Dreams About Travelling

Dreams about travelling often reveal a need to change the pace of your life, you fancy a break from your routine, or you want to explore somewhere completely different, and get out of your comfort zone. Travelling dreams often point to an impending transformation, a big change in your life, or from within. 

There’s nothing quite like packing for a holiday. You’re nervous, excited, and worried about how everything will fit, how your journey will go, and what you will have forgotten when you get there. We rarely travel to places in dreams, our subconscious tends to throw us into the middle of a new journey without any preamble. So if you do dream of the journey to somewhere, this is a dream that you should pay attention to. Everything in your dream tends to be symbolic of something – it’s a projection of you, after all, and dreaming of travelling indicates an impending change, or a need for one.

There are many types of dreams where you travel, even if you only see your possessions that you take when you travel in waking life, or if you dream of the whole journey from start to finish. Your dream of travelling can reflect your waking life, if you feel lost in your dream, there’s part of your life that needs some attention, and if you feel excited about a new adventure, you’re ready for what life might throw at you in the near future. 

Travelling in a dream relates to a spiritual or inner journey in waking life, where you have reconnected with yourself, an old connection with someone else, or you’ve discovered a new talent which will lead to a new chapter in your life. If you dream of carrying too many bags, or a bag is weighing you down, and you can’t move, this reflects how you’ve been overthinking or struggling to come to terms with something. You need to let some things go. 

What does Travelling Mean in a Dream?

Dreams of travel essentially denote your current state of mind when it comes to where you are in life. You may be excited to move forward, and you’re looking for every new opportunity, or you’re more apprehensive, you might not want to know what the future holds, and you feel lost. A journey in a dream represents the beginning of change, a shift in ideas, mentality, or your approach to life. If you dream of travelling somewhere specific, this reflects your state in waking life and the path you’re currently on, and how these might influence your decisions in the future. Dreaming of losing your way mirrors your feelings in waking life, a sense of lost purpose, or wanting to escape your responsibilities and routine. Dreaming of travelling in a car (see also Driving Dream Symbolism) represents your life journey.

Dreaming of carrying too many bags indicates you’re focusing on the past and the negative things that happened to you. If you have no luggage in this dream, you want to shed your ties, and you’ll change your outlook of life and your approach. If you dream of buying travel tickets, this suggests the future will allow you to open up a little more, you’ll feel free enough to try new things and really explore what gives you meaning or speaks to your soul.

What does Travelling Abroad in a Dream Signify?

Dreaming of going on a journey outside the country you live in reflects your desire to escape. Your responsibilities are too much right now, other people’s expectations are overshadowing what you think you’re capable of, and you want to drop everything and start somewhere else, where no one knows you. This dream is calling you to change something in your life – you’re already at the end of your tether, so why not try something new? Reconnect with nature, with who you are, who you want to be, and broaden your horizons. Be open to new adventures. Dreaming of travelling abroad signifies your desire to connect with people, your curious nature, and your desire to experience other ways of life and cultures. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Travelling Somewhere Specific?

Dreaming of travelling somewhere specific – either somewhere you recognize or not – is always an interesting dream, and it indicates you need to change your life in order to get what you want. There may be nothing “wrong” with the life you’re living at the moment, but it doesn’t match your life goals, or measure up to the picture you have in your head. Where you end up in this dream is also significant. If you dream of being in a hot country, you need to work on your motivation in order to achieve what you want out of life. If you dream of travelling somewhere freezing or inhospitable, this suggests something is holding you back in waking life. Dreaming of a European country points to future happiness. Dreaming of being in Africa indicates a desire to revisit your roots, a desire to spiritually connect with others, and reconnect with yourself. Dreaming of a jungle or a rainforest indicates you have a lot of questions, and you don’t know where to turn for answers, but everything will become clear soon. You feel there’s something missing from your life. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of Revisiting a Place You’ve Been Before?

Dreaming of being in or travelling to somewhere you’ve been before in waking life represents your wish to return. It was a relaxing or fun time in your life, and it can indicate you long for something similar now. Alternatively, something in waking life is bringing up similar feelings, so your subconscious has let the memory resurface, so you can experience it again. Dreaming of somewhere you have been before can signify you need to be more honest or more open with the people in your life. You long for connection, but not the vulnerability that it sometimes requires. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Travelling to an Unfamiliar Place?

Dreaming of travelling to somewhere you’ve never been suggests you need a change from your routine. It’s become too rigid, and you’re starting to feel a bit suffocated. It can reflect frustration in your waking life. You’ve finally achieved something you’ve always wanted, but now that you’re there, it isn’t everything you dreamed of. Now, you don’t know where to turn, or what to do next, and this unfamiliar territory in your dream reflects this. It would be easy to overthink things in this position, to cling to what’s familiar because the chance you took didn’t work out the way you hoped it would. Work toward something else, and keep moving forward. Not reaching this particular goal or not being fulfilled by it will give a chance for other things to happen.

