Garage Symbolism And Meaning

If you dreamed about a garage, it’s possible that your subconsciousness is telling you to pay attention to your life goals. However, understanding the meaning behind this symbol requires an in-depth analysis of its characteristics. Things like color, material, type of garage, as well as what’s in it, all matter when trying to interpret the dream. Actually, dream symbols without a context will tell you very little. In this article, we’ll help you understand what it means when you dream about a garage.

Common Garage Symbol Meanings


Dreams about a garage can symbolize motivation, or rather, lack of it. It’s a place where you leave your car when you don’t need it, and dreaming about it represents your emotional idleness and inactivity. You don’t feel motivated to do things in life that used to fulfill you.

Stability and Security

The garage is probably the safest place you could park your car. It’s protected from weather elements, pigeon droppings and even thieves. Dreaming about a garage can mean that you’re being very careful about your life decisions. Maybe you’re even playing it “too safe” sometimes. 


If you dream about yourself or the mechanic repairing a car in the garage, it could be a signal from your unconsciousness that something in your waking life is not going according to plan. Remember, persistence is a quality, but don’t always hold onto your way of doing things blindly. Sometimes, a change of plans is a smarter option.

Goal Setting

The garage you saw in your dream is a representation of your life goals. If everything in it is neatly organized, then you have a clear vision of where you’re headed in life, and how to get there. Your objectives are ambitious but realistic, and there’s nothing stopping you from achieving them. However, if you dreamed about a cluttered and untidy garage, then it probably means that you don’t have precise goals and you’re feeling lost (see lost dream symbols) in waking life. 

Garage Doors Opening/Closing

Garage doors in dreams are a symbol of opportunity. To see them open means it’s time to take a shot at making your dreams come true. However, dreaming about the garage door closing means that you’ve missed your chance to realize a certain goal. But don’t get hopeless, this doesn’t have to mean you’ll never have that opportunity again.  

Tips For Interpreting Your Dream About A Garage

What Type Of Garage Did You Dream About?

To understand the garage dream meaning, you need to pay attention to the features you’ve seen. First of all, is a garage from your dreams a single or a multi-car garage? Several doors actually represent a variety of options you can choose from. And like we previously mentioned, doors can be open or closed, but also stuck, broken, etc. Think about how this relates to your life goals.

The material garage is made of can also play an important factor in interpreting the dream. Wooden, concrete and brick garage can have quite a different meaning. Furthermore, it’s possible to dream of garages made out of something unusual, like glass or even candy. 

What Is The Condition Of The Garage?

A brand new, shiny garage can be a symbol of new favorable circumstances in your life, while an old, dusty garage represents your disregard of those opportunities. We mentioned before that organization also matters. A clean garage represents a clear head, while a cluttered one means that your mind is a mess. 

What Is In The Garage?

While a garage is a structure designed to store vehicles, more often than not, we stock a lot of things in there. Tools, a ladder, garden hose and garbage cans are just a few things commonly found in garages. Basically, if you don’t own a basement or an attic, you’ll probably use a garage to store everything you don’t need. 

With that in mind, it’s not unusual to see a lot of things inside a garage in a dream. If some of those things stand out, they probably appear as a symbol, and you should further investigate their meanings.

What Is Your Personal Experience With Garages?

Car enthusiasts or mechanics could often see a garage in their dreams. That’s not surprising, considering they spend a lot of time there, working on vehicles. Your personal experience is important for deciphering the garage dream meaning. Ask yourself how did you feel during that dream? Emotions you’ve felt during the dream could tell you if a garage appeared as a good or bad omen.

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