38 Types of Dreams About Tornadoes and Their Meanings

Tornadoes are a collection of violent winds which rotate rapidly, forming a vortex, and move beneath a massive storm system.

They can travel across the sea and move across land, causing a huge amount of destruction which can take weeks, months, or years to clear.

While we can get some warning about a tornado, there’s not much we can do about one, besides waiting it out.

Tornadoes are not something we can neutralize. We have to wait them out, evacuating if they get too close, praying that the damage won’t be as terrible as we are capable of imagining, or worse.

But what does a dream of a tornado mean?

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Tornadoes?

While tornado dreams can have very specific meanings, there are a few overarching themes that are worth exploring. Let’s take a look.

Self-destructive Habits Or Emotional Turmoil

One of the surface meanings of a dream of a tornado relates to destructive behavior, emotional turmoil, and a loss of stability.

Sometimes emotions get the better of us. Take rage, for example. If you’re not careful, it can take over, and make you do things you will come to regret the instant the anger drains away.

If you feel swept up in anger or confusion, it’s common to see a tornado in your dreams.

It comes as a warning, to keep your figurative feet on the ground, and to prevent your emotions getting the best of you, or you will come to regret your actions.

It also points to vicious cycles and self-destructive behavior. You may be teetering on the edge of a kind of self-destruction which will be difficult to come back from. 

This dream is also a way of letting out any pent-up emotion in a safe space, allowing you to recognize it, instead of pushing it away.

Addiction To Drama Or Adrenalin

Some people like to seek out danger, drama, or things that give them adrenalin.

They may do these things deliberately or without realizing, but one thing is clear, they are addicted to the way it makes them feel.

It may also serve as a distraction, to keep them from whatever might be going on inside, whether it’s depression, anxiety, insecurity, or anything else they don’t want to confront.

The dream of a tornado reveals how unhealthy this behavior is, and the need to find more constructive ways to deal with stress and underlying problems.

It also points to the lack of rest, reflection, or healing that they refuse to take time for, though it’s what they need.

Manifestation Of Anxiety

Recurring tornado dreams can be a manifestation of anxiety. This may be generalized anxiety, which shifts with your daily life, or it may be one specific event or thought troubling you.

This dream reveals chronic anxiety that you need to learn to let go of in a healthy way. It may be about nothing in particular – or even a general fear of things going badly wrong. 

Perhaps you’re always expecting disaster, elements of life that you have no say over and cannot control, or maybe you’re afraid of losing someone important to you.

Whatever the case, you need to learn to let go of it. When you lean into fear, and accept its presence, the symptoms it causes you, that’s when you can reassert your control over it.

Accept what you cannot change, and enjoy every moment for what it is.

Obsessive Thoughts Or Behavior

Air in dreams, including wind, is believed to be a mirror of the thoughts in your subconscious.

Your thoughts are what drive you to act, whether they are borne out of emotion, logic, or another motivation.

The tornado represents the direction and pattern of your thought process, but it also signifies any emotions that these thoughts cause.

Left unchecked, these emotions can be dangerous, destructive, causing irrational behavior which you may come to regret.

So when you spot a tornado in your dream, it can represent a vicious cycle, a downward spiral, or a general state of chaos that you need to regain control over. 

Tornadoes also represent a fixation or an obsession over something. This could be a hobby, someone, a future aspiration, or anything else your thoughts return to.

Like the tornado, you are going in circles somewhere in your life, and if you’re not careful, things will ‘spin’ out of your control into a dangerous point.

Fighting or Fearing Change

Tornado dreams can manifest through a fear of change. Maybe you recognize the need for change, but you like things as they are, or you fear an irreversible change which will come to pass anyway.

Perhaps you’re ignoring the signs of a great shift in circumstances, and you think that by ignoring it, you can somehow stem the tide or keep it back.

Or, you’ve picked up on something changing past your control, or you keep ignoring your intuition, which is one of the greatest tools you have.

