Animal Dream Symbols – A – Z

Dreaming of animals links to your instincts, your innermost desires and needs which may not surface in your waking life. Every animal’s characteristics can help contribute to the meaning of your dream, and shape what your subconscious is trying to tell you. In most cases, the animals have both positive and negative interpretations, and you’ll need to remember how you felt during the dream to decide what your dream meant.


Dreaming of an alligator isn’t a good sign. One of the sneakier predators you definitely don’t want to meet, an alligator in a dream symbolizes betrayal, hidden instincts, and someone who is lying to you (which could even be yourself). It might be a good idea to try and gain a different perspective than the one you’ve been leaning on, as you might be mistaken. Alligators can also represent the ability to travel between the conscious, material world and the subconscious world of dreams and repressed desire, as alligators move with ease between land and water. Dreaming about alligators can imply that you’ve been too insensitive lately, or too stubborn, which could lead to more problems.

Dreaming of running away from an alligator mirrors the way you’re running away from an aspect of yourself, or an emotion that’s causing you difficulties, and you’d rather not deal with it. Running from your problems only causes them to stack up. 

Dreaming of being attacked by an alligator points to feeling like a victim in your waking life. The alligator could be a representation of someone whose behavior is toxic, someone who has a significant power over your life, despite your attempts to cut yourself free of them. This dream points to the need of you freeing yourself, in order to live a better version of your life.


Dreaming of animals is a nod to your own instincts, and your desires before your conscience has a chance to shout them down. Despite animals broadly exhibiting compassion for each other, we tend to associate animals with pure instinct, or “uncivilized” aspects of our personalities. Dreaming of fighting an animal mirrors the way you’re rejecting part of yourself, and how you’ll subdue it back into your unconscious. 

Dreaming of talking animals symbolizes the potential to be the best self you can possibly be. If you remember the gist of the message or what the animal said, this is thought to be wisdom that you shouldn’t ignore, as it will be useful in the future. 

Dreaming of saving an animal’s life indicates that you’re accepting emotions or characteristics of yourself that the animal embodies. This dream can occur when you’ve previously been feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, or disgusted with yourself, and you’re finally processing everything in order to move on with your life.

Dreaming of setting an animal free mirrors the freedom you feel when you’ve fulfilled or expressed your desires.

Dreaming of animals in a lab indicates you’ve repressed part of yourself, maybe out of fear of being judged by someone, or you otherwise feel you cannot be honest about your own emotions. Dreaming of lab animals can also suggest you’re limiting your potential. It’s a sign you’re not questioning the boundaries you’ve set yourself, as you feel more comfortable within them.


Dreaming of an anteater indicates you need to treat the coming days cautiously. Don’t do anything rash, and if you feel the impulse to lash out, ignore it. Tread carefully, and be wary of those around you. 


Dreaming of antelopes broadly signifies two things. One, you need to (or feel you need to) run away from a situation or someone who you think will cause harm. Two, your goals will only be reached if you try harder than you think you’re capable of. If you manage to get there, you’ll enjoy a lot of success.

Dreaming of an antelope falling suggests you’re the reason for a relationship failing.


Dreaming of apes (see also Gorilla And Ape Dream Meaning) suggests yourself or someone else in your life hasn’t been entirely honest. In particular, these lies have been for mischievous reasons, to cause mayhem, or to upset someone and see what happens next. If this doesn’t sound right, your ape dream suggests you or someone you know has been losing their cool a lot lately, and it won’t lead anywhere good.


Dreaming of an armadillo indicates you feel you need to protect yourself. You’ve created a guard between yourself and everyone else, and while this may make you feel better right now, it won’t help you in the long run. It’ll prevent you from making good connections with people, and they’ll back off once they notice your guard is up, leading to frustrations on both sides. Dreams involving an armadillo can also suggest you’ve been too agreeable lately, and you’re in danger of letting other people take advantage of you. Time to stand up for yourself.


Dreaming of an asp points to a future misfortune or run of bad luck. This bad luck will result in a loss of respect, and hostility towards the people you love.


Dreaming of an ass suggests you’ll be annoyed a lot in the near future! It also suggests something will be hard to understand, maybe this is where the annoyance will stem from. Dreaming of an ass can also be a metaphor for someone who has gotten on your nerves lately, or someone who will cause a myriad of problems you’ll be forced to deal with.

Dreaming of an ass being used to pull significant weights or carrying heavy items suggests you’ll go through a tough time soon. The good news is that after a lot of perseverance and some patience, you’ll enjoy a lot of success.


Dreaming of a badger speaks of your persistence, which will finally mean success, or an advantage over someone else. This dream can also be a pun on how you’re annoying someone or vice versa. If someone has been bothering you for a long time, carrying on despite them will lead to some success, and their voice will fade into the background.


Dreaming of bats represents rebirth, or potential you’ve yet to make use of. On a more negative note, bats can also symbolize uncleanliness, annoyances which you can’t just brush aside, or demons (see also Demon Dream Interpretation). A bat appearing in your dream can suggest you need to get rid of habits you’ve been holding onto, as there’s no room for them in your future. Bats in your dreams can indicate you’re either ignoring facts or you’re unaware of them, where you’re “blindly” entering into something. You need to take a closer look, or hang back from a decision until you’re more sure of the right path. You feel you’re losing control, which may lead to decisions which will look “batty” from the outside.

Dreaming of a white bat suggests a member of your family will suffer greatly. Dreaming of a black bat is an impending disaster. 

A vampire bat (see also Vampire Dream Interpretation) in your dream indicates someone in your life is draining your positivity or your energy, and you need to protect yourself from them.

Five bats in your dream, according to Chinese folklore, point to good health, happiness, and an increase in wealth.


Bears (see also Bear Dream Meaning) embody quite a few positive meanings in dreams. They are a symbol of cycles you go through in life, of growth and hibernation, of death, resurrection, and independence and strength. Maybe you’re trying to find a new equilibrium, but you’re struggling to find it, and the frustration is causing you to act like a bear (see also Bear Attack Dream Interpretation) that’s just woken from hibernation: grumpy as hell. The bear in your dream can also represent a dominating figure whom you don’t always know where you stand with them. 

Your subconscious may be subjecting you to more puns, where you need to “bare” your soul to another person, or you’re going through something difficult where the only way forward is to “grin and bear it”.

