Garage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams often pull their subject matter from everyday life, and turn the most ordinary thing into a message that seems entirely unrelated on the surface. Garages are one of these. 

But what does it mean when your subconscious throws you into a dream of a garage? Essentially, garages in a dream (see also Fuel Dream Symbolism) relate to your own talents and capabilities, and how well you use them.

What does a Garage in Your Dream Mean?

While not the most exciting setting to dream about, garages have some interesting symbolism when they appear in dreams, depending on how they appear, and how you interact with them.

You Have Some Work to Do

Some dreams are a way of taking stock of where you might be in life, how well you think things are going. Often, garages appearing in dreams are a call to improve your life in some aspect.

If you dream of a commercial garage with cars being worked on, this reveals that something in your life is out of balance, and you need to find a way to regain your sense of equilibrium. 

Specifically, a dream involving a garage references what ‘drives’ you, what keeps you moving forward and grasping the next opportunity that comes your way.

Maybe something has knocked your sense of self-confidence or your perception of your own motivation or endurance. Whatever it is, you need to work on it in order to be able to move on with your life, and make the best of what the future has to offer you. 

Dreaming of talking to the people at the garage suggests that you cannot or should not try to make these changes by yourself. It will be much easier if you ask someone for their opinion.

Dreaming of a garage where cars are for sale indicates that you are paying too much attention to the image of how other people are living. Their lives seem perfect, and you’re spending too much time comparing yours to theirs.

They seem fully in control of their life’s path, capable of dealing with whatever comes their way. Keep in mind that they only show you what they want you to see, and they may not be holding things together as well as you might think.

Common Garage Dreams and What They Mean

Driving into a Garage

Successfully driving into a garage could just be symbolic of waking life. If you do this twice a day, every day, it’s bound to appear in your dreams eventually.

More likely, though, this dream is symbolic of being in the best place right now. You’re in the right frame of mind to consider new goals and opportunities, whether that’s in your professional life, or within your personal life. 

Cleaning a Garage

Cleaning a garage reflects your desire to get your life in order, or it is your subconscious pushing you to do so, before things get more difficult than they currently are. 

If you dream of a garage which is full to the brim with junk – nothing that seems to mean anything, is useful, or has sentimental value, this suggests that a little internal housekeeping is long overdue. 

Breaking into a Garage

Dreaming of breaking into a garage indicates a possible breakdown in your own morality. You’re struggling in a situation in waking life, desperate enough to consider something you wouldn’t normally, and you may resort to something you’ll regret later on.

Breaking into a garage implies a point of no return somewhere in waking life, a decision you won’t be able to go back on. 

Being Locked in Your Garage

Dreaming of being locked in your own garage signifies that negativity has got a hold of you, and now it’s starting to affect your own perception of what you’re capable of, and exactly how much of the future you think you can influence with your own choices.

This dream refers to a need to get out of your head. Break your responsibilities up into small chunks, and continue to fulfill them. Then take a break, and do something that will give you a different perspective in life. Challenge yourself.

A Car Crashing into Your Garage

Dreaming of a car crashing into your garage refers to the amount of control you feel you have over your life as a whole. Since the car in your dream represents your ‘drive’, and how powerful you feel, crashing it into the garage, your perceived capability, isn’t a good thing.

It suggests that you’re struggling to come to terms with exactly what you cannot control in life, and what you can control seems a little meaningless in comparison. 

Your reputation may be damaged in the near future, where you’ll be regarded as less capable. Take a break, and re-establish the confidence in yourself.

A Fire Starting in Your Garage

A fire starting in your garage in your dream represents your talents or abilities are being constrained by wanting to fit into a certain idea or ‘mold’. The image you’re holding of your ideal self doesn’t match up to your abilities, and you have some work to do in order to change this. 


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