You are not alone in this. It’s very easy to ignore your problems, and this will help them go away, for a time. But when they resurface, it can be much more difficult to deal with them, so face them straight away if you can.

Always listen to your gut,  which will serve to guide you even through the most tricky of situations.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming Of Tornadoes?

If tornadoes are a familiar theme or sight in your dreams, you’re going through a transformative period in your life, or you’re about to.

The uncertainty that this upheaval brings – whether the reason itself is good or bad – is big enough to manifest within your dream, and create a source of stress or pressure, which is enough to distract you from the present.

Maybe you’re moving to a different place, or you’re switching jobs, a shift in a close relationship, or changing your habits for the better.

Whatever the reason for the change is, acknowledge how you’re feeling. It is entirely normal – and expected – to feel as though the ground is moving under your feet when you go through change.

It will take a while to gain a new sense of equilibrium and stability, but you’ll be better for it.

This dream can indicate that this change is overwhelming, and you’re struggling to adapt.

Don’t be tempted to cling to old habits or things that no longer serve you in order to bring about a sense of comfort or familiarity. You’ll find your way without them.

Common Tornado Dreams And What They Mean

Tornadoes can appear in dreams in different ways, and the way they appear, the context within the dream, and how you react to the disaster can point to different meanings.  

It’s worth taking a look at the most common tornado dreams and the symbolism behind them, and this will help you understand why your tornado dream occurred, and what it’s trying to tell you.

Dreaming Of Watching A Tornado At A Distance

If you dream of watching a tornado from a safe distance, change will soon be knocking at your door, and you’ve already picked up on signs that it will cause your life to transform considerably.

A new challenge may be on the horizon, or a relationship which will come to define this time in your life. 

Maybe your family is about to grow bigger, either through marriage, children, or getting a new pet. There will be a distinct line between before and after, whatever the change might be.

It can foretell upcoming issues or troubles in your professional life which you’ll need to work hard to address.

Sometimes, watching a tornado from afar in a dream signals relationship problems or arguments. The tornado itself can embody frustration and exactly how much you care for each other, but this emotion is getting mistranslated, causing conflict.

The distance between you and the tornado in your dream is also relevant. If the tornado doesn’t get any closer in your dream, this points to positive change that will affect you, but will leave no lasting negative impact.

Being In The Middle Of A Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of being in the middle of a tornado suggests that you’re stuck in a rut. Your emotions may have backed you into a corner.

You cannot see things clearly for what they are, and you’re having to approach everything from an emotional standpoint, and this will not serve you well.

Alternatively, dreaming of being in the middle of a tornado suggests that you aren’t in control of part of your life. Someone else has that power over you, and it’s time to take that back.

This dream can also occur when you are bewildered by events in waking life. Your dream is urging you to take a break and regain some perspective before you try pushing on.

Unable To Escape The Eye Of A Tornado

Dreaming of being trapped in the center or eye of a tornado points to a situation in waking life that seems great right now, but in reality, it is far more restraining than you think it is.

You have led yourself – or circumstances have – into a false sense of security, burrowing deeper into this situation. 

The longer you leave yourself here, the harder it will be to leave, and the more work you’ll have to do to get yourself out.

This might be a relationship which could turn dangerous or abusive in some way, a job where you’re comfortable, but there isn’t any progression, or a routine that allows you to stay in your comfort zone.

Whatever the situation, you won’t grow as a person unless you move out of it. Be honest with yourself, and find a way to move safely forward.

A Tornado Destroying Your Dream Surroundings

If you dream of a tornado completely flattening your surroundings, this reveals a situation in waking life where you feel a similar sense of upheaval or uncertainty. 

Maybe you’re in the middle of an impossible situation, where you cannot decide where to go next.

This dream might be telling you that there is no right answer, so pick the choice that seems best, and try to move forward with your life before you get stuck.

