Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With D – Part 2


A detective appearing in your dream points to risk, excitement or danger in part of your waking life.

Dreaming of being a detective reflects how you are looking for latent talents or abilities you haven’t discovered yet. Or, you’re looking to solve something which has been plaguing you for a while.

Dreaming of being followed by a detective indicates you feel guilty about something. Your behavior could be better, or you fear your recent actions will be discovered.


Dreaming of being in detention is your subconscious calling you out on your recent actions or behavior. 

You know you can do better, and you won’t learn anything unless you take stock of your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them.

Or, you have a fear of being punished even though you know you haven’t done anything amiss. You are afraid of being wrongly accused of something. 


Dreaming of detergent indicates a problem needs your attention, and it needs it now. 

Something in your life needs ‘cleaning up’, whether that’s a behavior, or a tricky problem you’ve been ignoring.

You need to do some personal admin to get your life back on track.


Dreaming of being determined to do something reflects your drive and your dreams which are motivating you to go further in life. 

It also stresses the importance of your outlook, and any outside factors which may affect your ability to push on to get what you want.


Dreaming of a detour reflects your desire to get around a problem instead of confronting it head on. 

You have no desire to face something in waking life, but you still want to find an indirect solution, so it can stop bothering you.


Dreaming of the devil represents the shadow aspect of your personality, your flaws, fears, and limitations. 

You still feel regret about something which happened in the past, and this dream is telling you to let it go.

The devil as a dream symbol also symbolizes mischief, knowledge, a sharp character, and deceit.

Dreaming of fighting the devil and winning foretells of future achievements, of moving past anyone who would like to see you fail. 

If you dream of the devil talking to you, you’ll find it difficult to do what you know is right, and there will be easier options available to you.

Dreaming of being friends with the devil signifies that you can find the good in anyone, or you are easily coerced into doing something you don’t want to. Or, you’re having a crisis of morality. Something has you torn. 


Dreaming of being devoted to something outlines the importance of keeping to your beliefs, ideals, or morals. You know you won’t gain anything of worth by deceiving yourself or anyone else.


Dreaming of something devouring you is an anxiety dream. You’re afraid of losing something which makes up part of your identity, or you are scared of changing, and being unable to recognize yourself.

Dreaming of devouring something symbolizes your determination, and what drives you forward in life.


Dreaming of dew falling embodies a period of revitalization, and any current worries will be over. You might undertake a spiritual journey, or something that will give you a great sense of tranquility.

As water in a dream often points to your emotional state or wellbeing, it indicates that anything which is currently taking up all of your emotional energy will soon be over.


If you don’t have diabetes, and you dream of being diabetic, you have trouble taking each moment as it comes, and enjoying the little things which make life sweeter. 

While you are focusing on the future, you’re missing out on the opportunities the present has to offer.


Dreaming of something being diagonal suggests that you don’t feel ready for the things to come, or things that have already appeared. You feel vulnerable. 

Or, you’re refusing to confront something. 


Dreaming of a dial indicates there’s a disconnect between your knowledge and your instincts. 

You’re focusing too much on one, and the other has some important insight which you could do with noticing.


Dreaming of diamonds points to your perception clearing. Things have been murky for a while, and you’ve felt less than whole, but things are starting to ease.

Or, diamonds appearing in your dream points to arrogance, narcissism, or a refusal to change, adapt, or compromise. Are you isolating yourself from other people?

If you dream of receiving diamond jewelry, this represents a loving relationship which is faithful, full of trust, and commitment. 

If you lose the jewelry in this dream, you’ll encounter some problems within this relationship, in your professional life, or you’ll have to pay some unexpected bills. 

Dreaming of finding out that a diamond is a fake reflects how you’re adopting a lifestyle that doesn’t suit you, you’re trying to change into a person you simply aren’t, or you’re living an unsustainable lifestyle.

A diamond shape appearing in your dream represents the many paths in life which are open to you. You need to think carefully about where they may lead you.


