Mirror In Dreams

From superstitions to folk tales, mirrors have always appeared as strong symbols. More than physical objects, mirrors were often the embodiment of truth. Psychologically, a mirror is a line, the border between our conscious and subconscious minds. It shows not only what’s visible on the outside, but also the depths of our deepest feelings and desires.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that there are many stories where a mirror appears to show something more than the reflection – it shows another world on the other side. It should also not come as a surprise that mirrors can have many different meanings in dreams. At first, there is the mirror simply as an object which can have different meanings in itself, but then we also need to consider what we see in the mirror, and in dreams these apparitions can indeed be quite strange. 

So what does it mean to see a mirror in a dream? In this article, you’ll find different dream scenarios featuring this object, as well as what they mean. So let’s dive in!

What Does It Mean To See A Mirror In A Dream? 

Mirrors in dreams don’t usually appear without images on them. Sometimes, you’ll see your own reflection, which can be both a positive and a negative omen. That depends on the way seeing the reflection makes you feel. When you see your own reflection in a dream, you’re looking at an aspect of yourself. But you should keep in mind that the things you see are not always in alignment with your current life situation.

The way you appear in a mirror, whether it’s old or young, dressed up or in pajamas, is all a reflection of your current mental state. For instance, seeing yourself in a mirror looking like an old version of yourself could mean you’re tired of your life and you’re looking for a change. Or, perhaps, it could mean you are yearning for some aspect of your younger self you feel you have lost. On the other hand, if you see a new version of yourself you’ve never seen before, this apparition could represent the direction you subconsciously wish to take in life, or the ways in which you want to grow in the future.

But you don’t have to see your reflection in a mirror for it to mean something. Dreaming about looking at a mirror and not seeing an image looking back is a symbol, too. That kind of dream could indicate you’re feeling unnoticed by someone in your surroundings. Perhaps there is someone you like but they don’t seem to realize you exist, or you are feeling unappreciated in some other way. 

In any case, dreams about mirrors are always a cue to question your feelings and your current life situation. More often than not, our dreams are just a way our psyche deals with things we suppress. This is why the image we see in the mirror in dreams can tell us a lot about our innermost feelings and desires. Understanding the mirror in your dreams can truly be a path to self-discovery. 

A house full of broken mirrors is a common dream scenario. If it’s your house you’re dreaming about, then it symbolizes the way you see yourself. Your home in dreams is always a symbol of yourself, and different rooms might represent different aspects of your life. Dreaming about broken mirrors in your home could be an alert from your subconscious. A time has come to deal with all those emotions you’re trying to disregard. 

In a dream, if you’re trying your best to avoid your reflection in a mirror, that can be a sign to try and see yourself from another person’s perspective. Sometimes, we find it easier to just not look at ourselves in a mirror, than to do and face our problems. For instance, people struggling with eating disorders have trouble looking at their reflection in the mirror. Some people literally have difficulties facing their physical image, but you could also take this metaphorically. Much more often, we have trouble facing who we truly are in character. Maybe you are experiencing some feelings you would rather suppress. Having trouble facing the mirror (literal or metaphorical) is also a common problem for perfectionists who set expectations that are just too high for themselves. Facing our own image requires self-love and self-forgiveness, and those qualities don’t always come easily. 

Mirrors are strong symbols, even in books and movies. People leaving messages on them is such a common scenario. Especially in a steamy bathroom, with a finger. Such a message only lasts a short time, and then it disappears. If you feel afraid during a dream of mirrors, that kind of dream can be an alarm warning you of some unexpected changes coming your way.

Obviously, not every dream regarding mirrors has to have a complicated symbolism behind it. But, understanding the meaning behind it requires you to pay attention to other things in the dream, not just the reflection you see. In fact, the way you felt during that dream is just as important as the things you saw. Here’s an example. Dreaming about seeing scenes from your past in a mirror will surely cause you to feel a certain way. Such a dream could cause you to feel sentimental, or even fearful and upset. This dream points to a certain period in your life, and that’s obviously not because of dream symbols, since they can be obscure, but because of the way you felt. The dream awoke feelings you thought were long gone.

