it could be that you’re lacking something that you feel you desperately need, and this unmet need is affecting your ability to see things as they are. 

Perhaps this need is all you can focus on, despite your best efforts, and you are exhausted. Maybe it’s time to take a break, and figure out how you might get what you need.

Avoiding A Car Accident In Your Dream

A dream where you avoid a car accident is a very good sign for the future, where you will swerve a potential disaster in waking life. You’ll see the signs that things aren’t going well, and you’ll adjust your course where necessary in order to avoid it.

It may also suggest that you’re accepting people for who they are, and they are doing the same for you. You recognize that you can’t change them, and you embrace their quirks, just as they are doing the same for you.

On a more spiritual level, this may suggest that you’re taking a different path in life that will serve you better than the one you were heading for.

Alternatively, a dream of avoiding a car accident may imply that you are taking risks, but there is still the potential to stop a disaster from happening. 

It may be that you’re not listening to someone that you really should, or you’re not taking enough care in waking life. Your dream urges you to fix things, now, while it is relatively easy to do so.

Seeing A Car Wreck In Your Dream

A dream of a car wreck can be very worrying, to the point where you might try and avoid traveling by car for a while! The good news is that it isn’t a prediction of a car crash in waking life, but it’s still not a nice experience.

It doesn’t help that a dream like this is also a sign of misfortune, where trouble or bad luck is about to find you in waking life. As a car in your dream denotes how you are moving forward in life, this unfortunate event or bad luck will mean that you will stall along your spiritual path.

Maybe you’ll need to put your dreams on hold for a while, or shelve a dream altogether and find something new to motivate you. 

After a dream like this, it’s worth making sure that your perception is focused on the present and its details, not on a future dream or goal. 

Alternatively, a car wreck in your dream implies that you’re finally going to put your doubts, worries, and negative thoughts to rest for good. 

Something that has been bothering you for so long will not matter soon, and you’ll be free to move on.

It may foretell that something unpredictable will come into your life soon, derailing your current plans, but good things will come of this.

Parking A Car In Your Dream

A dream of parking a car perfectly is a very good omen, suggesting that you know when to take some time out and give yourself a break, and when to double down and focus with everything you have.

Dreaming of struggling to park a car implies that you have trouble turning off, or concentrating on the present rather than the future or the past.

If you see a parked car, this may suggest stagnation along your spiritual path, and how you feel blocked in waking life. 

Something is stopping you from moving forward, and it’s time you figured out why that is, and what you can do about it. It may be that figuring it out is the hard part, and once you know the problem, a solution might present itself. 

Dreaming Of A Car Garage Meaning

A dream of a car garage suggests that something in your waking life needs your attention. Just as we go to car garages to get our cars fixed, something in your waking life is in need of repair.

If you dream that your car breaks down, and you get to a car garage because someone helps you out, this suggests that you should call on people if you need them soon. They will be happy to help you, and it will make your connection with them stronger.

A problem with your car in your dream reflects a drawn-out issue in waking life that has been flawed from the start. If you dream of waiting for your car to be repaired, you’re not afraid of going to people for advice or help, and this will greatly impact your future positively.

Seeing A Car Wash In Your Dream

A dream of visiting a car wash suggests that you want to start anew in some area of your life. You feel you need more breathing room, but you may not know how to accomplish this, and this is causing you some frustration. 

This dream may just embody how you want to start over, or it may be a sign that you are about to be presented with an opportunity to do so. Maybe someone or something will come along to change your life, or a situation will force you to rethink what you want out of life itself.

Selling Your Car In A Dream

If you dream of selling your car, this denotes how you are considering changing your life’s direction. You may be searching for a new purpose, meaning, or reason in your life.

Often a dream like this means that you want to change your career or current job. Maybe it doesn’t challenge you, or you want something that feels more fulfilling, something that satisfies you.

While your current job may offer you stability, and you have a pretty good idea of what your days look like and what to expect, that’s all it offers. 

You’re considering trading your comfortable position for the chance of something better, and a situation that you cannot control, hence selling the car in your dream.

