What Does Flooding In Dreams Mean?

Water in your dreams relates to how you feel, and any past emotions which still affect your present state of being and behavior. Floods appearing in your dreams denote a “torrent” of emotion, which can be either positive or negative. 

They can represent past emotions which are resurfacing, or your success of pushing past old and new issues, “washing” clean the state of your being, so you can enjoy the future without any past issues coming back to haunt you. 

Water which is choppy or impossible to control suggests an emotionally charged situation or crisis where you feel you need to take some time out for yourself. You want to hide from your problems. 

Floods in dreams take many forms, from collapsing buildings, washing away trees to flattening landmarks. Floods can cause the destruction of the dream itself, leading you to wake feeling stressed.

Floods in dreams represent an upheaval, a future crisis, the end of something, or a transformation. Flood water rising embodies the fear of being left behind.

Water which swirls and changes course reflects a change of heart and an unsteady situation.

Flooding in waking life can leave a lasting impact and a lot of damage behind it. It mirrors how you feel during a crisis, which can change with little warning.

If you see a flash flood in your dream, this implies that an emotional situation will have a lot of consequences for the people around you as well as yourself. You will have to help each other through it.  

In your dream, witnessing flooding created by a downpour, or a dam breaking, suggests sudden emotions will cause impulsive decisions and a difficult fallout. You’ll have to undo what felt like a good decision at the time.

A flood overcoming a house in your dream can suggest you feel emotionally trapped, and resembles how you feel about your domestic life and how well your ideals match your real life.

Dreaming of sewage or garbage floating along a flood indicates you feel tired from pushing through current situations, or you feel powerless in a problem which concerns you.

Why Your Flood Dream Happened

Flooding is a common dream symbol, and the most common reason for its occurrence is that your emotions are overwhelming you or coloring your decisions too much. 

You’re making decisions with your emotions in mind, rather than engaging your rational mind.

You may see a flood where one would be impossible in waking life, such as your whole house containing one without it escaping. This suggests you’re keeping a hold on a lot of emotion that you’re not consciously aware of. Eventually, this will need somewhere to go.

A flood appearing in your dream also indicates that you want to start afresh somewhere in your life. Your problems have become too much, or you feel a different approach would have been better, and it would be easier to start again.

Think about the pace of the flood. Was it slow and gentle? Did it happen gradually? This indicates your emotions are causing you a bit of worry, but you still have a handle on them.

It can suggest you’ll encounter some minor problems in the near future, but so long as you keep control of your emotions, neither will blow out of proportion.

 If you dream of trying to protect your house from a flood, you’re expecting a lot of problems in the future. Maybe you feel a problem that you’ve solved will come back again.

What do Flood Warnings Mean in a Dream?

Flood warnings manifesting in your dream indicate that change is imminent. 

If you dream of suddenly having to abandon your house during a flood, you feel unprepared for the future, and planning ahead now will save you some trouble going forward.

Dreaming of flooding happening at night indicates you keep your emotions under wraps, and rarely express how you truly feel. 

Flashlights, searchlights, or torches appearing in your flood dream symbolizes a fresh motivation to continue on.

Dreaming of someone rescuing you from a flood indicates that you can handle whatever comes your way. You’ve got your own back, and you know exactly when you need to take a step back and take a breath.

If you dream of an emergency response team saving you from a flood, this indicates that you’ll need some help to get through a current problem.

What does Flooding Water Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of rapid floods indicates a part of your life has escaped your control, and you need to find a new grip on it to mitigate any negative outcomes. This dream suggests you need a new start.

If you dream of the water reaching unsettling heights, this suggests these emotions that are overwhelming are caused by a relationship. You may feel like you’re swimming against a current, and you’ll only tire.

Rivers and streams can get out of control within an hour if storms are heavy enough, and your dream is mirroring how you feel powerless in waking life.

What does a Dream about a Flooded City Suggest?

Dreaming of a city being flooded indicates you find expressing your emotions difficult, or even staying connected to them is hard and takes concentration.

If the floodwater in your dream didn’t just “happen” by itself, this signifies that you’re struggling with a present situation and the effect it’s having on you. You want to feel less vulnerable, but everything is overwhelming you right now.

What do Storm Floods Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of a flood happening because of a storm suggests that you’ll encounter a troubling situation soon, but you’ll appreciate the period of peace that comes after.

 Life’s problems are usually cyclical, where you first encounter the issue, have some trouble figuring it out, and then you enjoy the period of calm after the storm.

If you dream of coastal areas overwhelmed by a flood, you’re concerned you won’t reach a long-term goal. You’re worried it’s too big a project, or life will just get in the way and make it impossible to realize. 

Storm floods also suggest a loss of security or stability in your life, a period when you’ll struggle to regain your footing, but you will adapt.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Flooded Car?

While we know that cars can be dangerous, sometimes we assume that cars can cross flood water if we take it slowly enough, and cars can end up being swept away in the force of the water.

