What Does It Mean To Dream Of Colors?

When it comes to dreams, the colors that appear are probably the last thing you consider, but they can be some of the most important details in your dream. 

Color symbolism has a lot of applications in dream interpretation, just as it has in every area of our lives. But everyone’s associations with colors are different, wrapped up in their own experiences, memories, and even hopes for the future.

Just as each dream is tailored to the dreamer, so are the colors you dream of. They can also represent specific energies, chakras, and anything in your life that needs your attention. 

Color dream interpretation gives you a jumping off point to figure out what your dream is trying to tell you.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Does It Mean When You See Colors In Your Dream?

We don’t often treat colors as important as other dream symbols, such as animals, people, or places, but they have their own place in dreams all the same.

Your subconscious often uses color to add to a specific theme, stressing its point through color, and it can use it as an emotional outlet, too.

This is a useful part of dream ‘language’, as it’s one of the easiest things to remember from a dream. While some details can be much fuzzier, color is something we usually remember without any problems. 

It may also completely change the nature of a dream symbol. For example, a green snake in your dream means something very different from a white snake dream. 

There hasn’t been a lot of research when it comes to color theory in dreams, but there are some interesting thoughts worth mentioning.

Carl Jung had some theories about what each color means. He believed that black represents your unconscious mind, your consciousness is represented by bright light or white, and there are four more colors to pay attention to.

He believed that these served ‘functions’ in dreams. Blue stood for thinking, red for feeling, green for sensation, and yellow for intuition.

It’s also worth looking at the shade of the colors that appear in your dream. Darker colors are often associated with doubts, unhappiness, and worry, while lighter colors are linked to happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, and hope.

If you think about it, how we react to color affects every area of our lives, and it’s not always much of a conscious decision rather than a reaction to what we’re seeing. And this mirrors dreams themselves, doesn’t it?

For example, think about when you’ve made a decision to go with a certain company, brand, or product. Often, one of the deciding factors is the color and the ‘feel’ of the product, especially if you’re not familiar with it. You use your intuition and reaction to color without thinking about it.

How we think about color is deeply connected to our emotions. After all, it provokes our emotions, influencing us to feel a certain way. 

Many believe that this is why a lot of hospitals are a pale green, which is said to be a calming color that might aid you to heal, as white is considered too stark and can keep you on edge.

Another example of this is a warning sign, such as a danger sign or roadworks. Usually bright orange, red, or yellow, these signs are designed to capture your attention quickly, and they do this with color. 

In traditional dream interpretation, it’s thought that dreams that include a lot of vivid color can come as a warning, or as a way to let out any pent-up emotions, encouraging you to acknowledge how you are feeling. 

Colors Manifesting In Your Dreams

One of the most interesting aspects of dreams is the surreal. You might dream of disembodied colors which have no form, in which case, this color usually represents your emotions, or even your chakra or emotional energies affecting your waking life.

It could be that one of your chakras is blocked, or you need to focus on a specific chakra and channel its energy in your waking life. Maybe you need to work on your communication, practicing being more assertive or grounded to get where you want to be. 

A dream of colors can also be a way of acknowledging any emotions you’re ignoring, especially if you may be about to repress emotional turmoil or issues. 

A dream like this serves as the start of facing your emotions, helping you to do this when all you might want is to run in the opposite direction.

It may also draw your attention to a specific emotion that is affecting all the decisions you’re making, perhaps without realizing it. 

Your dream calls on you to better understand yourself, what’s causing these emotions, and how you might process them in order to move past them.

Colors can also subvert your expectations. For example, you might dream of an orange which is black or teal, or the sun being green, or grass being pink. 

Objects that aren’t the color you expect are a detail worth paying attention to in dreams, as they have something significant to tell you, and it’s worth trying to find out what your dream is trying to say. 

The stranger the object appears to be, the louder your subconscious is trying to get your attention. 

Let’s take a look at what different colors mean in dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of White?

Although some people believe white is a shade rather than a true color, white is one of the most common colors to appear in your dreams. It can also appear in different shades, such as cream, ivory, searing pure white, or more of a pearly shade that incorporates a few different colors.

White symbolizes grace, spirituality, order, cleanliness, protection, tranquility, peace, or even death and an end, depending on the culture you are raised in.

In traditional dream interpretation, white symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and a fresh start or a transition that you’re about to go through. 

White can also be a call to be more open-minded. Perhaps you’re talking yourself out of great opportunities, or dismissing what could be great experiences without even thinking about it.