Dreaming of a diaper or wearing a diaper suggests that you don’t do enough by yourself. You rely on other people too much, or your behavior has been immature lately.

Dreaming of changing a diaper indicates that you have some internal housekeeping to do. You need to get back on track, and stop basing your choices on immediate gratification.

Dirty diapers appearing in your dream signifies that your behavior has caused a bigger mess which could have been avoided, and you need to address it.


Dreaming of having diarrhea reflects feelings of powerlessness in one or more aspects of your life. You are losing control of your emotions, and they are threatening to overwhelm you or cloud your objectivity.

Or, dreaming of having diarrhea suggests you want to pretend a problem doesn’t exist, or you’ve overlooked something important in a specific situation.


Dreaming of dice implies that you have been taking more than a few risks lately, assuming that things will just work out on their own.

As a dream symbol, dice refer to life’s unpredictable nature. It may also reference a situation that’s gotten too dangerous to risk anything. 

The number of dice rolled and the numbers on the dice can also add to the meaning of the dream.


Dreaming of being a dictator indicates that you are trying to control every aspect of your life or a situation in waking life, and you are in danger of alienating other people or burning yourself out. You need to learn to compromise.

Or, a dictator in your dream represents someone who is restricting your freedom or making your choices for you. You need to regain control of your own life.


Dreaming of using a dictionary suggests that your first instinct is to look for validation in the opinions of others, rather than trying something your way the first time around.

Or, this dream is telling you that you need to gain more knowledge before you can get to where you want to be. You need a more solid understanding of how something works. 

Die Cast Car

A die-cast car appearing in your dream reflects how you are thinking a great deal about your goals, but you’re not actually making any progress in order to achieve them. 

You may prefer the novelty of beginning a new project rather than powering through when it gets more difficult. Or, you’re spending all of your energy on things that aren’t worthwhile in the long run. 

Alternatively, a die-cast car appearing in your dream symbolizes your childhood, which didn’t have as many responsibilities, or goals seemed a lot easier to achieve when you were smaller.


Dreaming of being on a diet reveals how you are limiting yourself, or not realizing your full potential. You are finding excuses to not go after what you really want out of life, or you have many talents you aren’t taking advantage of. 

Or, this dream refers to your sense of control, self-discipline, and how you’re cutting out unhealthy habits or behaviors. You want to better yourself.


Dreaming of encountering difficulties mirrors waking life, where all your efforts seem like they aren’t getting you very far. Though it’s demoralizing, you need to carry on.


Dreaming of digging reflects your efforts in trying to get to the root of an issue which is plaguing you. 

You may be too caught up in working to discover something about yourself, or redefine who you are, when you need to focus on an ongoing situation. 

Or, you feel something about a situation in waking life or something someone has said doesn’t ring true, and you don’t know why, but you’re determined to find out.

Dreaming of digging a hole and finding something suggests that you’ll uncover something unexpected on your way to a goal, which may change your path entirely. Consider the object you found. 

Dreaming of digging and being unable to dig further because of solid rock implies that you need to be more open to different ideas or ways of doing things. 

If you dream of digging a hole, and it fills with water, this points to the importance of changing course, trying something different altogether, or compromising in order to get further in life. Not everything can turn out the way you want it to. 

Dreaming of digging for mollusks represents facets of your personality which you can readily change or mold into something better. 

If you dream of finding plastic, this is drawing your attention to parts of yourself which will not change with time or influence.


Dreaming of a dildo points to dissatisfaction. This may be in your sex life, or a completely unrelated area where your needs aren’t being fulfilled. You feel things are stagnating.

Dreaming of someone else using a dildo refers to a hidden attraction towards this person.

Wearing a strap-on dildo in your dream signifies repressed or latent energies, or wanting to take control of a situation.


Dreaming of dill signifies a strong sense of security, in both spiritual terms and emotional vulnerability. You feel untouchable. Things are going perfectly well.


