What Do Horses Mean In Your Dream?

Horses are beautiful animals that have been by our sides for thousands of years. They’ve transformed and helped shape the way we live, and have provided us with countless inspiration in many art forms, too.

But what does it mean when a horse appears in your dreams? Well, they can be a little more complex than many dream symbols to interpret, as there are so many things they can represent, and many dream scenarios they can appear in.

Read on to discover the possible reasons why you might be dreaming of horses.

What Do Horses Mean In A Dream?

One thing that many dream interpreters tend to agree on is that when it comes to horses in your dreams, they usually denote power, strength, and the state of your well being.

But they may also draw your attention to how free you feel in waking life, and how much sway or influence you have over your path. 

Horses in dreams, provided they look well and happy, suggest that you will enjoy more freedom soon, but you will need to make this happen yourself. Something in life needs your attention, or you should work towards those goals you’ve always dreamed of.

After all, we tend to picture some horses as the epitome of a hard-working soul. They have lived and worked beside us for thousands of years. It may also mean that you need an intrinsic connection with someone in order to progress in life.

Riding a horse in your dream implies that you are going to be responsible for several other people. Maybe you’ll be given a management role or task in your work life, or someone will come to you with a problem.

As long as you don’t fall off during a dream of riding a horse, this is a good sign for the future. You won’t ‘fall’ in waking life, though things may be tough while you adjust.

Dreaming of wild horses points to productivity, a creative spirit, and a new direction in life. 

Riding a wild horse suggests that any barriers you’re currently facing will soon fall away, either by your own actions or someone else’s. It also means that you will have more room to breathe.

A tame horse in your dream implies that you’ll soon have others looking to you for advice or direction, and draws your attention to the influence you have over others. 

If you see cowboys in your dream, this implies that you need to step up to all the responsibilities that are clamoring for your attention. You may be tempted to ignore them, but this won’t work for long.

Dreaming of being a cowboy reveals the need to protect yourself by being careful about who you trust. Someone may not be who you think, or a situation isn’t what it looks like. 

Seeing a flying horse indicates that you’re about to be overshadowed by someone you love. It denotes your competitive attitude, and perhaps how you compare yourself to others too much instead of celebrating your own successes. 

A horse bolting from you in a dream reveals trouble. You’re unable to manage or help others, and this is starting to make you doubt yourself. Things that are beyond your control are getting to you. 

If you see horses running, this indicates that you’ve been trying to avoid the truth of a situation, but you can’t run from reality forever. Maybe you need to commit to something, and you’re holding off while you’re not sure what the right choice is.  

If you dream of having sex with a horse, this indicates that you’re about to meet someone new who will cause you some problems. 

Consider The Appearance Of The Horse

The appearance and condition of the horse in your dream has a lot of weight when it comes to dream interpretation, as it can completely change the meaning. 

As you might imagine, a healthy horse in your dream is a positive omen, while seeing a sick or exhausted horse reflects how life has beaten you down, and you’re really feeling a lack of energy right now. 

Consider also color symbolism, as this has a lot to tell you. Here are just some of the potential meanings of different colored horses in your dreams. 

A Red Horse

Dreaming of a red horse has several meanings. If you feel scared or nervous seeing this particular horse, it denotes a warning. Don’t be too quick to decide on something, and make sure you consider other people’s feelings.

It may also reflect your nerves in waking life. You’re worried something won’t turn out the way you want it to, or someone will realize you haven’t been telling the truth about something.

Sigmund Freud suggested that a red horse represents your sexuality, or sexual desire for someone in your life.

A red horse in a dream can imply that you are very quick to anger, and this leads you into trouble more often than not. 

Learn to restrain your anger, and use it as a fuel for motivation when things aren’t going well, instead of letting it explode at other people or situations that really don’t need any negativity. 

A Brown Horse

A brown horse implies a series of changes waiting for you in the near future, like a chain reaction. This could be good, bad, or a mixture of the two.

As brown is associated with the Earth in color symbolism, this dream reveals the power you have in grounding yourself, and making sure your emotions do not get the best of you. 

