Attic Dream Meaning and Interpretation

While we might not spend a lot of time up in attics, they are a very common setting for dreams, and have some interesting symbolism surrounding them.

There are many things which can cause you to dream of an attic, but there are some themes which overlap. 

In waking life, we tend to use attics as storage spaces, and dreaming of an attic can refer to looking back on the past, or how your feelings and thoughts about the past can shape your future.

What does Dreaming of an Attic Mean?

Houses in dreams are usually a tool of self-reflection. The attic in particular references your mind, your ideals and knowledge in its purest form, hopes and dreams, being the highest level of the house.

The state of the attic in your dream directly reflects how you are feeling, mirroring your emotions from events in waking life, or memories which still influence your decisions in the present.

A State of Chaos, or Feeling Out of Control

If you dream of a disorganized attic, where boxes are stacked to the ceiling, and they threaten to crush you, you feel as though you cannot control current events in waking life.

You may be in the middle of a traumatic situation, tricky problem, or you’re watching something spin out of your control in waking life.

This dream is a direct reflection of waking life, and if the attic is crammed with boxes, furniture, or trash, this indicates that you have some work to do when it comes to looking back on memories. There’s something you still need to confront.

Looking At The Past

If you dream of an attic which is somewhat organized, filled with sepia colors or the sun, and you dream of opening boxes, you’re experiencing a lot of nostalgia, and you want to re-explore memories.

This dream is filled with your subconscious memories, those you cannot consciously access.

You wish you could go back in time, or you want to relive the good memories you have. Try not to live in the past.

The Only Limit is the One You Set Yourself

Dreaming of an attic can also be a good sign for the future. As the attic is the highest level of the house without going onto the roof, it implies that you should be working toward the highest goals you can. 

Maybe you’ve been limiting yourself lately, not going after opportunities that seem too big to accomplish, or chances that you feel are too far out of your reach. Even if you don’t succeed, you will learn something valuable.

If you felt calm or happy in your attic in this dream, you know that any hard work that you put in now will pay off much more than the effort it took you in the first place.

Hiding in an Attic in Your Dream

If you dream of hiding in an attic, your subconscious is giving you a respite away from waking life and its problems. You are stressed and tired, but you know you cannot give up, whatever you might be going through. 

Because the attic is the highest point in the house, you are taking refuge in your mind, but this dream is also drawing your attention to the power of your mind. 

If you think something is achievable, you are more likely to succeed. Whereas if you think something will only be difficult, this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as your mindset will change your approach entirely. 

Dreaming about a Fire in an Attic

Dreaming of a fire starting in an attic suggests that something in waking life has completely decimated your sense of security, who you think you are, or what you think you’re capable of.

Something is challenging you to the core. Fires in attics in dreams usually represent secrets, which have the power to change everything.

If they spread past this room into the roof, or other parts of the house, these secrets, whether they belong to you or not, will change how you see the world and the people around you.

Dreaming of an Empty Attic

An empty attic in your dream reflects your fears of being unable to handle a situation ahead of you, where you’ll feel completely overwhelmed, and out of your depth. 

You may need to take a break in order to replenish your energy levels, or take on a new task to prove that you are capable.

Unable to Leave an Attic in Your Dream

While this dream may be completely bewildering, and it can be very stressful, it’s not a bad sign. 

Dreaming of being unable to leave an attic suggests that you’re now approaching things from a logical point of view. 

You now have the experience to make your dreams a reality, but this dream can also indicate you’re isolating yourself from how you feel in favor of looking at things objectively.


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