The connection between emotions and dreams doesn’t always have to be regarding bad feelings you’re trying to suppress. You could be dreaming about looking at your reflection, and feeling confident and attractive. In that case, that’s a reminder you can feel the same way in waking life too. On the other hand, if you’re dissatisfied with what you see in a mirror, then you need to think about why that is and how you can change it. Dreams are usually good guides, and they can show us what’s good and what’s bad. 

It’s the 21st century, our lives are fast, and sometimes we need to slow our pace and turn around. We miss out on too many things just because we were facing the other direction. But we don’t actually bypass those things without noticing them at all. Our subconscious takes notes without our acknowledgment. Then, when we least expect it, it shows those things to us, usually in the form of dreams. In a way, it opens our eyes and gives us the opportunity to look at things from another angle. 

Everyone has heard about the superstition regarding a broken mirror. The idea dates back to ancient Rome, whose citizens first claimed a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck. Whether you believe in that or not is irrelevant when it comes to dreams. Such a well-known superstition has made a broken mirror a dream symbol of bad fortune.  

If you think about it, the mirror in dreams represents a lot of things, but they’re all usually self-explanatory. They tell us a lot about ourselves. Freud was right after all. To him, our dreams are a representation of our repressed wishes, and we can see how his ideas connect to dreams of mirrors. 

Broken mirrors, or dirty ones, are not uncommon in dreams. In most cases, you’re going to look at it, searching for a reflection. The image looking back at is the way you feel about yourself in real life. This kind of dream could also symbolize your search for your true self, who you are as a grown-up person. 

If you dream about wearing sunglasses, that could signify you’ve got something to hide. You could be facing difficult times in waking life, and you don’t feel ready to deal with that right away. Another possible dream scenario regarding mirrors could be located inside an operating room. To see a mirror in there could indicate all the stress in waking life has taken a toll on your health, and that should be your main priority now. If you neglect it for trivial short-living things, you’ll regret it when it’s too late.

Common Mirror Dream Situations: 

Mirrors can appear in dreams in many ways, but there seem to be certain patterns that many people dream of. Below are the ones we encountered most often. Do any of those short descriptions correspond to your dream? If yes, keep reading. Below we discuss all of those tropes in detail. 

  • You gaze at your own reflection in a mirror.
  • You entered a room with walls covered in mirrors.
  • You’re staring at a broken mirror.
  • Someone other than yourself appears as a reflection in a mirror.
  • Your own reflection looks different.
  • You see your biggest dream in a mirror.
  • You stare at a black mirror.
  • You see a mirror attached to the door.
  • You’re looking at a mirror in the bathroom.
  • You cracked a mirror.
  • There’s no reflection of yourself in a mirror.
  • A mirror frame appears to be either gold or silver.
  • You stare at a disco ball that consists of tiny mirror pieces.
  • You’re driving a car and looking at a rear mirror.

What Do Dreams Of Mirrors Generally Mean?  

When interpreting a dream, you can’t isolate symbols and expect to understand the meaning. Context is crucial. The best way to get to the true meaning of your dream is to first write down everything you can remember. This includes objects, people, actions, and last but not least, feelings. In short, write down even the tiniest details. The act of writing will help you see the patterns and look at your dream from a certain distance (memory can be fickle). 

As you will see, there are many ways to interpret a dream that involves mirrors, but, in general, mirrors in dreams represent our relationship to ourselves. When mirrors feature prominently in your dreams, it is almost certain that you should understand the whole dream in the context of your own relationship to yourself. These dreams usually point to issues with self-confidence and self-image, as well as feelings and anxieties regarding how society sees us. 

Dreams of Broken Mirrors 

Generally, broken mirrors symbolize chaotic relationships. To understand what your dream is telling you, think about your life situation. Maybe you’ve started a romance with someone based on pure chemistry between you two. But while the attraction is undeniable, there are so many other things you’re not getting along with. So in a way, a dream of a broken mirror reminds you that your romance needs some work. After all, every relationship requires sacrifices and compromises. No two people are alike, so you need to find the middle ground and reconcile the irreconcilable. This situation can be relatable to other kinds of relationships too, like with friends or family. 

