Disaster Dream Symbols

Disaster dreams often occur as a result of worrying about the future, and what it has in store for you. The nature of the disaster embodies a specific area of your life which you feel a lack of control in, or you’re having doubts about. Disaster dreams are an outlet for your negative feelings about the future, and you may wake refreshed or more ready to tackle what lies ahead. Disaster dreams (see also Dream Symbols Starting With D Part 2) can also be your subconscious warning you of something you haven’t picked up on in waking life, where your instincts have been picking up tiny cues, and it’s time you realized. 


Dreaming of being in an accident suggests you’ve not let go of a previous mistake, or regret and guilt are taking over your life. You’re not focusing enough on the present, and the good opportunities that might be right in front of you. You will miss out on good things in life, and hindsight will only frustrate you. Subconsciously, you feel the need to punish yourself, but this will only hold you back from the good things in life, and the good you could do for yourself and other people. You are too focused on the wrong things. You may be worried about being in an accident in waking life, or your subconscious is warning you that you’re vulnerable to something, or someone will take advantage of you.

Dreaming of a car accident (see also Driving Dream Meaning) suggests you’re suffering from a lot of negative emotion right now. You may be pushing yourself too much or putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed, but things will happen when they will. You cannot always control the outcome of something, or make something happen faster. Enjoy every journey for what it is, no matter how long or short it might be. You might need to rethink your approach to something. Try something new.

Dreaming of someone you love dying in an accident indicates your worry about them in waking life. They’re going through a tough time, and you don’t know how to help them, or they won’t let you help. Perhaps it’s something that you have no power over, it’s just bad luck. Or, you’ve both outgrown the relationship, and you need to come to terms with that, and fill your life with other people and things that make you happy. This dream can also indicate that you’ve outgrown a habit or something that defines you, essentially, it’s “dead”, and you’ve now got room for other things. 

If you dream of dying in a car accident and the dream focuses on your loved ones, this dream is symbolizing your reckless attitude, and how it is affecting those you love in waking life. This dream is trying to get you to focus on your choices, and you may need to reexamine the ones you’ve been making lately.


Dreaming of an apocalypse signifies a spiritual journey you’ve been through. You’re not the person you were. Let go of that person, and focus on what you can do now, what you can do in the future. This dream also points to a new lifestyle, and shedding old habits and ideas that no longer fit with who you are. Alternatively, you feel a situation or life in general is out of your control, and you’re taking every day as it comes, as you don’t know what else to do.


Dreaming of arson indicates that you have a lot of pent-up aggression or negative energy, and you need to find a healthy outlet, otherwise you risk emotionally exploding and causing yourself more trouble than you need. Channelling this energy into a creative project may lead to something unexpected, but a path you were meant to take.


Dreaming of being in danger is your subconscious warning you to be careful in the near future. You may be misjudging things. Dreaming of danger also points to an overly negative attitude, where you think the future only holds bad things, and you’ll fight change, causing you to suffer further. You may even risk burning yourself out on something you could have avoided.

Dreaming of escaping danger indicates an improvement in your work life, or in your social life. People will start to come to you for advice, or you’ll be responsible for someone else’s performance in something.


Destruction in a dream represents a chaotic situation in waking life, or your expectations being completely wrong. Things aren’t going the way you want, and the lack of control is driving you crazy. This dream can point to making choices that you know aren’t good for you, but you’re making them anyway. 


Dreaming of a disaster (see also Earthquake Dream Symbolism) is symbolic of fighting change at every opportunity, and being scared of what the future holds. This suggests you haven’t yet been able to let go of the past.


Drowning (see also drowning child dream meaning) in a dream reflects how your emotions are overwhelming you in waking life. Old issues are resurfacing, just as you thought you had conquered them. You’re trying to rush change or self-improvement, when you should be taking everything one step at a time right now. Dying in this dream indicates you’ll go through a period of transformation or rebirth. If you survive in your dream of drowning, though you’re going through a tough situation, a relationship that is heavily involved in the conflict will survive.

Dreaming of someone else drowning indicates you’re getting too wrapped up in what you can’t control. You’re in the middle of emotional turmoil, and it’s bad enough that you’ve lost sight of who you are, or how capable you are in extraordinary circumstances. 

A dream of saving someone from drowning indicates you’ve conquered your emotions and your inner impulses, and you’ve made the best decisions available to you right now. If you dream of failing to save someone, this suggests fear has a very tight grip on your life. It’s making you disassociate from what’s real, and you don’t feel in control.


An earthquake in your dream indicates you feel emotionally vulnerable, and major change has brought this on. You feel exposed, or something has threatened your sense of security. 

If you manage to find shelter that withstands the earthquake, you’ll conquer your fear and regain a new sense of equilibrium. If the earthquake leaves you trapped, you risk losing something dear to you. 