It will be vital that you don’t let your emotions rule you when this change comes calling, otherwise you might find it difficult to see anything clearly. It also presents the need to listen to your intuition, making sure that you don’t ignore your instincts in a certain situation. 

As horses represent power, health and freedom, a brown horse indicates the need to remain grounded in order to enjoy the freedom of life. You may need to turn to your intuition over anything else.

Brown horses in your dreams may also refer to courage, and the strength of your connection with others, both of which will serve you well in the near future. It may be that your great bond with someone will help you be braver in a situation, or more assertive.

Dreaming of a brown racehorse suggests that someone will come to you with an offer soon, and this will either be something that terrifies you, or excites you so much that it encompasses every thought. It may even turn into an obsession.

A White Horse

White horses appearing in your dreams indicate a life filled with peace, tranquility, and hope despite any hardships.

Dreaming of riding a white horse implies that you are motivated by fear, which will not serve you in the near future. However, if you manage to push past this anxiety, you’ll soon find the world opening up to you.

If you’re going through a difficult time in waking life, and you see a white horse in your dream, this reveals that anything blocking you from making progress will be shorter-lived than you might imagine.

A herd of unnaturally white horses implies that luck is on your side, and you should take full advantage of it while you have it. Maybe it’s time to try something you’ve never been brave enough to attempt.

A Black Horse

Dreaming of a black horse suggests something mysterious, and more than slightly magic coming into your life. The wonder is part of this event’s charm, and you may want to leave it undiscovered, at least to an extent. 

It may be that you’re about to stumble upon a new path in life, something you never previously expected to love. This might be a new hobby turned into a career, a relationship with someone unexpected, or something else entirely. 

But a black horse may also represent your shadow self, that is the repressed aspect of your mind. Perhaps something from your past still affects every decision you make in the present. 

The black horse suggests that in order to be free, you need to recognize it at the very least, and possibly learn to move past it if it is in your way completely. 

Or, a black horse in your dream can represent a small lie that you tell someone, that soon grows arms and legs and becomes much bigger. It could be that you only regard a situation as black-and-white, but your perspective is skewed.

Sometimes, a dream of a black horse represents how you feel shackled to a certain career or responsibility. Some believe that a black horse in your dreams refers to how your thoughts always return to a special someone in your life. 

A black horse with red eyes represents your worst fears in life. Consider if the horse chases you, and if you manage to escape it, as this reflects how well you cope with your anxieties.

Dreaming of riding a black horse with red eyes denotes pushing past fear and difficulty in order to enjoy life more.

An Unnaturally Colored Horse

Seeing a strange horse in your dream mirrors the happiness and wisdom you’re gaining from events and people in waking life. Consider the color for more insight.

A rainbow-colored horse in your dream suggests that you should go after what you want with absolutely everything you have, or you should find a new outlet for your creativity. 

It may be useful to apply an outlandish or creative solution to a situation you hadn’t considered before.

If you dream of a horse with wings, this reflects how your soul has the ability to heal to an extent, and also how you long for freedom more than you might think.

Dreaming Of A Horse Ranch Or Equestrian Center

Dreaming of an equestrian center or horse ranch relates to your spiritual journey in life, and how each decision carves out your life’s path. 

If you dream of working at an equestrian center, this reveals wisdom along a dark path. It may also point to revelation, generosity, love, and care.

It may also denote that you’ll need to reach out and repair a relationship, and perhaps apologize even if you’ve done nothing wrong. 

Dreaming of taking lessons at an equestrian center implies that you’re learning a lot of life lessons right now. These are shaping you more than you might think. 

Alternatively, it denotes your lack of experience or knowledge to properly complete something in waking life. Is it time to change your perspective? 

Working on a horse ranch reveals all your hard work will soon be rewarded. It may also reflect a desire to carve a different life path for yourself, wildly different from the lifestyle you’re currently living. 

Seeing a saddled horse reflects the need to be prepared. It also denotes your adaptability to unexpected problems and situations. A dream like this may also be a warning to get things organized, as you won’t have the time soon. 

Or, a saddled horse implies that while a situation looks like a great thing to jump into, be careful. Just as you wouldn’t jump to ride a saddled horse unless you knew its temperament a little better, exercise some caution in waking life before you make a decision. 