If you dream of selling your car and being unable to choose a new one, this reflects doubt that moving on from what is familiar may not be a good idea, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

Change can be difficult, there’s no doubt about that, but you may always wonder if you don’t try. A dream like this also suggests that there are many potential paths ahead of you, and the difficulty will be in choosing which one to go for.

If you dream of selling your car privately, this means that you’ll need to convince someone of your way soon, but if you succeed, this person will always listen to you when you give advice.

A dream where you sell the car you own in waking life denotes how you don’t want any more work piled onto your plate. You have enough responsibilities to fulfill as it is.

If you dream of seeing a car advert for your car, but it isn’t you selling it suggests that you are desperately trying to avoid having to assume control at work. A situation is problematic enough that you don’t want anything to do with it.

It may be that you’re sick of your job entirely, in which case it may be time to consider your options, and see if you’d feel better in a different career entirely.

If your dream involves a car salesman, this implies that someone is going to do their best to convince you of their way or ideas, but make sure you stay true to yourself.

A dream where you are desperate to sell your car indicates that you may suffer from money worries soon, so do what you can now to mitigate the chances of this.

Renting A Car In Your Dreams

A dream of renting a car isn’t exactly a common one, but it’s worth looking into. It may just mirror waking life, for example if you’ve rented a car in order to holiday or to fly somewhere, it doesn’t have a meaning.

However, if you dream of renting a car, and you haven’t done this in waking life for a while or ever, this implies that a short-lived situation will have a negative impact on you. 

While it won’t be long until you’re through it, the feeling of the loss of power or control will stay with you for a while.

This might be a setback at work, an argument with someone you love, or something else entirely. It may demonstrate exactly how hurtful someone might be in the heat of the moment, and while they may apologize, their words will take longer to lose their sting.

This makes sense if you think that the act of renting a car is a temporary thing, and in this sense it does suggest that this uncomfortable feeling will go away before you know it.

Seeing A New Car In Your Dream

A dream where you see a new car is considered a very positive omen. It denotes a new path or renewed sense of motivation or purpose in life, and this will motivate you to a better success than you could imagine.

Dreaming of picking up a new car implies many possibilities ahead of you. A dream where you are the passenger in a new car suggests that an upcoming problem will give you a new perspective going forward in life.

A dream like this is also common when you are longing for change, for something new to happen. Your subconscious mind is simultaneously giving you what you want while also telling you to go after your wildest dreams.

Seeing Car Headlights In Your Dream

A dream of car headlights implies that while you’ve had some great hopes for how a situation would turn out, reality has come crashing down around your shoulders, and you might not be ready to face the truth, but you need to do so.

Headlights being on full beam in your dream suggests that you’ve let your heart run away with you, and rather than thinking of what could or might happen, you’ve been so focused on what you wanted to happen that you couldn’t see the warning signs.

This dream denotes the trouble you are having adjusting to reality, and the doubt of how you should move forward. 

A dream where car headlights are malfunctioning may seem like a bad sign, but it actually denotes the opposite. 

It implies that you’re about to see a clearer picture of things, but you may go too far the other way, and a situation requires you to think bigger.

Dreaming of being unable to see in the dark while you are driving implies that your priorities are about to shift, and you will concentrate on how you might make progress in your life. 

An issue or situation will come along that will force you to reevaluate where you are in life, and what you want. It may make you see that what you have been chasing isn’t what you want after all. 

If you dream of driving along and one of the headlights fails, this is a good sign. Something unexpected but positive will come your way soon. Or, it may denote how you are trying your hardest to make progress in waking life, and your efforts will take you somewhere you couldn’t predict.

A dream where you drive in complete darkness can suggest that someone in your life is acting defensively, and you’re not entirely sure why, or perhaps something has you on edge, and you’re not sure what the reason is.

Dreaming Of A Stick Shift Car

A dream that focuses on a car with a stick shift is an interesting one. If you dream of using the gears, this suggests that while a situation does feel out of your hands to an extent, you have plenty of confidence to know that you will handle it whatever happens.

A dream like this is common when you run into problems in waking life, but you are still able to devote some time to your long-term goals.

However, a dream of a stick shift can imply that you are afraid of disappointment, or a situation not turning out well despite throwing everything you have at it. 

It may also denote a change in your life’s direction, which will be unexpected but welcome.

