What Does A Kitten Mean In A Dream?

Aww! One of the nicer animals to dream about are kittens. These bundles of cute, bitey chaos spark great joy in our lives, but what does it mean to dream of kittens?

Has your subconscious just decided that you need more cuteness in your life, or is there something more to these kittens in your dream than at first glance?

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Kitten?

Kittens in dreams may be cute, but they have some interesting symbolism worth paying attention to. 

As a dream symbol, a kitten in your dream represents innocence and the need to be less dependent on something or someone in your life. 

It may also denote a deepening sense of your own intuition, where you are learning to trust yourself better in waking life, in all aspects, but especially in what your instincts are telling you.

As cats in dreams can refer to autonomy, power, and the ability to choose your own path, seeing a kitten in your dream suggests there is an opportunity around the corner for you to become more independent, and go down a spiritual path that will lead to more self-confidence and conviction. 

If you dream of saving a poor little kitten from disaster or danger, this implies that you’re going to salvage something incredibly important to you, or how you’ll turn an unexpected event to your advantage in the near future.

If you have cats in waking life, this dream can denote how you still think of them as kittens in a way, or it may also represent your concern or worry that something awful might happen to them.

Is Dreaming Of A Kitten A Good Sign?

Nearly all dream symbols are mixed signs, determined by the context of the dream, and the kitten is no different. 

As you might imagine, most dreams involving kittens are positive, but there are a few scenarios where these adorable monsters are actually a negative omen, a sign that you need to act. 

So what determines the difference between these interpretations? It depends on the scenario, on how you feel when you encounter the kitten, what the kitten does, and its behavior towards you.

So let’s break it down.

Seeing Kittens And Cats In Your Dream

Dreaming of both kittens and cats refers to your generous and caring nature, and how you will obtain good luck and happiness through acts of generosity. 

Maybe you’ve done someone a favor in the past, and they are about to pay you in kind. Perhaps whatever they will do for you won’t be something you could do yourself.

These may also come about through making your own decisions for your future, not allowing anyone else to make important choices about your life for you. 

If you dream of seeing a mother cat and her litter of kittens, this may suggest that you are searching for your vulnerabilities in waking life. 

But perhaps you are concentrating on the wrong thing, and you don’t need to protect yourself right now. Maybe you only need to celebrate your wins and try to develop them further.

Seeing Kittens And Puppies In Your Dream

Aww! Dreaming of seeing both kittens and puppies is a lovely one. As both puppies and kittens don’t know what is expected of them quite yet, a dream like this may denote that you should act in your own self interests soon.

You should consider what you want out of life, and act at least a little selfishly in order to enjoy it soon. Some things will never come to you by wishing for them, or expecting other people to get them for you.

Saving Kittens In Your Dream

A dream where you save kittens suggests that there is the potential that you’re about to lose out on something important, or you feel waking life is making you risk something you’d rather never bet on.

The good news is that the act of saving the kittens means that you’ll manage to keep what you value, even if that’s only just. Even if it takes every ounce of patience or strength of willpower to do so, you will manage. 

This might be your sense of independence, where you are free to decide your own course in life, or it could be a relationship that’s threatened, or perhaps something more materialistic such as your house or a treasured possession. 

To some people, a dream of seeing kittens in danger suggests money worries, so the act of rescuing these cute bundles of fluff means that you’ll enjoy a better sense of financial stability soon. 

Seeing An Injured Kitten In Your Dream

Poor thing. Dreaming of an injured kitten refers to part of your personality which feels ‘injured’ by life’s troubles. Maybe your pride has taken a hit, or you haven’t trusted your instincts where you should, and now you are paying for it.

It may denote that it’s time to be a little more assertive, and manufacture your own motivation to get what you want. 

If you dream that the kitten has injured itself through play or in an accident, it may be time to buckle down in waking life. Things are getting tough. This might mean that you’ll have to confront your problems head on, and clear them from your plate as fast as possible. 

Dreaming of treating an injured kitten or taking an injured kitten to the vet suggests that things will be much easier to sort out than you might imagine at first. You might be overthinking things. 

Dirty Or Flea-Ridden Kittens In Your Dream

Oh, no! Dreaming of kittens that are filthy or covered in fleas or other parasites implies bad luck in the near future. This won’t be something you’ll be able to prevent.

This could be in any area of your life, but some facet is about to take a hit, and it might take a while for you to regain your balance.

If you dream of treating kittens for pests, or you are bathing kittens, this reflects how you will recover from this misfortune quite well, and you may even turn a situation to your advantage. Perhaps the bad luck will eventually turn out to be a good thing. 

Dreaming Of A Whole Litter Of Kittens

Awww! A whole litter of kittens in your dream can be unbridled chaos, but they can also be a lot of fun. Similarly, this dream urges you to let loose a little. It’s time to stop pushing yourself so hard and let your hair down for a while.