If you saddle up a horse, you are well aware of the power you have in changing your life, or someone else’s. However, don’t let this get to your head, otherwise, you could find yourself with an inflated ego.

Dreaming of stirrups suggests that you need to be more proactive when it comes to trying to get what you want. You’ve been daydreaming of doing something for a while, but so far, you haven’t done anything else about it.

If you dream of horse manure, this is a very good sign. It denotes joy, happiness, new opportunities, and outlets for your more creative side. 

Some people believe that shoveling horse manure means that you’ll come into some money soon. If you dream of shoveling horse manure and the spade breaks, this reflects how you feel you can’t catch a break in waking life. 

Buying a horse in a dream suggests that any business ventures you’re about to undertake will be successful. Selling a horse implies that someone will be the source of your problems soon, and you should be careful about making any business deals. 

If you dream of giving away a horse, this represents how you feel you’ve given up part of your identity. You’re pretending to be someone you’re not, or you don’t have time for something you love anymore.

A horsebox appearing in your dream implies that you have some work to do when it comes to choosing which area of your life you should be pouring your energy into. You might be trying to work on the right thing at the wrong time, or everything at once.

As a horsebox is a fairly small space, it implies that tranquility in your life is not that far away, but you do need to widen your horizons in order to attain it.

Finding yourself in a riding arena or pen suggests more freedom in waking life. If you see a horse paddock, this refers to your desire to reconnect with the world around you. It may also denote a new beginning. 

Seeing A Horse In A Stable

Some people believe that if you see a horse in a stable in your dream, this indicates you’re worried about being tied down to responsibility, your word, or an obligation to others. 

The smaller the stable, the worse this fear is, and the more it affects your decisions and overall behavior. Compare this image to a horse running free in the wild, and you’ll soon see a mirror of your fear in contrast.

If a horse is padlocked into the stable, you feel trapped. You can’t change your life in the way you want to, and you don’t know how to change this. 

Or, dreaming of a horse inside a stable implies that you’re in a comfortable position in life right now. It may also suggest that you’re about to enter a new life stage, where you are outgrowing several aspects of your life in the present. 

Dreaming of walking past rows of stalls with horses means that you need to ensure you don’t become motivated by greed. Lead by example, and make no mistake, other people are looking to you for what they should do.

If you find yourself in a tack room in your dream, this references your self-discipline and control, which you need to practice more of. 

Maybe something in waking life is too tempting to resist, leading you on a journey of instant gratification, and this may not help you in the long run.

It could even get in the way of reaching your long-term goals.

Riding A Horse In Your Dream

Riding a horse in a dream is usually a positive symbol. It points to success, feeling in control, being aware of your surroundings, and enjoying life. 

If you fall off the horse, this means that life is about to lead you to a situation in which you have zero experience in. It may also suggest that you are about to remove yourself from a difficult problem, or something that has been making you deeply unhappy. 

A dream where you climb into the saddle, but the dream ends before your ride means that the way you treat others and communicate is incredibly valuable. 

Or, it can mean that you need to consider several points of view before you get to the root of a matter.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Blacksmith For Horseshoes

A dream of this nature is usually a good sign. It denotes your good intentions towards someone or something, and how luck is about to be by your side for a while.

It also suggests that at the first sign of a problem, you’re already looking for a solution. You know what works and what doesn’t, and you always try to clear your plate of issues before they have a chance to get bigger. 

If you see a horseshoe in your dream, this indicates that you need to let things come on their own. Your input isn’t always needed, and you don’t need to rush everything. 

Dreaming Of A Sick Horse

A horse that is sick in your dream suggests that you’ll be asked for your help soon. Consider what the horse was ill with for more insight.

If you dream of a horse dying from an illness, this suggests that you are blocked or otherwise delayed from getting what you want or need in life. 

Or, someone who turns to you for advice will not like the answers you give them, but that doesn’t mean that you are wrong, just that they don’t want the truth. Could it be that you’ve misread the situation, and all they actually wanted was for you to listen while they vent? 