Looking At A Mirror And Seeing No Reflection

To be frank, everyone gets startled when they don’t see their reflection in a mirror, even though it’s just a dream. There’s a strong symbolism behind this phenomenon. Your own reflection is a good thing, and when it’s missing, it represents your self-esteem. So, what this dream means is that you’re lacking confidence, and you’re not seeing yourself as the strong and independent person you are. You might be putting a lot of effort in some personal project, but you are not seeing the results yet and that’s making you feel invisible. 

What Does It Mean To See A Stranger As A Mirror Reflection?

The only thing that can be more frightening than seeing no reflection in a mirror is to see someone else’s. This scenario usually indicates there are hidden feelings. Maybe you’re too afraid to tell someone how you really feel about them.

On another note, this dream could also mean you’re analyzing your previous actions. Recklessness has caused you more bad than good, and only time has shown that. Is it too late to fix it? It seems like you know the answer. When in doubt, listen to what your subconscious is telling you through symbols.

To understand this dream, think about what you saw in the mirror. Was it a complete stranger or someone you know? What does this person or this image represent to you? How can you connect this to your past and your feelings towards yourself?  

Looking Through A Rearview Mirror In A Dream

Rearview mirrors allow us to stay safe while driving. We can see what’s approaching us from the back. In a dream, looking at a rearview mirror could symbolize looking at your own past. On some occasions, a rearview mirror can also mean you’re focused more on people around you, their needs and wishes, than on yourself. 

Mirrors Falling In A Dream And Other Telltales Regarding This Object

Dreaming about a mirror falling can be your hint to open up more to people around you. Stop trying to hide your emotions and let other people see you for who you truly are. Hardly anyone can be cold as ice, and there’s no reason to try and present yourself to others that way. You’re made of flesh and blood, you smile and you cry (see cry dream meaning). If you let others see that, they’ll be more open with you too. 

On the other hand, dreaming about a mirror falling could also indicate you’re being controlled by somebody. Obviously, since you’re dreaming about it, you’re aware of it at some level. But, as it often goes, we choose what we want to see. So on a conscious level, you’ve decided to suppress and forget it. And it was only a matter of time before that knowledge emerges on the surface and starts troubling you again. This dream reminds you it’s time to deal with these problems.

Mirrors in dreams usually show a reflection of the things located across. But, sometimes they can be doors to other planes. Remember Alice in Wonderland? There’s a scene where Alice looks at the mirror. At first, she sees her own reflection. But soon she realizes that’s not just a mirror. She tries to touch it with her hand, only to find out her fingers are passing through another side. But, as she was facing danger, she decided to run through the mirror and go to the other dimension, wherever it is. This story sounds like a dream scenario. As such, it could mean that it’s better to live an uncertain future, than to go with the devil you know. After all, no one can predict the future. But, that didn’t spot humanity from working for a better tomorrow, right? 

Since we’re talking about stories, we have to mention another one well known to everybody. In a fairytale, Snow White’s evil stepmother used to look at her mirror every day, asking “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror never lied. It told her it was her, until Snow White grew up and became the prettiest woman in the world. In this story, it’s clear that a mirror represents the truth, whether it’s something we’re happy about or not. The truth is there, regardless of how we feel about it. 

There’s another tale regarding mirrors. You’ve probably heard about the “Bloody Mary” chanting. If you aren’t familiar with this dare, here’s a quick explanation. In a candle-lit room, a person would approach a mirror, and chant “Bloody Mary” thirteen times. It’s believed that her spirit appears after being called that way, as a reflection in a mirror. But the reasons for summoning her are intriguing. Usually, this is considered a dare that can end in two ways – Bloody Mary killing you or letting you live. 

