Dreaming Of Cats: 37 Types And Interpretations

Dreams often have interesting things to tell us.

Though they might just be a way of processing our daily actions, thoughts, feelings, and fears, this isn’t always true.

They can also send us messages, and reconnect ourselves with our unconscious mind.

These messages can get confused as in dreams, they overlap with our own associations with the symbols within the dream, in this case, cats.

But what do cats in dreams mean?

The cat as a dream symbol has a myriad of meanings, including listening to your intuition, representing your inner wisdom, strength, or traits which are usually considered feminine.

What Do Cats In Dreams Symbolize?

Dreams can take any number of surprising and normal things from life and spin them into your dreams with new meanings attached.

If you have your own cat and dream of a cat, you might be tempted to go with the surface meaning of this particular animal appearing in your dream: it’s in your daily life, so it was bound to make an appearance at some point.

But a cat in your dream isn’t something you should ignore.

While cats are largely domestic animals these days, they have a great deal of their own willpower and intuition, and in dreams, they symbolize your own emotions, power, and strength.

They can be a message from your innermost, the wisest self that lurks within your unconscious mind.

Maybe you’ve picked up on subliminal messages in waking life, and through your dream, your unconscious mind is letting this knowledge be known.

Cats in dreams represent the most independent and powerful part of you, untouched by problems or doubts in waking life.

To see a cat in your dream points to harnessing some of that resilience, energy, and power during your waking life in order to move forward.

They can also signify protection, where they act as guardians in dreams, grace, ease, and elegance.

To some people, cats in dreams represent their sex life, and seeing many cats in dreams can signify a problem in that area.

Cats can also represent false people and their true intentions, and how their actions reveal if their words are honest or not.

This particular cat urges you to make sure you know who your true friends are so that you may look to them when you need to, before circumstances make you find out the hard way. 

Some cats in dreams can emphasize caution, as their presence may mean bad luck is around the corner, or that you need to be wary of others.

As cats are self-reliant and confident, it may be time to emulate these qualities if you see these animals in your dreams. They represent the freedom to choose your own path, affection, adaptability, and good fortune.

Why Are You Dreaming Of Cats? Cats As A Dream Symbol

Of all the things, why did I dream of x? This is a common question that many dreamers ask when they wake.

Sometimes the dream symbol is so bizarre that its meaning gets completely lost in translation, in which case you need to do a little digging in order to get to the meaning behind it.

While dream symbolism is obviously tailored to the individual, most dream symbols come with several common themes, making it easier to find the meaning behind it.

A Sign Of Good Luck

Cats appearing in your dream can be a sign of very good luck in the near future.

If you’ve been considering breaking away from routine and trying out a new path, this dream is urging you to do so.

You may learn something incredibly valuable, or even find a new purpose from the experience.

It could also indicate that you’re about to meet someone who will help you along the way.

The Cat In The Bag

Seeing a cat in a bag in your dream means that you’re going to be given an opportunity to succeed in a situation.

You’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that stand between you and success, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Alternatively, this may be a play on the phrase ‘the cat’s out of the bag’ referring to a secret or a trick. 

The phrase originates from the age-old swindle of selling someone a pig (see also article titled ‘Pig in Dream‘) in a bag, but when they would open it and find a cat, they would realize they’ve been scammed, as cats were worth much less than pigs. 

Maybe you’ll find that someone has been trying to fool you for a while, and now it’s up to you to decide what to do with this information.

Don’t Give Away Your Free Will

Cats are willful creatures that won’t obey you blindly, and this is something that you should remember for your own life. 

Don’t be taken in by sweet words or ideas which sound too good to be true. Look for the actions behind someone’s words, and their behavior towards other people, and see if they match up.

If they don’t, don’t give them your time.

Avoid letting other people make your decisions for you. Stay independent, and while it’s good to seek advice, make sure your choices are still yours.

A Healing Period

If you dream of an injured or neglected cat, this represents a part of yourself that needs healing in one form or another. 

Be Curious

Cats in dreams can point to wanting to know more in waking life. Perhaps you feel as though you’re not part of something as much as you should be, or you feel you’re missing out on many things.

Time to reach out, then. You’ll get nothing if you don’t ask.

Cats can also appear in dreams when you don’t know enough about a situation, and these dream animals are urging you to be more curious, like a cat.

It may be that you might not succeed without the knowledge you would gain from being curious.

