True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams about Water

Without water, life wouldn’t exist on Earth. As a species, we certainly wouldn’t last long without water, as up to 60% of our bodies are made of the stuff.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that water appearing in dreams is a common theme, and there are many ways it can be interpreted, especially spiritually.

Read on to discover what your specific dream of water means, using the details of the dream to help guide you.

What Your Water Dream Is Trying To Tell You

Essentially, water in dreams symbolizes a period of cleansing. This may be a reflection of waking life, or how you need to take steps to ‘wash’ your proverbial plate of long-standing problems.

Water in dreams is closely linked with your subconscious mind and any emotions lurking beneath.

If you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, or overwhelmed, then this dream might be telling you to release those feelings through a healthy outlet.

If you feel like something bad is going to happen, and you dream of water, then your subconscious is drawing your attention to the importance of staying level-headed.

There are five common themes behind water dreams, and it’s important to consider each one before you definitely decide on one specific meaning.

Otherwise, you may choose the one that you want it to mean, rather than its actual symbolism.

A New Chapter

As water is used for purification, seeing water within your dream points to a new beginning on the horizon. 

It may be a message that you need to forgive yourself, and let go of the past in order to move on.

Perhaps you’re still being influenced by past events, and it’s coloring how you interpret what choices you need to make in the present.

Maybe you have an unhealthy habit or coping mechanism that you need to let go of.

There are always healthier choices that you can make, rather than reaching for the familiar, and you’ll feel better for it in the long run.

This dream may be your subconscious’s way of acknowledging this truth, where you still refuse to see it in waking life.

Underlying Emotions

Water in a dream can embody those emotions lurking in your unconscious mind, which you’ve never processed properly. 

You may not be aware of them at all in waking life, but they have to go somewhere, and a dream of water is a safe way of beginning to recognize these feelings.

Potentially, you’re afraid of being honest about your emotions in case someone takes advantage of what you see as a vulnerability, but owning your emotions has its own strength.

Maybe you have feelings for one of your friends, and you don’t want to acknowledge this as it will make your relationship complicated, and you’re worried your friendship may not survive.

Your dream is telling you to be honest with yourself, and anyone else that you need to, otherwise you will always wonder what might have been if you said something.

You Can Transcend Your Limits

Water always takes the form of the container it is held in, never resisting but only adapting.

Your dream of water may be a reminder that you can do absolutely anything, and push past any of your perceived limits – as long as you believe you can. 

Perhaps you’ve been given an opportunity in waking life that you feel you’re totally unprepared for, and you wonder if you should turn it down.

Sometimes the only way to find out is to try it anyway. You’re bound to learn from the experience even if you don’t succeed. But what if you do?


If things aren’t going well for you in waking life at the moment, dreaming of water may be a message that things will not always be as bad as this.

It can be easy to forget, in the midst of emotional turmoil or difficulties that you actually have control over your life, and the choices you make can have a great impact on situations. 

But even by having this dream of water, this is a reassuring sign. Your innermost self knows that you can get through this, and you will remember this too. 

Take A Break

Water comes in many forms. It can be a slow, calm river, or a tsunami which devastates all it comes across.

It’s said that even the sound of running water can make us feel calmer and more at ease, which is why fountains are incorporated into garden designs, spas, and meditation spaces.

Water appearing in your dream may be a sign that you need to take things a little easier for a while.

It may be that in the midst of a huge workload, or worries piling on your plate, that you have become disconnected from the world around you. 

Carve out some time to be in nature again. Go for a walk in some woodland, along a beach, up a mountain.

Reconnect with your breathing and the world around you, and feel at least some of the stress drain away.

Or, maybe it’s time you rewarded yourself for your achievements, instead of constantly brushing them off as nothing. You’re worth more than that.

Common Water Dreams And What They Mean

Falling Into Water In Your Dream

Dreaming of falling into water can be a good sign or a bad sign, and you largely won’t know for a while. 

It can be about taking a leap of faith, and trusting both in yourself and in the universe that things will work out.

However, this is not about gambling something away, or taking chances without thinking about the potential consequences though. 

This dream is about trusting in your own intuition to know exactly when you should make a jump, and when you should take the long way round.

If you felt scared during the fall in your dream, this dream is reflecting feelings of helplessness somewhere in your waking life.

Perhaps there is an ongoing problem in waking life which you have no control over, and you know there’s nothing you can do.