You may be caught up in potential disasters that have very slim chances of happening, wondering what on earth you would do. Perhaps you’re planning for things that won’t ever occur. 

It could be that you’re thinking yourself into a vicious cycle, where the ‘chaos’ is of your own making, when you don’t need to worry quite as much as you think.

As kittens symbolize the start of being more independent (if you don’t see them being reliant on their mother in the dream) this may also mean a ton of possibilities coming your way in waking life.

Dreaming Of Kittens Dying

What a horrible dream. Seeing kittens dying in your dream refers to your fears of what the future holds for you, and how you might be worried you aren’t going to see things clearly. 

You’re anxious about being deceived by someone, or not knowing enough about a situation, and you’ll be led to believe something false. It may also denote the potential of missed opportunities and misfortune.

Another interpretation is that you may attend an unexpected gathering soon, one which you will enjoy. It will be something completely different from what you’re used to, but you’ll also like the spontaneity of it.

If you dream of feeling terrified, or you despair at these poor kittens, this can indicate that you need to reign your emotions in your waking life. It’s possible that they are about to get the better of you, and you might do something you will regret later, or say something you won’t mean for very long. 

Dreaming of kittens that have drowned implies that your perspective is clouded by emotional turmoil, or you haven’t got enough experience or wisdom in order to get any further in a task or goal. Is it time for some self-development? 

Angry Kittens In Your Dream

While we tend to find kittens with temper tantrums very cute, this is short-lived when they go on the offensive! 

Kittens will often turn to defend themselves in waking life, even if you feel you aren’t a threat, so this isn’t an uncommon dream.

If you dream of a kitten hissing or spitting at you, this denotes greater spiritual development, or how you’re about to become much more resilient than you have been in the past. 

Alternatively, the angry kitten in your dream can imply that you need to assert yourself in your waking hours in order to reach a goal or make sure that a situation turns out to be positive. Perhaps you need to assume responsibility for something in order to get there. 

As the picture of a kitten hissing with its fur standing on end is vastly different from one looking adoringly at you, this dream might be urging you to adopt some traits which don’t come naturally to you. 

Perhaps you need to be more demanding in life, or expect more from people than you have been lately. They might surprise you.

Scratched Or Bitten By A Kitten In A Dream

Ouch! Being bitten in a dream by a kitten implies that you need to focus on your own health or well being in some form soon. You’ll be tempted to prioritize something else, but this might not end well.

Dreaming of a kitten scratching you implies that you may run into some problems in your professional life, thanks to a colleague or a difficult customer. 

It will take a while to untangle them, and while it might not be your fault at all, you may still get some of the blame. 

Being Attacked By A Kitten In Your Dream

Dreaming of being attacked by a kitten suggests one or more of your relationships are going to suffer soon. Perhaps someone has disappointed you, or something is a source of constant argument.

If the kitten breaks your skin, this suggests that someone you love is potentially going to hurt you. 

If you’ve been arguing with your partner a lot lately, and you dream of being attacked by a kitten, this suggests that you should look at your relationship, and consider if it’s worth salvaging, or if it is time to move on.

A shy kitten lashing out at you suggests that you’re perhaps reacting in the wrong way and taking things as attacks on you, rather than what they are. You’re taking things too personally and seriously, and you need to find a way to relax. 

It may also denote a loss of freedom, or how your attempt to live your life your way will make things more difficult in the near future. 

Kittens Fighting In A Dream

Kittens fighting in your dream suggest that you need to value what you have more than you do. You have been taking it for granted, and there may be a time that you wish you enjoyed it more now.

This dream may also indicate that you need to balance your emotions or different aspects of life. If you come between two fighting kittens in the dream, and you get scratched or bitten, this indicates a tricky period in your life that will be difficult to deal with.

A Kitten Meows In Your Dream

A kitten meowing in your dream implies that you should only place your trust in those that you know are trustworthy already. Perhaps it’s not the right time to trust someone new. 

A dream of this kind is also a positive when it comes to your professional life. It denotes that you’re about to encounter a situation that requires your intuition, but as long as you trust yourself, you shouldn’t go wrong.

Dreaming of kittens meowing for food indicates success in your work life, while kittens meowing at a door suggests a fresh start. 

Dreaming Of Kittens Yowling Or Screaming

Kittens screaming in your dream implies that you need to be more considerate towards other people. You’ve been too distracted or distant lately, and this may affect your relationships. It might be time to repair the damage while you still can.

Consider why the kittens are screaming in your dream. If they are demanding food, this implies that your vision for the future is optimistic at best, or you’re about to be let down completely. 

Consider The Color Of The Kittens

Like any animal dream symbol, it’s worth paying attention to the color of their coat in the dream, as this can influence the meaning. 