Adaptability And Survival

Cats are highly adaptable, both in terms of their flexible bodies, able to squeeze into any gap, or jumping odd distances, and their ability to adapt to different situations.

The cat may represent your persistence towards a long-term goal or achievement, and if you apply all of your effort, you’ll soon get to where you want to be.

If you dream of a cat squeezing through a narrow space, this suggests that you need to be more open-minded, and adapt to change rather than trying to fight it.

You may be surprised at exactly what you’re capable of if you put your mind to it. 


Most cat owners will tell you that these animals are very affectionate pets, as long as you give them their space, and let them come to you.

If you see an affectionate cat in your dream, this means that your dream is telling you to pay attention to your relationships. 

It might be time to get out there and widen your social circles, which may help you in your professional life as well as your social life.


In dreams, cats can stand for what are typically thought of feminine traits, such as creativity, intuition, being true to yourself, and using creative solutions to solve problems. 

This dream is urging you to tap into one or more of these traits, which will serve you in the near future.

You’re Ignoring Your Instincts

Cats can often appear in dreams as a warning. Not because they are bad dream symbols in themselves, but because you currently lack what they embody.

As you know, a cat can represent intuition and instinct. If you are ignoring your own gut or intuition in waking life, your dream may be urging you to listen to your instincts, and your body.

Is there something that you are ignoring? Confront it directly in order to move on.

Someone Is Cheating Or Deceiving You

 If a cat crosses your path in your dream, some people interpret this as a negative sign.

A person or several people may not have the intentions they say, and might mean you harm in one form or another.

A dream where you feel nervous when you see a cat calls your attention to an untrustworthy person.

After a dream like this, it’s worth examining your relationships, and perhaps, your professional life, to see if there’s something which doesn’t quite add up.

Different Cat Colors And Their Symbolism In Dreams

It’s worth exploring the appearance of the cat in your dream, as this can completely change the meaning behind it. 

Black Cats In Dreams

Black cats appearing in dreams are regarded as good luck through several cultures across the world. 

It’s also a sign to listen to your inner intuition, which helps you navigate the most difficult of choices, as well as the easy ones.

To some people, black cats in dreams represent insecurities or fear, where you avoid taking chances for fear of failure, or even success!

If a black cat is a regular in your dreams, this could be indicating that you’re holding on to unrealistic goals, and it’s affecting your intuition, blinding you to the truth.

If a black cat appears regularly in your dreams, and you don’t feel nervous or guilty when you see it, this has the opposite meaning.

Rarely, a black cat in a dream can indicate that someone intends to betray you or do you harm in some way.

White Cats In Your Dream

If you could pick what color cat to dream of, don’t make it a white cat.

White cats in dreams point to bewilderment, doubt, and anxiety, which can mean that you’ll suffer financially or otherwise become a victim of bad luck somewhere in your life.

White cats are also symbolic of a unique set of problems which have been going on for much longer than they should, and you need to take action in order to get things to change.

Dreaming Of Orange Or Golden Cats

The complete opposite of a white cat’s symbolism in dreams, orange and golden cats symbolize very good fortune in the near future.

They can also represent wealth, health, and happiness.

Orange cats in dreams are also a sign of new opportunities and a fresh chapter in life.

If you dream about an orange cat, this means that you will soon experience great joy. Something new will give you a lot of purpose, whether that’s a new relationship, career path, or hobby.

Golden cats in dreams signify good news, and a bright future ahead.

Brown Cats In Dreams

Brown cats in dreams are often associated with good news that will be delivered to you soon. You will also enjoy a run of good luck, from a surprising source.

If you dream of a brown tabby, this means you’ll enjoy the hell out of the near future, which will give you good times with no problems attached.

You’ll enjoy a great sense of clarity, and a wider perception. This cat may also appear in dreams to urge you to let go of things that no longer serve you, and make room to invite new things that do.

Dreaming Of Blue Cats

Dreaming of a blue cat reveals that your lack of the right perspective will cost you. They represent uncertainty, and a clouded way of thinking.

You may be acting without thinking, or going against your better nature, and this dream is urging you to change that before it’s too late.

Blue cats in dreams also suggest that you’re not being honest with yourself in some way. Maybe you’re not looking at all the options before you make your choices.

This can lead to serious consequences, so if you dream of a blue cat, pay attention to your actions and consider how they affect others around you, but also how they affect you, too.