Dreaming of diluting something indicates that you are attempting to ignore your emotions in a situation, or you’re not speaking up about how you feel. You’re pushing past them in order to get something done, but this dream is drawing your attention to the importance of acknowledging how you feel, even if it’s after the fact.


Dreaming of things being dim indicates that the perspective you currently have in waking life is too limited. You may need someone else’s opinion to help open things up, or you need to gather more experience in some area. 

Alternatively, this aspect of your dream can symbolize someone who you feel is acting dumb. You can see things clearly, but you also have an outsider’s perspective. Is it time to share it with them?


Dreaming of a dime represents the number 10, as well as willpower, finally bringing something to an end, and prosperity. Or, it can indicate financial problems in your future. 

A dime in your dream can also point to a sudden end, or how you may drop everything to focus on one thing or someone’s needs, and this may not be the right thing to do.


Dreaming of being in another dimension symbolizes how you are sick of the problems which crop up in your everyday life. They are becoming monotonous, and you want something completely different. 

You may feel numb to life’s demands or other people, and this is a sign of great stress, or feeling like your abilities don’t match the expectations of others.

Or, dreaming of another dimension indicates that you need to view things from a different angle. 

Try and get a different perspective, away from anything emotionally charged which may be coloring your judgment. 

Something might not be what you assume at first glance. Maybe it’s easier than you think.


Dimples appearing in your dream signify optimism, joy, happiness, and things going the best way they can. 

It can also suggest that you need to let go of your problems for a little while and have some fun. Things might even be easier once you pick them back up.


Hearing a ding in your dream points to a new idea, revelation, or uptick in your creative output. 

If this is a regular occurrence in your dreams, this suggests you have a wealth of confidence, or you’re letting your ego rule you. 

You’re basing your choices on how they look to others, and how this shapes their opinion of you.

Dining Room

Dreaming of a dining room symbolizes your appetite for experience and wisdom. You want to have all the answers, or the ones available to you. 

A dining room in a dream also indicates you’ll be making a significant decision soon, which could shape your life.


Dreaming of having dinner by yourself is your subconscious pushing you to look at where you are in life, whether your goals still drive you forward, or if you need to change direction. 

A solitary dinner in your dream also points to independence, or isolation, depending on how you feel.

Dreaming of sharing dinner with people points to your social life, how well you relate to others, and how the people in your life affect your outlook. 

It may be time to compare experiences with them and deepen your connection. 


A dinosaur in your dream refers to an ideal attitude or outlook which you have outgrown, or one which doesn’t suit your life as it is now. In order to grow, you need to let go of anything that no longer serves you. 

Dreaming of running from a dinosaur symbolizes a terror of no longer being needed or feeling purposeless in life. 

Or, running from a dinosaur suggests that you are still haunted by unresolved issues that should have stayed in the past.

Dreaming of dinosaurs mating implies that you’re holding onto something which happened in the past, or you want to keep an aspect of a memory alive. 

It can also highlight any concerns you have about carrying on your family name or legacy.


Dreaming of taking a dip in water symbolizes how you are exploring your emotional wellbeing. Maybe your emotions have been all tangled up lately, and you’re looking for the source.

Dreaming of dipping your partner symbolizes your healthy level of self-worth and your capability in getting things done. Be careful that showing off doesn’t turn into arrogance.

Dreaming of eating dip indicates you’re searching for something different in your life. You want something to spice things up, and shake off any monotony which is in danger of forming.  

If you dream of double dipping, this is drawing your attention to the temptation of greed or selfishness. 


Dreaming of a diploma signifies the desire to close the door on a long journey to a fantastic achievement, having fulfilled your goal. You want to move onto something entirely new.

A diploma appearing in your dream also points to desiring validation, reward, and recognition.


Dreaming of being a diplomat is a warning dream. A situation in waking life needs a very delicate or empathetic touch, and you need to be careful how you handle it.


Dreaming of following directions is drawing your attention to the importance of being able to accept criticism and adjust course where necessary. It also points to how you feel about power, and whether people are responsible for it or not.