Cars in dreams symbolize your identity and your power. And we know that water symbolizes emotion, so a situation is causing enough negative emotion to affect your sense of identity or your power over your own life. 

Motor-powered vehicles resemble your “drive” to achieve what you dream of. 

A flooded truck, car, or even a plane reflects how you feel disillusioned and lost because of the challenges in waking life.

Think back to where you were in this dream. Were you inside the car, or watching it from a little way off? If you were watching it rather than being in the car when it flooded, this indicates that this loss of purpose is temporary.

If you were in the car in the dream, this suggests that you will struggle to get a handle on your emotions, and someone may be manipulating you in waking life.

A flooded car in your dream can signify problems in a relationship that’s important to you. You may fear losing the connection you have, so you push that person away, so you can reject them before they reject you. Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy, right? 

This dream is drawing your attention to the importance of not fearing things too much, or you can cause them to happen by accident. 

Or, you’re worrying about something that will never happen, when you could be concentrating on doing something amazing, something that truly speaks to you.

Devote your time to what you want most in life instead of worrying. See if anything changes.

Dreaming of a flooded car indicates you feel trapped in an uncomfortable situation. Maybe you’re caught up in the middle of a drama in your social life, and you want nothing to do with it. It’s important to look and see how satisfied you are with how your life is going.

A flooded car indicates you’re frustrated, and though a flood isn’t something you have a say in, this dream suggests that you’ve lost power over something. Your emotions, or your behavior, or both. You need to regain your hold-over things. If nothing else, it will make you feel better.

What does it Mean to Escape from a Flood in a Dream?

Dreaming about escaping from a flood is a good sign, despite how unsettled you may have felt when you woke up. 

It mirrors the desire to escape from problematic emotions, and also your ability to do so. 

You’ll overcome whatever obstacles you’re facing, and escaping the water in your dream denotes how free you will feel. 

If you’ve been thinking about trying to achieve a goal, and then you had this dream, this indicates that you need to get on with it, and quickly. You may not have a better chance than you have now.

What do Flooded Streets Denote in a Dream?

Dreaming of flooded streets indicates that while you feel emotionally overwhelmed, you need to encounter these problems in order to move along the path you’re on. There’s something to be learned from them.

It also reflects the uncertainty of where you are in life, but as long as you carry on, you’ll get to where you need to be.

What does a Flooded House Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of a flooded house reflects a loss of control, certainty, or feeling as though you have no power over your own life.

How far the water reaches and the different levels of the house it submerges is also significant, as it reflects exactly how far these negative feelings extend to parts of your life.

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Own House Being Flooded?

You probably woke from this dream more than a little worried. You may have even checked your house to reassure yourself that it was only a dream and not a warning. 

In a dream, your house represents a state of safety, where you can relax and let your guard down. To see your house damaged, or destroyed in a flood indicates that something in waking life is making you feel very vulnerable.

If the flood in your house takes you by surprise, this indicates that you’re not prepared for difficult situations in waking life, or you lack focus to try and realize your wildest dreams. 

Dreaming of your possessions being swallowed up by the water indicates that you’ll gain a new objectivity, which will take you far in life, and allow you to overcome many problems. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Dirty Flood Water?

Water has a lot of spiritual connotations in dreams, and murky flood water suggests you’ve temporarily lost your way. 

Something’s affecting your sense of freedom in waking life, perhaps your responsibilities or an ongoing situation with no answer.

Dirty flood water indicates you’ve lost sight of your goals, or the people around you. Be careful what decisions you make in the near future, and try to think ahead to the furthest point in the future. Where do you want to be? How can you get there?

What does it Mean to Dream of a Flood Caused by the Ocean?

The image of an ocean in a dream is an interesting one, and represents your unconscious mind and the effect it has on your emotions and your ability to judge things clearly.

Dreaming of a flood caused by the ocean points to unresolved unconscious issues troubling your waking life, and how you may feel overly emotional or even disconnected from your emotions because of this. 

A dream of a flood caused by the ocean, either a tidal wave, or a tsunami indicates you’ll struggle to trust people in a situation you’ve had in the past, and your emotions will silence your usual objectivity.

What does Clear Flood Water Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of clear flood water suggests that in the near future, you’ll work on your own goals instead of needing to help those around you. You’ll be able to gain some ground on those things you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Dreaming about clear flood water isn’t always a good thing, unfortunately. It denotes that you feel disconnected from your sense of self. You’re worried about your future, and how much control you will have over your life. 

Clear flood water indicates that you will overcome those problems that are currently niggling away at you, and this dream is telling you that you shouldn’t stop now. Keep working towards what you’ve always dreamed of having.

What does a Flooded Town Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of a town being completely flooded reflects how you are struggling with your emotions right now, and they’re at a high level which you feel is getting harder to control.

