Jar Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams about fascinating things like dragons, snakes, or the end of the world, often catch our attention due to their powerful symbolism. However, sometimes even the most mundane objects can send us meaningful messages in our dreams. Enter: the jar. 

Believe it or not, dreams about jars are actually rather common. Not only this, but dream jars can have a couple of interesting meanings. Today, we will talk about what it means to dream about a jar. 

Why do Jars Appear In Dreams? 

So why do jars appear in dreams? Well, first of all, it could be because we see them often. Jars are ubiquitous. Every kitchen (See apron dream symbol) probably has at least one, considering jars are quite a common package for all kinds of food. Decorative jars with flowers or otherwise; hipster bars serving drinks in jars – these inconspicuous objects are quite literally everywhere. This is why we don’t necessarily remember or even notice every jar we see, but our subconscious certainly does. 

So what is it about jars that can make them meaningful in dreams? First of all, it could be the material they are made of. When we say jar, we usually refer to the glass jar, but they could also be made from different materials, like pottery or even wood. The material the jar is made of can carry some meaning. For example, glass is transparent so it can signify clarity. On the other hand, pottery vessels can signify a connection to the Earth. 

Another clue could be the contents of the jar, or simply the idea of jars being able to hold food. Is the jar full or empty? What is inside? All of this could be significant to your dream. 

What it Means to Dream About Jars

As you have seen, even the most regular jar can carry a message in your dream. Not only this, but there are multiple ways to interpret a jar in a dream. Without knowing the context, we cannot give you one meaning of a dream jar. What we can do is go over the most common jar interpretations. Read through and see if any of these explanations speak to you! 


How would you define a jar? One possible definition would – a vessel for storing food. Over time. Long time. Jars are usually used for preserving food. Not only do we buy jams, spread, and pickled things in jars, but our grandmas used to make preserves in jars long before. When we think of preserves, we could also imagine a tight sealing lid. After all, that’s what jars usually have. 

All of this points to the term preservation. Your dream could simply be about preserving fruits and vegetables (also a thing to consider if you have engaged with these themes in your daily life), but it might be necessary to dig a bit deeper. 

When we preserve fruits and veggies in a jar, the vessel is usually sealed tight, not letting air – or anything else in. The contents of a jar can remain the same for years – until the jar is opened. Could this apply to something else in your life? Is there something you wish to preserve? Maybe a person, a fleeting moment, or anything else that’s dear to your heart? 

With the desire for preservation also comes the fear of losing something. If the jar in your dream really has such a meaning, understanding what it is pointing to can be really valuable. It can make us appreciate more what we have at the present time. On the other hand, maybe you are just a gardener with more crops than you can eat and are just dreaming about preserving your veggies! The interpretation is up to you. After all, you know yourself best. 

Pride and Accomplishment 

Now we come to the second meaning of jars. Jars are often used as decor; and in that sense they represent something that we like to display. That could be anything that we are proud of and want other people to see. What is it that you would like to display on your shelf? Take this as metaphorically as you like. 

In addition to this, even when jars are used for making preservers, they can be connected with a feeling of accomplishment. Once you have prepared something healthy and tasty and sealed it into a jar, you must feel accomplished and proud of your work!

Curiosity and Attention 

Have you ever found a mysterious jar on a shelf in the shed? Lots of people have had such experiences, especially during childhood. Opening a mysterious container not knowing whether it’s a treat or a trick gives a special kind of a trill. This is why jar can appear in dreams as a symbol of curiosity. 

This trope often appears in movies and fantasy stories; as well as at actual carnivals (although that is mostly a thing of the past). You’ll often see jars with odd things inside – whether it’s something terrifying or wondrous. This is why jars can symbolize otherworldly things and things that we are curious about. 

Focus and Clarity  

As we have mentioned in the introduction, a jar made of glass can be a symbol of transparency. Now, what kind of transparency? It could symbolize being open in communication and having all cards on the table, but it could be taken metaphorically as clarity in all your endeavours. 

In relation to this, we can think of jars in relation to focus. When things are preserved in jars, we must know exactly what we are doing in order to do it right. Then, the end result will be something long-lasting and beautiful. If work or other projects are often on your mind, dreaming about a jar (especially a filled and sealed one) could mean you need to focus on your goal to get to the finish line. 

Common Dreams About Jars and Their Meanings 

Filling an Empty Space

Jars are, of course, usually filled. At least there is a big difference between an empty jar and a full jar. Have you dreamed, specifically, about the act of filling a jar? But even if you didn’t, this is one of the possible meanings. We fill jars to preserve something precious, so this could apply to your life. Either you are yearning for something, or maybe something or someone has appeared in your life to fill an empty space. 

Out of the Ordinary 

Jars or glass containers sometimes contain peculiar things. These are often the things we can see in fantasy movies, and then they can enter our dreams. Was the jar in your dream containing something out of the ordinary? Preserved animals, eyes, organs? In dreams, anything is possible. This could signify you have a yearning to see something out of the ordinary. It could simply be wanderlust, or you might be meddling with things that are taboo. In that sense, this could be a warning sign too. 

Tip Jars 

Another situation where we commonly see jars is at bars and restaurants – the tip jars. If you work at a place where you get tips via a jar; then this could be a likely cause for jars in your dreams. In any case, dreaming about tip jars can point to our feelings towards money (or wealth in general). If you dream of a full tip jar, it could be a sign of abundance, and if it’s empty it could mean you are feeling insecure in terms of finances. 

Spilling the Contents of a Jar 

Spilling the contents of a jar is another common dream. This could indicate a lack of focus. Alternatively, it could mean that you are feeling like you are losing something special. 

Tips to Consider When Interpreting Your Dream 

Just like with any dream, you need to take into consideration the whole dream in which the jar appeared. The right interpretation will depend on what was surrounding the jar. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself: 

Where is the jar located? 

The first thing to consider is the location of a jar. Is the jar in your home or somewhere public? Is it high on top of a cabinet where you can reach it? This could mean the jar represents something you want but can’t get at the moment. On the other hand, if the jar is hidden somewhere on a forgotten shelf it could point to feelings or memories you have buried. 

What is inside the jar? 

Do you know what was inside the jar? If the jar was full, but you can’t identify what it was, this could mean you feel the same way about something else in your life. If you know what it was, then consider also the symbolism of this item – whether edible or inedible. 

How did you feel in the dream? 

Feelings can often tell us a lot about the meaning of the dream. Whatever it is that happened in the dream, how did it make you feel? Were you happy and satisfied or maybe scared? 

In any case, jar dreams can be very interesting. Let us know if you have a story of your own to share! 

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