Watching Your Loved Ones Trapped By A Tornado

If you dream of the people you hold the closest to being trapped by a tornado, this mirrors a situation in waking life that requires your attention.

They may not be in danger at all, but your relationship may be weakening.

Perhaps you haven’t had time for each other lately, and this dream is urging you to fix this before it becomes too late to do so.

Trying To Save Someone From A Tornado

Dreaming of desperately trying to reach someone to save them from a tornado reveals a need to examine your relationship with this person. 

This can be a manifestation of worries over them in waking life, but also your desire to keep them from harm, and to do what is in your power to protect them.

If you dream of a dog in the path of a tornado, this refers to loyalty and friendship, which you hold very dear to you, and you’re worried that time or circumstances might erode these things from your life.

Seeing A Tornado Funnel In Your Dream

A tornado funnel appearing is a warning dream. It suggests a great emotional or physical upheaval in the coming weeks, which will affect you in many ways.

The good news is that you also have the power to stop or at least limit the damage from this period of change, as long as you listen to your intuition, and trust your instincts.

Seeing a tornado funnel also points to stress which is threatening to overwhelm you. Responsibilities are getting heavier than they used to.

A Tornado Following You In A Dream

If you dream of a tornado following your every step, this can point to someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 

There is the potential that they are looking for ways to make you fall or fail in waking life, and while you may have picked up on this subconsciously, you have no idea what is driving this motive.

What do you do when you can’t outrun a tornado? Seek somewhere safe. Reach out to someone you trust with your life, and ask them for advice.

Dreaming Of Gales Before A Tornado

Strong wind appearing in your dream, followed by a tornado indicates that there is more going on than meets the eye.

It can also indicate feeling a loss of power or authority in the waking world. Perhaps something has slipped out of your reach, something that you thought you would never lose.

Alternatively, dreaming of gales before a tornado implies that you are on a spiritual journey.

The end of this journey will involve connecting to a higher sense of self, and achieving a greater sense of power or responsibility.

Dying In A Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of dying in a tornado reveals that negativity is getting the better of you. Anger may be your constant companion right now, and your patience is at an end.

Your dream is urging you to look at the cause of why this is. Have you promised revenge or retribution on someone or something?

Practice some self-reflection to explore your emotions, and process them in a healthy way.

Learn to let go of all the anger that is distracting you from your real path, and find a good outlet.

If you dream of other people dying in a tornado, a tricky situation in waking life is causing you more problems than you anticipated. You are worried that a fallout will involve those dearest to you.

Dreaming Of More Than One Tornado

More than one tornado in your dream can reflect your state of mind, where your emotions sweep you up into decisive action or vicious circles.

You may jump from one emotion to another, or a situation has you on edge.

Something in your life has turned on you, or it has become too volatile for you to handle on your own, and you may need to seek outside help.

This dream can indicate that you’re surrounded by negative people, those who wouldn’t think twice about harming someone if it came to that. So watch your step.

The number of tornadoes and their scale can also determine the meaning behind your dream, as it reflects the tension and problems you are carrying around with you.

If there are many, tiny tornadoes, you’re sweating the small stuff, and allowing these niggling issues to get in the way of everything else.

A collection of large storms suggests that you are very nearly overwhelmed by your present problems, and you need to break things down into more manageable chunks.

You may even need to seek outside help to do this, especially if your perception is too cloudy to focus.

Watching A Tornado Pick Up And Throw Objects

Watching a tornado play with random objects and flinging them into the sky points to reckless behavior or impulsive acts in waking life.

For whatever reason, you’re not considering your actions, and how they may ripple back to you in other ways, or affect those people that you hold dear.

Consider the objects flying in your dream to figure out exactly what is spinning out of control in your life, or how you can fix it.

A car being caught in a tornado indicates that you have given away or lost your own sense of power.

Dreaming of your house being flung into the sky by a tornado implies that you will soon balance your responsibilities with everything else in your life.

