What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stealing Or Someone Being A Thief?

Dreaming about stealing can be quite a personal attack. A dream concerning stealing links to your own identity, and the loss of something important. This may be a trust that you’ve placed in another person, or a relationship, something more concrete, like a business failing. The object being stolen can wildly influence the meaning behind your dream. For example, if you dreamed of your car being stolen, this directly links to your ability to solve problems and move forward in life – someone or something has disrupted this. If you dream of money being stolen, you may feel someone is taking advantage of your good nature, or you feel someone in your life is not appreciating you. 

Dreaming that you’re stealing something suggests that a desire or a need you have is not being fulfilled in your life. When you dream of stealing, it suggests that whatever you’re lacking is big enough to impact your life and your dreams, so now’s the time to do something about it. It can suggest neediness in your personality or a vulnerability, depending on where the dream took place. Dreaming of stealing reveals unrealized goals and dreams. In your dream, if you steal a variety of things, this can suggest that your waking career will have some relative safety. 

Dreams about stealing from a bank or an individual are more common than people would like to admit. If you dream of stealing something, and then you see yourself being chased suggests a future failure – this could be in a relationship, or a goal you’ve set yourself, or a career nosedive. According to older dream interpretation, if you catch someone stealing from you, this is a sign you’ll defend yourself in the future and defeat an enemy. If in your dream, a thief steals something from your home or car, this dream is a warning. It is telling you to be more vigorous when you defend your ideas or sense of self. Dreaming of stealing can also be a promise of future troubles.

What does Dreaming of Shoplifting Mean?

Dreams of shoplifting connect to our sense of safety and privacy. Dreaming of shoplifting can suggest you have high expectations of yourself, but you want more privacy. Successful thieves have a lot of skills to draw upon, and any mistake will result in being caught. In dreams, they’re often symbols of wanting to hide, especially if you feel watched or vulnerable in some way. If you dreamed you were the victim, this can connect to similar feelings in waking life. Has someone wronged you recently? Have you felt attacked by someone? 

What does it Mean to Dream Someone is stealing from You?

There are a couple of meanings to this particular dream. If you dream someone is stealing from you, it can suggest you’re having an identity crisis in some form, or something has happened to make you question how you see yourself, and where your position is in the world. This can be due to an unattainable dream or a goal you’ve had since childhood that you no longer work towards. Maybe you achieved that goal, and it wasn’t really what you wanted. Perhaps someone in your life who you thought formed part of your identity has left, and you don’t know what to do without them. Dreaming of someone stealing something suggests a problem or several in the future. It can also reveal that someone has taken credit for your work or has dampened your sense of success. This dream can stem from a feeling of injustice in your waking life – it may not be that someone took something from you or took credit for your work – perhaps they cut you off at a junction, or you saw someone get away with something they shouldn’t have. It can even reflect heartbreak or a betrayal, and this is your dream showing how you’re still affected.

What does it Mean to Dream about Stealing and Your Parents?

If you dream your parents are stealing from you, it might not be a surprise that you’ll shortly have some family problems. You might even be expecting a problem – perhaps you’ve seen a warning sign or interactions with them have been a bit explosive lately. Sometimes we don’t feel we live up to their expectations, or they don’t feel we do, and this is a great source of conflict for the world over. This dream can appear when you feel sidelined or taken for granted. If you dream your father is stealing from you, this reveals that you feel hurt by other people’s actions, perhaps they haven’t thought about your feelings. If you dream of your mother stealing from you, perhaps a past situation has resurfaced, or the emotions stemming from one have come back to haunt you. This could be your subconscious telling you of a similar current situation it has picked up on, recognizing the past signs. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Stealing From Your Parents?

It’s common for some children to have stolen from their parents at some point in their life. If you’ve stolen from one of your parents in the past, this may just be the past resurfacing. In traditional dream interpretation, if you steal from both parents, this suggests that you’ve curbed some harsh words you wanted to say, in order to spare their feelings. This dream can suggest that someone’s behavior or negative attitude will cause you some problems in the future. This may be someone close to you, or someone that can directly affect your life such as a partner or your boss. Your dream may be advising you to pay close attention to the people in your life, and to talk over any problems. This dream can also reveal your parents having an issue of some kind, and they may not want to burden you with it. 

What does it Mean to Dream Your Partner is Stealing From You?

This is an interesting dream – unsettling, conflicting, shocking even. Someone in your life who you’ve trusted not only to have your back but with a large chunk of your life appearing to betray you in a dream. This suggests that they’re letting you down somewhere in your waking life. This may be a small problem or something much bigger. Their actions were disrespectful – if they considered them at all – and may have left you feeling betrayed and unable to trust them in the future. When you’ve had a dream like this, it can be hugely beneficial to talk with your partner. If you can understand their motivations – it could be that they didn’t mean it, or there was a valid reason – you’ll both be able to move on. This dream does signify relationship issues, so it’s important to go through them. It can also present as an anxiety dream, perhaps they haven’t done anything wrong at all, and you’re worried that they might in the future. This kind of worry will add more problems to your life, and it’s best you confront it.