If you dream of being chased by a bear, or that you are in a fight with one, there’s a lot of aggression in you right now. You might feel trapped, and you feel the need to lash out at others in order to claw back some control.

Dreaming of a polar bear or an albino bear represents a reawakening, or renewed energy and determination.


Dreaming of a beaver represents hard work, and the visible end results. A dream featuring a beaver signifies the need to work harder, or to apply what you’ve learned recently into achieving a long-held goal. You’ll be able to stand back and admire what you’ve done, only if you carry on.


Dreaming of a boar suggests you need to look deeper. This might be in a situation where you think you’ve found the answer, but you haven’t yet seen the real, deeper truth. Alternatively, is something or someone boring you? You feel as though you’ve been backed into a corner, and you’re not sure of a decision. You’ve made that corner for yourself, and you can get out of it, too.


Dreaming of a buffalo symbolizes great strength, survival, perseverance through troubling times, and your roots. It’s a testament to your strength and how you’re able to carry on when things get tough, and also it represents all the trials you’ve been through. Dreaming of a buffalo can suggest you’re straying from the path you are meant to take, or you’re forgetting your goals in favor of your responsibilities. A white buffalo appearing in your dreams is a very good sign for the future, and suggests you’ll get what you wish for.

Dreaming of a buffalo that’s been injured, or a dead buffalo lying at your feet, is a warning dream. It suggests that something you’ve been mulling over is not the right choice, or that you’re about to make a very big mistake. Take things slowly. Readjust your approach as necessary.

Dreaming of a herd of buffalo signals future tranquility, and you’ll want for nothing when it comes to the relationships in your life. 


Dreaming of a bull suggests you’re being too stubborn (see also Bull Dream Meaning And Interpretation). You’re unwilling to see someone’s perspective, or you’re ignoring your own. It can also symbolize strength and power. Your subconscious might be telling you it’s time to stop agreeing with someone – you know they’re wrong, and if you go along with them, well, you’ll both be wrong. 

Bulls also symbolize fertility, virility, and repressed sexual energies, which probably stems from the Greek myth of the Cretan bull, which was the father of the Minotaur. King Minos prayed to Poseidon to send him a snow-white bull as an affirmation he should rule, instead of his brothers. This wish was granted, with the caveat that the bull needed to be sacrificed back to Poseidon. Minos thought it would be too much of a shame to kill such a beautiful animal. He sent a bull he didn’t care about in its place, and sent Poseidon into a rage. For his revenge, Poseidon convinced Aphrodite to make Minos’s wife, Pasiphaë, fall in love with the bull. I think you can figure out the rest. 

If you dream of being chased by a bull, your own stubbornness will cost you in the near future. You won’t recognize a good opportunity when it comes, or you’ll neglect a relationship out of pride, and you’ll suffer for it.

Dreaming of bathing in bull’s blood symbolizes eternal life, and the will to carry on when things get tough.

As with all animals which represent the zodiacs, the bull may be symbolic of someone you know who is born under that sign, and in this case, that’s a Taurus. 


Dreaming of a calf suggests you’re at the start of a journey, or you’ve failed so far to learn from your experiences. You’ll repeat the same mistakes. It symbolizes immaturity, but also innocence.


Camels appearing in your dreams suggests that the way you’ve been carrying on will soon cost you. You’re carrying too many things right now – the responsibilities, the problems, the relationships. You’re holding onto something that will burn you out, the last straw, the straw “that broke the camel’s back”. You need to let go of it, whatever it is. Put it down for five minutes, and concentrate on something else.

Dreaming of petting a camel suggests you’re finally able or ready to let go of something that was holding you back.


Cats in your dream represent independence, and the creativity and power this provides. If the cat acts negatively, this dream suggests bad luck is heading your way. The dream’s meaning is also dependent on your opinion of cats, and whether you’re a cat person. If the cat lashes out or is otherwise aggressive, someone who you thought was trustworthy will betray you in some way, or you’re afraid of part of yourself or what you’re capable of. 

A cat with no tail in your dream suggests you’ve lost your sense of independence, and the freedom to make your own decisions. A cat scratching you indicates you or your freedom feels threatened in some way. Maybe you have to focus on your responsibilities instead of your dreams, and you’re worried you’ll never get time to go after what you want.

Dreaming of being unable to find the cat has two possible interpretations: either you’ve lost sight of part of yourself, or, you need to rid yourself of something that’s holding you back. 

A black cat appearing in your dream suggests you’re afraid of realizing your potential, or you’re ignoring your instincts, and this dream is calling you to reconnect with yourself. Black cats have been mistakenly associated with bad luck for hundreds of years, and your dreams can play on your beliefs. If the black cat attacks you, this dream is warning you not to ignore what your dream is trying to tell you. 

A white cat appearing in your dream suggests there’s some troubling times ahead.

Dreaming of a cat (see also Cat Dream Meaning) catching or playing with a spider suggests you’re not making the best choices socially right now, and it could lead to hurting others, or a relationship being damaged.

Dreaming of a cat being killed indicates your independence is being crushed by something, and you need to act to change this. You might not be considering all of your options.

Dreaming of cats playing or fighting points to a need to express your emotions better. Maybe you’ve been expressing them in an unhealthy way, and you need to change this.

If you have a very unusual dream of a cat which is green, or it has green stripes across its body, this suggests that jealousy is getting in the way of your relationships, or of your progress. Don’t focus all your energy on other people’s successes and comparing yourself, as you’ll waste time and only frustrate yourself.


Dreaming of cattle suggests you need to be cautious in the near future. 

If you dream of a herd of cattle, this either symbolizes prosperity and wellbeing which will come from the people in your life, or you’re being too passive in your life right now.

Cattle stampeding in your dream reflects a part of your life which has spun out of control, and you need to get a handle on it before it gets much harder to deal with.


Dreaming of a chipmunk symbolizes how you’re living in the past, or you’re dredging up too many memories when you should be focusing on the present.


A cow appearing in your dream symbolizes your usually docile nature, where you can get quite aggressive if you feel threatened. Cows also represent the desire to be cared for, domesticity, or maternal instincts. In some cultures, cows are worshiped, and represent love, fertility, nourishment, and can represent a mother-figure or a matriarch in your life.