Your frustration and anger is bleeding through into your dream, and while this acts as a safe outlet, you need to find other healthy ways to express your emotions, too.

Dreaming Of Breathing Underwater

Sometimes, we can do impossible things in dreams. One of the most common ones is dreaming of breathing underwater, and it’s not absurd enough that the concept will wake you up.

Dreaming of being able to breathe underwater is largely a good sign. It implies that you have a well of inner strength that you can turn to in difficult times.

This is not in terms of physical strength, but in terms of your mental capabilities, and how they will take you much further than you think.

If you have been experiencing a period of uncertainty and then dream of breathing underwater, this is a very positive dream, urging you to go after what you want.

This dream is drawing your attention to your own power in your life’s journey, and the importance of not leaving your fate solely up to luck or chance.

Drinking Water In Your Dream

Dreaming of drinking water can indicate that good things are on the horizon, even if it doesn’t seem like it now in waking life.

The act of drinking water in a dream symbolizes abundance in the near future, and the way concerns will just ‘wash away’.

Something will crop up that will provide you with some spiritual fulfillment in the near future, where you feel as though you’re finally on the right track.

Alternatively, dreaming of drinking water has a simpler explanation: you may actually be thirsty during your dream!

Seeing Running Water In Your Dream

Dreaming of running water suggests that you have the power to gain more stability in your waking life.

If you cultivate a positive frame of mind, you will attract opportunities, and you will feel more secure in yourself.

This dream is calling on you to let go of anything you cannot control, as there’s no point worrying over things you have no power over.

This dream is also a sign of renewal or even rebirth coming your way, where changes will mean that you will start a new chapter in your life. 

This will be a period of peace, where you receive some good news in your professional life, your personal life, or within your family.

However, if the running water is dirty or foul, this isn’t such a positive sign.

Dreaming of dirty running water indicates that you’re in a period of stagnation.

Somewhere in waking life you feel stuck, or things aren’t going your way, and you don’t know how to turn the tide to get things moving again.

This is a direct manifestation of your stress or anger, and it’s also your subconscious telling you that you need to do something about it.

Dreaming Of Snakes In Water

While water is essentially a calming element within our dreams, there are times when it is frightening. 

Dreaming of snakes in water can be multi-layered, and it’s important that you find the meaning behind it, so the dream doesn’t hang over the rest of your day.

The water in your dream usually equates to your emotions, and the snakes within can be symbolic of inner knowledge that you’ve not yet recognized.

The way you will glean this knowledge is by searching within, and eventually it will rise to the surface.

Alternatively, the snakes can suggest that the emotion you are burying or have not dealt with will cause you problems in the future, and react badly to something which should not be an issue.

The snakes in your dream can also represent someone who is untrustworthy, and they will get to you through emotional manipulation.

In this case, your dream may be a warning, and you’d do well to take notice of it.

Dreaming Of Deep Water

A dream of deep water can be confusing at the very least.

We always fear the unknown, and that doesn’t get more alarming than being in deep water, not knowing exactly where the bottom is, or what might be in there with you!

Dreaming about deep water may be a warning. Perhaps your current choices are not the best ones to be making right now, as they may land you in trouble somewhere in your life.

You should be careful about any decisions, but it’s worth knowing that this dream may be telling you about a situation that you can’t avoid. 

However, knowing about it can make a huge difference in how you react to it, which can make it so much less painful.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Water In Dreams

The biblical interpretation of water in dreams is essentially about renewal and protection.

Dreams involving water can represent your ‘thirst’ for knowledge or new experiences, leading to a new chapter in your life.

Trusting in your instincts in a period of uncertainty may be the message of this dream.

As long as you continue to be true to your own intuition, you won’t stray from the path you should be on.

If the water is clear, this is a positive sign for the future, where you will enjoy some success or a period of tranquility.

On the other hand, if the water is dirty or cloudy, this is a bad sign, signifying that troubling times are ahead of you.

Final Thoughts

Dreams involving water can be complicated, and it’s worth pointing out that while the details in your dream can point to the meaning, not all the details mean something, so don’t get distracted.

In order to decipher your specific dream of water, it’s worth looking at your own emotions, how you felt during your dream, and if your emotions shifted at any point during the dream, as well as any reaction to the potential dream meanings.

Remember, it’s your dream, and every dream is different!


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