Fire, as a dream symbol, represents heightened emotion. It symbolizes desire, transformation, fury, destruction or the desire for destruction, starting afresh, and an epiphany. If you are unafraid in this dream, or if the fire doesn’t spread, this fire embodies a spiritual journey or a period of change that doesn’t scare you. You’re excited about the prospect of a new challenge. If the fire spreads around you and another person, this dream is drawing your attention to the connection between you, and the intense emotion it creates, which can be good or bad. Fire can suggest you’re taking too many chances, and you risk losing what you have.

Dreaming of a fire (see also Ashes Dream Symbolism) burning you represents anger issues, or you’re letting a situation get the better of you. You’ll make a decision based on your emotions rather than what’s best for you and others around you.

A house on fire in your dream points to impending problems in your home life, or that you’ve stayed the same for too long, when new situations require you to adapt. If you have a dream of your family home being ravaged by fire, and this is a recurring dream, you’ll struggle with coming change. 

If you dream of setting something on fire, you’re under a tremendous amount of stress, and you might do something stupid to alleviate the pressure. Putting out fires in a dream indicates your resilience to life’s problems and your determination to succeed. Dreaming of creating fire with your bare hands or starting a fire with sticks indicates your ability to control your anger, and how well you’re currently doing with that.


Water in a dream relates to your emotions, and a flood (see also flooding dream meaning) indicates repressed emotion, or being in the middle of an emotional situation which is having an awful impact on you right now. Repressed desires or emotions are deeply affecting your ability to focus on the present objectively, and you need to adjust things accordingly. You long for a new start, where it’s impossible for these problems to plague you. Alternatively, your behavior is affecting those you love, perhaps you’re forcing your opinions onto them or wanting to help them in a way they don’t want or need, and you’ve so far failed to recognize this. 

Watching a river gently break its banks symbolizes a current anxiety in waking life that will be for nothing. It will solve itself.

Dreaming of a house flooding indicates that your emotions are affecting your objectivity. If you see many houses underwater, or a whole town submerged, this suggests you have a great hold on your emotions, but you should be careful how you express them.


Dreaming of a hurricane indicates impending change, which will take you by surprise, and it will cause a period of emotional turmoil that you’ll struggle to find your feet in. It will take time for you to adapt. 

Dreaming of being carried away by a hurricane indicates that you’ve been bottling up your emotions or your inner thoughts for far too long, and they’re likely to explode in the near future. This dream also reflects a loss of control in your life, and a destructive force – perhaps of someone who is trying to control you or a decision you need to make.

Oil Spill

An oil spill in your dream represents a great internal or emotional struggle. Something is challenging you to the core, and you’re struggling to cope.


Dreaming of an outbreak suggests you’re letting pessimism control your decisions, and every step you’ve been taking lately has been out of fear. Alternatively, anger will rule you in the near future, before your rational mind has a chance to catch up.


Dreaming of living in a post-apocalyptic world indicates that you need to be more independent, and rely on your ability to improvise. This dream also suggests that you’ll shortly overcome the issues you’re worried about in waking life.


A sinkhole in your dream points to being emotionally vulnerable, or not knowing what another person wants or needs from you in a relationship. It may be time to ask. Alternatively, this dream points to a future situation where you’ll feel as if the ground has opened up beneath you.


A tornado appearing in your dream suggests something is causing you to be destructive or especially short-tempered. You’re under a lot of stress, and there’s nowhere for this emotion to go.

Dreaming of being in the middle of a tornado indicates there are too many things going on right now, and they are more than what you can cope with. If you dream of escaping the tornado mostly unscathed, this indicates that you’ll soon be free from all your troubles.

If there is more than one tornado in your dream, this resembles unpredictable people whose behavior constantly affects other people, though they don’t look at the consequences of their actions. A tornado can also symbolize the effect a relationship is having on you.


A tsunami in your dream represents a loss of control. Thanks to a repressed issue, you’ll lose your grip on your emotions and will shortly be driven by impulse. You may make decisions that will bode well or ill for your future. Something in waking life is disrupting your sense of identity, security, and self-control.


Dreaming of a typhoon represents the disruption sudden change can have on your life, and how you may struggle to find a new equilibrium. You’ll struggle to control your impulses, and let out your emotions in a healthy way.

Dreaming of being in the middle of a typhoon is a warning dream. Don’t try to repress your emotions or negative thoughts, as they may just explode and overwhelm you. Your subconscious may also be reflecting how you feel your life is not in your own hands, or someone is making too many decisions for you when you should be in the proverbial driver’s seat.


Dreaming of watching a whirlwind come towards you indicates that your life will soon change. How you react to this disruption will influence whether it will be a positive or a negative change, as you will be able to use it to your advantage if you look hard enough. This change might bring chaos, scandal, or even damage a relationship you hold dear. 

Alternatively, a whirlwind dream signifies the resurgence of repressed emotions, memories, or thoughts, and you’d rather they had just stayed buried.


A wildfire in your dream suggests that you long for change, but the change you’re dreaming of will only come about as a result of problems and turmoil. This dream can indicate your negative emotions are out of control, and they’re having a detrimental effect on the rest of your life. You need to get a handle on them before they do some real damage.


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