Dreaming of a dead cow can imply problems in your love life or home life. If you see a skeleton of a cow, this doesn’t point to the death of a motherly figure in your life, but rather that your relationship with her is suffering. Maybe you feel she’s being unsympathetic toward you or someone you both love.

If you see a herd of cows in your dream, you long to find where you belong.

Dreaming of milking a cow represents enjoying the success of your hard work.


A coyote in your dream suggests a weakness, and this may stem from someone else’s deception. You are still coming to terms with what someone has done.

Dreaming of being attacked by coyotes suggests your selfish impulses are putting your happiness and needs at risk.


A crab appearing in your dream can suggest you’re being too dependent, or you’re acting clingy toward someone, which will only push them away. Don’t forget, your dreams are governed by your emotions, so the crab could also signify your strong will to carry on, and your strong sense of purpose. Alternatively, you’re holding too tightly onto something which you should really let go of.


A crocodile in your dream symbolizes power, inner strength, and the freedom that comes with it. Depending on who the crocodile is in your dream, it can also suggest a hidden danger – someone’s trying to persuade you to make the wrong decision, or to alienate yourself from others. Like the alligators, crocodiles can symbolize the ease in which we travel between consciousness and the unconscious world of dreams, and they may signify you’re on the cusp of a new outlook or perspective which will serve you greatly in the future.

Have you been a bit “snappy”lately? No, really. The crocodile in your dream might embody your short temper, or being insincere when it comes to others, acting how you feel you should act, and not actually how you feel. Don’t push other people away. The right ones will like you for who you are.

Dreaming of being chased or attacked by a crocodile is a bad sign. It signifies disappointment, either in your professional life or in your love life. Have you been misreading things?


Dreaming of a deer (see deer dream meaning) symbolizes your compassion, grace, or your vulnerability. A deer also embodies a watchful nature, which will serve you well in the future. It’s a sign of your independence.

Alternatively, your subconscious has been picking up on some nasty cues, where someone believes you’re an easy target because you’re compassionate, or they believe you to be naive, and they’ll try to take advantage of your ignorance. Continue to be kind, but keep a watchful eye.

Dreaming of a black deer suggests you’re not acknowledging the compassionate side of you right now – perhaps that would make you feel vulnerable – or you’ve lost touch with your instincts or sense of grace.

Dreaming of killing a deer can suggest you’re doing your best to repress what you feel is your vulnerable side, or your caring nature, before others can hurt you. This will only lead to bitterness.


Dreaming of a dinosaur (see also What does a dinosaur mean in your dreams?) suggests your outlook or your ideals are outdated, and you need to start adapting to the present. 

Dreaming of being chased by a dinosaur signifies that your old habits or issues are still affecting you. This dream may also reflect a fear of being left behind, or a scenario where someone believes you’re no longer useful, in which case, should you be worried, if that’s all they value?


Dreaming of a dog symbolizes unwavering loyalty, generosity, or protection. It’s also a call to stay connected to your instincts and what your gut tells you. Your dream suggests that these traits won’t lead you astray, and they’ll carry you through to the path you should be on. The dog in your dream may also represent someone who is unswervingly loyal, or someone who is always there for you. 

A dog in a dream can also symbolize a skill which comes naturally to you, and it’s one you’ve forgotten. It may help you in the future – however unlikely that sounds!

If the dog in your dream dies (see also Dead Dog Dream Meaning), you will lose a friendship that’s important to you, or you’ve lost touch with your instincts and that will cause problems later on. 

Dreaming of a dog biting you can symbolize betrayal from a close friend who you thought you could trust, or how you’ve lost a sense of balance in your life, and maybe the motivation to change that.

Dreaming of a dog which barks playfully is a good sign. It suggests you’ll gain a new circle of friends, or forge a deeper connection with those you already have. If the dog barks, and you feel threatened, you or someone you know is being aggressive toward others, or you feel the need to try to control every situation you’re in, and this will lead to trouble. 

Dreaming of a dog chasing its tail is a sign of confusion – which is what a dog is usually feeling when it does this! You might be running in circles in your waking life, or spending time on things which won’t pay off. You may be in the middle of a vicious circle, and you need to find a way out. 

Dreaming of buying a dog points to being lonely, or how you feel you can solve your social problems with money. You may feel a lack of loyalty from the relationships in your life. If you dream of a dog guiding you somewhere, you’re having trouble dealing with a situation by yourself, and you can only gain from asking someone for help.

If you dream of giving a dog away, your decisions could be misinterpreted as selfishness, or being disloyal in a friendship or relationship. Dreaming of dressing up your dog mirrors the way you’re hiding from your bad habits or flaws. Dreaming of a black dog suggests someone in your life who’s been loyal up to now is thinking of changing that. 

Dreaming of being a dog symbolizes how you’re in tune with your instincts, or you have a strong sense of loyalty which draws people to you. 

Dreaming of a dog eating a snake or attacking (see also dog attack dream meaning) something suggests a friend is steering you away from a decision that will lead to trouble, or they’ve been defending you behind your back.

Dreaming of a dog with multiple heads suggests you’re either being hyper vigilant and this will exhaust you shortly, or you need to be more aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Your subconscious might have picked up on some cues which you haven’t realized. Someone is being dishonest, or you’ve underestimated a situation.


Dreaming of a dolphin points to wisdom, trust, and spiritual guidance. This dream is a call to use your brain to move ahead in life, and you might have woken from this dream with some fresh motivation, as you know you can achieve what you want – your subconscious is telling you to realize it. As dolphins are represented to have an easy-going nature, this dream means that you have a great ability to adapt to whatever situation life throws at you, as well as being able to explore your unconscious mind in your dreams.

Dreaming of riding a dolphin is a nod towards your optimistic nature, which will carry you forward throughout your life.

Dreaming of a dolphin dying mirrors despair in your waking life, or feeling disconnected from others. Changing your routine or committing yourself to healthy habits might spring you from this sadness.


Dreaming of a donkey symbolizes your stubborn attitude, and how you like to be independent, but this can lead to alienating people who want to help you. This is a flaw in your pride, and you need to get over it. Make sure you turn people away gently, if you turn them away at all. Donkeys in dreams also mirror feelings of being stressed, or how you feel unproductive though you’re trying your best. If the donkey in your dream is dead, this suggests you’ve either been neglecting your work entirely or you’ve been focusing on it above all else, which means putting other parts of your life on hold.

Dreaming of falling off a donkey or the donkey throwing you points to trouble in your love life.