If you dream of giving someone directions, this implies that you’re on the right path to achieving your goals, and you’ll soon be on a journey of self-discovery.


Dreaming of being a film director points to the desire of wanting to control every aspect of a situation, or having a knack for the details. 

Or, dreaming of being a director is your subconscious telling you to take ownership of your life. There are many things you can control if you put your mind to it.


A dirigible appearing in your dream represents your potential, and how far your goals could take you if you stick with them. 

Or, you have an inflated or distorted opinion of yourself in some way, perhaps in your ability or how you think others see you. 


Dreaming of freshly disturbed earth or dirt signifies a frugal nature or the value of saving where you can. 

It also refers to being well-grounded, or acting negatively in a way that doesn’t match up to your usual kind character. Dirt in a dream can be a metaphor for behavior you are ashamed of.

Dreaming of someone throwing dirt at you implies that someone is out to dismantle all of your hard work, or they don’t trust you.


Dreaming of something being dirty or that you’re covered in dirt points to anxieties regarding sex and intimacy. 

This sort of dream usually occurs when you feel your self-confidence is at an all-time low. You need to break free from the negativity. 


Dreaming of having a disability points to your self-worth taking a nosedive. Something has affected how you see yourself, how resilient you think you are, or you’re questioning where your life is going and the choices you’ve been making.

A dream of having a disability is usually a sign that something in your life requires your full attention. Maybe you are underestimating yourself, and you should just try for something and see what happens.

Think about the part of you which was disabled in the dream, and this will provide some further insight into the dream’s meaning. 


Dreaming of things or people disappearing in front of you is an anxiety dream. It usually stems from the fear of people you hold close no longer being in your life.

It may also highlight anxieties of not getting too close to people in order to stop yourself from being hurt by them, or by them leaving. 

You may also have a fear of living life alone. Dreaming of people disappearing suddenly indicates that you need to work on how you see yourself, and what you think you are capable of, alone or otherwise.

Or, dreaming of someone disappearing in front of you implies that the traits that this person embodies are in need of your attention, or you could do with focusing on these parts of you for a while. 

If you dream of your partner slowly disappearing in front of you, this may indicate that your feelings aren’t as strong as they once were, or you need to put some effort into rekindling your relationship.

Dreaming of disappearing implies that you feel other people are ignoring you or not considering your feelings in a matter which directly affects you. 

Or, you feel you want to withdraw from your social circle in order to regain some energy or time for yourself. 


Dreaming of being disappointed reflects waking life, where you feel there’s a great imbalance between what works out for you and what doesn’t. 

It implies that you haven’t properly processed past disappointments or missed opportunities, which you still dwell on. 


Dreaming of being disapproving signifies that you’re rejecting part of yourself, or refusing to tend to your needs. You feel you need to keep pushing on, but you should remember to be kind to yourself. 

A dream filled with disapproval can reflect your anxieties about validation, wanting to be liked, or fear of failure. It can also mirror someone’s disapproval in waking life. 


Dreaming of a disaster is an anxiety dream (see also Tornado Dream Symbolism). You may be fighting change at every turn, and find a sense of security in the familiar. You fear the unknown.


Dreaming of disciplining someone suggests that a waking life situation could do with your input, especially if you take the reins, you may be able to do a lot of good.

A dream of being disciplined is your subconscious telling you to focus on more long-term goals rather than those you can immediately fulfill.

Disc Golf

Dreaming of playing disc golf indicates that you’ve been paying too much attention to immediate gratification or problems, when you should also focus on your long-term plans. 

You need to achieve a balance between working toward your future goals and being grounded in the present moment. 

Disc Jockey

Dreaming of listening to a disc jockey embodies a message from your inner self, something which you are not consciously aware of. 

It may provide some insight into a problem you have in waking life, or something that will motivate you toward achieving your dreams. 


Dreaming of being at a disco reflects a desire to go out and have some fun, and spend more time strengthening your relationships. You want a better connection with the people in your life. 

