Jar Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Ah, the jar. Well, it’s not exactly the most exciting dream on the surface of things. After all, you could have been dreaming about an epic quest which you managed to achieve, saving the world, seeing wolves, queens, dragons, or a future partner.

But that doesn’t mean you should discount your dream when it involves something very ordinary like a jar. Most dreams have things to tell us, and the jar definitely counts as one.

Probably the loudest question in your mind, after dreaming of a jar, is why? Out of all the things, why does your subconscious pick a jar to focus on? 

Well, what you might not devote your attention to everyday objects in waking life, your subconscious has to fill your dream with something that gets its message across, even if there’s not a clear link on the surface. 

Let’s take a look.

Common Dreams About Jars and Their Meanings 

Dreaming of a Room Full of Jars

If you dream of a room filled with jars (not necessarily a pantry), this is largely a good sign. It speaks of your potential, of the many different paths you could take in life. 

Maybe something in waking life has reminded you of the importance of your choices, and you’re wondering where they could take you.

Dreaming of neat shelves with organized, labelled jars suggests that you would benefit from doing some planning in the near future. 

Maybe you’re approaching a large project where creating a concise plan will be vital to its success, or you’ll be able to prevent something from becoming a problem by creating allowances or predicting exactly what obstacles you might encounter in the future.

If you dream of a room filled with smashed jars, this reflects disappointment and a loss of purpose in waking life. Something has shattered your motivation or expectations, and you’re not sure how you’ll pick up the pieces.

A room full of jars also reveals the wealth of support you have around you. If you need advice, or you want to learn from other people’s experiences, don’t be afraid to reach out to people. What you could learn might surprise you, and it could do wonders for your progress in life.

Filling a Jar in Your Dream 

If you dream of filling a jar, this points to how you’re making progress toward your goals in the future. 

These dreams may be a long way off yet, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making some headway with them now. 

You have your sights set on what you want out of life, and this will go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. Just be sure to plan for as many eventualities as possible in order to get there.

Dreaming of filling jars or canning also points to success in your professional life. The right people are starting to notice your hard work, and what you’ve achieved so far. It may be time to figure out what you want from them.

Smashing a Jar in Your Dream 

Dreaming of smashing a jar suggests that there is disappointment or regret in your future. Maybe someone won’t deliver on something they’ve promised you, or a vital project in your professional life won’t go as expected. 

While this is a negative sign, it’s not all bad. You can stand to learn something from it, and no experience is a waste.

If you dream of smashing the jar on purpose, this can point to self-sabotage, or feeling sick of the way things are. It also reveals a desire to start again. 

Maybe you feel it would be easier to discard the work you’ve done so far and start afresh, with a new approach.

If you smash the jar by accident, something will go wrong, but it will be entirely out of your control. It may be bad luck or human error, but you won’t have any say in it.

Seeing a Jar Full of Rotten or Creepy Things

Dreaming of a jar full of rotten food is a negative omen. You might already be encountering some misfortune in an aspect of your life, where things are going badly wrong, and you’re not sure how to fix them, if you can fix them. 

This bad luck might be coming your way soon. Someone you trust might betray you or let you down, or you’ll place your faith in the wrong people, or something that will fail. 

This dream is a message to appreciate what you have, while you have it, and to be cautious going forward.

What it Means to Dream About Jars

Jars in dreams don’t necessarily just mean one thing, as the symbolism can vary from dream to dream. Bearing in mind that the most common dreams of jars may not fit your specific dream, here is some of the most interesting symbolism in jar dreams. 


When you think of jars, their main purpose is to preserve food, or other objects for a later date, sometimes years in advance. The vessel protects them from dust, dirt, bacteria, and the exposure to air. 

A jar appearing in your dreams can point to your need to ‘preserve’ part of your life which you feel is slipping away from you. Maybe it’s the end of an era, and you want to hold onto something familiar. 

Maybe you’re afraid of losing what you have, and you’re searching for ways to prevent that from happening. Perhaps it’s time to reach out to someone to keep a connection strong.

It can also point to the importance of memory, and keeping what’s dear to you as close as possible. Maybe you stand to learn something significant from a past experience, which could help you in the near future.

Don’t Fight Change

Dreaming of jars can indicate you repeat similar patterns of thinking or cycles of behavior each time you encounter something new. 

This may be because you’re afraid of change, and you’re afraid that you might not recognize yourself, or you won’t like a new version of you if you adapt accordingly to a situation.

Dreaming of jars indicates that the future will have something pivotal in store for you, and how you react to it might dictate how well or difficult the future turns out to be. 

Embracing change and grasping it with both hands might be the best way forward. At least, it may prevent a lot of regret.

A Good Sign for the Future

Jars in dreams also refer to possibilities. 

Dreaming of jars which are full to the brim of food indicate a period of good luck in the future, where you’ll have a lot of new opportunities to choose from. 

One or more of these may define your life. You may meet new lifelong friends, a new partner, or your family might get a new member. You could start a new career, or a journey of personal growth.

Dreaming of a jar can indicate that what you’re hoping for will happen exactly the way you want it, or you’ll be able to make a lot of significant progress towards a lifelong goal, despite any obstacles that come your way. 

Stagnation: But is it Good or Bad?

Dreaming of jars can reflect how your life is stagnating in some way. 

Maybe you’re fond of the ways things are, content with where you are in life, and change is an unwelcome concept. This points to cultivating a healthy gratitude for everything within your life.

But maybe you’re not thinking big enough. Perhaps you feel stuck in a set routine that you want to break free of, but you’re not sure how, exactly. Maybe you’ve outgrown a relationship, hobby, or ambition for the future.

You may long for something completely different, an experience that gives you an entirely new perspective or outlook on life. In which case, it’s time to take a risk, and start something new.

If you dream of jars lying on their sides, with the lids open, this is your subconscious telling you that you are as free as you make yourself. Consider your choices, and what you can do to get exactly what you want out of life. 

How to Figure Out the Meaning behind Your Jar Dream

The Jar’s Contents

Consider the contents of the jar within your dream. Coins in a jar suggest that you are placing all of your hopes in one specific ‘basket’, relying on one situation to work out. This could be a risky strategy.

Dreaming of jars of food points to a life filled with fulfillment and joy, and exciting possibilities for the future.

How Did You Get the Jar? 

One of the hardest questions to ask in any dream is ‘What happened before this current moment?’ Regardless, remembering how you came across this jar can be useful, as it can inform the meaning behind your dream.

If you took the jar down from a shelf, this relates to the opportunities and risks you’ll take in the near future, and the contents give you some indication of your own expectations of how these will play out in the future.

Dreaming of someone handing a jar can refer to a new responsibility that someone will delegate to you, or an unexpected opportunity coming your way through a close relationship. 

If you stumble upon a whole room full of jars, or you feel you were supposed to find a room filled with jars, this relates to how you should be pushing yourself in waking life, going after those opportunities that are so large they terrify you.

Your Reaction on Seeing the Jar

Your own emotions when seeing the jar can also be helpful when trying to find the meaning behind your dream. If you feel excited or happy, this reflects your feelings about the future, and what might come next.

Dreading touching a jar, or being scared at the sight of one, implies that you feel you aren’t ready for things to change, but some of the most interesting opportunities can come this way. 


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