Dreaming Of A Lightning Storm And A Tornado

Dreaming of lightning, thunder, and a tornado suggests that outside forces will soon have a large say in how you live your life. 

If you dream of being amongst this storm, this indicates that you will struggle on the path ahead of you.

If, in the dream, you manage to take refuge in your home away from the storm and the tornado, you have everything you need to overcome impending problems. 

A Heavy Storm And A Tornado

Tornadoes typically represent destruction and chaos, and in dreams, heavy storms added to the mix signals a well of emotion that you’ll need to let out.

Tornadoes symbolize incoming change that you cannot stop, but you can always choose how to react to it.

This dream is also a way of letting go of negative emotion that you feel you cannot express in waking life.

Attempting To Run From A Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of trying to run from a tornado mirrors waking life, where you have an overwhelming urge to escape from your problems by running from them.

Or, you cope with difficult things by burying your emotions, rather than seeking to deal with them in a constructive way.

Dreaming Of Surviving A Tornado

Dreaming of surviving a tornado is a very positive sign.

It reveals that you’ll be able to weather any difficulty or incoming changes that the tornado represents, and you’ll come out much more knowledgeable and resilient than you were before it.

A Tornado Destroying Your Home In A Dream

A tornado ripping your house apart in your dream is a representation of the subliminal signs you have picked up on.

Something in your life is about to change, and your subconscious is warning you about it now.

You may have to start a new life somewhere else, or refocus your priorities differently after this change hits.

It spells the end of a chapter, but it is also the promise of a new one, too.

Being A Storm Chaser In Your Dream

Dreaming of being a storm chaser that actively seeks out tornadoes implies that you, or someone else, is going to a lot of effort to get respect or attention.

This dream is drawing your attention to how you’ve been focusing on the wrong things.

Slowly but surely, your priorities have shifted to focus around your own image, and what people think of you.

Being liked is a great dopamine hit, but you need to ask yourself why you are seeking other people’s approval, when you need to base your self-worth off yourself.

Or, someone is going to a lot of trouble to get you to notice them.

You may find this annoying or endearing, but it’s worth asking yourself exactly why someone is expending so much energy in doing this. What is their motive, exactly?

Trying To Catch A Tornado In Your Dream

If you dream of trying to chase or catch a tornado, this represents someone who is trying to influence you in some way, or tip the scales of power in their favor.

If you’re able to get close to this tornado in your dream, you will find out the real reason behind their actions, whether that is good or bad.

Dreaming Of A Tornado With A Mouth

If you dream of a tornado trying to communicate with you, or it has a big mouth, this is a message from your subconscious. 

There is something you’ve yet to realize in waking life, or the need to forgive yourself for something you’ve done in the past and still regret.

Subconsciously, you may fear someone’s wrath or judgment. This particular person has a lot of power or authority, and you are worried that you will do something wrong and suffer for it.

This dream is urging you to let go of your mistakes, but keep the experience you have gained with you, which will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Living In a Tornado Alley In Your Dream

If you dream of living on a tornado alley, this reflects the need to stay grounded in the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Everything you can change is in the present, so why shouldn’t you stay here?

These dreams are also common if you live in the area of North Texas, where it reflects your reality.

Seeing A Tornado Warning In Your Dream

Dreaming of being warned in advance about a tornado is an interesting dream full of symbolism, but this can be overshadowed by the fear the dream creates.

This may not come as a surprise, but this dream represents anxiety and overwhelming problems in life.

It may even signal a specific problem with anxiety, such as a disorder which is controlling your life. 

This dream may be a call to trust in your own instincts, and your ability to overcome problems, instead of panicking about change, or anxiety which is clamoring for your attention.

Dreaming Of A Tornado That Causes No Damage

Dreaming of a tornado that moves through a landscape harmlessly is a sign of success, or a sense of peace returning into your life.

Maybe you were expecting a disaster for one reason or another, and you managed to avert it, or it just didn’t happen.

This dream means you are moving forward in your life, and your goals are starting to be within reach.