Gray Cats In Dreams

A gray cat appearing in your dream represents tranquility and peace. If you keep moving to solve a current issue or problem, you’ll be able to enjoy a period of relaxation. 

However, if you try to deal with something by ignoring it, you’ll find yourself stuck in a rut.

Gray cats can also reveal underlying doubts about a close connection you have with someone. You want things to be as they appear, but your subconscious is telling you that this isn’t possible.

If you carry on as you are, you may be setting yourself up for heartbreak.

The Jungian Interpretation Of Cats Appearing In Dreams

The key to finding the right meaning behind any dream is to look at your own associations with the dream symbol featured. 

If you like cats, for example, you’re more likely to gravitate towards a positive dream meaning, and vice versa.

When it comes to finding the meaning behind your cat dream from a Jungian interpretation, there are a few things to consider.

The Self

Carl Jung theorized that dream symbols represent the self, which is every part of your mind shaped by your experiences.

Dreaming is a way of connecting to your innermost self, giving you a window into the unconscious parts of your mind.

The Shadow

The shadow is made up of repressed, ignored, or otherwise hidden aspects of the self.

This is where you keep your deepest regret, your most painful truths and memories, those of which you might not even be consciously aware of.

Cats in dreams can represent the shadow part of your psyche, and your dream can be a way of connecting with your shadow self.

These dreams can also serve as a way of revealing those thoughts or memories buried in the shadow self, too.

This may cause emotional turmoil and instability, but once you have confronted them, things will be much easier going forward.

Anima And Animus

Jung theorized that the animus and anima respectively represent the male part of the female psyche, and the female part of the male psyche.

The appearance of a cat in your dream represents either the anima or the animus, and aspects of it that you need to incorporate more into your waking life.

From a Jungian perspective, cats in dreams can also symbolize the following:

  • Your fears and deepest vulnerabilities or doubts
  • Your inner wisdom
  • Spirit Animals
  • Inner power
  • Creativity and latent talents
  • Self-confidence and capability

The Spiritual Meaning Behind A Cat Dream

Spiritually speaking, dreaming of cats points to knowledge and intuition. The cat in your dream may be an omen of good fortune or health.

It also represents the willpower to push through difficult situations, misfortune, and the ability to rise above petty comments or behavior. 

You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself. Dreaming of a cat is a sign that you’ve been given a gift, and you should use it wisely.

You may be experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening, where you’re just starting to realize exactly what you’re capable of, and this knowledge will take you further than you realize.

However, dreaming of a cat isn’t always a good sign, spiritually. 

If you dream you have a cat, and you misplace it within the dream, this reveals that someone or something is succeeding in trying to wear down your own sense of power or intuition.

In doing so, your freedom to choose, and your independence is diminished. You may feel like you’re in a rut, that you’re doing the same thing over and over without actually getting anywhere.

If you find or save the cat in your dream, this points to regaining your own power and sense of freedom.

Dreaming of cats may point to traits and ideas connected to your spiritual well being, including creativity, sexuality, instincts, and behavior towards people you are attracted to.

Some cat dreams can represent rejection, a communication breakdown, or a relationship splintering apart.

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming of cats can also mean:

  • Rebirth and renewal, which, if you’re lucky, you might experience several times in your life.
  • Your individuality and sense of your own power.
  • The freedom to choose your own path, and the ability to swat potential problems from your path, like a cat would a fly.
  • The spirit world
  • To the Ancient Egyptians, cats were revered creatures that would chase away dangerous pests, bad spirits, and evil. 
  • It was believed that cats could house the spirits of gods or even the deceased.

If you dream of cats regularly, it may be time to listen to your instincts, and let your inner sense of power and individuality guide you in your path.

Spiritually speaking, cats have been revered for thousands of years as protectors of the household and family, and this can be seen in the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who would bring safety and prosperity to a household.

Similarly, people believed that cats would protect their owner’s household from spiritual and physical harm, driving away evil forces and misfortune.

Cats were often associated with healing, and fertility, too.

They were also thought to be able to communicate with the deceased. It was believed that cats could be used as messengers between the living and the dead.

This is why it’s common for cats to appear in dreams when we want to receive messages from those who have passed on.

Cats have always had an air of mystery around them, as they are independent creatures that like having their own adventures, and they will let you know if they’re sick of being bossed around!

A dream involving a cat urges you to keep your sense of individuality and own power at all times, and never base your own self-worth on the opinions of others.

