Dreams Of Puppies

Dreaming about puppies is widely considered to be a good sign. While they are absolutely gorgeous, and there’s something about them that makes you react instinctively to love them and play with them, they’re also really hard work. You are in for a lot of positivity in the future, but it will take a lot of effort to get there and stay there. If you dream of adopting a puppy, this is symbolic of life’s stages. 

Dreaming of a puppy symbolizes gaining life experience, and maturing as a person who can handle whatever life throws at you. It can also embody a protectiveness of someone in waking life – similar to the feeling you get when you see a puppy. They can also be symbols of people who are transparent and loyal in your life, and represent the deep connection you share with them. 

While dream interpretations are exactly that – and you need to decide for yourself which meaning applies to your puppy dream, dreams usually have a common symbolism. Sigmund Freud theorized that a dog appearing in a dream represents the friendships in our life, and the loyalty you hold for others. If you dreamed of an aggressive or angry puppy, someone in your life might be betraying you in some way, or not acting when they should. If you dream of a pack of puppies, this is symbolic of wanting to find your place in the world, or among people. You haven’t found them yet.

The breed of puppy in your dream can also inform the meaning. If the dream puppy was a “family orientated” breed or more suited to living with people, this is a positive sign for the future, and indicates you’ll enjoy a time of happiness. The color of the puppy can also change the meaning of your dream, read on to discover more.

Are Puppies in a Dream a Good Sign?

Like many dream symbols, puppies can be both good and bad signs for the future. The way to figure out the meaning behind your dream is to remember how you felt. If you felt only love for the puppy, and you were snuggling up to it, this is a very good sign for the future and symbolizes a period of time filled with love and affection. The other extreme, if the puppy was abandoned, or it was living on the streets, this dream is a warning. You face the risk of financial problems or even ruin in the future, but you know about it now, so you can act to prevent it. Alternatively, you may just be worried about it, and there isn’t a risk at all.

Positive Dream Meaning

Puppies playing in your dream and being happy signifies a time that you’ll enjoy the hell out of. If you’re considering getting a dog in waking life, this dream reflects your deliberation and what may be in the future.

Puppies symbolize a blossoming loyalty, happiness, friendship, and the good potential the future holds for you. 

Negative Dream Meaning

Puppies can also symbolize reckless behavior, immaturity, or people making bad decisions and who should know better.

If you dream of an abandoned puppy or a puppy otherwise on its own where it shouldn’t be, you are unhappy about circumstances you cannot change, or you’re spending all your time with the wrong people. You’ve surrounded yourself with people who are a negative influence, or you’re in a relationship that’s gone sour. 

If you dream of puppies that were injured or even dead, this suggests your personality or your attitude isn’t compatible with the people you surround yourself with. The company you keep is not a reflection of you – you’re genuine, honest, and kind, and for some reason, these people are at odds with you. They’re not a good fit for you, and you should search for the people that are.

What does a Dream of Finding Puppies Mean?

Dreaming of finding a puppy suggests you need to focus your attention on those you care about and who are loyal to you. They might need your advice or your perspective in the near future. If you dream of finding a puppy, and you pick it up, this suggests you need to pick yourself up in life, and move onto the positive things in the future.

What does a Brown Puppy Mean in a Dream?

A brown puppy in a dream symbolizes how grounded you feel in life. Brown is the color of the earth, the soil, and suggests the development of ideas and being in the present moment. A brown puppy can indicate the grounding nature of your loved ones, as well as the loyalty and protection they’re ready to give you at a moment’s notice. This dream can also signify a new, stable relationship which will add wealth to your life, and your hard work paying off.

What does a Dream about a White or Gold Puppy Mean?

Dreaming of a white or a golden puppy symbolizes the strong connection between you and those you love, and a link that’s nearly unbreakable. This dream can indicate you need to give your attention to these relationships, as you might be spending less time with them because of work commitments, and you need to work on this.

Dreaming of light-colored puppies in general signifies a current situation in which you’re expecting the best outcome possible. You’re nowhere near the end, but you have great hopes for how things will turn out.

What does a Black Puppy Mean in a Dream?

A black puppy appearing in your dreams signifies the hope and resilience that gets you through difficult or troubling situations. A single black puppy in your dream suggests you’re trying to reach a goal through an out-dated ideal or an outlook you’ve outgrown. You’ll need to adjust your approach in order to succeed, and you need to really want it, with everything you have. Make sure you don’t just want it presently, that it’s not just a passing phase you’ll go through.

Black puppies can also signify your sexuality which you fear to explore, or a negative experience in the future where you’ll feel at odds with yourself. 

What does a Dream of a Newborn Puppy Mean?