Dreaming of being kicked by a donkey signifies how you feel guilty about something, or someone suspects you of something, and you feel guilty though you haven’t done anything wrong.

Dreaming of leading a donkey by a halter mirrors your skill to guide other people, and how you convince them to your point of view. This will lead to good things in the future.


Dreaming of a dragon suggests your passion has become all-consuming, and it will lead to more problems than it will enrich your life. Your behavior may allow other people to get ahead of you or take advantage, so you need to get a hold of yourself. This could be in the form of greed, or in the pursuit of power. You may feel you can’t get enough of something like a dragon hoarding a cave full of gold, in which case, it’s time to rein yourself in.

Dragons (see also Dragon Dream Meaning And Omens) are often symbols of good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Dreaming of being a dragon symbolizes your use of anger or hate in order to get your own way, and this will lead to trouble.


A dromedary appearing in your dream suggests you’ll enjoy unexpected success soon. Your generous nature will pay you back tenfold.


Dreaming of an eel can symbolize your reluctance to commit, or the trouble you have carrying on with things after you’ve started. You are avoiding responsibility or blame. The eel is also regarded as a phallic symbol, so this dream can have sexual connotations.


An elephant (see also Elephant Dream Meaning And Symbolism) in your dream suggests you need to be patient, especially when it comes to others telling you their problems. Alternatively, you’ve been reliving a memory too much, which should stay in the past, and you should be concentrating on the present, as your memory may not be as reliable as you think. Elephants embody strength, wisdom, and power, although they also scare easily, and rely on the matriarch to keep them safe. Don’t listen to your fears, and turn to others for help when you need it. A white elephant in your dream has associations with royalty and wisdom.

Dreaming of riding an elephant signifies that you’ve conquered those parts of yourself that you were once afraid of.

If an elephant appears in your dream, and you feel scared, there’s a problem that you are ignoring, and to carry on ignoring it will invite more problems in your life.

Dreaming of being an elephant implies that you need to voice your opinions, or a revelation that you’ve come to. 


A fawn appearing in your dreams is a good sign. It symbolizes true friendships, and a faithful relationship.


A ferret appearing in your dream suggests you are suspicious of someone, or you don’t trust people easily. A white ferret appearing in your dreams is a direct representation of a problem plaguing your waking life. 


Dreaming of fish swimming suggests your dream has some insight which has come from your subconscious. Fish themselves can represent a multitude of ideas, any manner of which you can find in popular phrases. You might feel suspicious of something, or you feel out of your element, or the person you thought you’d be with forever wasn’t actually “The One”. 

Dreaming of eating (see also Dreaming Of Eating Meaning) fish signifies energy, luck, and spirituality, and could mirror how you’ve been trying to feed your soul in waking life.

Dreaming of cooking fish suggests you’re putting your new-found knowledge or wisdom to good use.

Dreaming of cleaning fish can suggest you’ve been editing your opinions or emotions when it comes to others, so they’ll form the opinion of you which you want them to think. This will lead to stress, and overthinking. 

Dreaming of fish bones represents old ideas or revelations that you’ve put to good use, but they no longer serve you now.

Dreaming of a small fish attacking a much bigger fish suggests something isn’t as it first appeared, or that you shouldn’t underestimate someone. Did you want the big fish to win, or the little fish?


Dreaming of a foal mirrors a fresh sense of purpose or energy which is apparent in your waking life.


A fox appearing in your dream (see also What Do Foxes Mean In Dreams) represents a wily cleverness, or a deep insight. Your subconscious is telling you to apply these into your life, and you might need to be discreet about your feelings or your motivations in order to get where you need to be. The fox might represent yourself, or someone who you know to be sly.

Dreaming of a fox can also point to loneliness in waking life or feeling isolated from others. It might be time to do some introspection. 

If you dream a fox flies into your window (see window dream meaning), this is a sign you need to be wary – don’t put your trust in too many people, as someone in your waking life is not what they appear. 


Dreaming of a frog is an interesting one. Frogs in dreams symbolize the potential that change holds, as well as something unexpected suddenly appearing. If the frog in your dream turns into a human, this signifies rebirth and transformation, fertility, or a renewal in your life. 

If you see many frogs hopping in your dream, this reflects your reluctance to commit to things or people, and you flit from one thing to another when things get difficult. Conversely, a dream involving many frogs can indicate your progress toward your goals – you’re making good headway.

Dreaming of catching a frog (see also Frog Dream Meaning) symbolizes your recklessness where your body or your general health is concerned. It’s the only one you’ll have.

Dreaming of hearing frogs but not seeing them in your dream reflects the background frustration you’re currently experiencing, as you haven’t achieved what you wanted, and the disappointment is making itself known in your dream.

Eating a frog in your dream suggests you know there’s something unpleasant you need to do in waking life, and the sooner you get it over with, the better. If you dream of swallowing a whole frog (blergh!) you know you need to say something unpleasant which you know won’t go down very well. Alternatively, you’ve lost your voice in some way – have you been ignoring your own thoughts in favor of someone else’s?


A giraffe appearing in your dream is your subconscious telling you to step back and look. There’s something bigger going on. Maybe you need to take a look at your life and steer it into the direction you want, or steer it away from what could be a disaster. 

If you dream of giraffes fighting, it may reflect a conflict in waking life, where you’re “sticking your neck out” and taking the risk for someone else. Ask yourself if it is the right decision for you, not for them in this instance.

Dreaming of riding a giraffe suggests you feel ignored in waking life. You want people to acknowledge you, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Dreaming of a giraffe running reflects your desire to hide from the truth, in a situation which you wished you hadn’t stumbled upon, as it wasn’t for your eyes.


Goats appearing in dreams is your subconscious forewarning you (see also Goat Dream Meaning And Interpretation). You’ve been too trusting lately, and someone’s about to take advantage of you. Dreaming of a goat can also suggest a lack of sound judgment, as well as being a symbol of lechery, so be careful! Your subconscious might also be warning you that you’re the “scapegoat” for something. Consider carefully your recent actions and the behavior of those around you, as this will point you in the right direction. 

Dreaming of a goat butting you is a bad omen, of dishonesty and deceit, which might be your behavior or someone else’s in the future.


A goldfish in your dream has a much nicer meaning! It symbolizes success, pleasant adventures in your future, and wealth of some sort. All of these will lead to an important perspective which will carry you forward.