Cats may also stand for a sensitive nature, the ability to be flexible and adapt to any situation, bravery, and self-awareness. 

A cat’s presence in your dream reveals the need to go with change, and adapt so that you can take advantage of it, rather than try and fight any shifting circumstances and tiring yourself out.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Cat Dreams

In the Bible, cats don’t have a positive meaning, to say the least.

Generally, the bible depicts cats as an agent of the devil, of chaos and evil, where cats mean bad luck, harm, and mischief.

This is surprising, as it is in stark contrast to other cultures who view cats as positive beings which bring good fortune and protection.

This negative symbolism may originate from their nature as a predator, where they are also associated with tigers (see also Tiger Dream Symbolism And Meaning), lions, and cheetahs, which we’ve had a troubled existence with.

It may also come from their tendency to hunt for the thrill of it rather than to eat their prey.

From a biblical perspective, cats symbolize power, independence, destruction, and rebellion. They can represent the devil himself.

As such, if you dream of a cat, there may be some underlying issues that you’re trying to resolve within yourself.

You may be feeling rebellious against people who hold some form of power, thinking that you can do a better job, or they are not worthy of it.

Alternatively, you may feel that you’re not getting enough respect from those around you, or someone is undermining your sense of freedom.

You may also be feeling powerless, and unable to control your environment.

If you see a cat in your dream, it may be telling you that you should start taking back responsibility for your life, instead of letting others dictate it.

Dreaming of cats acting angrily or aggressively reveals your inner fury or suppressed anger at something.

This dream may also draw your attention to your wildest impulses, and how you might  be tempted to give into them without thinking through the potential fallout.

To dream that you are hunting a cat means that you are likely to enjoy new success in your professional life.

But beware, because this dream may also indicate that you are about to make a deal that could cost you dearly in some way.

Black cats from a biblical perspective symbolize the cruel, unforgiving side of your psyche, and can be a warning not to lose your head in emotional situations.

Cat Dreams In Different Cultures

It’s important to explore what cat dreams mean in other cultures, too, as the biblical and spiritual connotations can be wildly different, leaving you more confused than when you woke up from a cat dream!

Cat Symbolism In Celtic Culture

To the Celts, a dream involving a cat points to uncertainty regarding the future, and the fear that instability causes. 

These dreams are regarded as bad omens, a sign of coming misfortune where you may question everything that’s given you stability up until now.

Cats And Egyptian Culture

As cats are sacred beings, these dreams are a great sign of abundance, wealth, new beginnings, and protection.

Cats And Chinese Culture

Cats in dreams embody the traits of a person, usually a woman, someone who is gentle but wily, smart, and mischievous.

Cat Symbolism In Japanese Culture

Dreaming of cats is a very good sign, as they are believed to be very lucky. 

But there are also cats which are very unlucky. In Japanese folklore, some cats can be possessed by devils, like nekomata, bakeneko, and kasha.

Kasha in particular is interesting, as these once normal house cats turned into devils when the smell of the dead tempted them.

It is said that they can use the dead as puppets, and it is a common practice to shoo cats away from rooms where people hold wakes. 

Cats In Islamic Culture

From an Islamic perspective, cats symbolize pride, honor, and prosperity. 

37 Different Cat Dreams And What They Mean

As you know by now, dreams of cats have many different meanings.

To find the meaning behind your specific cat dream, it’s worth exploring a few common dreams involving cats, and what they usually represent.

Dreaming Of Kittens

If you dream of seeing or holding a kitten (see also Kitten Dream Meaning), this is a nod to your innermost vulnerable and child-like part of you.

It may be suggesting that while you might live the majority of your life in your comfort zone, somewhere cozy, warm, and safe, you won’t actually grow as a person while you’re inside it.

Dreaming of a kitten suggests that you need to carve your own path in life, sometimes going out on a limb and trying things without knowing where things will fall.

Seek out new adventures and fresh opportunities, and challenge your own beliefs to discover more about yourself, and exactly what you want out of life. 

This may give you a new sense of direction, purpose, or meaning to your life, and find what’s truly important to you.

If you dream of very small or newborn kittens, this points to grace, growth, and a spiritual journey ahead of you.

They may also represent innocence, love, and affection waiting for you in waking life.

Dreaming Of Cats And Kittens

Dreaming of cats and kittens is not a great sign. It suggests that people that you know will be the source of conflict, obstacles, or some form of trouble soon.