If you dreamed of climbing a mountain, you want a period of calm and peace to be able to reflect, or to do some introspection away from your current problems. Your subconscious is telling you to take some time for yourself, to recharge. Dreaming of being in a country you don’t recognize – or one that doesn’t exist in waking life – reflects a desire to find your feet quickly in problems you didn’t see coming. You want to be ready for anything, or feel that you can handle any problem that comes your way. This dream also indicates that you’ll encounter a lot of issues soon, and while you won’t be grateful for them at the time, they will outline exactly what you’re capable of, and how far you can go when you push yourself. If you dream of crossing border security in a country you don’t know or have never visited, you’ll discover a lot of unused potential in yourself soon, and you’ll soon have cause to use it.

What does it Signify to Dream of Local People in a Foreign Country?

Dreaming of seeing local people while you were in a foreign land represents the desire to fit in somewhere new, or how you desire change, but you don’t want the potential isolation or the awkwardness of finding new people that can come with it. You want to be able to trust people more than you do in waking life, and this dream points to a need to be more open with others. If you spoke the language you heard in this dream, you’ll need to rely on the people close to you in order to move forward. If you dream of being scammed or even mugged in an unfamiliar place, you feel vulnerable in waking life, or you fear someone will take advantage of you. If you dreamed of going on a generic tour, and you went on to meet locals and had adventures with them, this reflects the desire for something that feels authentic or real in waking life, not something that feels forced.

What does it Mean to Dream of Losing Money or Possessions in a Foreign Country?

This is a nightmare in waking life, let alone a dream. Losing something in an unfamiliar place, whether that’s your sense of direction, your passport, your money, or even a person, is beyond stressful. This dream is trying to draw your attention to your ability to adapt when your resources or your sense of security is threatened. Losing possessions in a dream can point to the importance of planning, and checking each part is still valid on every step of a journey. If this dream was particularly anxiety-inducing, and you woke up nervous, you feel something in waking life is going terribly wrong, something that’s entirely out of your control. If your passport, papers, or cash were stolen or missing in this dream, you will suffer a blow to your identity soon. You may question what exactly makes you who you are, or you’ll want to change what you believe. 

What does a Dream of Carrying Too Much Luggage Suggest?

In dream symbolism, luggage represents “emotional baggage”, or those issues that you carry with you wherever you go. Dreaming of carrying too many bags indicates that you’re overthinking the present, and making connections to the past that simply aren’t there. Something is challenging you, or you’re facing a lot of issues and the anxiety is too much. If you have too many belongings in this dream, in waking life you’re trying to surround yourself with as much familiarity and “safe” things as possible, though this won’t help you grow. You need to stop holding onto your worries or negative thoughts so much. Put them down for a minute, and focus on your breathing. See if you can feel any freer. Now imagine how you would feel if that was how the rest of your life felt. Better? 

What does it Mean to Lose Your Passport in a Dream?

This is a common dream, especially if you’re expecting to travel soon. Dreaming of losing your passport signifies a period in your life when you’ll question who you are, and maybe that’s changed since you last looked. Passports or driver’s licenses in dreams relate to your identity, and how much a situation can change it, such as the end of a relationship or the start of a new hobby, a job, or a new chapter in your life. Losing your passport in a dream (see also Search Dream Symbolism) can also suggest you’re ready for a new adventure, so long as you let go of the past and anything negative you’re carrying around with you. This dream also suggests you’re about to let go of something that’s been limiting your potential, which could be another person, a fear of change, or trying to hold onto the present as it is.

What does a Dream of Obstacles Stopping You from Travelling Mean?

Dreaming of something stopping you from travelling, such as a delay, an incident at a border, or missing your connection signifies your wish for a clearer direction in life. You want things to be simpler, to know exactly where you’re headed. This dream is also your subconscious drawing your attention to your overall approach to life. If you think positively, you’re more likely to come to a solution quicker, when you believe you can get through the tough times. You’re reminding yourself that there is good in the future, and you’re capable of solving anything you put your mind to.

What does it Mean to Dream of Travelling by Car?

Dreaming of driving along an open road that stretches beyond where your eye can see indicates a wish to move forward, or to get away from your current situation. If you dream of a car with its roof down, you’re enjoying a stronger sense of who you are. Driving along the coast in your dream indicates a need to focus on where you’ve come from, and exactly how far you’ve gotten. Dreaming of travelling in a car essentially suggests self-reliance (see also What Do Cars Represent In Dreams?), strength, and a better sense of your own identity in the future. 