But white in a dream isn’t always a good sign. Dreaming of white can imply that you’re bored with your current lifestyle, where you feel you’re repeating the same day over and over. 

It can also denote stress and worry which are clouding your mind, making you unable to see good events when they come along. 

If you dream of white obscuring your vision, such as a fog or a mist, this suggests you feel you cannot get past something in waking life, and you need to find a way to try. 

If you feel nervous when you dream of white, this is a call to push past your worries, and confront your problems, so that you can start something new and move on. 

A dream where you see a bright white room with nothing in it suggests that you’re looking for guidance in your life. Maybe what has guided you up until now no longer works, if you’ve grown past a certain mindset, belief system, or goal that was motivating you. 

If you dream of a mostly-white scene such as a blizzard or a bright white beach, this suggests you’re about to gain an increased knowledge of yourself, and a higher wisdom that will serve you well in the near future. 

Does A Dream Of White Have Any Spiritual Associations?

As you might imagine, a dream that heavily features the color white does have some spiritual interpretations worth considering. 

It’s a mirror of your subconscious, of the thoughts and emotions lurking within, and you are able to access these within a dream like this. 

White may feature in your dreams when you are longing for something to change in your life. Maybe you don’t know what this is, but you are sick of the way things are. 

Perhaps you know exactly what you want, and this dream calls on you to bring about the change yourself, and get to where you want to be. 

Sometimes white can also manifest in your dreams when you feel detached from life and other people, especially if it obscures your vision in the dream. 

It mirrors how this clouds your perception in waking life, and implies that you should focus on bettering yourself in order to get through this tough period. 

The color white in dreams also signifies your intuition, and the guiding principles that serve as your life’s compass. If you dream of white, it may be telling you to trust your gut, clear any distractions, and concentrate on what you really want out of life.

Dreaming Of The Color Black Meaning

To some people, black is a negative sign that means something is coming to an end, or the death of something or someone you love.

However, this isn’t the generally accepted interpretation of the color in your dreams. Instead, black is a very positive sign that denotes the wealth of possibilities ahead of you, and there are so many that you can’t imagine them.

There is a mysterious aspect to this color, suggesting that there is something unexpected but something magical waiting for you in the near future. It can also signify a new purpose in life that will come along as a complete surprise or serendipity.

Black may also feature in your dream as darkness, in which case it represents an element of your vulnerability in waking life, and also the need to balance your impulses and fears against what you know you should do.

Dreaming Of Yellow Meaning

Yellow is usually a very optimistic color, representing joy, energy, and a ‘zest’ for life. It also embodies your gut feeling, and how you should always listen to what your intuition tells you above anything else.

Yellow often features in a dream when there is significant change ahead of you. It may be an unexpected bump in the road along the way towards your greatest dreams, so try to be patient, and push through any obstacles in your path.

In dreams, yellow is the color of creativity and optimism, prosperity, honesty, and self-improvement. You may be about to go on a journey which will improve your level of self-confidence and influence, changing your life forever.

It can imply that you need to be more creative in your waking life, not just in hobbies but in all areas of your life. 

A shaft of bright yellow light in your dream is a very positive sign, and denotes a time when you will experience such fierce joy that it will stay with you in some form forever.

You may also know yellow as the color of the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. If it is balanced and clear, you will feel confident, full of purpose, steady and reliable. 

If it is blocked, you will be compelled to try and control every situation and relationship in your life, you might find yourself with a short temper, and low self-confidence.

A dream of yellow can be a call to rebalance areas of your life, perhaps do some chakra healing, and practice grounding and self-care techniques to bring yourself back into balance.

A dream featuring an overly yellow scenery can signify peace, knowledge, and energy.

As with all dream symbols, yellow also has some negative interpretations worth looking at. Yellow may denote unhappiness, jealousy, impulsive behavior, and lies or even betrayal. 

If you feel nervous when you discover yellow in your dream, it’s a call to do better. You may be comparing yourself to others too much, or acting recklessly somewhere in waking life. 

A Dream Of Silver Or Gold Meaning

Dreams of silver and gold are quite interesting, as these colors don’t often manifest themselves. Silver denotes protection, a guarding force in your life, as well as morality and grace. It may suggest that you’re protected from the worst of potential problems.

Gold, unsurprisingly denotes prosperity, wealth, ambition, and resilience. Dreaming of gold when you’re working toward a goal in waking life denotes success as long as you continue to work hard.