It may be accidental, or worse, the source of conflict may be deliberate, and can point to betrayal, deceit, or someone is unfaithful to you.

If you dream of a cat and a kitten fighting, this indicates that you’re surrounded by negativity.

This cloud of bad energy is preventing you from moving forward and fulfilling your greatest dreams and wishes.

You may have picked up on this, feeling like you’re wading through mud, quick to anger, or you’re restless in your daily life and bored with your routine.

If you dream of a black kitten fighting a white kitten, this points to family rifts or arguments, and these will take a long time to heal.

A Cat Attacking Me Or Acting Aggressively

Dreaming of a cat attacking you represents your fears which are holding you back in waking life.

Maybe you’ve had an argument with someone recently, over something that you never dreamed would damage your relationship, and this is causing some instability in your life. 

You’re in danger of letting your fears get in the way of the rest of your life, especially if you dream that you back up, away from the cat, instead of fighting back.

This indicates that your inner sense of power, tranquility, and stability is at risk if you don’t act.

If you do get the cat to back down, this points to your willpower and trust in yourself. You will be able to overcome a challenging situation with ease.

A Cat Biting You

A cat biting you in your dream indicates that someone is framing you in some way. They are setting you up for failure, or turning other people against you.

This dream is telling you to be cautious. Be careful of who you trust, and who you might anger. Remember that every decision you take can have a ripple effect.

A Cat Scratching You

This is a negative sign. A cat scratching you in a dream indicates that your relationships have more than a few problems, and the cracks are starting to show. 

It may also reveal that someone is moving against you in your professional life, so be careful who you put your trust in, and make sure you consider everyone’s motives.

A Cat Jumping On You

A dream where a cat jumps on you is interesting. The meaning behind this dream depends on the intention.

If the cat was playfully jumping on you, this is drawing your attention to the need to enjoy life more, and appreciate the little things.

If the cat jumping on you was an act of aggression, this reveals that you are vulnerable somewhere in waking life. You may be struggling to preserve an aspect of your life which is shifting into something new, and you want to cling to the familiar.

Or, a cat jumping on you can represent an inability to make decisions. You’re not listening to your intuition, and this could cost you.

It may also point to avoiding creative outlets or social situations that would help you feel fulfilled, as you feel too tired to take them up. This can leave you insecure or frustrated, so make sure that you carve time out for all areas of your life.

A Cat Being Playful

A cat being playful in your dream implies that you should take life less seriously at times. Drop your worries occasionally, and make time to enjoy life as it is. 

This will help you to remain present and aware, instead of worrying about the future or running from your problems. It will also provide you with a greater sense of inner peace.

Cats In Your House

Dreaming of cats being in your house indicates that your perception is clouded. You’re not seeing clearly what is going on around you, and this could lead to trouble.

You may be feeling trapped by circumstances, but you’re not willing to acknowledge it, so you keep going in circles.

You may be a victim of indecision and vulnerability, and the cats in the house reveal the ‘blindness’ which is stopping you from living your life to the full.

The cause of your limited point of view may be because you don’t want to see objectively.

You want things to turn out only the way that you want, and if they spin out of your control, or an outcome is unexpected, you’d rather not know.

Surrounded By Cats

Dreaming of being surrounded by cats points to negativity which comes from other people. Someone in your life has a negative influence on you, or they are looking to harm you in some way.

This dream is a warning, telling you to be vigilant.

Being Scared Of A Cat

Being scared of a cat in a dream, conversely, points to unnecessary worries which are causing you needless suffering. 

Seeing Cats Drink Water Or Milk

A cat drinking in your dreams suggests that your emotions are threatening to consume you, or you will make terrible decisions soon based on them.

Water in dreams represents emotion, and in this case, the cat in your dream is telling you to regain control over them.

Stay focused when it comes to seeking out your goals, and get rid of any negative influences which are holding you back.

A Cat Dying

A cat dying can be a good or a bad sign in a dream, depending on the context. If you had nothing to do with the cat’s death, this is a bad sign.

The dying cat symbolizes feeling trapped, losing a feeling of freedom or choice, and doubts holding you back.

If you killed the cat because it went for you, this is a good sign, as it reveals that you’ve overcome long-standing problems, leaving you free to move forward.

If the cat died from drowning, this indicates that you have unresolved emotions or issues lurking in your subconscious that you need to confront.

