Water Dream Meaning Interpretation

Water is all around us. About 71% of the Earth is covered in water. It’s transparent, tasteless, odorless, and it appears in three states – solid, liquid and vapor. It’s essential for all forms of life, including humans. Our bodies even consist of up to 60% water.

Having in mind that water is such a big part of our lives, it’s not surprising it often appears in our dreams. No matter if we dream about drinking water or swimming in the ocean, what we see when we’re dreaming has a deeper meaning. Here, we’ll address the most common ways water appears in our dreams and what those symbols mean. However, don’t forget that the context of the dream is also important when trying to understand what it implies.

What Does A Dream About Water Mean?

Later in this article, we’ll elaborate on different types of water in dreams, from rivers to puddles and more. But before we do that, we’ll mention a few basic meanings the water can have. 

Water As A Symbol For Emotion

Water in your dream might symbolize a certain feeling you’re experiencing lately. If you felt sad for the last few days, for example, it’s not surprising for your dreams to reflect that emotion. The way water appears in your dream, its color and clarity, as well as your own reaction to it – all of these are indicators of your own feelings.

As A Metaphor For Life

Water is an irreplaceable life-sustaining force – without it, there wouldn’t be life on Earth. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume water in dreams appears as a metaphor for life.


Water has an important role in religions all around the world. It’s used in religious rituals in different ways, whether it’s bathing, drinking or washing. In certain cultures, rain dances are performed in order to call down more precipitation. In others, rivers and springs are perceived as deities that can heal the sick and wounded. Lourdes Spring, Jordan River, Ganges and Zamzam Well are a few examples of sacred water bodies.

Let’s also not forget about different narrations that revolve around water. In many different religions, water is connected to the creation of the world. And did you know that flooding is an important symbol for Judeo-Christians, Sumerians and Aztec and Maya people? 

Renewal And Transformation

The symbol of renewal can also be explained with religious examples. We mentioned above that water is used in different rituals. That’s because water signifies purification and cleansing of the body and the soul. For instance, water baptism in Christianity symbolizes, amongst others, a new life as a Christian – a renewal. 

Transformation symbolism should be pretty self-explanatory when it comes to water. We’ve all learned about the water cycle in school – from vaporization to pouring down in whatever form, it creates a full circle and comes back to its starting point.

Motion And Energy

Heraclitus said that “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” It means that the world is in constant motion, and the water you’re touching now is not the water you touched a minute ago – that one is long gone down the stream. 

The way water flows is the same way our lives go by. People change on a day-to-day basis and that’s true for the whole society. Water motion in your dream might symbolize the way things in your life have been happening.


Water is also a symbol of prosperity. Take feng shui for example – flowing water represents wealth and abundance. Water fountains are one of the most popular feng shui cures. It’s believed that, when placed in the right position, a water fountain will bring a good financial situation into one’s home.

Water signifies wealth in Hawaiian culture too. Hawaiian word “waiwai” stands for wealth, riches or value. If you translate it literally, it means “water water.” Hawaiians truly cherish this resource, which is not surprising – the water is essential for the survival of man, beasts and plants. With all that in mind, it’s understandable how water and prosperity are indivisible.

Common Dreams About Water And Their Meanings

Water in our dreams can appear in different states – just like it appears in nature. Each type of water formation has a different meaning, which can be positive or negative. Here are some common ways water appears in our dreams, and what it means. 


A bathtub or a shower (See also shower dream symbol) appearing in your dream represents a symbol of cleansing and purification. However, the explanation of your dream is not so simple. You have to take into consideration other details – is the water running? Is it warm or cool? Being scalded by hot water might symbolize you’re being betrayed in real life. Cold water, on the other hand, is associated with disappointment and frustration.


Creeks and streams symbolize your flow of emotions. These are smaller than a river, which means your feelings aren’t overwhelming you, but more directing you towards something. If a creek dries up in your dream, that might suggest your feelings are “dried up” – in other words, you’re emotionally exhausted. 