Dreaming of listening to disco music represents an easy-going nature. You want to see what life has in store for you.

Disco Ball

Dreaming of a disco ball represents the many facets which make up your life. It also embodies your upbeat personality, and you are a joy to be around.


Dreaming of making a discovery suggests you’ve started a new chapter of your life. You’re opening yourself up to new opportunities, and you’re excited to see what the future holds.

Or, dreaming of discovery indicates that you’ve found a facet of yourself you didn’t know existed, which will be increasingly important in waking life. It will help you go further.


Dreaming of throwing a discus suggests that you are cutting emotional ties from a situation in waking life, or someone who you once shared a profound connection with. You are trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. 

A discus appearing in your dream also symbolizes your willpower, and your current path towards your dreams. 

If it lands strangely, or disappears from view, you’ll end up somewhere you didn’t expect. If it lands where you hope, or someone else catches it, things will largely go the way you predict.


Dreaming of being infected with a disease is a warning to look after your health. You may be coming down with something, and you’ve already subconsciously picked up on it. Or, an issue that’s been bothering you for a while needs medical attention.

Or, the disease in your dream embodies an anxiety in waking life which may start to affect your life if it’s left unchecked. 


Dreaming of being disfigured suggests that you are still carrying the trauma or hurt from an old relationship or troubling situation. 

While the situation may have ended, the emotions it caused are still lingering and causing you pain. 

You’ve lost sight of who you are, or you are unable to let it go, as it’s defined you for so long. 


Dreaming of being in disgrace suggests your behavior has been less than admirable lately, and your conscience is weighing on you. You know you can do better.

Dreaming of others being in disgrace is a warning dream. You need to be careful who you spend your time with, as you don’t want to be caught up in their mistakes. 


Dreaming of using a disguise indicates that you’re in denial, or you’re trying to avoid something in waking life. You need to confront what you’re avoiding.

Or, you’re trying to be someone you’re not.


Dreaming of disgust indicates you’ve denied an aspect of your personality, and you’re scared you’ll be judged on it. It can also suggest that you feel an inability to defend yourself.


Dishes appearing in your dream signify behaviors, knowledge or vague concepts which you are putting forth to others (see also Washing Dishes Dream Meaning). The dishes also symbolize your outlook and how you think things are going. 

The condition of the dishes will give you some indication, as dirty dishes suggest that you’re ignoring your problems rather than trying to deal with them, you’re losing control over your emotions, or you feel life isn’t turning out the way you wanted.

Dreaming of cleaning dishes indicates how you are planning for your goals, both short-term and long-term. You feel everything is going well, and there’s nothing you cannot handle.

Dreaming of an immaculate cabinet full of dishes reflects how you are making the best of everything you have. You never turn down an opportunity.

Broken dishes appearing in your dream, or dreaming of breaking dishes, points to low self-worth, lack of confidence, or financial struggles. It can also indicate a period of bad luck.


Dreaming of a dishwasher implies that any problems still troubling you from your past need to be confronted in order for you to start afresh. 

Or, you’re making great headway to carve a good future for yourself, clearing any problems as they arise.


Dreaming of disinfectant indicates that you’ve moved past a troubling part of your life, and you’re healing. You are regaining your strength.


Dreaming of being disinherited suggests that you’ll soon experience problems in your social or professional life, specifically in other people’s opinion of you. 

You will have to work to get back to where you were, but you may find yourself much further ahead than you think.


Dreaming of a diskette signifies how quickly an idea can spread like wildfire, as well as an important message which you need to apply to somewhere in your waking life.

Maybe it’s time to spread some positivity, or start a collaborative project. 


Dreaming of disliking someone or being disliked refers to part of yourself which you’d rather didn’t exist. The person you are on the inside doesn’t match the image you’re projecting to others. You’re not being your true self.

Dreaming of someone you dislike suggests you’re deep in denial about something.


Dreaming of being at Disneyland reflects how you are longing for a break. You’ve worked hard, and you want to enjoy yourself. 