What does it Signify to Dream of Your Children Stealing from You?

This isn’t really a dream you wake up from and want to ring your children afterward and say, “I had a dream about you!” and then follow up. However, it would be a good idea to reach out and see how they’re doing, as dreaming of your children stealing is an anxiety dream. Your subconscious has put them (and you) into a horrible situation where you’re bound to worry, because something niggling about them has made it into your dream, and your dream reflects this. Perhaps it’s something that they’ve done, or been through, maybe a bad breakup or the loss of a good job or friend. This dream can also signify that someone close to you is struggling with a problem and could do with your input, but they haven’t reached out.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Stealing Money from You?

If you’re dreaming that someone steals money from you, this is one of those dreams that is a reflection of waking life. Someone may not actually be stealing from you, but they may be affecting your life negatively all the same. Perhaps they’ve taken advantage of your kindness, or of your belief in them. If you dream about spending money, it can point to money worries or potentially overspending. Watch your finances to check if anything’s slipping through the net or where you don’t need to be spending.  Have you been considering a big purchase maybe? This could be your subconscious telling you it’s not worth it, for one reason or another. It’s always worth doing a financial ‘health-check’ after a dream like this as it can be an omen. It never hurts to try to make sure things will go the way you want them to. If nothing financially bad surfaces in the future, at least you’ll know where you stand. If you dream you’re the thief, this dream is warning you to take care with your thoughts and actions, as they could be leading you into trouble.

What does dreaming about Someone Stealing Groceries from You Mean?

This dream isn’t particularly common. While it might have been infuriating at the time, a dream where someone stole groceries from you is a good omen for the future. Often, these dreams concerning ‘wealth’, whether it’s the food in your cupboard or the money in your pocket, can suggest new opportunities in the workplace or in a business venture. This dream can also reveal a deepening relationship in your future.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Stealing Your Job?

Oh, this one’s not fun. Dreaming of a colleague or a stranger taking your job from you is a particularly somber warning. You should act as if someone’s watching your every move and word, as if they’re racking up a list of transgressions to use against you. It might just be that you don’t get on with a co-worker, and you’re picking up on their negative energy. It’s worth noting that it could be more extreme – someone could be actively trying to discredit you or destroy your professional life. Dreaming of someone stealing your job can also suggest uncertainty, perhaps you’re considering asking for a raise – maybe you’ve been given some fresh responsibility and want your paycheck to reflect this, but you don’t want to come across as greedy. You may be surrounded by colleagues who are jealous of your performance or annoyed that you may be making them look bad. When you wake from a dream like this, it can’t hurt to be a little cautious in the future. Don’t give anyone any ammunition they can use against you. 

What does Dreaming of Someone Stealing a Watch from You Signify?

Mention the word time, and watch some people instantly stress out. Sometimes we have too much time, dragging conversations you can’t politely escape from or constantly checking your watch and yes, it’s still the same since the last second you checked. We may have too little time, finding ourselves trying to prioritize work, friends, partners, gym classes, hobbies, and occasionally you’ll have to drop one of more of these to sandwich other things in, all the while forgetting to take a deep breath. If you dream of someone stealing a watch from you, take that breath now. Being afraid of wasting time is a very valid fear, but dwell too long on it, and it’ll swiftly take the feet from under you with worry and a general cloud of misery. This dream can also manifest if you’re working on a long project that’s causing you some stress. You may feel that time is against you, or you don’t know how you’ll meet the deadline. The dream watch is ticking louder (see also Watch Dream Meaning), and every moment you focus on the time rather than on your project means you’ll get a bit more stressed. If you felt attached to this watch in your dream – maybe it had some sentimental value, this dream suggests a new opportunity will come to you soon, bringing forth a new ‘age’ in your life. If you dream of being a watch thief, this is a bad dream. It reveals that you’ll have a hard time in the future, where someone will doubt your credibility or your reputation will suffer some damage. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Stealing Gold from You?

Conversely, someone stealing gold from you in a dream is a good sign for the future. As this dream focuses on wealth – regardless of it being removed in this dream – this usually denotes that you’ll have an increase of prosperity soon. Since you dreamed of yourself being rich, it may be time to put your plans into action, or strive toward a vague long-term goal that you’ve not previously attempted. If you dreamed of a bank being robbed, this suggests that one of your hobbies or interests will bring you some embarrassment. Perhaps you bragged to someone that you’re perfect at something, and fate will decide to show you up.

What does a Dream Mean Where Someone Steals Your Partner?