If there’s a bridge over the stream, it might mean you’re ready for a certain emotional transition, whether it’s about overcoming or avoiding certain feelings. 


The river can mean different things, depending on how it appears in our dreams, whether it’s narrow, calm, flooded or even dried up. In all of these cases, the river symbolizes our energy and emotions. The situation we’re in further interprets the meaning of our dream.

For instance, diving into the river might mean you’re ready to face whatever life puts in front of you. Swimming against the current represents you resisting your own feelings, while going under the surface means you’re becoming aware of certain suppressed experiences and emotions.


Oceans are large bodies of water whose edges we can’t see from our standing point. The blue space in front of us can be associated with meditation and tranquility. Yet seeing nothing but the water horizon around us can also symbolize uncertainty in our lives. To sail across the ocean can mean navigation through an uncertain situation. You might find yourself deep into a problem where you don’t see the way out.

Calm ocean water gives a sense of relaxation, which can refer to you having control over your life. Riding the waves symbolizes overcoming difficult obstacles in your waves. However, if the waves are knocking you down, then that means your emotions might be overwhelming you. 


Dreaming about a lake is nowhere near unsettling as dreaming about the ocean can be. That’s because the water is usually calm and there’s no endless horizon around you. Lakes can symbolize peace of mind, your emotional state. It could also mean you’re not being as open about expressing your feelings as you would like to. 


Dreaming about the sea is not that much different from dreaming about the ocean. There’s a big water surface around you, and its meaning depends on how the water appears in your dream – is it calm, wavy, dark, etc. 

Dreaming Of Rain

Rain can have a positive or negative meaning in a dream. It might be a symbol of sadness and depression, but it also might symbolize cleansing and emotional release. Think about movies – there are a lot of movie scenes where one walks in the rain and gets a “eureka” moment, when they decide to make a turning point in their lives.

Dreaming Of Boiling Water

Boiling water might represent your anger about something. It basically symbolizes you having steam coming out of your ears. Getting burned by boiling water means your anger has gotten the best of you. Someone pushing you into boiling water might represent your friends being troubled by your certain actions.

Ice Or Frozen Water

Ice is the coolest water can get. Dreaming of it represents your emotions, which are cold. You might be losing feelings for someone or feeling separated from them. Ice can also signify an obstacle that’s difficult for you to overcome. 

Dreaming about snow symbolizes a fresh beginning. A new year and a new start – you might be ready for changes in your life. 

Glass Of Water

The symbolism behind this is somewhat logical – it means thirst. Literally, it means you’re dehydrated. Figuratively, it might represent a thirst, desire for certain things in your life. If you’re drinking a glass of water in your dream, that signifies you’re accomplishing those things you desire. 

Pool Of Water

Pools in our dreams might have both positive and negative connotations. If you’re someone who likes spending time on pools during the summertime, they might symbolize relaxation and refreshment. 

On the other hand, pools are manmade and they might represent a chamber of our emotions. This means you have built a wall to contain certain feelings, and that’s troubling you on a subconscious level. An empty pool signifies feeling drained and numb. 

Puddle Of Water

Compared to a lake or sea, a puddle is such an insignificant body of water. So when you see a puddle in your dream, it usually means that you feel as if your emotions are insignificant. 

A puddle may also represent our trapped emotions, something that bothers us. Stepping into one might mean you’re making problems for yourself where there’s no need for one.

Being Splashed By Water

You might be dreaming about splashing your face with water in the morning, or that you’ve been splashed by a car going through a puddle. In both cases, dreaming about being splashed by water signifies receiving a wake-up call. The dream alerts you that it’s time to change certain things in your life.

Dreaming About Being Underwater

The water represents your emotions, therefore being underwater can be a symbol of exploring some deep feelings, probably the ones you suppressed or hid from other people. It symbolizes those emotions that are way below the “surface.” 