If you dream of struggling with the gears, or you’re unable to change gears, this implies that you will struggle with a few obstacles in the future, but you will be able to create a few workarounds.

An Automatic Car In Your Dream

If the dream focuses on the detail of a car being automatic, this refers to your spiritual path in life, and how your connections with others and your own identity determine the pace.

A dream of driving an automatic implies that you should focus on your own goals, not just the worries or concerns others may have, or what others want for you.

If you dream of driving an automatic recklessly, this refers to how you instantly click with some people, and not with others. Maybe it’s time you searched for people that you will make easy connections with. 

Overall, automatic cars in your dream are quite positive, and suggest that things are about to look up. 

If you dream of a self-driving car, this signifies how you feel things aren’t going well for you in waking life, and you’re wondering how you can get things back on track.

Dreaming Of Traffic Lights

Traffic lights in dreams can signify many different things, but one interpretation that keeps surfacing is that you are holding back in some part of life. 

Maybe you are afraid of success, or failure, or something else entirely, so you’re not giving something everything you have. This dream urges you to reconsider, and perhaps find out why you are doing this in the first place.

Consider also the color of the traffic light. A green light implies that several new paths are about to open up to you.

A red traffic light in your dream implies delays or even something coming to an end completely in your waking life.

A flashing orange traffic light in your dream suggests that you should be prepared for upheaval and a transition to a new phase of your life. 

If you dream of a pedestrian crossing light, this implies that you need to be more assertive somewhere in your life. 

Dreaming of driving through a red light suggests you are at the end of your patience, or you are taking needless risks.

Consider The Color Of The Car In Your Dream

One thing worth thinking about when you’re trying to decipher your dream is to look at the color of the dream symbol, as this can tell you a lot about your dream. It may even completely change the meaning, too. 

Dreaming Of A Black Car

A dream of a black car represents your unconscious mind, and any underlying thoughts, behavior patterns, or memories within. 

As this is part of your unconscious mind, you are unaware of it, but your dream is a way of bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind.

A dream like this may focus your attention on a goal you’ve long given up on but would still serve you, or a memory that is useful to your present situation.

Or, a black car in your dream may be a sign that you’re about to encounter an element of mystery in a situation soon, and whatever it might be will keep you up at night for a while.

It may even be a situation that you cannot explain, but has a magical element to it, something you never would have dreamed possible.

Alternatively, a black car in your dreams may suggest a difficult period of time ahead of you, where you will be tempted to sink into denial rather than face the truth.

The color black in dreams is also associated with transformation, the need to ground yourself, to channel any extra energy you have into something fantastic, but also vicious cycles, delusion, and negativity.

A dream of a black car may suggest that something is getting in the way of you moving forward spiritually, especially if the car breaks down, crashes, or runs someone over in your dream.

It may also be a call to be more independent, to make sure that you are only relying on yourself when it comes to your spiritual journey through life. Perhaps you need to remove yourself from a tough situation, or be honest with yourself or someone else.

A black car in your dream urges you to find a better equilibrium in life, so that you may live better and healthier. Maybe you’re spending all your time on the wrong things, or the wrong people, or things that won’t serve you well going forward.

A White Car In Your Dream

In dream symbolism, white denotes grace, spirituality, innocence, victory, and peace. 

A dream of a white car is usually a positive sign, suggesting that you will be successful in the future, especially if you see yourself driving a pristine white car.

If you run into any problems when you see the white car in your dream, this may indicate that you’re about to face some struggles in waking life, where your peace in life or spirituality are about to be called into question.

A white car in your dreams may also refer to self-discipline, and a heightened sense of purpose along your spiritual journey. A situation or person may come along in waking life that will change your perspective for the better, and you may find honesty very refreshing soon.

A Red Car In Your Dreams

A red car in your dream may represent a lifelong goal that puts a fire in your heart, something that you’ve been working towards with everything you have. This dream has served you well, and it will continue to do so.

Driving a red car in your dream may be a call to look at what ‘drives’ you in your waking life, where you should ensure that you’re doing what you’re doing for the right reasons.

The color red in dreams also refers to power, desire, confidence, truth, and love, and may be a call to embody these traits more in your waking life.

