Window Dream Meaning

Windows in dreams are connected to our minds. They are also the windows to our souls. In addition, they are a symbol of looking at situations and following your dreams. However old you are, you can still reach your goals. A dream about windows (see also Spiritual Interpretation Of Birds Hitting Windows) encourages you to think about the life you want. It is the right time to succeed.

If we look through a window we see something different. If the window is dirty it could be that things in your life are not what they seem to be. If the window is clean, you have to study your life in more detail. Are you on the right path? If you look out of the window and it is either raining or snowing (see also Snow Dream Symbolism And Meaning), you are looking for a new start in life. If you see a beautiful landscape it can mean that you are approaching a point in your life when you will be calm. You won’t have too many worries and you can just enjoy life as it is. 

In this article, we will look at the different meanings associated with windows in dreams.

The Meaning of Glass in a Dream About Windows

Glass is a very important aspect of windows in dreams. To be focused on the glass in your dream or to see an open window can mean that there is a barrier between you and something or someone else. Perhaps you want to change careers but can’t seem to leave a well-paid job for something less remunerative even though it’s your dream. Maybe you are attracted to someone, but feel that they are too good for you. If you dream about a window with no glass, it can mean that the world is your oyster. Whatever you do will be a success. 

If you dream about a stained glass window, like the one you might see in a church, it is a positive omen. You are going to be happy and content.

To see yourself opening a window in your dream can be that you are going to be presented with opportunities. Perhaps you are going to get that promotion you crave. 

If someone is trying to get through the window to see you, it means that your life is going to change for the better. 

Dreams About Broken Windows

If you dream about a broken window, it can mean that you want to progress in life, but you’re not sure what will be the result of your efforts. 

To see people looking at you through a broken window means that you are not too sure about certain aspects of your life. You need to sit down and evaluate where you are going before you go in the wrong direction.

What Windows Mean in the Bible

Windows are mentioned in the Bible. If we look at the book of Judges, there is a quote ‘through the window she looked forth’ (see also Quotes About Dreams)’. This means that if you want to overcome any situations in your life, you need to delve into your mind and see what you feel. Try and discover what you can do to rectify anything negative in your life. The Bible is telling you that you can sort out any problems that you have.

The Reason for Dreaming About Windows

It isn’t surprising that we dream about windows. They are an important part of our lives. We often just look out of a window to see what’s going on.

Windows can be spiritual because they provide us with light. Light can be associated with our insight into life. Spiritually, windows mean hope for the future, understanding of others, and possibilities for our lives. 

Larger glass windows are the most hopeful. They suggest that there are going to be new possibilities in your life. However, small windows indicate that you are not going to reach your potential. It’s time to sort yourself out.

If the windows in your dream are clean, it can mean that you can see situations clearly. However, if they are dirty, things aren’t quite so clear and you have to search into the deeper side of your mind to find the reason.

Dreaming About Dirty Windows

Dreaming about dirty windows can mean that your judgment is not clear. Perhaps you have judged a friend for what they have done without looking into the details. You should give them the benefit of the doubt before judging them.

Alternatively, this dream could mean that you are refusing to see the truth. You are only choosing to see what you want to see. This can be dangerous as you could make the wrong decisions in life.

Dreaming About a Glass House

If you dream about a glass house, it means that you have a good perspective. You can see things as they are and can solve all the problems that you face. 

The dream is also telling you not to try to change people. Everybody is an individual and they’re not going to be changed however hard you try. It is not up to you to tell people how to act. Accept the way they are or break the friendship. Would you like it if someone tried to change you? 

If you dream that you are living in a house with large glass windows, it means that you need help from other people. You’re not lost, but a little help won’t go amiss.

Dreaming About a Window

A window lets in light and allows us to see more clearly. Because of this, a dream about a window means that your future plans are going to come to fruition. It is a spiritual symbol meaning that you will see problems and be able to solve them if you can gather up enough courage. It will be worth it in the end so go for it. If you ignore problems in your life they will become bigger and you may never succeed in what you are aiming for. 