Disneyland also represents childhood, and happiness, which may point to needing more joy in your life, or simple pleasures. 


Dreaming of being dismembered indicates that a situation in waking life is deteriorating. You may be feeling at a loss, unsure how to fix it, alone, or overwhelmed. It can also point to future loss, where you’ll struggle to adjust.

What part of your body is dismembered within this dream will also provide further insight into the dream’s meaning.

Or, this dream can occur when you experience a major life shift, where you’ll have a period where you’ll need to establish a new normal, such as a new school, career, partner, or life stage. 

Something will transform your life, where you’ll be forced to redefine who you are.


Dreaming of disobeying someone reflects how you are ignoring your conscience in order to do something. 

You know it isn’t the right thing to do, but you’re still going ahead, and your subconscious is pulling you up on this. 

Or, dreaming of disobeying someone represents how you’re pushing down your emotions in order to see past them. You’re experiencing an emotionally-charged situation and need to remain objective.


Dreaming of being disowned implies that you need to let go of old behaviors or bad habits and assume responsibility for a situation in waking life. Make the change you want to see.


Dreaming of having a dispute with someone implies that you’re exploring ways to find a resolution to a conflict deep within you, or a long-standing problem in waking life. 

The subject of your dispute in your dream will also help clarify where this is. Or, a dream where you are disputing something signifies that you’re judging other people too harshly.


Dreaming of being disrespected usually occurs when similar feelings happen in waking life. You feel you’re not being considered in some matter that directly affects you, or you feel isolated.

If you dream that no one respects you, this is a reflection of your opinion of yourself. You don’t feel worthy of being respected, and you need to work on your self-confidence.

Disrespect in dreams also points to an uneasy conscience. You feel you’ve made the wrong decision or acted badly, and you wish a time machine existed, so you could take it back.


Dreaming of dissecting something indicates you’re searching for the root of a problem in waking life. There are too many factors obscuring the truth. 

Or, a dream where you’re dissecting something can suggest you’re overthinking matters, and you could be making a problem for yourself when there wasn’t one to begin with. 

What you are dissecting in this dream can also help inform the dream’s meaning.

Dreaming of dissecting a frog can be one of two things. Either you’re thinking back to high school and having to dissect a frog, or you’re wondering if a romantic interest is a ‘frog’ or a ‘prince’. It could go either way.

Dreaming of dissecting a corpse represents how you’re trying to uncover a hidden part of yourself which lies in your subconscious.


Dreaming of liquid dissolving symbolizes parts of yourself which were in conflict are now working in harmony once more. You’ve managed to create a new equilibrium. 

Or, a dream where something dissolves reflects waking life, where a situation, ideal, or relationship is coming to an end. 


Dreaming of someone or yourself being in distress is an anxiety dream, where worry from your waking life is bleeding into your dream. 

Your dream may serve as an outlet for these feelings, or it may be reminding you that focusing on your worries will only make you more anxious. You may need to remind yourself that you cannot control everything. 


A ditch appearing in your dream signifies that something which has appeared in waking life needs to be avoided at all costs. 

Or, you’ve got some bad habits, negative emotions, or impulses which you need to let go of in order to move on. 

A dream of a ditch can also be telling you to drop something which isn’t doing you any favors, or a manifestation of a guilty conscience for ‘ditching’ something important.

Dreaming of falling into a ditch suggests that you’ll make a mistake you won’t see coming, and it will take a while to dig yourself out.


Dreaming of diving into water suggests you are exploring your feelings which have settled in your subconscious mind. This dream works as a safe way to do so. 

The condition of the water will also give you an insight into your inner emotional state. If you are diving into clean, crisp water, you’re looking forward to what the future might hold. You’ve overcome all of your problems.

If you dream of diving into murky or dirty water, you’re worried about your own capabilities. You haven’t handled things well recently. 

Dreaming of other people diving implies that you have a good balance in your life right now. You listen to your emotions as well as your logical mind.