If you dream that the red car is a source of terror or annoyance, this implies that something that has been unclear for a while will soon make sense.

A dream where a red car is stolen may suggest that you aren’t focusing on what you love, or what you want, but things that hamper your motivation or problems that are affecting your ability to see clearly. 

If you dream of a red car you don’t recognize, and you don’t see the driver, this signifies the anxiety you have of losing something important to you. Be mindful of how this fear may motivate you, as decisions based on anxiety and fear rarely end well.

As red is often considered a bold color, it may be a call to be more confident in going after the things you want in life, and to enjoy your life more, no matter what you find yourself doing in the day-to-day. 

It may also suggest a busy period in the near future that will require all your courage to get through, but if you apply yourself, you might find that things turn out better than you could dream.

Dreaming Of A Blue Car

A blue car appearing in your dream usually refers to your emotions, and generally a sense of peace and letting fate guide your decisions. 

It’s worth considering the shade of blue in your dream, too. A navy blue or near-black car in your dream can imply that you need to look deeper into a situation, as you’re missing something vital that may affect your decisions.

A very pale blue car in your dream reveals that anything you’re setting up for your future is about to pay off big time.

Consider also if you are in the blue car in this dream. Being a passenger in a blue car implies that you need to let the universe or fate decide some things for you. Perhaps you’re trying to control every little aspect of your life, and this is stopping good fortune from reaching you.

Being in the backseat of a blue car in your dream indicates that you should listen to other people, or even leave a decision up to them in order to let go of stress and be happier.

Dreaming of being in the driving seat of a blue car denotes that you’re in a great place right now, and have a good hold on your emotions, and balance your decision-making process between your logic and your intuition.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Car Dreams

There’s a lot to mention when we consider the spiritual associations of a car dream. After all, spiritual journeys are often referred to as ‘roads’ in some way, including crossroads with many directions to choose from.

Cars in dreams are linked to strong emotions, as well as the influence and control you have over your own life. This is regardless of what type of car you’re dreaming of, whether that’s a complete rust bucket or the car of your dreams.

A dream like this calls on you to be more objective when it comes to your current state of affairs, and how you might improve your life. 

The movement of the car has some meaning, too. It signifies how well, or quickly you are moving along your spiritual path. 

A car moving forward in a dream refers to your great level of focus and attention, and how you’re concentrating on what you want to achieve in the future, while a car reversing or moving backward refers to how you’re reminiscing about the past, or you’re not making progress. 

Most car dreams call on you to find a way to feel more in control in your waking life, especially if you dream that the car breaks down or has a mechanical problem. 

If someone else is in the driver’s seat in your dream, this is your subconscious telling you to ‘own’ your life and any ‘flaws’ in your personality, and fully accept yourself.

Dreaming of a faulty GPS system in a car implies that something is distracting you from the path you are meant to take in life.

Cars in dreams can reference how well, or badly you might be walking along your spiritual path, and to drive a car may be a call to develop your mental resilience in order to stick to it. 

The Dream Psychology Perspective On Car Dreams

As with any dream interpretation, it’s worth looking at your dream from several perspectives in order to get a clearer picture of what the possibilities are, and how to decide what the wrong interpretation is for you and your dream.

Carl Jung suggested that a car in your dreams is linked to the traits that make up the core parts of your personality. Any passengers in the car in your dream signify self-confidence, and reassurance that you are on the right path.

Typically, cars are linked to roads and spiritual paths in dreams, so they also have some associations with chances to do well or to stray from your path, too.

Consider if you are alone in the car in your dream, as this may imply that you need to reach out to others, or depending on how you feel in the dream, how you should only rely on yourself for a time.

If you lose control of the car in your dream, this can imply that your attempts to control something in waking life aren’t going well. Are you sure you should try?

The Biblical Meaning Of Cars In Dreams

While there are obviously no mention of cars in the Bible, there are some spiritual aspects to these dreams worth considering.

Biblically speaking, car dreams relate to how you decide your life’s direction, and how you move along the path that was laid before you long before you arrived.

A car may manifest in your dreams when you’re coming to the end of a phase of your life, and you’re entering the next. A dream of traveling in a car may be a call to broaden your horizons, and remain open-minded to new experiences, people, and ideas.