If you dream of a kitten that’s more than one color, the best way to decipher it is to take the meanings of both colors and combine them.

A White Kitten In Your Dream

Some older dream interpretations have suggested that to see a white kitten signals coming misfortune, but this is not usually the accepted interpretation now. 

The modern interpretation is similar, but it is more optimistic. A white kitten in your dream can denote that you’ve run into some trouble in waking life, but this will eventually turn out to be a positive. 

It can also suggest a twist in your spiritual path, and this will only lead to good things and progress in the long term. 

Seeing Black Kittens In A Dream

Some believe that a black kitten in a dream is linked to good luck and positivity, while others suggest the opposite.

In traditional dream color symbolism, black kittens imply that you’re not exactly sure what you want out of life, and you’re even more unclear about how you should decide.

They may also denote the possibility of an upcoming event which will have an element of magic or mystery to it.

Ginger Kittens In A Dream

Ginger kittens in dreams are very positive. They signify that any current problems will turn out the best way possible, and you’ll make the best of a situation despite the odds.

Tabby Kittens In Your Dream

Tabby kittens in your dream suggests you should expect some news soon, and this could be good or bad.

Tabbies may also suggest that something is about to change your life, and you’ll need to use all of your knowledge in order to react in the best way possible. It may be something very delicate that you’ll need to handle carefully.

Seeing Multi-Colored Kittens In A Dream

Kittens of several colors in your dream usually take on the symbolism of each individual color, but there is also an additional interpretation to consider.

They can represent teamwork, in that it will be vital to use your combined skills and knowledge to get where you want to be, or to solve an ongoing problem.

Or, each color you see represents a different path you may take in the future, and it’s important that you don’t limit yourself to what you know, or what you consider to be safe. 

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Kitten Dreams

As you might imagine, cats have a lot of spiritual associations in dream symbolism, and this is also true of kittens. Part of it may stem from our symbiotic relationship with cats that stretches across the ages, but it also has some links to superstition, magic, and folklore, too.

As a spiritual symbol, a kitten in a dream may be a positive or negative omen. They can be a call to keep your freedom and refrain from being influenced in some way, as you’re potentially in danger of giving away your power to someone else.

As kittens aren’t able to defend themselves nearly as well as adult cats can, they can signify naivety, innocence, being vulnerable or exposed, and the possibility of a different spiritual path.

If you feel nervous when you see the kitten in your dream, or it heads towards danger, you may need to take another look at a situation or someone in waking life, as your assumptions could be wrong. 

If it acts wary of you, perhaps you’ve placed your trust in the wrong person, or you’ve just taken a situation at face value when there is something deeper going on, something you haven’t considered. 

This behavior may even denote how you are unsure of yourself, too. You may feel helpless in some circumstances, where you start to doubt your overall ability to get things done and make progress through life. 

Perhaps your skills are not up to ‘scratch’ in a certain area, so instead of trying to improve your shortcomings, you’re thinking that it’s just not possible to change things for the better. 

If you don’t curb this, it will only get worse, and you may miss out on opportunities that would be perfect for you, simply because you don’t believe you are capable of achieving them.

A kitten that acts scared of everything can imply you are drowning in self-doubt. You’re in a constant state of anxiety, where every unexpected thing just seems like another trial you have to push through, and not something you can enjoy or shape to your needs.

It may also suggest that you cannot think clearly enough to make a concrete decision, because of an underlying sense of doubt or worry. You fear that any choice you may make is the wrong one. 

If you dream of an animal attacking a kitten, or people hurting a kitten, this suggests that there is the potential for danger in waking life. Someone may not be who you want them to be, or you’re not seeing the full side of the story. 

On the positive side, kittens can represent how you are making progress in listening to your instincts, where you are acting according to your sense of integrity, and not just following others, or what others may have planned for you.

Kitten Dream Meaning Summary

  • Seeing a kitten: joy
  • Many kittens: a new adventure in life
  • A fluffy kitten: someone friendly in waking life
  • Buying a kitten: not thinking a decision through
  • An angry kitten: fresh opportunities
  • A kitten biting you: negative feelings about yourself
  • A kitten attacking you: someone will hurt you
  • A black kitten: uncertainty, the unknown
  • A white kitten: spirituality, intuition, peace
  • Chasing a kitten: running from something or ignoring your instincts
  • Kittens fighting: obstacles in waking life
  • A kitten mews: optimism and simple happiness

Final Thoughts

Dreams about kittens can be interesting to say the least. These cute dream symbols have a lot to tell you, so it’s worth noting down the details in a dream journal or in your phone so that you can return to the experience at a later date without forgetting any of the details.

You may find that some details become clearer over time, too, as you encounter some of the elements you found in your dream in waking life. 


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