Dreaming of a gorilla suggests your behavior has been too much lately. You’re overreacting, rash, and angry, and this is a symptom of something else, such as stress, or feeling out of control. Gorillas appearing in your dream can also mirror your base instincts, your temper, and repressed feelings.


A greyhound in your dream represents loyalty, good fortune, and friends surprising you with something thoughtful.


Dreaming of a hare symbolizes self-sacrifice, transformation, or making fast decisions. Do you feel as though you’ve put your dreams on hold in order to concentrate on your responsibilities? If we look at Aesop’s fables, the hare is quick, clever, but overestimates his talents, and his arrogance leads him to failure, so if you see a hare in your dream, it might be a good idea to take things at a steadier pace. 


Dreaming of a hippopotamus symbolizes how you’re lashing out at others. The aggressive part of you is enjoying its time in the sun right now, and you need to put it back in its box before you get into trouble. Someone has been irking you for a while, and things are coming to a head. The way you behave affects other people more than you realize, and you have the power to change things. 

Dreaming of a group of hippopotamuses suggests you’ve been too caught up worrying about the day-to-day things, and working as hard as you can. It’s time to step back.


A horse (see also Horse Dream Meaning) in your dream is a symbol of strength, endurance, power, and a strong sense of being grounded. You are in tune with your instincts, though if you’re not careful, they will rule you, and you’ll make some bad decisions that hardly seem like decisions at all. Alternatively, things have been going well for you lately, so much so that you feel you can’t go wrong, but this arrogance will lead you astray as you’ll compare yourself to others and find them wanting, and this is where you need to “get off your high horse”. 

Dreaming of a horse with two heads suggests you’re torn between two paths, and you don’t know which is the best to take. If it was an ideal world, you’d be able to choose both. 

Dreaming of a horse with a dark or black coat speaks of the unknown, of mystery, and of a wild potential. Are you sick of taking the safe option? Do you feel like there must be more than 9-5? This dream is calling you to find meaning beyond your routine, beyond your goals. 

Dreaming of a white horse points to good fortune in the future, prosperity and purity. If this white horse chases you, this dream is mirroring a conflict you have with intimacy.

Dreaming of a dead horse that something you used to draw strength from is gone. A relationship, an ideal, or a way of life has ended. If it’s not ended, you’ve outgrown it. Don’t “beat a dead horse”.

A herd of wild horses appearing in your dream reflects your longing to be free from responsibility and hardship. This dream can also reflect “unbridled” (haha) emotions which have been running away with you lately. 

A dream where you ride a horse indicates you’re in a place where you’ll have a wealth of opportunities at your fingertips. If you were scared in this dream, you’re fearful of how change will affect you, or the ones you love. This dream can also suggest your success will be a direct result of you taking advantage of someone or a situation where you know you shouldn’t. 

Dreaming of an armored horse mirrors how you’re gearing up for a fight, or that you turn every interaction into a confrontation. You expect an argument from every corner right now, but this is more likely to happen because you’re making it so. An alternative interpretation of dreaming of an armored horse is that you’re trying to protect yourself from something else in this dream – an unconscious desire surfacing,

Dreaming of grooming or bathing a horse is a sign of renewed strength. You’ll soon enjoy a period of time when your resolve is stronger than ever.

If you dream of a talking horse, this dream has some wisdom you should apply in your everyday life. If the horse is black, your subconscious mind wants to remind you of something you’ve forgotten, or something that your subconscious has picked up on through tiny cues. You might be facing a tough situation in waking life which is making you think you are powerless, but you’re not. Look at everything you’ve gone through. If you dream of a blue horse which talks, this indicates someone in your life needs help, but they’re reluctant to ask.


A hyena in your dream probably wasn’t a pleasant experience. The laugh of a hyena can be unsettling, and their teeth are capable of crushing bone, so the future may hold some cutting words for you. A hyena can embody a nasty sense of humor, or someone who sees the joke in everything. Alternatively, your responsibilities are overwhelming you, and someone else’s need to rely on you right now is tiring. Take a deep breath, and be there for them. You’ll feel better.


A jackdaw appearing in your dream can suggest you’ve been focusing on the wrong things – something shiny has distracted you from the real things you need to pay attention to. It might be an idea to share what you have with others, to gain some perspective. Alternatively, a jackdaw in your dream can symbolize the end of something, a relationship, a goal, a chapter in life.


A jackal appearing in your dreams suggests there’s a form of manipulation in your life. You or someone you know is being manipulative, and feeding off others.


A jaguar in your dream represents power, agility, and speed.


Dreaming of a kangaroo can be one of two things: an almost parental sense of protection, or aggression. Someone or something has threatened someone you care about, or you’ll soon experience someone being overprotective of you, which could get suffocating once the novelty has worn off. Alternatively, something has got your guard up, and you’re acting out when it comes to others. You may be unable to concentrate, and you’re jumping from task to task without finishing anything.  

Dreaming of a kangaroo attacking you suggests someone is reevaluating their opinion of you.


Dreaming of a kid or a baby goat indicates you’ve briefly ignored your common sense.

Dreaming of a kid in a meadow suggests that you’ve spent too much time enjoying yourself and not enough time trying to better yourself, and your professional image may suffer.


Dreaming of a kitten (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Kittens?) is a sign of a transformation, at the end of which you’ll be more independent, and more opportunities will present themselves to you. Any dream of a baby animal can also represent innocence. 

Dreaming of killing a kitten suggests a close relationship is causing you some frustration. You feel you can’t be honest.

Dreaming of a kitten transforming into a puppy (see also dream of puppies) refers to a transformation in yourself – your priorities will shift, and concentrate on caring for someone else instead of just yourself. You’re lonely, and long to fix this.

Dreaming of rescuing a kitten is a mirror of someone in your life who has lost their path, and you want to help them get back on track. 


A koala appearing in your dream is a good sign. It indicates any current worries will soon pass. A koala symbolizes security, protection, and the desire to go back to a time when you didn’t have the responsibilities or worries that you have now. 


Dreaming of a lamb has an interesting meaning, one which you might not immediately associate with such a cute animal! Dreaming of a lamb symbolizes someone who is deceiving you, or you’ll soon find reasons to lie to someone you love. Alternatively, the lamb embodies something that’s innocent and vulnerable. 