Consider also the direction the car was traveling in to reach a deeper meaning. If the car is moving forward, the car refers to your approach to life which serves you well, an uptick in your professional life, and growth in your overall relationships.

A car may also manifest into your dreams when you are going through a tough period, in which case it is a call to keep going, especially when you feel things are getting too much, and you’re not sure how you will cope. 

It is the very point when you consider turning back or giving up completely that if you push through, things often get much easier to deal with. If you give up, you may find yourself always wondering what would have happened if you kept going.

If the car doesn’t move in your dream, this may suggest that you need to look a little deeper into your own motivations or reasons for being on a certain path. 

Maybe they don’t serve you anymore, or you need a deeper understanding of why you want something in order to pursue it with everything you have.

A dream where you see a car moving backwards relates to how you feel you are making no progress in life, or how you may even feel that you’re regressing to a past version of yourself, if events in your current situation are anything like those in the past.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Driving A Child Somewhere In A Car In A Dream

This is a fairly specific dream scenario, but it is worth mentioning. Children in dreams can represent some aspect of yourself, perhaps your most vulnerable self, or part of you that you refuse to acknowledge.

Psalm 127:3 states that all children are “a heritage of God”, and this dream encourages you to be careful how you treat yourself. Don’t forget that you are your own best friend – don’t make yourself your own worst enemy. 

If you have children in waking life, and you have this dream, it can denote your worry that your children will have good lives, and that the lessons you’ve tried to teach them will stick.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Driving A Car Forward In Your Dream

A dream where you drive a car forward has some interesting interpretations when it comes to the biblical perspective. 

A dream like this can be urging you to make sure all aspects of your life are moving forward, and that you’re not spending too much time looking back on the past. 

It also references your self-discipline and determination, and how you should make sure that anything you pursue will enrich your life and improve your well-being or experiences.

This dream may be a call to be vigilant, and make sure no detail of the present escapes your notice. Otherwise, you may miss something vital, and things may become much harder than they need to be.

Driving forward in your dream may also relate to how you need to keep moving in life while making sure you stay in tune with your emotions and intuition. It may be tempting to ignore your feelings in order to keep going, but this may make you stall more than you might realize.

A dream like this can also suggest that you’re determined to make progress quickly, but you’re not making it as fast as you want, and this frustration may be holding you back more than anything.

If the car moves both forward and backward, this is a call to focus. Something is distracting you from your path, and if you’re not careful, you may find it harder to return to it than you first thought. 

It may be worth trying to keep a clear head in order to understand how best to approach any situations that are becoming more difficult. 

Perhaps you’re rushing into a decision to attempt to get things done as quickly as possible, but this will not serve you in the future, and it may even cause you more problems when you cannot think about all the ramifications a choice may lead you to.

The Biblical Meaning Of Reversing A Car In A Dream

A dream where you reverse a car implies that you’re worried about making a decision, and there’s a lot of fear behind your hesitation. 

Maybe you know that this choice needs a lot of thought behind it before you decide, but time is moving fast, and you need an answer, in which case the movement of the car relates to the pressure you are under.

This dream calls on you to strike a balance between the two, as with all things in life, you need to find an equilibrium that you will not regret. 

It is possible that the backward motion of the car may suggest that you are missing something important, especially if you don’t dream of looking in any of the mirrors as you move.

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • You enjoy driving the car
  • You see a luxury car
  • You are in the driving seat in your dream
  • You avoid a car crash
  • You don’t lose your car
  • You feel in control
  • You drive a sports car or luxury car
  • You race a car
  • You drive a car forward

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a dream of a car, especially when there are so many different ways that this symbol can appear in your dreams.

The key to finding the right interpretation behind a car dream is to pay close attention to the details, noting them down if you have to so that you can return to them later. 

This is especially helpful when your dream seems very unclear at first, as often these messages get clearer the longer you leave them. 

You may start to make connections between events and feelings in your waking life to the events in your dreams.

Another thing to consider when trying to find the meaning behind your dream is to read through the possible interpretations and explore any that ‘feel right’. 

Sometimes dream interpretation is all about instincts and intuition, so use your emotions and your gut feeling to point the way to your dream’s message.


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