A dream that features both silver and gold can imply that you’re questioning everything you know. Something has made you uncertain about a foundation of your life, perhaps a relationship or ambition. 

It may also suggest that a decision you need to make will change your life, and this could be good or bad.

Dreaming Of The Color Red Meaning

When the color red appears in your dreams, it can symbolize the desire to leave your mark on the world and in history. You want to never be forgotten. 

Red is the color of strong emotion, of life itself, desire, passion, ambition, and strength. It may denote a love that guides your life and gives it meaning, a passion for a certain hobby or way of life, and the things that move us forward.

As you might imagine, red can come as a warning. Seeing a lot of red in a dream can imply frustration, anger, and aggression in your life, or letting these emotions color your actions.

It can also warn you against taking too many risks, using excuses to explain away bad habits, and to warn you off someone who means you harm.

Seeing an object that is wholly bright red is considered a good sign, denoting positive times ahead.

However, dreaming of a red light suggests that you have to be careful with your impulses, be more wary of who you trust, and avoid only concentrating on instant gratification. 

Red is also associated with the first chakra, which is the root chakra, situated at the base of your spine. It’s one of the most important chakras, which dictates how safe, secure, and stable you feel you are in life. 

If it becomes unbalanced, it can cause you to suffer from anxiety, detachment, feeling disconnected from everything, and give you nightmares, too. Seeing red (see also Red Dream Meaning) in your dream can be a call to find a new balance in life, a solid foundation that you can work from.

The Significance Of Seeing The Color Orange In Your Dream

Seeing the color orange in your dream is linked to hope, enthusiasm, positive energy, satisfaction, and balance.

You may dream of orange when you feel there is more to life than you currently have or know, and it can be a call to push past your comfort zone and the familiar and to embark on a journey that will make you grow as a person.

It denotes emotional connection, idealism, positivity, and how these can affect others around you as well as yourself. As it also incorporates red and yellow, it may also signify passion, desire, and your hopes for the future.

Some believe that a dream of orange suggests that you’ll have a lot of challenges in the near future, but you’ll meet them with enthusiasm and this will make all the difference. 

Dreaming of a scene that is filled with orange light may suggest a longing for the past, or how you want the future to look like an element of your ideal future or goals.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Pink In Your Dreams

 Pink in dreams refers to affection, desire, and hidden passion. While this color isn’t usually associated with romance in waking life, there is a connection between the two in dreams. 

A dream of pink may reflect hidden feelings for someone in waking life, perhaps someone you wouldn’t usually go for or someone you cannot be honest with. This dream is a call to be careful around others, and make sure you do no harm.

Pink can be a warning that you’re emotionally attaching yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve your affection, or someone who cannot give you what you need.

Or, a dream involving a lot of pink can suggest kindness, generosity, friendship, overthinking your actions towards others, and reconnecting with your spiritual path in life.

The Significance Of Purple In Your Dream

When you dream of purple, there is a mystical sense of connection between you and someone in waking life. Something about it seems magical. Perhaps it’s the way you just ‘click’ with each other and know what the other person is thinking.

Purple can also manifest in your dream when there is the possibility of one of your wildest dreams coming true. You will have to work for it, but there is a chance that you may see a dream realized much sooner than you would have expected.

Purple may also appear in your dreams when you should concentrate on a goal that will guide you through the next stage of your life. If you can find one worth sticking to, this will add a lot into your life, and may also lead you to people that will give your life a wealth of meaning.

Or, you may see the color purple in your dreams when you are feeling a lot of sexual frustration or desire for someone who has just come into your life.

Dreaming Of The Color Green Meaning

Green is one of the more powerful and positive colors in dream interpretation. A dream involving lush green forests, for example, denotes a wealth of knowledge, possibility, and trusting your intuition. 

Green is also associated with improving your life, a fresh start, and gathering as much experience as you can get from life. It also refers to the wealth of your potential, and how you shouldn’t squander it or wish it away.

Dreaming of green as a disembodied color can imply that you are driven by the need to be independent, or you need to be less dependent on others when it comes to achieving your goals or pushing through difficult situations.

It may also suggest that you are quick to give a first chance to someone, but they get no more after that. You have been proven wrong before.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Green In Your Dream

On a more spiritual level, green appearing in your dreams is linked to the need to ground yourself, longing for inner peace, prioritizing your needs, and listening to your intuition.

It may be a call to develop your skills or make sure you are listening to your instincts, as there may be something you’re missing in waking life. 