Seeing A Dead Horse In Your Dream

A dead horse can represent a loss of strength, power, or not listening to your instincts. You’re worried about a situation in waking life, and doubt is starting to creep in. 

Alternatively, the meaning of a dead horse in a dream is similar to death in any dream, where it represents upheaval. Specifically, something will come along that will mean a new beginning in your life, but first, something must end in order to spark this change. 

Seeing more than one dead horse implies that this change is monumental, and it will come to shape who you are. 

If you dream of a field full of dead horses, you may be standing in your own way of personal growth. You are your problem. 

Maybe you’ve lost the motivation or the drive to get what you want, or you don’t think you deserve success, or you’re afraid of what it would mean.

Where a fit horse in a dream represents power, freedom, health, and joy, this dream represents how you are despairing, feeling powerless, and unable to change your own life.

Horses Running Towards You

Horses running towards you in a dream represent your bravery or daring. You’re not afraid to ask the universe for things you want, and you move towards them with everything you’ve got. 

But this dream can also express that you have some underlying emotions which are dying to be let out. You long for success, and the horses in your dream represent how your motivation will swiftly move you forward. 

These dreams are a sign of positive change to come, which you may put into motion yourself. 

Dreaming of more than one horse running towards you implies that the good things to come will be realized through other people rather than under your own power. 

Dreaming of racehorses thundering towards you refers to your desire to have more money. You want the world’s possibilities to be more open to you, and this desire may take over other important aspects of your life.

If you see a horse running towards you from a great distance, this implies that the only way forward is through honesty. 

Horses running away from you suggests someone who is head-strong will be at the forefront of your mind soon. You may need to change their opinion on something.

Catching A Horse In Your Dream

Dreaming of catching a horse means that you’re not sure what direction you should take next. You may have many opportunities, or very few, but you’re unclear as to what the right step is. 

The horse may represent an opportunity that seems made for you, but you’re struggling to recognize it. The good news is that catching it in a dream refers to your future success, and making the most of this opportunity, rather than letting it slip through your fingers.

If you dream of catching a horse after it escapes, this is a very positive omen. It indicates that any past anxieties which are still haunting you won’t do so for long. 

However, if the horse manages to get away from you, this signifies that you won’t be successful in something, not as much as you would hope.

Some dreams of catching a horse implies there’s a challenge waiting for you in waking life. You might be tempted to let it fall away from you, but if you do manage to meet it, you’ll find that things will be better than ever.

Dreaming of horses running away from you and trying to catch them implies a transition in the near future. You may go on a spiritual journey.

Running From Horses In A Dream

If you dream of horses charging at you, your dream is warning you that you have some unrealistic ideas about your own abilities. 

You may believe that you’re not capable of something, and you’re talking yourself into a corner, or you have an inflated view of how easy things might be.

Dreaming Of Horses Attacking You

Horses attacking you in your dream suggest that you are actively making a situation worse, whether you intend to or not. Maybe you don’t want to confront the truth of something, but that won’t make the truth any less relevant. 

It could be that you’re attempting to help someone but they don’t appreciate your efforts, and you’re both getting frustrated.

As horses can represent success and freedom, you may be feeling a lack of both if you have a dream like this. Your needs are going unmet, and this is causing you even more problems. 

Seeing Horses Fight In A Dream

Dreaming of horses fighting represents your agency and inner wisdom. This dream calls on you to understand a relationship, connection, person, situation or job better. You may not be seeing things from the right angle. 

It may also denote your desire to dramatically change your life in some way. Maybe you don’t like your job, or you want a new relationship, or to live somewhere entirely new. 

If you see horses biting each other, this is a signal that you’re in conflict. Your heart may be warring with your head, or your responsibilities are getting in the way of other aspects of your life. 

Alternatively, it may denote how you want things to be less stressful or chaotic, but your subconscious is reminding you that this is the way life is. You can control things to some extent, such as your decisions and your reactions, but you don’t get a say in what happens before then. 

This dream may also reflect negativity toward others. Perhaps you’ve been in an argument lately, been the subject of gossip, or you feel nervous around other people. 