If you dream of animals diving, this implies that you’re uncovering repressed impulses or instincts which have been lurking in your subconscious mind.

Diving Board

Dreaming of standing on a diving board signifies that you need to think about your approach before you dive right in. Pre-planning now will save you a lot of time and effort later. 

A diving board in your dream is usually a symbol of the start of a new chapter in your life, and the uncertainty of starting it. But you won’t know until you dive in.

The height of the diving board can also be significant, relating to your levels of nervousness or experience, which will help guide you through this new period.


Dreaming of divorcing someone indicates that you need to put some distance between you and a situation, way of thinking, or a relationship. You need some space in order to gain some clarity.

Or, a dream of a divorce highlights the fear of ending up alone or separated, regardless of whether you’re in a happy relationship or not. It can also indicate that you feel dissatisfied with your current relationship.

If you dream of your parents getting divorced, but this isn’t happening in waking life, this dream is drawing your attention to an inner dispute you are having trouble reconciling. You are finding it difficult to balance the many demands and needs in your life.

Dreaming of divorce can also mirror waking life and the breakdown of relationships, and the turmoil that this causes. You are concerned about your or someone else’s behavior or recent decisions. 

Divorce dreams can also indicate a new phase in life, of dropping old ideas, habits or beliefs which no longer help you move forward.


Dreaming of being dizzy points to uncertainty, confusion, or a loss of perspective. 

This may be due to a situation which has caused you to question your ability or sense of security. Something you’ve always relied on is fading, and you need to turn to your own ability to get you through. 

You need to figure out a way to regain the balance in your life. It may be worth focusing on one thing at a time.


Dreaming of DNA indicates that you’re letting your energy go to waste somewhere, or something is sapping your vitality. 

Maybe you’ve been focusing too much on the negative forces in your life, or you’ve been cultivating a negative point of view without realizing, and it’s starting to affect the rest of your life. 

DNA in a dream signifies life, discovery, knowledge, and science. Consider how this applies to your current waking life situation.

Dreaming of DNA can imply that you’re questioning what makes up your self-image or identity, or your ancestry and roots, and how this affects your self-image. You’re trying to pin down what defines you, but this isn’t always a static thing. 

DNA can also refer specifically to someone who shares some or all of these initials.

Doberman Pinscher

Dreaming of a Doberman Pinscher symbolizes your guarded nature, or your observation skills. 

You pride yourself on paying attention to what’s going on, you need to be more observant, or you are seeing threats where there aren’t any. You feel the need to protect yourself.

Or, a Doberman appearing in your dream represents someone who puts you on edge, or keeps you alert. You don’t trust them, or they order you around. It can also embody an underlying fear.


Dreaming of being on a dock suggests you’re examining the stage that you are at in life. Consider the condition of the dock, and how many boats or ships are moored. 

If the dock is clean and full of boats or people, you’re over the worst of a situation, and you can begin to move on. 

A deserted dock indicates that you feel you have no reserves of energy left. Something has taken everything out of you, and you need a break.


Dreaming of seeing a doctor signifies that you’re in need of time to recover from something, spiritually or emotionally. 

Or, something medical has been on your mind lately, and your subconscious is telling you to get it checked to be safe.

Dreaming of being a doctor outlines an issue which you need to proactively try to solve or heal, or you need to do something in order to recover from an emotionally charged situation. 

A dream where you are a doctor also highlights your supportive nature.


Dreaming of a document suggests you’ll receive some significant or vital information or news, and this will change things. 

It may change the way you see the world, or a situation which is unfolding. Or, it will be the solution to a drawn-out problem.


Dreaming of a documentary symbolizes that you need to pay more attention. 

There may be something significant going on in waking life which you are blind to. You are capable of having a large impact on those around you, for good or bad. 

Or, dreaming in a documentary style indicates that you need to gain more knowledge or experience before attempting something. 


Dreaming of playing dodgeball mirrors a waking life situation, where something has either provoked you to defend yourself or become more proactive.