Dreams where you worry about your partner or the future of your relationship are extremely common. Dreaming of your partner being whisked away by someone else is awful, and you may still feel stressed or betrayed when you wake up. Yep, you guessed it, you’re worried. You may have some deep-seated trust issues that don’t concern your partner at all – perhaps you’ve been burned by someone in the past and part of you is determined to see the warning signs before it can happen again. You might be enjoying the hell out of your relationship, and you don’t want it to change. Maybe you’ve been really honest with them lately, and you’re not sure what they’ll do with that going forward. There’s a universal message to this dream: try not to worry. Enjoy being with your partner, and everything else will fall into place.

What does it Mean to Dream About Someone Stealing Your Bag?

Dreaming of your bag being stolen suggests that you may be at a crossroads of a difficult decision. It’s important to weigh up your options carefully, as these could affect your future. If you can, it’s probably the time to get the opinions of the people you trust. 

What does a Dream about Someone Stealing a Book Signify?

Books are a universal symbol of knowledge and creative freedom. Someone stealing a book from you in a dream can suggest they’re withholding some important information that you should know. Perhaps it will affect your current situation or a future decision. A dream where someone steals your book also reveals there will be some exciting news in the future, or someone needs to use your knowledge as a sounding board. If it is an omen of news, beware! This could just be gossip, and decisions based on gossip generally don’t end well. If you dream of stealing a book from someone, you’ll uncover something important and worthwhile. Though the way you gain this knowledge will be somewhat sketchy – maybe not entirely ethical or through hearsay. You might be tempted to present someone else’s thoughts as your own.

What does it Mean When Someone Steals Your Purse in a Dream?

As mentioned in dreams where you find money (see also Finding Money Dream Symbolism), your wallet or purse connects to your own image. It holds our material wealth, our legal proof of identity, and what we’d be lost without. A dream where someone steals your purse is a disruption in that identity – perhaps you’ve lost sight of it in a difficult situation, or other people may be moving forward without asking your opinion on something that concerns you. Maybe your life has gotten more complicated, and you’re wondering what that means in terms of who you are, or what you want to be.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Stealing Your Job?

Dreaming of someone stealing your job has two very different meanings. Let’s start with the most obvious connection – you might feel that something’s threatening your position at work. But in what way? Do you feel overworked, or someone’s affecting your performance? Did you feel trapped in this dream? If your professional life is going well, this dream suggests there are changes coming – this may be a promotion, or an entirely different career path will be on offer. If you’re dreaming of a job entirely different to your work in waking life, this could reflect your good work ethic and determination, and people around you are starting to take notice. 

What’s the Spiritual Meaning behind a Dream where You Steal Food?

Have you been feeling disconnected lately? Lonely, or upset? In spiritual terms, a dream where you steal food or other essentials can mirror a lack of something in your life, leaving you feeling empty and unengaged. Perhaps there’s a need in your life that you’ve been ignoring. A good way to rectify this is to start something new. This may be a new hobby, a creative or work-related project, or a new resolution going forward. Your life needs some enrichment, or a break from your routine. You may already be starting something new, but you’re at the stage of uncertainty, and you might not have a safety net to fall back on. This dream can also reveal your hard work and determination, which will pay off in the near future.

What does it Mean to Steal a Bag in a Dream?

We carry around our worries and responsibilities wherever we go. In a dream, this bag represents those motivations and issues we have in waking life. If you dreamed of this bag being damaged in some way, you may be carrying some negative feelings that are doing you harm. If the bag was weighty, and you tried to steal it – perhaps it was full of gold – this suggests that you’re concentrating on worries that might not even happen, and this may affect your ability to handle things in the near future. The best thing to do – and the hardest, of course – is to drop that weight you’re carrying.  

What’s the Spiritual Meaning behind Dreaming of Stealing Money or Gold?

Wealth in a dream can symbolize a myriad of things. It may stand for knowledge, money, health, or the people in our life. It’s also the value you place on these things. Are you acknowledging the efforts you’ve made lately? Look around you and see how far you’ve come. Gold in a dream can symbolize you’re on the path you need to take in order to grow. So keep stepping. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind a Dream of Stealing a Book?

As we’ve touched on, a book in a dream symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It may stem from the experiences you’ve overcome, and those lessons that life taught you. If you were reading this book, this suggests that you haven’t learned something from the past. It may be something you overlooked because the situation turned out okay – but it might be worth exploring. If you felt confused by the content – we rarely read in dreams! – this is a testament to your adaptability and your approach to solving problems. If you dream of buying a book, this promises success in your future, if you keep going. Writing a book in a dream suggests a change you’ll make yourself, something you’re currently frustrated with and want to improve on. 

Spiritually speaking, books in dreams can also represent sacred knowledge, secrets, or wisdom passed down through hundreds of years. Dreaming of stealing a book can suggest you’re not in a place where you have enough knowledge yet – and you need to gain more experience in order to discover your path.


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