On a more positive note, a dream involving green can imply a positive transition in your future, and how you’re willing to adapt to change to make it suit you.

Seeing The Color Blue In Your Dreams

In dreams, to see the color blue is usually a good sign (see also What Does Blue Mean In A Dream?). As it’s the color of the sky and the sea, it represents the sheer potential lying in your subconscious. You are capable of anything – as long as you believe it.

Blue also symbolizes ideals, emotions, your guiding beliefs, and a need for peace or tranquility. 

Blue may also refer to your spiritual path, events that will shape your spirit, new insights into your life, and a new perspective concerning your own psyche.

Dreaming of a light blue represents opportunities, renewal, and sensitivity. A nearly black blue represents the shadow aspect of your psyche, the night, and the unknown.

If you dream of turquoise, this represents what gives you satisfaction in life, and how you’d like for things to stay positive for as long as possible.

More than one shade of blue in your dream signifies that you need to remain compassionate when it comes to other people, and don’t live beyond your means.

An object that isn’t blue in reality but appears blue in your dreams implies that there are challenges ahead of you, but if you manage to complete them, they will give you a greater insight into your abilities and in your life as a whole. 

Dreaming Of Ocean Blue Or Seeing A Blue Sky

Dreaming of either a blue sky or a bright blue ocean denotes peace, honesty, and keeping an open mind. It also denotes the great stability you have achieved, and how you can draw upon an inner calm when things get tough, improving your resilience. 

Dreaming Of Navy Blue

A dream that features navy blue suggests a good level of self-confidence, wealth, prosperity, and joy in life. 

It also carries the same level of peace that a lighter shade of blue signifies, but you struggle to maintain this when you need to focus on tasks because you worry about things that might not happen. 

A more negative interpretation of navy blue in your dream is that it can signal an argument with someone you’ve very close to in the near future. 

This may cause you some emotional turmoil, but if you are smart about it, this conflict will not affect your relationship in the long term. 

Dreaming Of Red And Blue

If you see red and blue often in waking life, this can of course just reflect your waking life experiences rather than mean anything specific, but chances are there is more to it than that.

A dream that features both red and blue but not purple can draw your attention to conflicting emotions, or how you act against how you are feeling. 

After all, red in dreams signifies the power emotions can have over you and the potential risk this carries, and blue denotes peace and balance.

Spiritually speaking, a dream of both red and blue suggests a loss of direction along your path, and this is leading to a lot of confusion in waking life, and an inability to make the right choices or to commit to something. 

The presence of both blue and red in your dream can denote that you need to rise above the negativity caused by a certain conflict in order to achieve inner peace and happiness. 

Maybe you have a shorter level of patience than normal, and the slightest thing is causing you to explode in anger. A dream like this warns you against acting irrationally, before this gets you into trouble.

Consider also the ratio between red and blue in your dreams. If there is more red than blue, this can imply a fear of commitment, where you’re worried your emotions will not lead you to the right path in life. 

It may also suggest that your emotions are leading you wrong. Perhaps you’re letting them make your decisions for you, instead of concentrating on what choices you know you should be making through logic. 

A dream like this may also show you your short-comings, where you might be tempted to ignore difficult situations and pretend they don’t exist rather than finding a way to confront them straight away.

Blue and red may be a call to restore some sort of balance in your life, but your dream may also give you an idea of how you might do this in the dream scenario, giving you a solution for the problem in waking life.

Dreaming Of Paint Colors

A dream of tons of paint in different colors is an interesting one. The meaning entirely depends on what colors you see in your dream, and how they appear.

For example, dreaming of aisles upon aisles of paint tins and colors can suggest that there are a lot of opportunities ahead of you, and the difficulty will be trying to decide which to take.

In modern dream interpretation, paint appearing in your dreams implies that you should be careful of what actions you take, as they often have a way of coming back to you. Make sure you treat people how you want to be treated in the future.

If you dream of a specific kind of paint, the meaning hinges on the nature of the paint. 

For instance, a dream that draws your attention to a car body paint suggests that you need to focus on what ‘drives’ you through life, and how small decisions or aspects of your life are affecting the whole.

A dream of comparing house paint tester pots or cards may denote your sense of self-image, safety, and how secure you feel in waking life, but it may also reflect waking life if you are decorating.

The Significance Of Different-Colored Lights In Your Dream

One of the most common ways colors can take shape in your dream is through electric lights, for example, traffic lights.