Dreaming About a Window with Broken Glass

If you dream about a window that has broken glass (see also Eating Glass Dream Interpretation), you are stressed and have many problems. You are anxious, but all this is due to someone else’s problems. You have tried to help this person, but it seems like a never-ending task for which you won’t be rewarded. You need to put both your mental and physical health first. If you don’t, you won’t be able to help anyone and they may resent you/

Dreaming About Rain on the Window

Dreaming about rain on a window is a positive omen. It can mean that you are about to be successful in whatever you have strived to do. This can relate to both your personal and your professional life. Take advantage of all the opportunities that come up. The dream also indicates that it is a good time to invest money. Have a browse through the stock exchange and see if anything catches your eye. 

Dreaming About an Open Window

Dreaming about an open window is also positive. Whether you are opening a window to let in air or you are trying to escape out of the window, it means that a period of your life is now over. It could be that you can’t progress any further in your job and it is time to look for a new career. Maybe a relationship you are in has run its course and it is time to end it. Whatever there is a feeling that your life is going to improve.

If you dream that you are opening a window, it means that you are letting in positive vibes. All negative energy will be dispelled and you are going to be open to new ideas. 

Dreaming About a Closed Window

A closed window is not a good omen. It can indicate that you are feeling depressed and lonely. You have probably split up with a romantic partner and are missing this person. Perhaps you ended the relationship, not because you didn’t love the person, but because you felt that you were both heading down different roads in life. Maybe the other person ended the relationship and you are wondering why. Perhaps you thought that you were getting along fine, so this will be a shock. 

The dream indicates that it will take a while for you to get over this loss, but eventually, you will be able to move on and meet someone else.

Dreaming About Someone Looking at You From a Window

If you dream that you see a window and there is someone inside staring at you, it can relate to the way you view yourself. Perhaps you feel that you are center stage and that everyone is looking at you for inspiration. Maybe you have aspirations to become an actor. 

However, the dream can also be negative. It all depends on the other symbols and signs in the dream. Maybe you have done something stupid and you are feeling as if you are being judged. If you feel worried in the dream, it can indicate that you have made rash decisions. However, there is still time to try and change the outcome of these decisions. 

Dreaming About Looking Through a Window

It is always nice to look out of a window. Who knows what you will see from one day to the next. One day the street could be busy, the next, quiet. It might be raining today, but tomorrow it will be sunny. 

If you dream that you are looking out of a window, it can mean that you are calm, but you still have high expectations. You feel that everything is going to come together without too much effort on your part.

It is common to have this dream if you are expecting a change to happen in your life. Perhaps you are waiting for that new job offer which will change the course of your career.

Dreaming About a Skylight Window

Dreaming about skylight windows is usually a good omen. It can mean that you are going to be happy in everything you do. As the skylight looks out onto the sky, you too can be looking at your own goals. All you need to do is to take a chance and you won’t be sorry. You might have put a project to one side and to have this dream indicates that you should get back to it. 

To dream of a skylight window also indicates that it is a great time to start a new relationship. It will bring you happiness and joy. 

Dreaming About Mending or Replacing a Broken Window

Dreaming about a broken window is negative. However, if you manage to mend the window, you will be able to overcome any problems you have. Alternatively, replacing or fixing a broken window can mean that you are re-evaluating your life and will soon reach a new way of thinking. Perhaps you are in the wrong job or with the wrong person. The dream might also mean that you are going to relax and maybe even go on vacation. You have been working too hard and you deserve some relaxation.

If you have a dream where someone you know mends or replaces a window, it can mean that you are going to help others to solve their problems. 

Dreaming About Spying Through a Window

If you have a dream in which you are spying through a window, this can mean that you are trying to look at different situations from an alternative perspective. Perhaps you feel that your life is not going in the direction you want and maybe it is time to see if you can do things differently. It is a dream that you can often have when you are stressed.

If you look out of the window and see a dangerous situation, such as two people fighting, it can mean that you are worried about what other people think of you. Everybody wants to be liked and perhaps you feel as if you’re not being supportive enough of your friends and they will judge you for this. However, it’s never too late to change things. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are finding it hard to get motivated. 

If you dream that a lot of people are spying on you through a window, it can mean that you feel that other people are watching you in your waking life. You feel as if they are waiting for you to make a mistake.

Dreaming About Seeing a Face in a Window

This is a dream that tells you to make a change in your attitude towards other people. You act detached from your friends and family both physically and emotionally. The dream suggests that you should try to connect with other people so that they can be there for you when you need help. However, this is not a one-way street. You have to help them as well if they need it. If you don’t have many friends, try making some new ones. Join a class in something you are interested in. You will then meet like-minded people with who you can be friends. 