Dreaming of holding a lamb points to sacrifices in your life. What are you willing to give up? What have you given up already, and is it working?


Dreaming of a leopard indicates you shouldn’t give up. Whatever you’re going through, if you stop now, you’ll still be in the middle of it. If you dream of the leopard in a cage, this suggests any issues plaguing your waking life right now will soon be solved. 

Dreaming of killing a leopard indicates you’ll fulfill your wildest dreams if you carry on working toward them.

Dreaming of a leopard attacking you suggests you’ve underestimated the challenge you’ve set for yourself. It will not be easy, and you’ll encounter quite a few problems which could challenge you to the core.   


A lion appearing in your dream symbolizes great courage, power, and strength. The more difficult emotional issues you’ve been experiencing will soon be over. The lion in your dream is also linked to your power over others, and your influence, which you could use for good or bad. Your hold over others is profound enough that you feel like you need to be in charge. 

Dreaming of being attacked by a lion indicates a desire for self-sabotage or self-destruction. You need to take a close look at the cause, and unpack it, so it can’t have a hold over you any longer.  

Dreaming of a black lion indicates you’re using your power for all the wrong things. Dreaming of a white lion denotes the opposite. You use the power available to you for good. 


A lizard in your dream represents your base instincts, your immediate thoughts and reactions, and any anxieties you may hold. The lizard you’re dreaming of can also represent a person in your life, who is either thick-skinned, skittish, or somewhat cold-blooded. Lizards also embody renewal, a new sense of creativity, and being well-grounded. 

Mad Dog

Dreaming of a mad dog suggests someone who you thought was your friend is acting more like an enemy.

Dreaming of killing a mad dog indicates that you’ll prove people wrong. 


A manatee in your dream is your subconscious mind telling you to be more proactive, as you’re being too passive. You might not know what path to take, or you lack the motivation to move forward. A manatee can also symbolize someone in your life who is gentle, who takes their time with things.


A mare in your dream embodies your instincts, and an intuition you rarely ignore, or sexual fulfillment. A white mare in your dream symbolizes creativity and freedom of spirit. 


Mice appearing in your dream suggests you’re focusing on tiny problems which are causing you needless stress.

Dreaming of mice which are eating can indicate someone is trying to undermine you or chip away at your confidence and your ability to handle problems.


Dreaming of a mole suggests the future will not be kind. Someone is trying to sabotage you and your work ethic, or you’re doing the same to someone else. After a dream involving a mole, it would be wise not to trust anyone for a while. Moles can also symbolize your unconscious instincts, and this dream is telling you that you need to find out what drives these, as that knowledge will help you in your waking life.

Dreaming of having a mole on your body indicates that your self-esteem is being affected by something, and you need to nip this in the bud.


Dreaming of a monkey (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A Monkey) can point to immaturity, mischief, deceit, insight, or instincts. You might not be able to trust the people around you – your subconscious is warning you of someone. Monkeys appearing in your dream can also suggest you need more playfulness in your life.

Dreaming of a monkey swinging or hanging from a tree suggests an issue in your waking life is having a bigger effect on you than you think.

Dreaming of feeding a monkey points to betrayal, which will come from someone who you trust.


Dreaming of a moose suggests there will be a situation where you’ll need to be both gentle and assertive. A moose can also refer to someone elderly who has a lot of wisdom, or the animal itself can embody long life. 

Mountain Lion

Dreaming of a mountain lion (see also Mountain Lion Dream Meaning) suggests that you need to be careful when it comes to your emotions and the attitude you display toward others. A mountain lion also represents aggression, lurking danger, and pride.


A mouse in your dream mirrors the fear or inadequacy you’re feeling in your waking life. You feel that you can’t stand up for yourself, or that your opinion doesn’t matter. The people around you are moving forward, but you feel stuck. Are you in someone else’s shadow? That might feel safer, but you’ll long for the sun again.

A single mouse can also represent tiny problems which are nevertheless eating away at you. Dreaming of a dead mouse can suggest you’ve finally overcome this problem, and no longer let the little things worry you. A dead mouse can also indicate there’s something which you’ve long neglected, and an opportunity has passed you by.

Dreaming of killing or trapping a mouse signifies that someone is making a big deal out of something in your life that you don’t think is a problem. 

Dreaming of eating a mouse or seeing someone else eat one indicates that you need to clear your conscience. Something has been bothering you, and it will carry on bothering you until you sort it out.

Dreaming of a mouse being chased by something indicates a passive state. You’ve been letting other people make your decisions for you.


A mule represents the stubbornness in your personality, and the problems that lie within. You may come across as overbearing, rebellious, and not a team player. You feel overwhelmed or stressed, or things aren’t going your way no matter how hard you try.

Dreaming of riding a mule indicates that any responsibilities you’ve recently taken on will cause you a lot of stress, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Dreaming of being kicked by a mule denotes a guilty conscience.


An octopus appearing in your dream can suggest you’re too clingy in a relationship, and this will cause the other person to back off quickly. The octopus in your dream also suggests you’re juggling too many problems right now, and you can’t see the end goal anymore. 


Dreaming of an orangutan indicates you’re being manipulated in some way. Orangutans in dreams also represent intelligence, and a wild inner nature.


An orca appearing in your dream is a bad sign (see also Orca Dream Meaning And Interpretation). There’s an undercurrent of dishonesty in your life, and you’re questioning the motives of others.


An otter in your dream is a good sign. You’re enjoying the hell out of the present, and you’re submerged in a wealth of happiness and positivity.


An ox in your dream represents traits that are traditionally considered as part of one gender, and the animal represents both. Oxen also symbolize reliability and hard work. 


Oysters are synonymous with sexual urges and gratification, but in dreams they also symbolize wealth, beauty, and wisdom. If you dream of the oyster shell and not the animal inside, you’re shutting outside the world and limiting your potential. The shell can also suggest you’ll be unlucky in love. Alternatively, your subconscious is trying to shake up your life – go after what you want, and have fun doing it.


A panda appearing in your dream can indicate problems compromising in your waking life. While that middle ground can be elusive, it’s also necessary. Pandas are also considered to be good luck, so perhaps your fortune will take a turn for the better. 


Like the leopard dream, a panther suggests an enemy is close, or danger is lurking nearby, but this big cat also represents power and grace.


A pony appearing in your dream is the playful, subconscious part of you surfacing. It also represents unexplored skills or power.