If you dream of a traffic light that’s blazing green, and it stays green, this is a positive omen that the current situation will turn out for the best, perhaps even better than what you are hoping for.

Dreaming of a red traffic light suggests that your current approach will not work out. It may also denote risk or danger, so adjust your course where necessary.

An amber light may imply a warning of some kind to tread carefully, and it may not be a good idea to place your trust in someone new. 

Other types of lights are worth considering, too. If you see a light and it disappears in your dream, this suggests some level of bad luck in the future. It won’t be a disaster, but you won’t be thrilled about it, either.

Flashing lights appearing in your dream is a warning to be cautious in your love life. Things may not be as they seem. 

If someone switches off a light in your dream, your current situation is about to improve, and you will get a reprieve in waking life.

Dreaming of no light at all is surprisingly a good omen, suggesting that you should expect positive news in love.

Bright white light refers to a spiritual connection to someone, and also luck being on your side.

A light that changes color suggests upheaval in your relationships.

If you dream of disco lights, this denotes conflict in one or more of your relationships.

Can You Use Colors In Dreams To Predict Future Events?

Most dream interpretation focuses on the future to some extent, but it’s worth noting that color symbolism in dreams is also thought to give you some idea of what the future holds for you.

As with any signifier in dreams, there are both positive and negative interpretations of each color.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you’re using color in dreams to predict the potential future, they may have different meanings from their general symbolism

  • Red: dreaming of red reveals reconciliation, great healing, and renewal. Your passion for life and love will go a great distance in healing past hurts.
  • Pink: rebirth, transformation, and spiritual awakening. An event will come along that will change the way you look at everything, and you may find a new meaning to propel you forward through life.
  • Purple: influence, grace, rarity, and the power of love. If you haven’t yet met your partner, this color promises you that it won’t be long. It also denotes a better connection between you and the ones you love in life already. It also draws your attention to the need to forgive wrongs against you.
  • Blue: you’ll always be able to draw upon a sense of inner peace when things get difficult, and rely on the truth.
  • Light Blue: this shade points to achieving a better understanding of the universe and a higher knowledge. You will surpass what you think are your limits. This may only come about through a difficult time, but will be worth it in the end.
  • Navy Blue: you will rise above petty arguments and attempts to sabotage your work in some way. Minor problems will not halt your progress, and you will feel capable of handling anything you put your mind to.
  • Brown: this color appears when you need some encouragement to return what is important to you. You may have lost your way in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you’re focusing on instant gratification or materialistic gain instead of what truly makes you happy.
  • Green: prosperity, peace, and a greater sense of spiritual purpose. It may also appear when you need to let go of petty squabbles or annoyances. You’re worth more than that. It also encourages you to listen to your instincts, and make sure a situation is what it appears to be.
  • Yellow: warmth, grace, optimism and balance. Be kind to yourself and others, but don’t try to show kindness at the detriment of yourself, where you put your needs last. This won’t help anyone, least of all yourself.
  • Orange: joy, happiness, mercy, and justice. You know what you can live with in terms of your own choices, and you need to let go of any lingering negativity. This color may call on you to rise above a difficult argument with someone you love.
  • Gold: patience, empathy, grace, and prosperity. Make sure you’re giving people the time and understanding they need, and you’re giving yourself enough time to recharge and better your understanding, too.
  • Silver: this color appears when you are achieving a perfect balance of confidence, well-being, and gratitude.
  • White: rebirth, grace, spirituality, and a new perspective that will see you through difficult times. White also references the best version of yourself you can be, and inner peace. 

Dreaming Of An Object Being A Certain Color

Maybe you’re dreaming about an object being a color you wouldn’t see in waking life, and you’re wondering what it means. Red spiders, blue dogs, pink trees, what does it mean?

Well, firstly it’s a good idea to look at the dream symbol itself, and what it usually signifies in dreams. Once you’ve determined that, you can take a look at the color.

Some colors will appear in your dreams because of your personal associations with that color, but most manifest as a tool to get you to react to these symbols in a certain way. After all, most colors provoke an emotional response in us, even if it’s only slightly noticeable.

Your subconscious will sometimes throw you into stressful dream scenarios, for example, to get you to react, and encourages you to be more proactive in waking life. 

This is also true for colors. Maybe there is a truth you’re not willing to recognize in waking life, and your subconscious pulls you into a situation that means you have to confront it on some level. 