Dreaming That You Don’t See a View From the Window

If you dream that you see a dark space when you look out of a window, it can be that you are going to be in demand. Other people will ask you for your help. Alternatively, it could mean that you are going to find out that you have a new skill. Perhaps you will receive a challenge at work and find that you are more than capable of fulfilling it. Maybe you will try out a new class, like tap dancing or writing for publication, and discover that this is well within your comfort zone.

Dreaming That You Throw Something Out of a Window

This dream can be thought of as negative as it can mean that you are going to lose something in your life. It could be a possession, a person, or a job. However, there is a positive side to the dream. You could be losing something to move forward. Sometimes things in our life are holding us back and we need that push to change the course of our lives. The meaning of the dream is that we have to give up something to gain something better. 

Alternatively, the dream could mean that you have been careless and haven’t appreciated what you have. It is time to become less careless and more considerate.

Dreaming About Being Pushed Through a Window or Falling from a Window

If you dream that you fall out of a window (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Falling?) or that someone pushes you out, it is not good news. People in your circle are making you do things you are not happy doing. These things are against your beliefs and principles. You have to be strong and stand up to these people. Don’t let other people use you. You are free to do and say what you want. Being pushed out of a window can also mean that however hard you try, you can’t get to the place you want to be. Perhaps you are looking for a promotion and you never seem to get one. Maybe it is time to move on and start your life afresh.

This dream usually occurs when you are having problems in your waking life. However, if you aren’t having problems, the dream could mean that you are falling for someone or something. This could be either positive or negative. You might be falling for a romantic partner which could be good news. However, you could also be falling for lies someone is telling you. 

Dreaming About Closing a Window

Dreaming about closing a window can mean that you are ending a chapter of your life. Perhaps you are getting divorced. Maybe you are changing jobs. Perhaps you are moving house.

Alternatively, the dream could suggest that you are trying to keep away from negative influences. Perhaps someone is trying to convince you to commit a crime with them. Maybe someone is trying to persuade you to be unfaithful. You don’t want to succumb to this negative energy and are trying to fight it.

Dreaming About a Window in Jail

This is not a positive dream to have. It means that you are suffering in your waking life. Perhaps you are feeling lonely or hopeless. Maybe nothing is going right and you feel desperate. Work out what is going wrong in your life and try to fix it. You need to concentrate on what is important in life and get rid of the negative thoughts you have been having. Maybe somebody has put you down and criticized you to the extent that you feel as if you have lost your self-confidence. If you are feeling depressed in your waking life, this dream is telling you that you might need some professional help. There is nothing wrong with this. 

A jail window can also mean that you feel stuck and don’t know how to move on and free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Dreaming About a Window at Night

This dream could mean that you are in the dark about something which can be worrying. However, it can also mean that you have had a problem and now it is going to be fixed.  You could have had a problem that had been bugging you for a long time, but now it will be solved. Then you will be able to concentrate on more important things in life.

Dreaming About a Bird in a Window

It is good news if you dream about a bird either perching on a window ledge (see also Robin Spiritual Meaning) or flying outside the windows. You are going to be free. You can do whatever you want. Perhaps you have been feeling trapped. Now, however, it is all going to change.

In ancient dream dictionaries, to have this dream means that somebody in your family is going to announce a pregnancy. Alternatively, the dream means that you are welcoming some of your partner’s family into your home. 

Dreaming About a Shattered Window

To dream that you see a shattered window means that you are feeling insecure with your partner. Perhaps you feel as if he or she is having an affair. You are finding it hard to trust, but you don’t have any proof, so this could be in your imagination. The dream is telling you to talk to your partner. If you don’t the situation may escalate and the relationship could end.

Dreaming About Breaking a Window

If you dream that someone breaks a window, it could mean that there is trouble brewing. However, you will be able to cope with it and solve any problems.

On the other hand, if it is you breaking the window, you could be feeling under pressure. You just want to get away from all the problems in your life. However, you need to steel yourself and attempt to solve them. Running away is no good. It won’t make the problems go away. 

Alternatively, this dream means that you are going to have problems with your romantic partner. Perhaps you are feeling that your partner is distant, but maybe it is you who is cold. If you don’t want the relationship to end, you will need to sit down and discuss the problems with your partner.