Dreaming of newborn puppies can indicate that you need to devote more time to your goals if you want to succeed. You’ve underestimated the scale of the project you’re working on, or the work involved. You had begun it thinking that it wouldn’t take long, but it will prove you wrong. The amount of newborn puppies in your dream can indicate the amount of time you need to concentrate on this task in order to complete it. 

The Meaning Behind Your Puppy Dream

Puppies and emotions go hand in hand. They invoke strong positive emotions in us, as well as settling a lot of responsibility and hard work onto our shoulders. Dreaming of puppies suggests something is having a similar effect on you in waking life, it usually denotes a relationship which has a massively positive effect on you, but it also takes a lot of work to maintain such a deep connection. You may be feeling protective of someone or something, or you’ve been feeling emotional recently. This dream can also occur after you gain a new perspective which has made you very grateful for what you have, and it’s provoking a lot of positive emotion.

Dogs as a Symbol of Loyalty

Dogs in waking life hold a very special connection to us and how we feel. Broadly, they don’t care about how you look or traits that make other people avoid you or wish you were different in some way (should you be listening to them anyway?), what they care about is yourself, as you are, and the connection between you. These feelings surface in dreams – perhaps you don’t have a connection like this, but you long for one. 

Dogs in dreams can also represent the loyalty you have for people, or the people who are loyal to you, or how you value it in your life. If you’ve been unsure of how things may turn out – you’ve taken a chance or a calculated risk, and you’re looking for an indication, a dog in a dream can signify success (see also White Dog Dream Meaning).

What to Take Away from Your Puppy Dream

Dreaming of puppies can signify a period of spiritual growth, or an indication that someone is trying to help you along this path, where you’ll improve as a person. You’ll become wiser and kinder. Puppies can also represent the best potential self you can be – someone with a very positive attitude and a loving nature.

If you dream of puppies which have an unusual appearance, or they’re an odd color, this suggests you’ll enjoy a lot of positive time with your family soon. The relationships in your life will become deeper, and you’ll enjoy the hell out of the connections with the people you love.

Dreaming of training a puppy is a testament to your generous nature and how you’re always ready to be kind. You never say no to helping someone if you can avoid it, and you’re always willing to help others on their path and to make sure they have enough.

Dreaming of taking care of puppies denotes your responsible nature, and how you’re always ready to spend time with people and help them. You always answer people honestly if they ask for advice, and you don’t just say what they want to hear. Alternatively, your life hasn’t got enough responsibility in it, and you feel as though you need something that will keep you grounded. You may be afraid of changing your life from how it is now – you like it as it is – but something is missing.  Maybe you need a dog (see also article titled ‘Dogs In Your Dream: The Meaning and Spiritual Symbolism’)?

Dreaming about grooming puppies, or giving them a bath, reflects your inclination to improve things where you can. You enjoy showing others how your hard work is paying off. 

Alternative Meanings of Your Dream of Puppies

While I’ve covered the more common interpretations of your dream, there are others that are worth considering when looking back at your dream. 

Buying a puppy in your dream signifies how you’re ready to commit to something. It also embodies your carefree outlook and how luck always seems to find you. Buying a puppy in a dream can also indicate a deeper connection with an honest friend.

Playing with puppies in your dream signifies you’ll receive a lot of affection from a loved one soon. In older dream interpretation, a surprise that will add a lot of happiness to your life will happen soon. You’re ready for responsibility and more love in your life, and whether that means having a child or a pet, only you will know the answer.

Sleeping puppies in your dream denotes that you want to share the experience or knowledge you’ve gained with others, as you feel it would benefit them. You assume the best in people, while they may never change you hope they’ll break out of bad habits, and this dream is a testament to your caring nature.

Many puppies in your dream suggest you’ll spend a lot of time with someone who is younger than you, but you’ll have a similar outlook. Perhaps you’ll involve them in a creative project where the collaboration will create something really special. Or, you’re concerned about someone in your life who you view to be young or naive. You may even feel responsible for them – and if they do something foolish, you take it personally or feel it reflects badly on you.

Puppies running or being on a walk in your dream suggests the resurgence of an old flame or someone you used to care about coming back into your life. Be wary of letting them straight back into your life, as they may not deserve a second chance, or worse, they’ll let you down again, and it will feel worse because they’ve done it before. This dream can also signify the potential for a new romantic relationship – someone who you’re outwardly avoiding or don’t consider to be a suitable partner. Surprisingly, they’ll capture your attention.

Puppies barking in your dream point to future arguments or squabbles, it probably won’t be because of you, but it’s a good idea to mind your words and your actions in the near future. Ill puppies suggest you suffer from bad luck, but it won’t last for very long, and you’ll soon recover. A sleeping puppy represents a carefree period in your life.

Puppies in your dream can manifest to draw your attention to the relationships in your life, and how much they can affect you. They also suggest you should be more carefree, or you need to share what you’ve learned.


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