After a dream like this, you can often find that things are much easier to face, as your mind has already prepared you for them through your dreams. 

The Biblical Meaning Of Colors In Dreams

Even if you’re not religious, it’s worth looking at the Biblical interpretation of color in dreams, as this can add further clarity to the meaning behind your dreams.

  • Black is a negative sign, representing sin, dark forces, the unknown, confusion, an ending, and death.
  • White, as the complete opposite, represents holiness, grace, good deeds, clarity, purpose, and good luck.
  • Green suggests wealth, jealousy, good luck, prosperity, and grounding.
  • Blue reflects negative emotions such as regret, anxiety, and doubt.
  • Red refers to war, life, blood, fury, vengeance, desire, love, and enemies.
  • Yellow symbolizes fear, hope, optimism, and jealousy.
  • Brown refers to instincts, understanding, empathy, and balance.
  • Orange refers to temptation, upheaval, resilience, and moving forward.
  • Purple suggests royalty, nobility, influence, authority, and loyalty.

The Dream Psychology Of Color

It’s interesting to note that although there has been a lot of research done into dreams, hardly any of the dream psychologists’ theories mention color, besides Carl Jung and Fritz Perls, and only briefly.

Sigmund Freud believed that all dreams represent your unconscious desires and urges, so a dream that involves a lot of color may be an expression of all the pent-up emotion lurking within the unconscious part of your mind, accessible through your dreams. 

Freud also theorized that colors were the embodiment of the expectations we hold of life itself, and how well this matches up with our reality.

But there are other aspects of symbolism you can turn to for additional insight, which will give you plenty to go  on. For example, you can look into other areas that cover color symbolism, such as the language of flowers.

Color psychology is also a good avenue to head down, as it explores the psychological effect that color has on our minds and bodies, and therefore remains the most relevant to dreams of color and what they might mean.

The color you see in your dream might take no form at all, such as a swirling mass of green or red, but it may also take the form of a strange object such as a blue dog or a pink tree. 

If the form the color takes is particularly strange, this is your subconscious putting a big signpost next to this dream symbol, telling you to pay attention to it. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Most colors have spiritual interpretations, and they all focus on an element of your life that affects your spiritual path, and how quickly or how slowly you are making progress. 

One particularly interesting dream scenario that has some spiritual applications is finding a box filled with colors that act like smoke or liquid. 

This is a rare dream – a much rarer dream scenario of color than say seeing a sky or an ocean in a specific shade, but it does have something interesting to tell you.

It is a very positive omen, indicating that any long-term goals or even pipe dreams you’ve had for a while may be about to come true. The window of opportunity is there, as long as you recognize it when it opens in waking life.

If you believe in chakras, dreams of colors also have some spiritual messages worth paying attention to.

A color that makes you nervous in your dream or makes you feel negative may draw your focus to a blocked chakra, for example, and what you need to practice or do in order to understand the problem and work to cleanse it.

Each chakra is a different color:

  • Red refers to the root chakra, which sits at your tailbone. It controls how well you feel in your physical body, how stable you feel in life, and it also keeps you grounded.
  • Orange references the sacral chakra, which sits between your bellybutton and your pubic bone. It controls your creativity, your self-worth, and your sexual drive.
  • Yellow is the solar plexus chakra at the stomach, which refers to your personal power, controlling your confidence and self-image.
  • Green is the heart chakra, situated just above the heart, and controls the love and compassion you feel in your life.
  • Blue is the throat chakra (no prizes for guessing where this is, either), and controls how well you communicate and express yourself.
  • Purple is the third eye or brow chakra, which sits between your eyes. It controls the scope of your imagination, and also your instincts.
  • White or violet is the crown chakra, located at the highest point of your head, and controls your awareness, intelligence, and wisdom.

If you keep having positive dreams about a specific chakra, this can simply be the chakra that guides you through life. It can be a call to return to the aspect that this chakra represents in order to find balance in your life.

Final Thoughts

While there’s not a lot of scientific research to go on when it comes to dreaming of colors, there are a lot of interpretations worth considering, from the spiritual, biblical, and even prophetic aspects of color symbolism in dreams. 

If you factor in the details of your dream, your emotions during the scenario, and any people or dream symbols you see, you’ll soon come to realize that colors in your dreams help reinforce, or even change the meaning behind your dreams.

Developing an understanding of your own associations with specific colors can go a long way into figuring out what it means when you dream of colors. It can also help you find the meaning behind a lot of different dreams a lot faster, too. 


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