Why does this tale matter? Because in a dream, the reflection we see can also be either a bad or a good omen. Even the choices in our everyday lives appear to be between two opposites. Left or right, good or bad, black or white, day or night… 

Finally, remember the mirror of Erised from Harry Potter? According to Dumbledore, the mirror shows the “deepest, most desperate desires of our hearts.” The name of the mirror is ingenious. If you read it backward, you see exactly that, your desire. That’s what a mirror symbolizes in dreams, too. Often, the things we see are neither from our past nor our future. They’re simply what we wish we would like our present to be. That’s normal, as humankind by its very nature tends to desire things that are greater than ourselves. 

To See A Broken Mirror In A Dream

When you see a broken mirror in a dream, that’s often a sign you’re not in alignment with your own feelings. This dream might refer to so-called “forbidden love.” You have romantic feelings for someone that you shouldn’t. This could be your friend, a teacher (see also teacher dream meaning), your relative’s lover… Unfortunately, we can’t choose who we fall in love with. So, the only thing that’s left is to accept the fact. That doesn’t mean we have to act upon it. Therefore, admit your feelings to yourself. That way, you’re one step closer to getting over them.

A broken mirror could symbolize your image. It’s possible that certain people in your life are trying to taint your reputation. They try to glorify themselves by lowering you in other people’s eyes. But remember, haters will always exist. You can’t deal with every one of them. What you can do is ignore and rise above them. Your actions speak more for yourself than their words do.

Remember how a broken mirror is said to bring bad fortune? Well, when you see a broken mirror in a dream (see also Broken Glass Dream Symbolism), that could be a prediction of unlucky situations happening in the near future. But don’t worry, it won’t last for seven years.  

Repetitive Dreams of Mirrors 

Repetitive dreams of mirrors are especially common. In fact, we often do not notice or remember our dreams about mirrors until they get repetitive. If you dream about mirrors repeatedly, then it is a sign that there is a message in there for you and you need to take it seriously. The dream doesn’t have to be literally repeating, though. Often, you’ll just keep encountering mirrors in your dreams in similar situations. For example, if you dream you are shopping (see also Shopping Dream Meaning) for a mirror or somebody is handing you a mirror then it’s a sign you need to take a look at your own reflection, and you might have been avoiding that in some way. 

Hall of Mirrors 

One common trope in mirror dreams is to dream you are in a room that is completely covered with mirrors. There seems to be no way out. These kinds of dreams are a strong sign that there is something within yourself or your own life you have been trying to avoid. It’s time to face the facts. 

Black Mirror in Dreams 

When you look in a mirror in your dream and it appears completely black, it can be a bit terrifying. Does it mean your soul is black? Actually not. The black color of the mirror here represents a blank canvas to paint on. You might be ready to take on advice or help from others, and this will most likely be good for you. 

Dental Mirror in Dreams 

To dream about a dentist’s mirror (see also Dentist Dream Symbolism), especially if it is examining your own teeth, is a symbol of criticism. There may be someone close to you that you feel is overly  critical and examining every little fault of yours. You might be feeling very self-aware and uncomfortable in a relationship. 

Cleaning a Mirror in a Dream 

Dirty mirror in a dream symbolizes a distorted image of the self. This is especially true if you are in a relationship. Your partner might be projecting their own issues onto you and you might be internalizing this image. If you see yourself cleaning a foggy mirror in your dream, it is generally a good sign. You are taking responsibility for your own actions and taking steps to project an image of yourself to the world that you will be proud of. 

Final Thoughts 

Dreams about mirrors are very interesting indeed. If you have been dreaming about mirrors repeatedly, finding the right interpretation for your dream is crucial. It could hold important life lessons. 

Dreams about mirrors are often connected to: 

  • Our own body image
  • How we see ourselves in relationships 
  • Our innermost feelings and emotions 
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-awareness 
  • The image we project to society 

All of these are very important aspects of the inner psychological life of every person. This is why interpretation of such dreams can really help us work on ourselves and become better people. The bottom line is, dreams about mirrors are telling us to take a good hard look at ourselves and think about who we want to be. 


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