Alien Or Ufo Dream Meaning

An alien invasion is one of the most common dream subjects. But what does it mean to see an extraterrestrial creature in your dream? In this article, we’ll try to understand the symbolism behind it. 

Alien Or Ufo Dream Meaning

A vivid dream with aliens and UFO invasions can be quite confusing – are they only a symbol of something simple or the aliens are really trying to communicate with you? Here’s an explanation of what such a dream might mean. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Alien?

A Sign For Something Unknown:

An alien appearing in your dream might be a representation of a part of your persona which is unfamiliar to you. Nothing in this world is more complex than a human being, and that’s true regarding our physical shape as well as our personality. We can be many different things at once – an optimist, a conservative, an introvert, a control freak etc. Sometimes even some of our personality traits collide, and that’s possible because we’re all such diverse creatures.

Seeing an alien in your dream might symbolize a part of your persona that is still unfamiliar to you. Not being aware of a certain aspect of ourselves is not so uncommon. We all basically learn about who we are by looking back at our actions. For instance, you might haven’t been aware of how courageous you are until that certain incident in your past. 

A dream of alien invasion thus often represents an unknown part of your personality you recently experienced. You might feel like you haven’t “been yourself” lately, which could be worrying you, at first. But think of it this way – there are reasons why your behavior changed, so what you should do is contemplate on those intentions, as they’ll show the meaning of your dream. The thing you should not do is repress this part of your psyche, since everything emerges on the surface anyway, sooner or later.

Feeling Like An Outsider:

The word “alien” is derived from the Latin word alienus, which means foreign, something that belongs somewhere else. The term is also used in law terminology, referring to a person who’s not a national of a certain country. In everyday speech, we’ll say we’re feeling alienated when we feel estranged from our surroundings. Your dream of alien invasion might symbolize that mood too. Starting a new job or college, for example, might make us feel like we’re thrown into an unknown surrounding where we could have trouble fitting in.

Ufo Dream Meaning

Don’t worry, dreams related to alien invasions are not one of those prophetic kinds of dreams – it’s highly unlikely you’re in danger of being abducted by aliens. More realistically, these dreams represent a novelty you’re currently facing in waking life that gives you cold feet. 

Unfamiliar situations can give you a fluttering sensation – like having butterflies in your stomach when you’re in love with someone. When dealing with new things in life, it’s always a wise idea to be prudent and trust your intuition concerning your actions.

Are Aliens Real? Can Aliens Communicate With You In Your Dreams?

This is probably not the best place to seek the answer to this question. Some people believe there’s no life on other planets, while others doubt that the Earth is the only part of the Cosmos that is habitable. Then there are those who believe that little green men sometimes visit our planet in their space ships. But what’s the reality? Well, no one knows for sure. Science hasn’t discovered such a form of life on other planets, but the universe is endless, and so are the possibilities. One thing we can safely say – we’ll never be able to explore the whole Cosmos, so we might never find the answer to this question. 

Some people believe aliens might be a ghost or a spirit that appears in a dream. Therefore, seeing an alien in your slumber might signify a spirit is trying to get in touch with you. However, you should keep in mind that there’s a thin line between the dream and reality, and these two can get confused at times. The existence of aliens is a controversial subject, and most people don’t believe they’re real. The same goes for spirits and other mysterious beings. Keep that in mind when trying to understand why you dreamed about an alien.

Your interpretation of a dream regarding creatures from another planet depends a lot on your own beliefs and perceptions. If you’re convinced in the existence of spirits, then it’s safe to assume that the alien appearing in the dream is actually a spirit who’s trying to communicate with you inside the dreaming realm. Some would say these essences come before us trying to connect us to our past lives. For instance, aliens appearing in your dream might actually be your ancestors visiting you – they’re here to show you your origins, to teach you about certain gifts you might possess, or even warn you about particular dangers that you might face. 

However, a spiritual visit in your dream – if you believe in such a phenomenon – doesn’t always happen for a good reason. If there’s such a thing as a good spirit, then the existence of a bad one is nothing less possible. Therefore, it’s important to try and understand the reason for their appearance in your dream. What is their true motive? You have to be cautious when communicating with spiritual beings, set the boundaries and be ready to stop the contact if you sense evil intentions.

If the aliens are inciting you to do something that might harm you or the people around you, such an occurrence might be a red alert – maybe you should seek professional medical help. There are certain conditions that could cause such vivid dreams, but even some medications you might be already taking can have such a side effect. Therefore, it’s important to get a proper medical evaluation that will make sure these dreams aren’t a result of a more serious condition. 

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