Dreaming of a pig indicates the lazier or more negative traits we’re all capable of, including greediness, selfishness, and dirtiness. Have you been overindulging in something lately? This dream pig (see also article titled ‘Pig in Dream‘) can also represent someone who is chauvinistic or someone who treats the opposite sex as objects.

If you don’t see pigs as what they traditionally represent, then your pig dream is drawing your attention to a misconception. Somewhere in your waking life, you’ve misunderstood something, someone, or yourself. There’s a huge difference between what you believe, what you want to believe, and what is. The pig may be a manifestation of your surprise – someone isn’t how you originally imagined them.

Dreaming of a pig being cooked alive denotes a transformation, where you’ll shed the negative influences in your life, and you’ll almost become unrecognizable to some.


Awww! A puppy appearing in your dreams symbolizes a loyal friendship which is just beginning, or the playful side of your personality. If you dream of taking care of this puppy, your subconscious is drawing your attention to your trustworthy nature, and you might need something to take care of in order to feel complete.

Dreaming of a whole litter of puppies is a reminder that things take time, especially in terms of a creative project. The number of puppies in this dream can give you an idea of the time it will take.


Rabbits appearing in your dream is a good sign for the future. Rabbits are thought to bring good luck and success, and represent a magical power. You’re either enjoying a good time in your life right now, or you’re about to. Rabbits also embody abundance, fertility, sexual activity and warmth, as well as being a symbol of Easter.

Dreaming of a white rabbit suggests you may need a guide to keep you on the path you’re supposed to be on, and a white rabbit also symbolizes faithfulness in love.

A black rabbit in your dream indicates a fear of intimacy or getting emotionally close to someone, which will result in difficulty forming a deep connection with someone.

A rabbit hopping around in your dream indicates a lack of will to commit, or it can point to fertility. If the rabbit attacks you in the dream, this is your subconscious telling you that you need to pay more attention.


Dreaming of a raccoon suggests thievery or deceit (see also Raccoon Dream Meaning And Interpretation), not committed by others, but by yourself. Are you being dishonest with someone, or yourself? Are you keeping a secret for someone, and wish you never knew it in the first place?


A ram appearing in your dream reflects impulsive, or aggressive behavior in your waking life. The ram can also represent someone in your life who is a powerful friend, and has supported you no matter what. This dream can also indicate you need to consider a decision more carefully – especially if you’ve already made it.

Dreaming of a ram chasing or attacking you is a sign of a loss of control somewhere in your life, and of coming misfortune.


Dreaming of a rat (see also Rat Dream Meaning) indicates you feel guilty, unworthy, or you’re plagued by doubt and jealousy. Are you keeping quiet about something that’s eating away at you? Has a choice you made come back to haunt you? A rat in a dream can point to bad luck in the future, decay, uncleanliness, and even the death or end of something. 

The rat can also represent someone who has betrayed you or told someone something which you confided in them.

A black rat in your dream symbolizes deceit, and the need to keep something secret. A white rat appearing in your dream symbolizes unexpected help, from someone you least expect to receive it from.

Dreaming of a rat biting your feet indicates frustration with the “rat race” you’re going through in waking life. You feel like you’re not getting anywhere, or you’re just tired of it.

Dreaming of catching a rat with your hands symbolizes the strength of your will, and how you refuse to let negativity, greed, or a betrayal affect your life.


A reindeer in your dream represents the support you provide to those you love when they’re going through a difficult time. It represents loyalty and companionship. A reindeer in your dream also symbolizes the holiday season at Christmas.


A reptile in your dream represents your basic instincts, or suppressed needs.


A rhinoceros appearing in your dream indicates the need to persevere with your goals. Don’t stop now, and certainly don’t let anyone tell you no. You might need to act aggressively in order to get where you need to be.


A seal appearing in your dream is good luck. Seals embody playfulness, prosperity, security in a relationship, and a spiritual understanding. You’re enjoying life right now, and the relationships in your life bring you a lot of joy and happiness. The seal also represents your ability to adapt to emotionally charged situations, and handle them effectively.

Alternatively, a seal appearing in your dream suggests that you need to let go of something in order to be ready for the future.


A serpent appearing in your dream speaks of deception, being well-grounded, being in tune with your instincts and listening to what your gut has to say.

A winged serpent in your dream represents intelligence, and how you’ve not let the negative forces in life affect you.

* See Also Snake


Unless you’ve recently been watching Jaws, a shark appearing in your dream is a bad sign. The shark represents a person who is greedy, and has no compunctions in taking what they want, when they want. The shark can also be a reflection of negative feelings which are influencing your behavior, such as anger, and hostility. This could arise from a situation which has no right answer, one which you have no power to change, and this is causing a great deal of frustration. A shark in your dream also points to relationship trouble, where you struggle to stay independent, and the relationship itself defines who you are. 


A sheep appearing in your dream suggests that you’re following a group instead of seeking your own adventure. You feel safer that way, but you are missing out on some great opportunities, and it could stifle your creativity and independence. This dream can also stem from feeling “sheepish” or foolish after you’ve made a decision. 

A black sheep in your dream represents the temptation that greed presents you with, and you’re wondering if you’re strong enough to resist it. A black sheep can also represent someone who is rejected in some way because of how they look, act, or think, not necessarily a family member. 


Dreaming of a skunk represents a repressed emotion that’s in danger of exploding and affecting the people around you. You need to let it out in a healthy way. Another interpretation of your skunk dream is that you’re keeping people at arm’s length, or something is driving them away.


Dreaming of a snake or being bitten by one represents someone who cannot be trusted, who has no qualms about morality. A snake appearing in your dream also symbolizes unconscious fears which are affecting you, and your subconscious is drawing your attention to these before they surface in waking life.

Dreams of a snake on your bed represent trouble in your sex life, where you feel overpowered, threatened, or nervous. If you felt afraid of this snake, this mirrors how you feel about commitment, intimacy, or sex.

Dreaming of an ouroboros or even a snake with a head on either end of its body signifies how you feel you’re being torn in two. You’re having trouble making a decision, where there doesn’t seem to be a right answer, you’re torn between needing to fulfill your responsibilities and the desire to go after your dreams, or you just feel overwhelmed. If you dream of a snake which has two heads next to each other, this symbolizes the importance of teamwork in a relationship.