If you throw a ball at someone in your dream, you’re holding onto a lot of hostility or frustration. Being hit by a ball in your dream represents how you are taking things personally. 

Or, a dodgeball dream can point to your desire to avoid the truth, or someone’s curious nature. You don’t want to be examined.


Dreaming of a dodo bird suggests that something in your waking life is drawing to an end, making way for a new beginning. Or, your subconscious is drawing your attention to a flawed decision, behavior or person.


* See Animal Dream Symbols

Dog Fight

Dreaming of a dog (see also article titled ‘Dogs In Your Dream: The Meaning and Spiritual Symbolism‘) fight reflects how you are trying to pretend a facet of your life or personality doesn’t exist, and this is doing more harm than good.

Dreaming of dogs fighting (see also What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Dead Dog?) suggests that you are arguing with a trusted loved one, and this disagreement won’t fizzle out on its own. You need to distance yourself from this situation and let things cool down.

Dog Food

Dreaming of dog food or eating dog food points to a need to confront your impulses or animalistic instincts. 

You are struggling not to make the wrong decision, suggesting you are unhappy in some aspect of your life, and this could be drawing attention to a problem in your relationship.

Dog House

Dreaming of a dog house reflects where your behavior in some situation or your words have landed you. You feel you’re doing penance for something you’ve done.

Dog Race

Dreaming of a dog race implies that you’re concentrating on yourself right now. You’re looking after you, and focusing all your efforts on your personal journey or reaching your goals.


Dreaming of a dogwood tree indicates that you feel vulnerable in some way. Waking life is presenting you with a lot of challenges, and you’re not sure where to turn.

A dogwood tree in your dream also signifies the things you have given up in order to move on.  


Dreaming of a doll coming alive represents how you want to be an entirely different person with a different set of problems, away from your own. This is the subconscious’s way of acting out this wish.

Dreaming of a doll represents childhood, nostalgia, imagination and potential. It can also refer to someone you call ‘doll’.

If you dream of playing with a doll, there’s a discord between your conscious mind and your subconscious. You’re not consciously aware of something which you could do with taking on board. Or, you have an unreasonable or unrealistic attitude towards the opposite sex.


A dollhouse appearing in your dream refers to the perfect picture of family life which you’re holding onto. 

This is an unrealistic and unattainable goal, as nothing can be perfect all the time, and things always come with their problems, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

You long for a lifestyle which revolves around family with no underlying issues or dramatic situations, or you’re pretending that any current problems in your domestic life don’t exist.

Or, a dollhouse in your dream refers to your childhood, or a safe setting where you can act out solutions to family problems in waking life. You want to make sure that whichever solution you go for, it is the right one.


Dreaming of dolphins symbolizes knowledge, a higher spiritual awareness or something which will guide you on a spiritual path to a greater understanding. 

This sort of dream is usually a motivational sign, pushing you to apply all of your existing knowledge to the task at hand, or a situation which you’ve previously thought you couldn’t make any difference to. 

Or, this dream represents a new link establishing between your conscious and subconscious. You’re ready for a greater understanding or to undertake a long journey. 

Dolphins also embody the ability to work through your emotions with ease, or to express yourself without fear of being judged.

Dreaming of riding a dolphin represents your great social skills and ability to connect with people on any level. 

If you dream of a dolphin dying, you feel isolated from other people, or far away from your own emotions.

* See also Animal Dream Symbols


Dreaming of a dome denotes a greater understanding, or feeling protected on a spiritual level. You’re in a great place right now, where opportunities are opening up, and you can see which path is the right one.


Dreaming of domesticated animals signifies aspects of yourself which are under your control. This dream may be reflecting your current control over them. Consider the animals’ behavior within your dream for a better insight. 


Dreaming of being a dominatrix symbolizes your desire to control every aspect of life you can, and how you seek power. 

Or, being a dominatrix in your dream represents a higher form of thinking. You’ve expanded your horizons, and you can apply your new experience to many situations in waking life.


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