Shooting A Horse In A Dream

Killing a horse in your dream suggests troubles are on their way. In particular, you are about to encounter a few conflicts in your personal relationships. Maybe there was an existing imbalance between you, and a situation will come along to bring things to a head. 

Shooting a horse in a dream can imply financial troubles in the near future, so be prepared. Set some money aside if you can. Maybe you’ve lent someone some money, and they will not be able to pay you back.

Taking Part In A Dressage Competition In Your Dream

Taking part in a dressage competition in your dream indicates that you need to learn how to be more honest with other people, and tap into your creativity. Dreaming of a dressage competition also suggests that you have a great level of discipline in everything you do.

If you are injured in the dream, you feel you cannot cope with your feelings by yourself. You want someone to come along and help you solve them.

However, a dream like this may mean that you lack something important in your life, and you may not even know what that is. Is it time to find out?  

Watching someone do dressage in your dream is a reassurance that you have everything you need in order to progress through life. 

Watching dressage as part of a crowd implies that you are in agreement with someone, or other people turn to you when they need someone reliable and level-headed.

Watching Horses Jump In A Dream

Dreaming of horses jumping refers to your clarity in life. You see things objectively. However, if any horse fails to make the jump, or knocks down a jump, this implies you feel trapped or limited somewhere in waking life. 

If you dream of taking part in horse jumping, this is a good sign. It refers to the control you have over your emotions, and how you’re able to see the truth of a situation, straight through any hopes you might have.

Gambling On Horses In Your Dream

Dreaming of betting on horses mirrors your appetite for risk and taking chances. If you’ve taken any chances lately, this dream can sometimes serve as an indicator as to how things will go.

Dreaming of your horse winning the races reveals good luck and success, as long as you’re ready to work for it. It won’t manifest on its own.

Losing money on a horse in your dream represents your fears that things won’t work out, and how you may hit more than a few snags soon. 

If you dream of losing when you gamble on horses, and you argue with a betting shop about it, this can suggest that you suspect a situation in waking life has been ‘fixed’, or someone’s acting against you. It denotes your suspicions that things aren’t quite right.

An older dream interpretation of betting on horses implies that you’re about to enjoy an uptick in your wealth.

Seeing A Horse In Your House In A Dream

Dreaming of a horse inside your house relates to your innermost values, self-belief, and power. Your home in a dream represents your most honest, vulnerable self, and what you manifest in waking life through your belief system.

Seeing a horse in your home implies that you need to ground yourself and reconnect to your core values, especially if circumstances have meant that it has been impossible for you lately. 

This dream can reveal the need to confide in someone, or show them your true self. It could be that you’ve been showing them an ‘edited’ version of yourself, where you only display the aspects of you that you think others will admire or like about you.

Seeing A Horse In A White Room In Your Dream

An odd one. Dreaming of a white room with only a horse in it is quite specific, but it’s worth mentioning. 

It suggests you need to look at what drives you through both the good things and the bad that life can offer. What carries you through difficult times? What makes you want to succeed?

A white room implies that your desire is not enough on its own. After all, compare the image of a horse in a white room to one running free outside – which do you prefer? 

This dream implies that in some way, you feel suffocated, and you may have been taking more chances than you should. Maybe you’re trying to earn more money, but you’re turning away from the things that are more important to you.

You might have to choose between them.

Dreaming Of Being A Horse

A dream where you are the horse is an interesting one. It has several layers of meaning. The first is that if you enjoyed the hell out of this dream experience, your dream is telling you that you should reconnect with your intuition, and be honest about who you are inside.

Horses represent grounding, freedom, and a strong character. This may be a signal that you’ll soon be called to a situation that will make you stronger, wiser, and enjoy a better sense of freedom in your life.

You may assume a leadership role in some aspect, where others will look to you for guidance. 

Another interpretation is that you long to be more free than you are in your waking hours. Waking life is more than a little complicated right now, requiring all of your attention, willpower, and problem-solving skills. 

You don’t want your worries anymore. They’ve been dragging on for a long time, you’re tired of it, and they are making you doubt your abilities. 

If you look at the attributes of a horse, this can tell you quite a lot about what your dream may mean.