Dreaming of a snake which has no head or eyes suggests you’ve turned your gaze away from something you really shouldn’t ignore. 

If you dream of cutting off the head of a snake or someone else does this, there’s either an issue you’re refusing to solve, or you’ll solve your problems with ease in the future 

Snakes can also be a positive sign in dreams. If you see the skin of a snake, you’ll be protected from illness. Snakes can embody healing, knowledge, and wisdom. 

If you dream of eating a live snake, this dream is drawing your attention to your needs. You’re lacking in intimacy or passion, and it will shortly begin to affect your decisions. If you throw up, you’re filling your life with other things to compensate for something which you can’t have. 


A squid appearing in your dreams symbolizes you’re finding it hard to consider others when you go after the things you want. Alternatively, you feel threatened subconsciously, and this feeling is rising to the surface in this dream. It might be leading you to make unwise decisions. 

Dreaming of eating squid symbolizes how you worry about what others think of you, and you feel greatly self-conscious and question how opinions might change before you make a decision. You may even prefer to keep your social contact to a minimum to avoid burning yourself out because of how much you overthink.


Dreaming of a squirrel represents how you’re unwilling to let go of something, or you’re hoarding something. You need to be able to let go of it in order to grow. As squirrels plan for the leaner months by storing nuts in a cache, you might need to similarly save your energy for something in the future. On a more negative note, a squirrel suggests the project you’ve undertaken will turn out badly, or you’re spending time on things that won’t give you anything back, and it’s time to let these go.

A white squirrel in your dream represents patience and endurance. 

Dreaming of feeding squirrels suggests that your hard work will pay off if you give it enough time, and you’ll feel better for what you’ve done once it’s over. 

Dreaming of trying to attack squirrels indicates that you’re trying to alter your beliefs or outlook in order to fit in with other people, and this stems from the need to be liked, where you might be better off on your own.


A stallion appearing in your dream represents power, strength, independence, and the courage gained from these traits. If you’re riding this stallion, you’ll soon gain these traits in waking life, if you haven’t already.


Tadpoles appearing in your dreams suggest you are barely into the beginning of a journey. You’re nowhere near reaching your full potential.


Dreaming of a tiger (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A Tiger?) symbolizes your power, and while you might not have put it to good use yet, the future holds opportunities for you to do so. Tigers also embody aggression, seduction, and female sexuality.

If you dream of a tiger attacking you, this is a sign of some repressed feelings which scare you, and you need to confront them. A caged tiger in your dream mirrors your repressed feelings, which will soon resurface, and you need to be ready to confront them.

Dreaming of a rug made of a tiger skin symbolizes luxury, or giving your power away to someone else. 


Dreaming of a tortoise is a sign that the present or the near future holds a lot of opportunities for you, as long as you’re willing to take them. The tortoise symbolizes a steady pace, perseverance, longevity, and the willingness to undertake a long project which will greatly benefit you. 

A tortoise in your dream can also mirror the need to hide from life’s problems, or you don’t feel a sense of security that you really need.


A turtle (see also turtle dream meaning) in your dream represents loyalty, patience, wisdom, and faithfulness. Dreaming of a turtle can be your subconscious telling you to take it easy, as things will happen the way they’re supposed to in the near future. Let go of trying to control a situation – you can’t always influence the outcome. A turtle in your dream can also mirror how you want to hide away from people or a troubling situation, and while you’re withdrawing, others will draw back too.

Dreaming of being chased by a turtle suggests you’re putting on a front. You’re not displaying the true you, and you’re hiding away from things which are bothering you.


A unicorn appearing in your dream symbolizes hope, and a high goal which you’ve set yourself, as well as power and purity. A unicorn in your dream can also suggest you’ve set your hopes too high, you’re not being realistic, or you’re only looking at things from a single point of view.


A walrus appearing in your dream represents your stand-off attitude when it comes to other people. You’re in a good place right now, but you suspect that someone will try to alter this, or outsmart you in your professional life. The walrus also suggests you don’t let things get to you easily, and you have a thick skin when it comes to other people’s opinions. 

In some cultures, the walrus symbolizes supernatural powers.


Dreaming of a weasel mirrors your lack of trust when it comes to other people. This can be a projection of guilt – have you done something dishonest lately?


A whale appearing in your dream (see also whale dream meaning) suggests a good sense of spirituality and listening to your instincts, and being aware of your surroundings and how the people close to you are doing. The whale’s size in your dream can signify the enormity of a project or a relationship in waking life, where you’ll feel overwhelmed and will need outside help. If you hear the calls of a whale in your dream, you need to be honest with yourself, or someone else.


A wolf appearing in your dream symbolizes being in tune with your instincts and your surroundings, as well as having a balanced social life, and being full of confidence. You can adapt to pretty much any situation right now – so it may be time to start a new project where you’ll put your skills to good use. If you spend a lot of time alone, this is by choice. Wolves in dreams also embody open hostility, or deceit. The wolf reflects a situation which isn’t in your control, or something you’re obsessed with. 

A white wolf in your dream reflects the hope you have in the darkest times of your life. It will continue to serve you well, if you feed it.

A black wolf appearing in your dream is a projection of the unconscious parts of yourself, your “shadow”, which you are refusing to accept, but you’ll never be truly satisfied if you don’t.

Dreaming of killing a wolf indicates that someone will betray you in waking life, and this may cause you to lose sight of your instincts, or you’ll no longer trust them. If a wolf chases you in your dream, the wolf embodies a problem you’ve been ignoring, and it is catching up.

A wolf howling in your dream is your subconscious picking up on someone else’s anguish, someone close to you needs your help.

Dreaming of being a wolf reflects your desire to be free of your problems, and to be better at listening to your instincts. You are going through a tough time, and you want things to be easier.

Dreaming of a wolf transforming into a puppy signifies your caring nature, and now is the best time to form new connections with people.


A zebra (see also article titled ‘Zebra Dream Meaning and Interpretation‘) appearing in your dream suggests that opposites will attract in the near future. This may not concern relationships, but if you have a run of bad luck, you’ll also encounter some good fortune. Zebras in dreams signify a perfect balance, or that you’re spending too much time on things that’ll satisfy you for now, and not enough time working toward your goals.

Dreaming of a zebra fleeing mirrors your attempts or desire to escape from a relationship or a situation which has taken a turn for the worse.


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