Alternatively, this dream can reveal thoughts of feeling trapped, listless, or not being where you feel you need to be.

A Sick Or Healthy Cat

Sick or healthy cats point to your inner wisdom and intelligence. A healthy cat reveals being in tune with your intuition, which will serve you well.

A sick cat points to a discord between your emotions and your instincts, where you will struggle to see the right path.

An Injured Cat

An injured cat refers to inner obstacles or problems which need your attention. 

It’s common to dream of an injured cat if you are in a failing relationship, a job that doesn’t fulfill you spiritually, emotionally, and fiscally, or feeling trapped in waking life.

It can also point to a loss of stability, heightened anxiety, and not being able to relax.

Cats Being Stolen

Dreaming of cats being stolen indicates loss, emotional turmoil, or fear in your waking life.

If you dream of recovering a stolen cat, this points to overcoming adversity.

Stray Or Wild Cats

Dreaming of a stray cat represents part of you that is lonely, feeling the pressure of everyday life, or ignoring your wellbeing.

If you feed a stray cat, this points to problems in your love life.

Being attacked by a stray cat draws your attention to your finances. You may be in for a rocky period.

Beating A Cat

Dreaming of beating a cat reveals your vigilant nature, where you always spot someone’s bad intentions from a long way off.

You’re quick to pick up on deception, and this dream is a reminder to keep that up.

It also emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary conflict in waking life.

Killing A Cat

Killing a coat in your dream suggests that you’ve stopped someone’s plan to sabotage you in some way. You may have only subconsciously picked up on their cruel intentions, but you’ve managed to stop them nevertheless.

Saving A Cat

Dreaming of saving a cat is a very good sign. It suggests that you’ve regained freedom, and the experience of retaking your power back will help you in the near future.

This dream points to an improved sense of your capabilities, as well as your ability to protect others.

Cats Yelling

Cats yelling or screaming in your dream reveals that someone you are friendly with is lying to you in some way, or they plan to move against you in one form or another. 

It can also suggest that trouble is coming in some form in waking life. Your subconscious has picked up on the warning signs, and it’s now time that you recognize it.

A Cat Chasing Something

A cat running after something symbolizes your path in trying to achieve your dreams, or seeking a new purpose.

It also points to coming success, too.

A Sleeping Cat

A cat sleeping points to a time soon when you’ll be able to just relax, and enjoy life for what it is.

It will also mean that you’ll be able to see things much clearer, allowing you to forge a new path ahead.

Selling Or Buying A Cat

Selling a cat is a negative sign for the future. It suggests money problems in the future, or a deal gone wrong, so start saving now.

Buying a cat suggests a new opportunity to improve your wealth in the near future.

How To Find Your Own Cat Dream Meaning

Dreaming of cats can be a strange experience, especially if you don’t have a pet cat and consider yourself to hold no associations or special meanings to the animal itself.

However, a cat is a common dream symbol, so knowing what its meaning is can help you understand why you’re dreaming about one.

Most of the time, a cat appearing in your dream allows you to explore the unconscious part of your psyche.

This dream helps you to gain insight into your innermost hidden fears and desires, as well as unresolved issues, traumas, or suffering.

There are a few questions to ask yourself in order to find the meaning behind the cat in your specific dream.

  • Do you dream of cats regularly?
  • How do you feel when you dream of cats?
  • What did the cat do in the dream? How did it behave when it saw you?
  • Can the cat be a symbol of your shadow self?
  • Think back to the cat’s appearance. What color was it? Was it old, or young? Disheveled, or clean? Healthy, or injured?
  • Do you like cats in general? Do you want or have a pet cat?
  • Did the cat attack you?
  • Was it a single cat, or a group of them?
  • Do you dream of other animals, or just cats?

Cats In Dreams: A Summary

  • Positively, cats in dreams represent inner wisdom, power, adaptability and creativity.
  • From a negative viewpoint, they symbolize lies, betrayal, bad luck, and cheating.
  • A dead cat – long-standing issues or arguments that need to be solved.
  • A gray cat – tranquility and faith in your own abilities.
  • A white cat – insecurity, bewilderment and doubt.
  • A stray cat – resilience, confidence, and commitment.
  • A playful cat – enjoy every aspect of life as it is, right now.
  • Kittens – drawing your attention to your inner child, or most vulnerable or playful self.
  • Cats fighting – anxiety and fear clouding your judgment.
  • Killing a cat – Other people may mean you harm.

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