The dream symbol of a car (see also Motorbike Dream Meaning) relates to your own identity, capability, and spirituality. In this dream, you’re not fighting change, but you’re adapting to the situation as it unfolds, and you’re not thinking too much – as is the nature of a dream, and maybe you need to practice this more in waking life. If you dream of being a passenger in the car, this can point to being too trusting, or letting someone else take control of your life. Undertaking a road trip in a dream where you don’t drive indicates that you are letting someone else “take the driver’s seat” in your life. You’ve handed over your control, whether you realize it or not, and it might be time to take that back. Alternatively, you cannot be sure of someone’s intentions, what they are saying, or how they’re saying it doesn’t ring true. If you dream of a holiday in a camper van or in a converted van, this indicates that you’ll better yourself through your own hard work.

What does a Dream of Travelling Through a Lavish Neighborhood Mean?

Dreaming of travelling through a lavish or affluent neighborhood represents your material desires, how you want to appear successful – whatever that means to you – but not letting these desires rule your personality or your life. This dream also embodies your clever gaze and how one look can inform you well enough to make a decision. Dreaming of travelling through a well-off area indicates future success in your professional life, and an uptick in your finances. If you dream of a large mansion or a house, this represents your ideals, and moving toward starting a big commitment. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Other People Travelling?

Dreaming of other people travelling suggests you’ve overlooked something, or you need to be more perceptive about other people’s behavior. Dreaming of seeing people travel through a liminal space, such as an airport or a station, suggests that you need to look at the small details, as there may be something important within. You might need to switch tactics when it comes to trying to solve a problem.

What does a Dream of Travelling by Bus or Train Mean?

Travelling on a bus in a dream (see also What Does A City Bus Mean In Dreams?) indicates what leads you to the decisions you make, the ideals behind them. Do you make certain decisions in order to fit in, or to project a certain image of yourself? Are you doing things because you want to, or because you have to? How much of a balance is there between the two, and can you adjust it? Dreaming of travelling by bus could just be a reflection of waking life, if you use public transport regularly.

If you dream of travelling by train (see also Train Dream Meaning), this is symbolic of your life’s path. It’s a sign you’re headed the right way, and you soon get to where you need to be in order to push forward. Dreaming of travelling by train can also indicate that you’re worrying too much. It might never happen.

What does a Dream of Preparing to Go Abroad Suggest?

Dreaming of packing your bags for a trip or otherwise getting ready to travel to another country indicates being halfway through a spiritual transformation. You’re getting ready for a big change in your life, and you’re taking the time now to rest in order to adapt to new situations or changes in your outlook. Dreaming of planning to go abroad signifies now is the time (see also: What Does Time Travel Mean In A Dream?) to make changes, and to better yourself. You have the energy and the motivation to transform your life, so what more are you waiting for?

What does a Dream of a Road Mean?

Seeing a road in a dream reflects your path in life. Picture it in your mind. Was the road in your dream winding, or straight? Smooth? Rough? Was it busy or deserted? You’re reflecting on where you are in life, and where you think life might take you next. A rough road in a dream indicates the uncertainty that a fresh start brings, and a windy path suggests unpredictability. 

What does a Dream of Travelling By Plane Mean?

Dreaming of travelling by air reflects big aspirations or lofty goals, which you’ve set your sights on regardless of the difficulty you might face, as you have a good idea of how to handle these. If you dream of flying in a plane, this indicates how you’re trying to improve your life, and you’ll move towards a more positive chapter. Flying in a dream without any equipment indicates that you’ll soon enjoy a new beginning, where there will be a lot of novelty.

What does it Mean to Dream of Being a Tourist?

Dreaming of being a tourist indicates you’re doing some soul-searching right now, or you’re being guided along the right path. Keep going as you are, and you’re sure to discover something great.

What does it Mean to Dream of Travelling by UFO?

This is an interesting one! Dreaming of travelling by UFO signifies that you want something to happen without your involvement, but that will be impossible. You need to face the risk of something going wrong, in order to get what you want. You need to do some reflecting and work out exactly what it is you want, and why, and if it’s worth the journey. This dream can also suggest there are issues in your life that you’re trying to fix, but you can’t fix everything.

What does Dreaming of a US Visa Denote?

Dreaming of a USA visa or an official document represents your identity and your ideals, and how you need to plan in order to reach these goals.

What does Missing a Connection in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming of missing a connection while travelling suggests a fear of change. You like things as they are, but you won’t grow as a person if you cling to the familiar all the time. 

What does Getting on the Wrong Train, Bus, or Plane Suggest in a Dream?

Dreaming of finding yourself on the wrong transport indicates that you’re anxious about the future, and you’re not entirely sure what you want. Take a minute to reconnect with the present moment. You can figure out the rest in time. 

What does a Disaster in a Dream of Travelling Mean?

Dreaming of being swept up in a disaster (see also disaster dream meaning) while traveling suggests you’ll suffer failure soon, but now you know about it, you’ll be able to watch for it. This dream can also indicate that you have a chronic fear of failure, but it’s a big part of how we learn.

What does Travelling by Ship Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of travelling by ship indicates that you have a long journey ahead, but you know you can accomplish your goals. It takes the right planning, mindset, and determination, but you’ll get there. 


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