It could mean that you are finally able to move on from something in your past, or you are making progress towards achieving something you’ve dreamed about for a very long time.

You are feeling more confident than ever before, and your life is going well.

A Tornado Moving Through A Field Or A Body Of Water

A tornado moving through an empty field, or over water indicates that you’ve let your control over one or more aspects of your life slip.  

Put simply: you don’t have a handle on things right now. Relationships are strained, or you’re no longer sure why you started something in the first place.

But isn’t this always the part where you find a renewed sense of purpose? Later, you will probably look back and say “There’s the turning point, where things got better,” and you’ll be glad you carried on.

Dreaming Of Being Trapped In Your Car During A Tornado

Dreaming of being stuck in a car during a tornado implies that you’re not in the “driver’s seat” in a difficult situation.

You need to find a way to push past being vulnerable, and assert control of the situation in some way.

This dream can also manifest when you feel you can’t come to a decision about something, and the worry presents itself as a tornado, but your subconscious is urging you to do so.

Dreaming Of Being Injured During A Tornado

If you dream of getting injured during a tornado, this implies that someone’s actions or words are about to cut you deeply.

The good news is that if you survive in the dream, you will make a ‘quick recovery’, either to make sure they cannot do so again, or that you recognize that they did not intend to hurt you.

Hearing A Tornado In Your Dream

Hearing a tornado in your dream but being unable to see it reveals impending trouble in your life. You’ve sensed it, but what to do about it?

You may not be exactly sure what the cause is, but you know it is coming, and this anticipation may strip you of any power over this situation that you might have.

These issues or obstacles will mean that you’ll need to take some time in order to reassess, and work out what you want from life, or if something is actually worth it. 

Being On A Ship During A Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of being on a ship during a tornado reveals that you have a lot of repressed emotions or unresolved emotional issues that you need to work through.

The churning water in your dream indicates that as long as you ignore these issues, don’t confront these feelings and resolve them, you’ll never find a great balance in life.

Being The Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of being a tornado is an interesting one. Instead of a difficult situation appearing which you have no power over, you are the problem in this case.

Your behavior or throwaway remarks aren’t exactly helping. Some people may find your attitude abrasive, or they are reflecting badly on the people in your life, as well as on yourself.

Your subconscious recognizes that this is unsustainable behavior, and calls on you to rectify it before it is too late.

Being Swept Away By A Tornado In Your Dream

Dreaming of being swept up and carried away by a tornado is a warning. In most tornado dreams, you’ll wake before the disaster hits.

This dream is calling on you to recognize the effect that worry, anxiety, or focusing on the wrong thing is having on your life. It will completely take over if you aren’t careful, and this is much harder to undo than stopping it from happening in the first place.

Something is preventing you from living your life normally, and you need to confront it in order to move forward.

Dreaming Of Your Childhood Home As A Refuge From A Tornado

This is an interesting one. If you dream of hiding in your childhood home away from a tornado, this can indicate unresolved issues lurking in your past, specifically when you lived in your childhood home.

Your subconscious recognizes that you need to come to terms with what happened, otherwise it will still overshadow your present, and your future.

Being Terrified Of Tornadoes In Your Dream

Dreaming of having a phobia of tornadoes implies that you have a problem dealing with fear. 

You might withdraw from problems as they appear, choosing instead to bury your head in the sand and hope that they go away. This may have worked for you in the past, but this won’t always be the case.

Or you might panic completely, and blow everything out of proportion, wasting your time and energy on things that could be dealt with quickly, and much more easily than you would first imagine.

This dream is encouraging you to keep your wits about you when fear comes to call at your door. You will feel much better for it.

It will also make everything much easier for you to deal with. You’ll find that problems which completely stopped you in your tracks before hardly slow you down now.

Different Colored Tornadoes In Dreams And What They Mean

The color of a tornado in your dream can also offer more insight into the meaning behind it, so it’s worth thinking back to the appearance of the tornado.

