Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

Pigs are one of the most widely spread mammals around the world. They’re also commonly represented in popular culture, and they have strong symbolism behind them. Dreaming about these animals can have different meanings. Here, we’ll cover some of the most common interpretations of these dreams.

The Wisdom of Pigs as Spirit Animals

It might seem weird to think of a pig as a spirit animal, especially since they’re often seen as gross or filthy. Even the word “pig” is commonly used in a derogatory sense. However, these creatures are very affectionate and intelligent. As spirit animals, they remind us to keep our inner child aspect and be playful and curious in all of our businesses. 

In Chinese culture, these animals symbolize luck and prosperity. In Feng Shui, figurines of pigs standing on top of a pile of gold coins are used to attract wealth into a family home. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pig?

When trying to understand the meaning behind your dream, it’s important to understand the context of the dream.

Here are some common symbolic dream meanings for pigs:

Prosperity And Abundance: In Chinese culture, these animals symbolize luck and prosperity. In Feng Shui, figurines of pigs standing on top of a pile of gold coins are used to attract wealth into a family home. Plus, let’s not forget that a coin container is usually called a “piggy bank.” Dreaming of pigs can signify abundance in all things in life. You’re content with how your life plan is unfolding and you don’t feel like you’re missing anything in life.

Feelings Of Affection, Love, Friendship: Even though most pigs are yellow or black (only a small percentage is pink), a cartoon version of these animals is commonly portrayed as pink. Piglet from Winnie the Poo and pigs from Three little pigs are only examples. The reason behind it might have something to do with the symbolism of the color pink. This color is often associated with love and affection, and pigs are animals that have complex emotions. They are social and affectionate creatures that love living in the company of other pigs. Dreaming about pigs can mean you miss this in a relationship.

Intelligence: One not very known fact about pigs is that they’re one of the most intelligent animals, after chimps, dolphins and elephants. With their problem-solving ability, they’re believed to be on an intelligence level of a 4-year old. One of the possible pigs dream meaning is that you’ve gained insight into something important to you.

Newness: Dreaming about piglets can signify new beginnings. Maybe you’re starting a new career path or you’ve moved to another city. 

To have a pet pig: If you dream of owning a pet pig, there are two possible interpretations. The first one means that you’ve taken upon yourself a new responsibility in life. This could be both work and personal life-related. Another possible meaning is that you’re content with having the role of looking after someone or something. 

Feelings of Guilt, Shame, or Low-Self Worth: Even though the symbolism behind pigs is mostly a positive one, pigs dream meaning will depend on your attitude towards these animals. If you don’t like or fear them, their dream connotation can be negative. In such a case, dream about pigs can be related to things that you are feeling guilty or ashamed of. 

Legal Concerns: Often, people use the slang “pig” as a derogatory term for police officers. Word games often happen in dreams, so it’s possible to dream about an animal that actually represents an employee of the police force. If you’ve had involvement with illegal doings or the police department in your life, it’s not unusual to dream about that, especially if you feel guilty about it. 

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