This dream is outlining the importance of listening to your emotions, but not letting them get the best of you. Recognize what you’re feeling, and move on. You don’t have to let them control your decisions, or react impulsively. The only problem in your way right now, is you.

What does it Mean to Dream of the Debris from a Flood?

If you dream of a flood and see the debris of its destruction floating past you, this can indicate you’re extremely worried about someone in your life, on top of life’s ordinary worries. 

Maybe you’re worried about how they’re coping with something, or how they will react to something which you have to tell them. You can’t leave them in the dark, but you’d rather that than the potential fallout. 

This dream also suggests that you know you’ll get through your problems, however unpleasant the journey might be. 

Older dream interpretations suggest that debris in water indicates injury in the future, or an unexpected problem that will overwhelm you very quickly. It won’t be something you’ll be able to predict.

Dreaming of flood debris can also suggest you need to let go of whatever emotion is obscuring your objectivity, or you’ll be in for a tough time ahead. Focus on the future and the potential for good.

What does a Dream of a Flood Carrying You Away Mean?

Dreaming of being carried away by the sheer force of a flood indicates that you need to stay grounded in a situation. 

Something unexpected will temporarily throw you, but because you’ll have taken some time for yourself and will have been able to recharge, you’ll recover your feet quickly.

This dream points to making sure you don’t underestimate your emotions, or the impact a situation has on you. 

What does Seeing a Flooded Swimming Pool Mean in a Dream?

A swimming pool dream relates to your emotions, a brief insight into your state of emotional wellbeing. Dreaming of a flooded swimming pool isn’t a good sign, as it suggests the emotions you’ve been ignoring will overpower you completely for a time.

This dream also suggests you’ve taken on a task which is bigger than you can handle alone, and you’ve underestimated the enormity and what it might mean for your future, fail or win. 

You’ll need to take some time for yourself to evaluate why this goal is important to you, and perhaps you need some new reasons which will spur you on. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Drowning in a Flood?

Dreaming of drowning in a flood suggests your mental health has taken a hit from all the problems you’ve been facing in waking life. You need a break, and you need one now.

It can suggest you need to look at what you feel your “purpose in life” is, as you might have outgrown it, or a similar ideal which has been driving you forward until now. 

What do Flooded Roads Mean in a Dream?

In spiritual terms, dreaming of a road indicates your path in life, and how well you feel it’s going. A flooded road suggests that you’re doubting your reasons for being on this path, or you’re not sure why you should continue.

This dream suggests you may be taking the wrong approach down the path that feels right, and you need to try something else. Approach it from a different angle. 

An unexpected situation has you emotionally cornered, and you feel confined by the problems in waking life, so you can’t see as far ahead as you’d like.

You want to know what the future holds, so you can feel more prepared for it. This rarely helps, as how you imagine you will make decisions can be wildly different to actively making them. There’s always something you haven’t imagined which will influence your decision.

Floods also indicate a need to confront your emotions, or to be honest with someone, whether that’s with yourself or someone else. 

Perhaps you feel that the “road” you’re on is not actually suited to you at all, but you don’t want to admit it, as having no direction is worse. You’ll find out where you need to be.

What does Heavy Flooding and Downpours Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of heavy flooding, storms, or downpours signifies a shift in energy. You’ll enjoy a renewed sense of energy and purpose after a situation has run its course. 

This dream is also calling you to recognize the importance of how you deal with your emotions and problems. Do you deal with them as they come, or do you hide from them? Whichever one you gravitate to, it will have a lasting effect on a future situation.

Remember, the less “emotional baggage” you carry around with you, the freer you will feel, and the easier things will be for you.

A storm in your dream reflects a troubling situation in waking life and how you feel you have no control over it, or the feelings it’s creating. A storm is something that you have no say in, no control over whether it happens or not.

This dream is reminding you that there are just some things in life that you just have to accept. Trying to control them will drive you crazy, as it’s simply not possible. Focus on the things you can control.

What’s the Biblical Interpretation of a Flooding Dream?

Floods are a common appearance in the Bible, and usually indicate a period of disaster and a subsequent time of rebirth or renewal. I bet you’ve heard of Noah’s ark, and how he put two of every animal aboard for when the Earth would be habitable once more.

A biblical interpretation of a dream of flooding indicates that you’ll be spared from the worst of life’s problems. You’ll recognize a forewarning, and you’ll be able to prepare accordingly.

Dreaming of a flood isn’t a good sign, as it represents the anger of someone else towards you, like in Genesis, when God sent a flood to kill those who wouldn’t acknowledge him, but protecting those who he deemed faithful. 

Have you upset someone lately? Made enemies? It might be time to make amends if you can, as you might be able to help each other in the future. If that’s not possible, it might be worth protecting yourself, just in case. 

Dreaming of a flood indicates that someone wants to see you fail, or they even want to destroy what you have. If you have enough faith, you’ll be able to overcome them with ease.


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