What Does Time Travel Mean In A Dream?

Time travel has always been an infinitely interesting subject. As humans, we’ve wondered for hundreds of years if it’s possible, and what we’d do if we had the chance to go back. While it raises all kinds of ifs and buts and maybes, it’s more engaging when we talk about time travel in dreams. This usually has some nostalgia or bitter hindsight to it. Your time travel dream may occur because you’re nervous about the future, or you regret what’s happened in the past.

Perhaps presently, you find yourself in a nasty situation which your choices created. None of us can see the future, and it may lessen the feeling of regret or helplessness to imagine what you’d do if you could go back. If you knew then what you know now. Often, this is a vicious circle. There’s no telling that making a different choice would result in a better outcome – it could have been worse if you’d done things differently.  Maybe you feel bad about a past situation rather than the present, and imagining yourself capable of changing it helps cut through the regret a little. Perhaps you found yourself going forward in time, maybe not in terms of a few weeks but perhaps the golden age of spaceships and discovery – this may be an indication that you feel out of place in your current situation.

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Went back in time to tell someone you loved them
  • Went forward in time to try and glimpse the future
  • Gone back to a happier time in your life and re-lived it
  • Dreamed you were a child again, or that someone who passed is still alive
  • Tried to change the future

Positive Changes Are Coming If

  • You wanted to go back to improve things or make them right, showing a considerate attitude
  • If you went forward in time and saw yourself happy

Detailed Time Travel Interpretation

Traveling back in time in a dream obviously suggests that you want to change something about the past. More often than not, this refers to a love that never existed, or perhaps it did and it just ended badly. You may not even have thought of the person in question for a very long time. It may even concern a lost pet, or someone you just lost touch with. Perhaps you have been missing them a lot lately and want to see them again, in which case this is your subconscious fulfilling your desire. Each of us dreams that we’re noble and can look out for others in some way, and these dreams can be outlets for those desires. Whether that’s on an obscure quest of some kind with people we don’t know, or actively wanting to change something about our past, it’s a desire to change. It may even be a desire to change who we are if you feel that a bad moment in your past defines you or you can’t let go of something. This is a sign you’re placing too much emphasis on the past, instead of living in the present.

Time travel in a dream can be a desire to escape the current world and our problems. This may be a desire for change but unless we act on it, nothing will happen. It can also be a fascination with a specific era or moment in time that has no real relevance to our daily lives or self, but we’re curious about it anyway. 

Dreaming about time travel can also signify romantic fantasies and a tendency to romanticize. Perhaps this is something you can’t do in everyday life, for one reason or another, and your subconscious has chosen time travel as an outlet as it doesn’t represent the present. To find the meaning behind your time travel dream, looking at the era you were in and what it was famous for would be a good starting point. For example, the Victorian era was known for its new inventions that catapulted technology into a myriad of new possibilities. From telephones, motorcars, typewriters, and bicycles, to name a few. It was also known for its awful treatment of workers, especially children, or anyone considered to be ‘lower class’. So while you may have made great progress in an aspect or several aspects of your life, it could also be true that you’ve neglected others, and this dream is calling you to tend to those areas you haven’t paid attention to.

Feelings that You May Have Experienced During a Time Travel Dream

Happiness. Joy at being in a different time, or being a different person. Romantic. Justified. Wistful. Fearful. Confused. Heroic. Glad to change any element of the past. Powerful. Regretful. Nostalgic. Shocked at seeing someone no longer in your life. 


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