Your subconscious mind provides you with a dream where you feel strong, powerful, and where you can run without any consequences.

If you dream of being a horse that is saddled up, and you can only follow the orders of the rider, this refers to a lack of control and power in waking life. Someone else seems to be calling all the shots that should be yours, and you feel you can’t do anything about it. 

Consider also what ‘your’ temperament is like in the dream, as this can reflect your inner self. Bolting at any sudden sound or movement suggests that you are driven by fear, and you should work on this. Perhaps you’re desperately trying to ignore something which needs your attention.

If you dream of charging at predators, kicking out at people or other horses, this represents your strong spirit. You’re not afraid to defend yourself. Just make sure it is defense, not just something you’ve imagined you need to defend yourself from.

A dream like this can also draw your attention to the spiritual connection between horse and rider. You long for a connection that is so deep in waking life. You want purpose, to feel in control, and a relationship that makes complete sense.

Dreaming Of Talking Horses

What a surreal dream! A dream where a horse talks to you reveals the journey of your self-development, and how it is going. 

If you had a good conversation with the horse, where you enjoyed each other’s company, this implies that it would help to be more social or connect better with those you love. 

If you find yourself arguing with a horse in your dream, this indicates a power imbalance in your life, illness, or feeling at odds with yourself. It could be that you’ve made a mistake in your waking hours, and you don’t know how to come back from it.

Older Dream Interpretations Of Horses

In older dream books, horse dreams are associated with the sun, strength, optimism, power, endurance, and resilience.

Seeing a horse in your dream refers to success that you make through your perseverance. Some dreams urge you to carry on, rather than hinting at positive things that will come your way without your input. 

Horses in your dream mean that you shouldn’t give up. Take it as a sign that you’re on the right course. The path meant for you is already under your feet.

They tend to appear when you doubt yourself the most, at times when you don’t know how you should react to change. You’re more likely to have a dream of a horse when you feel someone resents you, you’ve had an argument recently, or a life goal has not gone to plan.

Older dream interpretation also reveals that horses in dreams can be spirit guides, too. They may manifest when you don’t know where your life is taking you, and they help you reaffirm your path, clearing any doubt. 

As horses can have incredible endurance, we sometimes see them in our dreams when we’re about to enjoy more freedom in life, and this also comes with a greater sense of security. 

You may find that people are naturally drawn to you as you become more of a leader and accumulate more experience. 

Riding A Horse, Or Seeing A Horse And Cart

Older dream interpretation implies that to see a horse and cart or to ride a horse refers to how you are trying to get a better hold on life, but you’re not willing to accept some situations for what they are. This will hold you back.

If you dream of riding a black horse, this implies that positive change will be your decision.

Riding a horse downhill indicates that you are taking a needless chance with something you should be more careful with.

If you are thrown from a horse, this denotes your fear of losing something incredibly important to you. Lasting injuries in this dream denotes that a long-term relationship you have with a friend or partner is no longer working. You may have outgrown each other.

A horse kicking you in a dream represents the hurt from someone you love rejecting you in some aspect. 

If you dream of catching a horse to saddle it up and ride, this is a very positive sign. It denotes that you’ll see positive improvements in nearly all aspects of your life, and your relationships will improve.

However, if the horse escapes, a chance that looks fantastic at first will not turn out well. 

A Racehorse In Your Dream

Seeing or riding a racehorse refers to how you need to be more adventurous or daring in life. You don’t always need to play things as safely as you normally would. 

It could be that you need to take a chance in order to help someone you love, and this action will mean your life will move onto the next stage, allowing you more freedom. 

Many racehorses in your dream implies that you will focus only on instant gratification soon. 

Riding a horse in a race is a great omen, suggesting that you’ll enjoy the hell out of life soon. Things will go your way perfectly. 

If you dream that the horse gets injured during the race, this suggests that something you just assumed would go well will be a disaster. 

Killing a horse in your dream because it could no longer race implies a terrible mistake in your social life. 

Riding a racehorse bareback suggests that you’re up to the challenge you currently face in waking life. You enjoy being tested.

