House Dream Meaning

We are always surrounded by houses, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they often appear in dreams. Houses appear in dreams in all kinds of situations, and each one can have a different dream meaning. House in a dream can often tell us a lot about our lives!

What Does it Mean to Dream of a House?

While each dream can be different, a house in a dream usually represents the dreamer – yourself. As humans, we all have different aspects of our personalities, different parts of our lives where we perform different roles. This is what the inside of the house represents: each room is a symbol of some part of yourself. If the interior of a house features prominently in your dream, this is probably the right way to interpret it. 

Here is what each room in the house signifies: 

Dreaming of the Kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. At the very least, it is almost always the center of everyday life inside the house, and the busiest part. After all, we all have to eat, no matter what kind of lives we are living. For this reason, the kitchen could be also connected to your work life. If your dream revolves around the kitchen (See Jar Dream Symbol), your dream is probably trying to tell you something about your career.

Dreaming About The Living Room

The living room is usually a space where we relax and where we spend time with our family, our loved ones, and our friends. Therefore, if you are dreaming about the living room, you should think about your relationships with the people who are close to you, or how you are presenting yourself in these relationships, how do they impact you. 

Dreams About the Bathroom

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about the bathroom (see also dirty bathroom dreams) (see also dirty bathroom dreams)? Probably it’s water, or something related to washing and cleaning ourselves. This is why, when interpreting dreams in which a bathroom appears, we should also think about the meaning of water in dreams, and water usually signifies things related to our emotions. Additionally, the bathroom is connected to our physical needs, so the dream might be telling you something about this aspect of yourself. 


Basements are usually dark and obscure (see also What Does A Basement Mean In A Dream?). They are underground, and quite often, they signify exactly that: going deep. Deep into our subconscious, that is. Dreaming about the basement (see also Garage Dream Symbolism) usually draws our attention to things we have suppressed or ignored, to fears and insecurities. 


The attic is always the highest part of the house. This is why it usually signifies higher goals and our aspirations in life. What is it that you are striving for in life? Dreaming of an attic could be telling you something about this journey.  


As we have mentioned at the beginning, the whole house signifies your whole self, all the aspects of you together. If you are looking at a house from outside in your dream, it signifies your whole self. It could mean you are looking at the big picture in life. If, however, the appearance of the house is the most important notion in the dream, it might also mean you pay too much attention to appearances and not what’s inside.

Dreaming About the Porch 

A porch is an open space that is still connected to the house. It is often where we meet friends and greet visitors. A porch symbolizes an open outlook on life, being open to new things and welcoming what is coming your way. 

Common House Dream Symbol Meanings

While house does usually represent yourself, it could also be connected with other meanings. If you dream of the same house all the time, and all the rooms (see also hidden rooms dream meaning) inside appear in the dream, it is probably right to understand them as parts of yourself. However, if houses appear in different contexts in your dreams, also consider these possible interpretations: 

Houses are Places of Shelter and Protection

First and foremost, every house is a shelter. It is where we can put our shields down, relax, and know we are safe. The house is also a source of comfort, but on the other hand a place that allows us to hide from the world from time to time. 

Any of these meanings can be relevant to your dream. To discover what the dream is telling you, think about the overall picture the dream is painting. It’s also advisable to go beyond the surface – think about the details and all the objects you could see in or around the house. Small details that you don’t notice at first can actually be quite significant. 

Houses Can be a Symbol for Appearance

Especially if you are standing outside the house and looking at it, the house can signify how do you appear to other people, or your feelings related to your appearance. How does the house look from outside, and what is inside? If the house looks run-down it could mean you are not feeling very confident. On the other hand, if the house is fancy and beautiful it could mean you feel good about your appearance.  

Is the House in the Dream a Fixer Upper? What Part of Yourself Do You Want to Fix?

Dreaming about renovating a house, decorating, fixing it up, dreaming about buying a house that needs fixing… This kind of topics might indicate you are feeling stuck somewhere in your life and that something needs fixing. 

Where is this house?

Finally, it’s a good idea to also give some thought to the location of the house in your dream. Is the house alone, in nature, or is it in a city with lots of other buildings close by? As you might suspect, a lonely house could signify you are lonely – or maybe very independent. A house in a packed neighbourhood, on the other hand, could signify good relationships with your community, or maybe over-dependency. 

Dreaming of a House Can Show You Your Highest Potential

A house that appears in your dream can tell you a lot about yourself. It can tell you what aspects of your life are important  at the moment, or what you need to work on. Most importantly, house dreams can show you your potential. By showing you what can be improved on, they show you what you can become. 


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