What Does A Waterfall Mean In Your Dream?

A waterfall forms when the force of a river erodes the rock underneath. This creates a visible drop for the water to fall from a height into a pool below. In dreams, this drop is also significant, a visible change of some kind in your life. It can be a really drastic change, such as a shift in your outlook or approach to life which changes the course of your future. Rivers (see also Water In Dreams Symbolism) represent your emotional journey through life, ever-changing, ebbing, and flowing. They can also signify your ability to adapt and change from your experiences. When the river falls over a precipice or jumps down a few stacked stones, the water itself doesn’t change state, only its shape. Waterfalls in dreams stand for a shift in identity that stems from a great emotional experience or change.

In this dream, you may have

  • Swept off the edge by the current
  • Seen someone else fall over the waterfall
  • Watched strangers go over the waterfall
  • Tried to scale the drop
  • Watched the water from below
  • Gone over the waterfall in a boat, or a canoe
  • Traveled over the waterfall in an object you wouldn’t in life, such as your bed
  • Swung out past the waterfall, Tarzan style
  • Rescued someone from the drop
  • Saw yourself rescued from the waterfall

Your Dream Is A Good Sign If

  • You got safely across the waterfall
  • The waterfall carried you gently
  • Your dream was full of excitement

Detailed Waterfall Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of going over a waterfall, you’re going through a dramatic shift in your beliefs or outlook. This will carry you through new problems, giving you new emotional insight which could push your life in a direction you hadn’t considered.

Dreaming of watching someone close to you fall over a waterfall signifies a lost connection between the both of you. This can be a physical or emotional distance, but something tangible either way. This dream is specifically warning you to act – if you don’t repair the relationship it could end permanently. 

If you watch strangers plummet over a waterfall in your dream, this reveals that you’re not where you want to be in some way – perhaps the way you thought things would be by now would be better than they are. It’s a gap between what you have and what you want. Do you feel that other people are leaving you behind? It’s time to challenge yourself.

If you watch yourself standing below a waterfall, this is a sign of future renewal, and any current problems being washed away in the immediate future. It can also symbolize a new romantic relationship or the desire for one. If you are overpowered by the waterfall or find yourself out of your depth, this suggests that you’ll shortly struggle with something, and it’ll be more than you can handle alone. It may be something you thought you’d already overcome, but it’s rearing its head again. 

Dreaming of traveling over a waterfall while you’re on or in something can be a good or bad omen, depending on the object in question. Traveling in something that’s usually found on the water, such as a boat, barrel, or even a paddleboard, suggests you’ll do your best to overcome any obstacle. This can be a result of some time spent bettering yourself, or you may just find yourself in a good place right now. But if you find yourself going over the waterfall in something bizarre – your bed, for example – this leans toward the opposite. There’s a situation in your life causing you some concern, where you feel things are not in your power. The type of object used for this travel can indicate where your attention is needed to claw back some control. 

Dreaming of Tarzan-ing your way across a waterfall, swinging on a vine, or jumping from rock to rock with ease, suggests you’ve come to a crossroads in your emotional journey, and you’re considering how best to move forward. Using the vine symbolizes an uptick of creative energy, but a lack of direction to apply it – you may be unsure of what project to continue. If your dream saw you attempting to scale a waterfall, it may be no surprise that you’re going against the current, there’s a conflict within yourself, or you’re fighting yourself by making the wrong decision. Stubborn behavior and a fear of change or failure won’t serve you here and can influence your actions negatively. 

Someone in your dream rescuing you from going over the waterfall suggests that everyday distractions are clouding your vision of the bigger picture. While smaller details can be equally important as the big ones, you’re getting caught up in things that won’t matter in the long run. This is preventing you from facing a big change head-on, which would propel your life into a new direction if you let it. 

If you dream of rescuing someone before they fall over the edge of a waterfall, this is also a fairly negative sign. Things are moving quickly, and you feel you might fall off the edge. The common way people deal with this is to try to grab control, whether it’s of the situation that’s causing you grief or a different one entirely. You may be a bit too forceful in your suggestions in helping others, or you come across as aggressive when you only want to help. 

This dream links to the following situations in your life

  • Professional changes, such as a career change
  • Passion fizzling out
  • A new creative endeavor
  • Engagement or marriage

Feelings You may have encountered during a Waterfall Dream

Feeling exhilarated. Daring. The floor is snatched from under you. General positivity. Grateful for being alive. Relieved you saved someone in your dream. Feeling stuck. Accomplished. Fear regarding the future. Excitement toward new opportunities. Feeling disconnected from the people who love you. Feeling disconnected from your own choices. Feeling powerless. Powerful. Excited for the next stage in your life.  


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