Dreaming About a Broken Window

If you dream about a window that is broken, it means that you have trust issues. Perhaps you are wary of a certain situation in your life. Perhaps you lent a friend some money and now the time has passed and you wonder if you are ever going to get it back. Maybe you are unsure about a relationship. You are looking ahead and can’t see how this relationship is going to flourish. 

If you dream that you cut yourself on a piece of glass (see also Broken Glass Dream Meaning) from a broken window, it can indicate that you are feeling insecure. There may also be things or people you are afraid of. 

Dreaming of a Window with Stained-Glass

To dream of a stained-glass window is spiritual which isn’t surprising as we often see these windows in a church. You are happy and the world is at rights with itself. 

It is special if you see sunlight pouring in through the window. It means that you are seeing things more clearly. You may also be offered challenges at a higher level. You will be drawing information from your subconscious mind.

Dreaming About Closing a Window

There are a couple of alternative meanings to this dream. Firstly, just as you are closing the window, you are closing the window on a chapter of your life. You will need to focus to make sure that you are making the right decision and that everything will go to plan. The dream can also mean that you need some alone time. Perhaps you have been burning the candle at both ends and need to relax and consider your life and the path you are taking.

Dreaming About Escaping Through a Window

If you see yourself escaping from different places, it usually means that you are trying to escape from something in your waking life. To dream about escaping through a window is no exception. You have probably been worried about something or someone and it has been consuming your mind. However, because you are escaping, the dream indicates that you will be able to escape from these worries and start afresh on a new chapter of your life. 

However, escaping through a window can also be a warning. You need to pay more attention to what you do otherwise your actions may have consequences that are not pleasant. 

If you escape through a window in your own house, it can mean that you are going to move to a different house.

Dreaming About a Window Frame

If you dream about a window frame it can mean that you are doing something in secret which you haven’t told your close friends or family about. Do you really want to be dishonest to those who mean the most to you?  Alternatively, the dream means that you need to have some alone time.

If you dream that someone is fixing a window frame, the dream could be telling you to listen to your intuition. You are as strong as everyone else, so don’t doubt yourself. 

Alternatively, to dream about a window frame can mean that you are being proactive and are helping someone in need. This could be someone you know personally or it could be a charity.

If you are looking out of a window and the frame plays a prominent part in the dream, you are going to be successful. Perhaps you are going to get a better job.

Dreaming at Looking at a Window

To dream that you are staring at a window is the type of dream you can have when you are examining your life. You are looking within yourself and trying to find the right path to choose. The dream is telling you to do what you think is right and not to listen to other people. Only you know where you want to go.

Dreaming About Washing Windows

If you see yourself washing windows in your dream, it can mean that it is time for you to change direction. You are not going on the correct career path or you are dating somebody not suited to you. It is time for you to delve into the deepest regions of your mind and follow your intuition. Alternatively, the dream could be telling you that there is something in your life that is not as straightforward as it seems. Perhaps you are working hard at college and feel that you are doing well, when in reality, you aren’t. The dream is allowing you to dig deeper into your inner mind. 

If you see yourself washing your own house windows, it could mean that you are going to move house. You are cleaning up so that the house looks good for the new owners.

Dreaming About Opening a Window

This dream is positive. By opening the window, it means that you are willing to listen to new thoughts and ideas presented by your family and friends. You are willing to listen to the viewpoints of others and by doing this you are opening your mind to new experiences. This can help you to make the right choices in life and become a success. 

Dreaming About Hanging Out of a Window

It can be a little disconcerting to see yourself hanging out of a window especially if it looks like you are about to fall. However, the dream is not all bad. It is just telling you to be aware of everything that can help you to succeed.

Dreaming About a Window with Closed Curtains

To have this dream means that you are trying to hide something from someone. This may be because you are a private person or because you think it is for their own good.

The building in the dream is also important. If it is your home, it can mean that you need to concentrate on yourself for the time being. You have been spending too much time dealing with the needs of others that you have neglected yourself. If you don’t know the building, you are going to have a new start. 

If you dream that you are closing the curtains, the news is not so good. You are refusing to see something as it is. Something needs to be fixed but you are ignoring it.

If instead, you open the curtains, it means that you are ready to accept the truth about something in your life.

To conclude, dreaming about windows can take many forms, each with its own interpretation. They are symbols of yourself and your feelings and opinions.


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