Being underwater might also mean your emotions or negative thoughts are overwhelming you. However, dreaming about deciding to go under the surface might also mean you’re choosing to fight those feelings or thoughts that are suffocating you.

What It Means To Dream Of Waterfalls And Fountains

Watching waterfalls (see waterfall dream symbols ) is quite relaxing – that is unless you have Katarraktiphobia, which is a fear of waterfalls. For most people, who don’t have that phobia, watching waterfalls makes them feel at ease. In dreams, waterfalls symbolize a release of emotions. This might mean you’re letting go of something that troubled you. If the water is clear, it represents renewal and cleansing. 

Dreaming Of Water Inside An Aquarium Tank

Dreaming about aquariums is somewhat similar to dreaming about pools – water is surrounded by walls, and dreaming about it symbolizes feeling trapped in a certain way. It might mean that you feel like you can’t control your emotions. If it’s you who’s inside the aquarium, that symbolizes being on a display. Maybe you’re worried people around you talk behind your back.

The appearance of the water is also important. Crystal clear water might symbolize feeling calm and composed. However, dirty water might mean you’re feeling a lot of pressure from other people’s expectations.

How To Analyze Your Dream About Water

As you’ve seen above, dreaming about water symbolizes feelings and emotions. However, the meaning of your dream can be further interpreted depending on how the water presents in that dream. In order to get to the bottom of the dream define the meaning of the dream, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What Emotions Did You Feel During The Dream?

Since the water in dreams signifies a representation of your feelings, you obviously feel a certain emotion during that dream. Were you happy and content? Were you sad or frustrated? Did the dream make you worried about something in your life you haven’t given much thought to in waking life? Analyzing your feelings is the first step towards dream interpretation.

What Kind Of Water Was In Your Dream?

Water can be found in three different states in nature – it’s ice in solid form, steam in gas, and finally, there are different kinds of water that appear in liquid form, from tap water to oceans, from puddles to pools. And each of these mean a different thing! It’s important to understand the difference between all kinds of water we explained in detail earlier in this article.

Was The Water Clear, Clouded, Or Dirty?

The transparency of water is also crucial when trying to apprehend the dream. Murky water might symbolize negative feelings you need to release, or that there’s a lot of negative vibe around you. It might also symbolize uncertainty about certain issues. Clear water signifies peace and satisfaction. It might also mean you’ll have a revelation moment in your life.

What Other Objects Or People Were In The Dream?

Were there any other people in your dream? Having a friend alongside you has a totally different meaning than being alone, for example, on the sea or in the pool. While it might seem logical, being on your own doesn’t have to be a negative thing. For example, it might symbolize feeling content with how you’ve dealt with a certain situation. However, in certain dream scenarios, that might mean you’re feeling rejected by someone. Obviously, context plays a key role here.

Objects that were around your location in the dream are also worth thinking about. Each object can be a symbol, and it allows you to get to the bottom of the meaning. Here’s an example – in the dream, you were swimming across the lake outside of the castle. We elaborated on the meaning behind the lake, but when interpreting, you should also take into account the object that was in the dream which, in this case, is a castle. Castle represents strength and achievements, so in this case, the dream might mean that you’ve achieved something that makes you finally feel at peace. 

One of the most common objects you might see in your dreams about water is a boat. That usually signifies you feeling ready to explore your emotions. However, if the boat is sinking, then you might be feeling like you’re losing hope about something. Don’t forget that your personal experience will influence if the meaning behind that object has a positive or negative connotation. 


Dreams of water are very common, and they are almost always related to your feelings. There are certain things we keep for ourselves, and it’s not uncommon to suppress these thoughts in order to deal with them later. Sometimes, we even forget about these things, but our subconscious will remind us of that at some point. What happens most of the time is that our mind sends us signals in our sleep, which shows as symbols. Don’t cast aside these subliminal messages, as they might remind you to deal with certain things before it might be too late. 

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