Red Or Fire Tornados

Dreaming of fire tornadoes indicates that a certain passion or desire has turned to obsession, and it’s starting to bleed into other aspects of your life. If left unchecked, it could rule your life completely.

While it was fun to begin with, this habit, behavior, or ideal has turned destructive on other parts of your life.

You may be engaging in behavior which is out of character for you, or you’re starting to enable a habit or desire, putting it above everything else in your life.

Maybe a relationship is suffering because of it, and this dream is telling you that you need to regain control over it.

White Tornados

White tornadoes suggest a great support system, which you should call upon if you feel you need help at any point.

After all, you don’t hesitate when they ask you for help.

White tornadoes also point to a spiritual journey, or a strong sense of morality which rules your life.

Black Or Dark Tornados

Black or darkly colored tornadoes point to downward spirals, depression, melancholy thoughts or despair.

The Biblical Meaning Behind Tornado Dreams

Biblically speaking, a tornado dream indicates emotional turmoil in waking life.

Maybe a situation has turned very delicate, and you’re wondering what you should do to try and limit the damage to others.

Maybe to spare someone pain, you have lied to them or haven’t been honest about how you feel.

Either way, you should take some time out in order to resolve the ‘tornado’ in your life.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind A Dream Of A Tornado

Spiritually, tornado dreams indicate that you are shedding learned ideas and traditional behaviors, and through experience, you are forming new opinions and ways of guiding yourself through life.

Through this process, you are becoming more self-sufficient, and you’ll soon find that things will become easier for you.

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Specific Tornado Dream

There are some questions worth asking in order to find the meaning behind your specific tornado dream. Here are just a few to get you started.

  • Have you been confused over a particular situation or relationship?
  • Be honest with yourself. Is there something you’ve been hiding from others, or yourself?
  • Do you feel disappointed somewhere in life?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by waking life or responsibilities?
  • Are you ruled by your emotions, or can you keep them in check?
  • Have you been letting yourself feel your emotions, or are you repressing them?
  • Do you feel in control of your life?
  • Is it possible that you’re concentrating on the wrong thing in life? Is there some part of your life that you’re neglecting?
  • Is there an emotional upheaval which could have caused this dream?

Tornado Dream Associations

Positive Aspects Of Dreaming Of Tornadoes

  • Achieving something despite the odds being stacked against you
  • A new chapter in life
  • Being honest about your emotions
  • Standing up for what’s right
  • Letting your life be guided by morality, and not fear
  • Prosperity
  • Solving problems in a unique way

Negative Associations Of Tornado Dreams

  • Letting your emotions get the better of you
  • A breakdown in one or more of your relationships
  • Repressed anger, trauma, or sadness
  • A situation not turning out the way you hoped
  • Deep-running insecurities 
  • Fear taking over your life
  • Bewilderment
  • Neglecting your well being

Tornado Dream Meaning: A Summary

Tornadoes have several possible meanings, and all of which are destructive or disruptive in some way.

  • Surviving a tornado: pushing past difficult problems and moving on with life, dealing with repressed emotions or past issues that have haunted you for a while
  • Watching a tornado from a distance: new challenges ahead of you, can even indicate a new relationship on the horizon
  • Trapped in a car in a tornado: being unprepared for disaster, and emotions threatening to overwhelm you
  • Caught up in a tornado: your emotions are controlling your every action and thought
  • Trying to outrun a tornado: running from your problems, or emotional turmoil
  • Things flying in a tornado: look at your own actions, and how they affect others

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of a tornado usually represents a chaotic time in your life, where you may feel a temporary loss of control over your emotions, thoughts, or actions.

It is important to learn to deal with these feelings, because if left unchecked, they could lead to serious consequences.

If you keep dreaming of tornadoes, then you should pay attention to any signs of anxiety or depression, and try to break problems down into smaller, manageable chunks that will be easier to deal with.


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