Buildings & Architecture Dream Symbol Meaning

Buildings are a part of our surroundings, and sometimes, we see them in our dreams, too. Usually, they symbolize our creativity and how we design our lives and our future. In this article, we’ll get into a detailed interpretation of dreams about buildings. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Buildings And Architecture?

Creative Expression

Growing up, most of us built houses made of blocks, sand, paper etc. It was our way of childlike creativity expression. This is also a possible dream symbolism of buildings. Maybe the dream represents your recent bursts of creativity. 

In dreams buildings can symbolize that you’re ready to create something for your life. You’re aware of your potential and you’re prepared to use it. 

Design And Function

Buildings are made based on a blueprint. To dream about technical drawings of construction can symbolize planning of something from the beginning to the end. For example, if you’re getting married in the near future, the dream about blueprints can remind you that you’ve got a lot of things to plan in a short amount of time. These kinds of dreams are common when big changes are happening in our lives.

Creating A Strong Foundation

A saying says that the higher the skyscraper you want to build, the stronger foundations you need. That’s true for both life and architecture. In order for the building to stay in place, it’s important that it has a sturdy foundation – and the same goes for relationships. A dream about buildings can be a reminder that if you want to lay down strong foundations, you have to dig first. It’s not always fun, and it can be hard, but it’s necessary in order to create something that will last. 

Seeing All Parts As Whole

Have you ever been on a construction site during the first few days of the start date? For an untrained eye, it’s chaotic. You see materials and parts everywhere, and you just can’t put your finger on the final appearance based on that. However, once the building is done, we can understand how all those parts are put together. 

With that in mind, we can see how dreams about buildings can be a reminder to look at the bigger picture. Maybe you’re losing time over minor details, while you should focus on important things. Sometimes, a piece by itself doesn’t make much sense, and you should pay attention to the final product. 

On another note, a building can also signify you’re only focusing on the big picture, but you have forgotten what it takes to get there. In both cases, it’s important to remember – balance is everything. You need to pay attention to the details, but also see how they combine into a whole creation.

Here Are Some Ways We Can Interpret Architecture As A Dream Symbol

Type of Building & Purpose

This is probably the most important factor when interpreting symbolism behind buildings. Dreaming about your home doesn’t have the same meaning as dreaming about a city hall. The symbolism behind certain types of buildings is easily deciphered. For instance, a school is a symbol of knowledge and learning, but also an opportunity for a better life. 

Keep in mind that the symbolism behind a certain building is a subject of your own association to it. So for instance, if you hated going to school, it’s possible that dreaming about can have a negative meaning. 

Building Characteristics

Features are also an important element of a dream’s meaning. The dream can be interpreted differently depending on, for instance, the style of architecture. A modern building and a traditional dwelling don’t mean the same things. Spot distinctive features. Maybe the building has a lot of balconies, or it features a green roof. For example, a house with no door is a common dream theme. That’s a symbol of thievery and deceit. It’s possible someone’s going behind your back for their own personal gain.

Building Materials and Parts

Materials and parts can have a big role in dream interpretation, too. Bricks can symbolize a “block” in your personal or business life. A wooden house, on the other hand, has contradictory meanings. It can symbolize the feeling of comfort, but sometimes it can also signify that other people you’re taking care of are just wasting your time and energy. 

Parts of the building can also be a symbol. Windows are a symbol of mindfulness. Seeing a gate in a dream symbolizes opportunity. It can also mean you’re feeling protected from the outside world. 

Interior Or Exterior?

Are you dreaming about the building from outside or inside out? Seeing the building exterior in your dream can be a symbol of your outside appearance. The dream about the interior, on the other hand, is related to a certain aspect of your own persona.  

Buildings Currently Under The Process Of Construction Or Remodeling

When someone dreams buildings under construction, it can signify that there’s a “work in progress” they should get done. This can be related to their career, but it can also symbolize a relationship that needs more of their attention. 

Buildings In Ruins

Dreams about ruined buildings can have different connotations, depending on your current emotional situation. Ruin can be related to a recent breakup or relationship issues, and in that way, it’s a representation of how you’re feeling currently. However, the symbol can also be a positive one. Ruins can also signify rebirth and growth. Maybe you’ve gone through a great tragedy, but finally, you feel like it made you stronger.

Often, you need to pay attention to other symbols in your dream in order to interpret it properly. Seeing your own home in a dream can symbolize one thing, but if you see it floating or covered with toilet paper, the meaning behind the dream changes, obviously. There are other things you should also pay attention to, like people you’ve seen and emotions you’ve felt during the dream. Combined together, these features will give you an in-depth dream interpretation.

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