One of the most common dream settings is the attic. A dream about an attic may represent several various things. And when you have a better understanding of this dream symbol, you will be able to have plenty of insight as to how you feel regarding the current situations in your waking life. Also, it may help you decide the most desirable action you need to take.


Usually, dreaming about a house is a symbol of yourself or how you represent yourself. The attic is the extension of the house. So if you consider the attic as being higher or above, it may provide you with an excellent perception of the possible meaning of this dream symbol.


A dream that involves an attic can often provide you with clues of how you connect with your higher self, as well as your spiritual growth journey. This is especially in dreams where you go up into the attic, which may suggest your desire or craving for spiritual advancement. 

In your attic dream, did you climb up a ladder or stairs?

The steps or stairs in your dream may indicate that you are carefully treading. On the other hand, the ladder may imply that you are looking forward to beginning this new development of tapping into your spirituality. 

If you are falling down the ladder or stairs from the attic in your dream, it may indicate that there are setbacks in your spiritual growth that you are encountering. 

Take that the spirituality we’re talking about here is not about religion. Every one of us has a spiritual path to take that’s unique to us. Hence, regardless of the path, you may need to take, you should not confuse it with adapting to the stereotypical religious outlook you may have. 

Simply put, spirituality is your conscious advancement. Likewise, it is your connection with the universe’s energy. So if you’re someone who is not religious or spiritual, you may want to see this as the expansion of your consciousness. Also, you may think of it as your awareness of the energy present in this world growing. Perhaps you yearn to make a connection with a creative energy source.


Usually, the things we keep or put in the attic are those that either old or we don’t necessarily use in our daily activities. 

Your dream about an attic may potentially expose you to a lot of helpful things, such as memories, talents, and skills, that you are hiding away. You may be able to use these things together with the challenges you are currently facing in your waking life. 

Moreover, this dream may likely mean a specific scenario wherein you may need to apply the experiences of the past to overcome the challenges you are dealing with.


Sometimes, the attic may present as a source of numerous treasures that you’ve abandoned or long forgotten. The treasures in your attic dream are usually old feelings and memories that you may have had at one point in time.

Furthermore, you may sometimes ignore your true feelings, which can cause the attic dream symbol. For some people, going up the attic may indicate that these long-forgotten feelings, thoughts, or memories are being unveiled. 

Once you have learned to ignore these feelings, that’s the only time you’ll truly feel confident that you will be able to achieve all your goals and ambitions.


A messy or disorderly attic in a dream may likely be a reflection of your feelings regarding a current situation or feelings.

It is possible that the forgotten emotions you have that you have no idea how to handle may be overwhelming you. Also, it may mean that there is a set of messy ideas that you are putting away. 

Furthermore, the dream may represent the need for you to let go of certain feelings to help you move on and gain a new perspective and start fresh. Perhaps, you may need to relieve yourself of the past and get rid of old emotions that are holding you back.


It will be beneficial on your part if you will explore all other dream symbols when learning how to analyze your dreams. Understanding all the various meanings of other events, objects, and persons in your dreams can provide you with additional clues about what your dream may be telling you. 

Moreover, you may want to have a look at some further dream symbols which are nearly related. For instance, you may consider looking at the meaning of dreaming about a house when you have a dream about an attic. The meaning of these two dream symbols is nearly the same.

On top of that, you may want to take a look at the meaning of the architecture design in dreams, particularly if the room’s design details fascinate you. Or if you are inside a house or building where the roof’s eaves are the focus.

Keep in mind that the only person who can best interpret your dream is you. Have you experienced dreaming about an attic? Do not hesitate to share it and your thoughts about it in the comment section.

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