What Does A Dream Of A Drowning Child Mean?

Dreaming of a drowning child is a nightmare which can scare you into waking, feeling as if you’ve run a marathon. The identity of the child within your drowning dream changes the meaning of the dream. If you didn’t know the child, this essentially represents your own inner child, or your innermost self that’s been shaped throughout your childhood and adult life. This dream is a well of emotion, and it can represent fears of being able to take care of yourself, or a loved one.

Water in dreams reflects your emotional state, and in this case, fear holds you hostage. Dreaming of a child drowning in a river (see also River Dream Interpretation) indicates that you are seeking the advice of other people, or you require their help, and you may not have admitted this to yourself. Dreaming of a child drowning in an ocean indicates that you’re struggling to cope with your emotions, and they are getting the better of you.

While this is a dream rooted in emotion, it’s important to remember that most drowning incidents in waking life are preventable, and keeping a careful eye over your loved ones will help alleviate your fears, if this is what you’re actually afraid of. In the US, the odds of dying from drowning is roughly one in every 1,128 cases, and the lifetime odds are more like 1 in 5,500. If you live somewhere which has a lot of water, or your family goes to a beach or a swimming pool regularly, this is a very common dream to have, and you shouldn’t read too much into it.

Dreaming of someone drowning in a body of water which is man made, suggests that insecurities or deep-seated emotions are driving your decisions, and you’re unable to think objectively right now. These worry-inducing dreams tend to occur after an emotional struggle, or not realizing a situation is still affecting you, though it is over, it’s still causing you some pain. If you have children in waking life, and you dream of them drowning, this can be an especially worrying dream, but it represents your own struggles, rather than them being in danger. Work is being particularly difficult right now, and your workload is insane, or your emotions are making things harder than they need to be.

If you dream of rescue tools or preventative equipment, like a life jacket, or a float, or a defibrillator, your subconscious is reminding you that you have all the tools you need and the resilience to resolve any problems you currently have. You may have to adjust your perspective, that’s all. If you dream of a throw line, someone’s help will be pivotal in a future situation.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Child Drowning?

Dreaming of drowning links deeply to your emotions, and how you’ve been going through a difficult time. Dreaming of a child drowning is an anxiety dream, where you’re not convinced of your own ability, or you’re suffering from the after effects of a troubling situation, though you’ve dealt with the problem itself, you’re still feeling the emotions it created.

What does a Dream of Rescuing a Child from Drowning Mean?

Dreaming of saving a child from drowning indicates that you’ll stop a terrible situation before it has a chance to start. It can also resemble the power you have over your own emotions and the direction you’ll take in life. You’re your own best friend, and you know when you need to call on other people for help, and when you need to sort something out by yourself. 

What does it Suggest to Dream of Your Child Being Underwater?

Dreaming of seeing your child underwater or struggling to keep their head above water symbolizes your unconscious mind, your deepest thoughts and wishes. This dream can suggest you need to do some soul-searching in the future, to find out exactly what you want out of life. You need to pay more attention to your emotions, and your relationships in waking life.

Try to remember the details of your dream, as it can help you find the meaning. Was it just you who noticed? Did someone else try to help the child? Dreaming of your child being underwater can reflect your emotions towards them, the hidden depths of your feelings, and how they’re all mixed up depending on the events of the day. You may not tell them everything, and the exact extent of how you feel, but they’ll learn eventually.

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Husband Saving Your Child From Drowning?

Dreaming of your husband saving your child from drowning can indicate you need help in a situation in waking life that’s too much for one person to handle. It’s not an indication of weakness, it’s just how life is. Problems are overwhelming you, or you don’t know the first thing in how to solve a troubling situation right now. It’s too much. This dream is also a testament to the people who love you, and how they’re able to help you at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is call. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Child Drowning in the Ocean?

Dreaming of your child drowning in the sea indicates that your emotions have gotten too much for you. They’re clouding your ability to make decisions, and this dream is reflecting your waking life and how you feel powerless. Perhaps you’ve lost sight of your dreams, your achievements, and how tough you really are. Alternatively, you’ve been ignoring part of yourself for too long, or your instincts about a situation, and this will hinder your progress in waking life. You need to come to terms with something, or reconnect with your instincts and what you really want out of life. 

What does a Dream of a Child Drowning in a Swimming Pool Mean?

Dreaming of a child drowning in a swimming pool symbolizes your worry about other people’s actions, and how they’re capable of terrible things when they feel like it. You hope that they won’t act irresponsible and cause indirect harm to someone you love, or yourself. A swimming pool in a dream offers a brief insight into your unconscious mind, and the power of the feelings lurking within.

Concentrate on the present, and how things you’re worried about may be very unlikely, or they might never happen at all. Dreaming of a child drowning in a pool can point to someone close to you acting recklessly or harming their own life, which will cause you a lot of worry, and you might have to swoop in for an intervention. 

If you didn’t know the child in your dream, or you don’t have children in waking life, this suggests a situation in waking life will not turn out how you hope, and the outcome will leave you feeling lost. It indicates that you need to focus on a loved one or your family life right now, and you should try not to get caught up in all the little problems. 

Water is a common dream symbol, and it’s one of the most visual representations of your current state and the emotions you’ve been experiencing, even those that are under the surface. Dreams involving water are helpful as they provide you with some insight that you may be missing in waking life. You can take a step back from a situation and look at it from a detached point of view. Water also denotes protection when it comes to your loved ones, and the conflicting emotions they can flood us with.

The state of the water is also an indication of the meaning. A clear, calm surface represents a time of peace ahead, and using your emotions to guide your intuition positively. Churning, dark, or dirty water indicates a time of stress, turmoil, and anxiety that you’re probably already facing, but it’s worth keeping in mind the power you have over your own emotions. Your brain and your body interpret all these different signals from waking life to make sense of it, and this can drive you to anxiety, fear, and visible reactions. Now imagine what you could do if you actively curbed the negatives, and use all that focus on thinking and feeling positively, and how many things could change as a result. 


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