Shoeing A Horse

Dreaming of getting a horse’s new shoes implies that you will enjoy victory soon. If you’re single, and you’re looking for a partner, and you have this dream, you’re about to find someone who suits you well.

Dreaming of shoeing a horse yourself reveals that you will claim something as your own. This might be a project that someone else has left behind, something abandoned, or something you originally thought as a problem might be one of the best things that will shape you as a person. 

Other Old Dream Interpretations Worth Mentioning

Dreaming of carrying a horse suggests that you know what to focus on right now. Things might be hard, but you will still get through them because you refuse to pretend your problems don’t exist.

Cutting a horse’s tail or mane implies that your hard work will serve you well. Dreaming of large horse-drawn carriages or heavy-duty carts implies that your finances will be tricky to manage, or you’ll encounter conflict in a close relationship.

Riding a horse up a hill and stumbling implies success as long as you both reach the top. If you don’t, you have more than a few people who want to see you fail in life.

Some believe that riding a black horse in a dream suggests that you should seek advice from someone you trust. You need more direction than what you have right now. 

Watching a black horse that simply stands still in your dreams implies a delay in your future. Something will take longer than you might expect. 

Dreaming of a horse which has a sore leg, but it is not broken implies minor misfortune coming your way. Dreaming that a horse has a shoe too small for its foot means that you’ll soon be blamed for something in business.

If you manage to fit a new horseshoe yourself, you will easily get through this mess. If you need to enlist a blacksmith, this suggests it’s a good idea to seek advice in waking life.

Carl Jung’s Take On Horse Dreams

Carl Jung believed that horses in dreams connect to your life force and the inner agency or power that you have over your life. These beautiful animals represent bravery and courage.

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of Horse Dreams

When it comes to horse dreams, Sigmund Freud also had some interesting theories, wildly different from the Jungian perspective. He theorized that horses in dreams are linked to sex. 

If you know anything about Sigmund Freud’s perspective on psychology, this will be fairly familiar. He believed that in dreams, horses represent your longing to have sex with others.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Horse Dreams

In the Bible, horses represent the element of time, and also perseverance, effort, and difficult tasks. 

White horses in your dreams represent Christ, the Holy Spirit, and your spiritual path as a whole. In some dreams, white horses mean you long for a renewed purpose, or a sense of tranquility.

This is especially common when you feel waking life holds nothing but stress for you right now. 

To see black horses in your dreams refers to your innermost power and strength, and you will draw upon these in your greatest need. Dreams of this nature are a reaffirmation that you have the power to conquer any problem you come across.

Horse Dream Summary

  • A white horse in your dream: heightened spiritual awareness
  • A black horse in your dream: mystery, an energy that needs to be channeled
  • Seeing a strange horse in your dream: running from your problems
  • A sick or dying horse in your dream: a challenging situation that will lead to personal growth
  • Running horses in your dream: trying to escape the truth but failing
  • Riding a horse in your dream: more authority in your life, spiritual happiness
  • Horses biting in your dream: frustration, someone attacking you in waking life
  • Seeing horse manure in your dream: good luck prosperity
  • Killing a horse in your dream: money worries
  • A horse and carriage in your dream: use your logic to make sure a situation is right for you

Final Thoughts

There are many scenarios in which horses can feature in your dreams, and this makes finding the meaning behind your dream quite difficult, as the scenario dictates the meaning.

Another thing to consider when trying to find the meaning behind your horse dream is to pay attention to what surroundings you had. 

Certain details like how big the space was, the weather, who was with you, and how these surroundings provoked a reaction in you all have a role to play in your dream’s meaning. 

For example, seeing a horse in a strange place that you wouldn’t find in waking life implies that you feel out of place, or something has skewed your sense of power and control.

Dreaming of seeing horses in the open during a storm suggests that you aren’t in the right place right now, or you’re feeling vulnerable in some aspect of your waking life. 

A dream of a horse attached to a rusty carriage which is falling apart implies that you have outgrown whatever it is tying you to something. It may be your lifestyle, a job, or a place that you’ve been for too long. 

It can also mean that something that once gave you motivation and an appetite for life now only does the opposite. Is it time to find a new adventure?


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